I had gone to watch Amy play Field Hockey at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, something I loved to do during the New England autumn colors.  I loved staying up late when I didn’t have a morning responsibility and did just that on Sept 11th.  When I woke up I turned on the TV, again something I love to do when away.  I thought I was still groggy from sleep but quickly realized as I changed channels that something horrible was happening.  The second plane has just hit the tower.  It was surreal. It took me almost 5 minutes to grasp that this was actually happening. I called the store to be sure and then sat on my bed and could not take my eyes off the news feed.  As the day unfolded I knew I was not flying home the next day or the next.

I spent the evening reassuring Amy and her teammates that they were safe. Everyone was concerned about the young children but I discovered the young adults were equally affected.  The next day I learned that the plane that left Boston was piloted by an acquaintance of my brother, that Logan airport was still closed and I was more than ready to get home.  I was able to rent a care and make the drive back to Pittsburgh.  I was so grateful to get home.

I have become more resolved to not let the terror created that day limit my travel and for that I am also grateful.  So many people lost their lives at the hands of the terrorists.  Where were you when evil tried to destroy our country?