A second look at love, money and the things that make us go Aaaaaaah….or Aaaaaaaagh.

You are familiar with Mercury Retrograde. Now take time to learn about Venus Retrograde. Every two or three years, the planet Venus and her relative motion in comparison to Earth make it appear that she is moving backward. This Venus retrograde period, just like Mercury retrograde, can cause us humans more than a little bit of trouble and angst. Summer’s swan song (July 25-September 5) will be all about this persuasive vixen and what she can do to bring back the past so we can deal with it.

It might sound like this isn’t such a bad thing, and it may not be.  However, this time, the retrograde will be accompanied by some other potentially nasty planetary configurations. Mars and Uranus will be square on the same day she turns backward. This will create a “Now or Never” attitude, and people will not go out of their way to be nice. You will want quick resolutions to the multiple dilemmas Venus retrograde could bring about, and all might not be in your favor.

Probably the most famous of her tricks is to bring back old lovers. Yes, that person you thought you finally got rid of could pop up for one more round of whack-a-mole, but wait…you could find, just as you’re about to bring down the mallet, that maybe you shouldn’t act in haste.

There are times when lovers who found it impossible to get along before find it much easier to live in harmony, and Venus Retrograde will often bring this about. More often, this tendency people have to seek out old flames point out the reasons why they need to be extinguished. In that case, start muttering your break-up mantra and be true to yourself. Of course, when a former paramour makes a re-appearance to one person who’s married to another, all kinds of trouble can get stirred up.

While it might hurt a bit, cleansing yourself of an old and toxic connection is a great way to invite relationship wellness.  Your best bet, always, is to be truthful, kind and loving. It has been said that love is giving affection to another person just to express your true feelings, and Venus is an expert and assisting you with that.

No matter what the Goddess of Love stirs up for you during her retrograde, Journeys will be here with some great books and comforting items to make this tempestuous time lots, lots easier.

From Kate – Books For bad breakups:

  • Boundaries in an Overconnected World: S/he broke your heart, stamped on it and kicked in into the gutter…and now insists on following you on Instagram? Really?
  • How to Survive the Loss of a Love: With Venus Retrograde, you may need this one.
  • Who am I Without You? Yes, you really are a whole person, in a relationship or not.

For keeping your relationship in tip-top shape:

  • Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love: Real, heartfelt, honest-to-goodness conversation starters that will keep your love on track.

From Lori – Gifts to soothe the ravaged soul:

  • A Lavender Wrap – Even when love stinks, you’ll smell nothing but nice things.
  • Candles – One for Grief, another for Healing…and if you’re feeling like Revenge seems sweet, there’s the Evil Eye Candle or another that says, simply, “It sucks to be you…”
  • Love and Attraction Incense – If that old flame catches and begins to roar, it might be due to the power of this fragrant potion.
  • Coloring Books – Private Mandalas and colored pencils. You’ll forget your lovelorn troubles in an instant, or express your love in colors!
  • Plaques – Pretty pictures and inspiring words to remind yourself to Surrender Your Fear, or Write a Love Note…to Yourself!

Hope you find this information helpful. Some days we need all the help we can get!

Judi Vitale, our resident astrologer, is regularly available for Astrological Consultations and Life Path Readings at Journeys of Life. Her schedule can be found on our monthly calendar.