Angel Number 1144: Meaning, Twin Flame, Love & More

The 1144 angel number presenting itself as a message

Angel number 1144 is particularly interesting and can be the sign of great change on the horizon (if you’re willing to work for it).

Below, we’ll teach you everything you should know about the meaning of angel number 1144. Being able to interpret this message from your guardians can have a big impact on your life!

Angel Number 1144 Meaning

If you’re seeing angel number 1144 frequently, it’s time to stop ignoring it and take notice. Angel numbers are divine messages from your unseen guardians, but what do they mean?

Here are a few common meanings for the 1144 angel number so you can use it to improve your life and future.

1. Take Control

The meaning of angel number 1144 is about taking charge of your life and moving on to bigger and better things. We all start in life with aspirations to achieve greatness. Just ask any child, and they’ll tell you about dreams that might seem out of reach to adults.

Life has a way of knocking people down and making them lose their sense of imagination and wonder. There’s a good chance that you’ve lost some of the sense of endless possibility yourself. Maybe you abandoned goals because of past failures and the deeply rooted fears they caused.

It’s alright to feel hesitant and fearful of the unknown. But it would be best if you never let those emotions prevent you from reaching your full potential in life.

Your guardian angels see your struggles. They know how much your previous aspirations meant to you. But this meaning of angel number 1144 is a sign that your protectors are trying to get you to try again.

Reclaim your life and head in the direction that you want. There’s a good chance that your guardians see something you don’t. Chances are, they know what you’re capable of and can see all the possibilities of your future written in the stars.

Please take it as a sign that your dreams are possible. But like all things in life, it’s up to you to make it happen. Now is your chance!

2. Use Your Powers Of Manifestation

Angel number 1144 also connects to your powers of manifestation. This meaning links to the previous one, but it focuses more on the type of energy you send into the universe.

Contrary to popular belief, manifestation powers aren’t unique to the individual. It’s not like clairvoyant abilities or other psychic abilities. Everyone can manifest their fate.

It all comes down to the universal laws of attraction. Visualizing your future and what you want to achieve can help you accomplish your goals. Some say that creating clear pictures of the future that you want sends positive energy into the universe that you will eventually receive back.

This meaning of angel number 1144 is a call to start this process. Instead of having feelings of doubt and fear, replace them with visions of your ideal fate. Ditch the self-consciousness and eliminate all feelings of doubt.

Filling your mind up with darkness will only trap you in a bubble of failure and missed opportunities. Expand your mind and send all the positive energy you need into the cosmos.

3. Leave Your Baggage Behind

Another important meaning of seeing angel number 1144 is that you need to leave the past behind you. Many people let their past mistakes and misfortunes follow them well into the future.

You may not even realize that’s happening. Most of the buried memories and emotions you harbor are deep in your subconscious. But when you look at your current actions and how you approach challenges, the ramifications of your past become glaringly obvious.

Maybe you’ve become fearful of taking risks because the leaps of faith you took in the past didn’t work out for you. Or, perhaps you stopped putting your art and ideas into the world because others tore you down anytime you tried to express yourself freely.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to let that dark energy go. That’s easier said than done. In most cases, it requires you to confront some nasty emotions that you’ve buried for a reason.

It’s not easy to confront your past, but it’s necessary if you want to make any progress towards your future. Take a hard look at those emotions and let them go into the ether.

You can take away all the lessons you need, but the days of harboring extra baggage should be long behind you.

4. Positive & Light Awaits

Here’s a bit of good news for those who might think that angel number 1144 is a sign of emotional doom and gloom. In many cases, this angel number signifies something beautiful to come.

Your guardian angels know how much you’ve suffered and how far you’ve worked to get to where you are today. They’ve watched you struggle and claw your way to keep your head above water. The time to reap the rewards of your hard work is right around the corner.

A significant change is headed your way. While it might seem scary at first to step outside your comfort zone, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. No matter how daunting the transformation might seem, it’s your ticket out of your current situation and a license to revel in the beauty of evolution.

There’s a lot of joy to come. You’re only beginning to feel it, but prepare yourself for a life-changing experience.

What Does It Mean When You See Angel Number 1144?

Seeing angel number 1144 is a direct call to action. These numbers aren’t just random occurrences you can ignore. They’re a subtle form of communication from your divine protectors. 

So what should you do when you see the 1144 angel number?

Most spiritualists and numerologists say that this number is a call to stay positive and manifest your destiny to the best of your ability.

It’s a plea to look past your hardships and adopt a new perspective. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the conflicts causing you pain. Quick the contrary! You can still confront those issues, deal with the emotional fallout, and understand the lessons you need to learn.

But what you shouldn’t do is let those battles hold you back. Don’t let them create a cloud of dark energy that fogs your mind and muddies your judgment. Learn to continue your fight and adopt a new mindset moving forward.

Remember: the meaning of angel number 1144 is about visualizing your fate and putting out positivity into the universe. In doing so, you can leave the past behind and make your dreams a reality.


Generally, numerologists break down angel numbers to determine their significance. Angel number 1144 has many meanings, making it one of the more powerful numbers you can encounter.

There are two digits you need to analyze in order to understand this number, 1 and 4.

In numerology, the number 1 represents new beginnings. It symbolizes a fresh start and the birth of a brand-new cycle.

Meanwhile, the number 4 resonates with the ideas of hard work and determination. It’s about being persistent and demanding the future that you want.

Together those numbers encompass the most common interpretations of angel number 1144. At its core, the angel number is about controlling your fate and reaching your ambitions no matter how many setbacks you encounter.

But that’s not all.

Repeated digits result in an even stronger energy profile. Repetition is a sign of amplification, so the 1144 angel number is more potent than the individual digits! You have an amplified 1 and an amplified 4.

Look at the number from a broader standpoint, and you also have the numbers 11 and 44.

In numerology, 11 is an extraordinary master number. Since ancient Greece, numerologists have theorized that master numbers like 11 demand more energy from the universe.

They’re more present and powerful, leading to more credence of the angel number in its entirety.

Number 44 isn’t a master number, but it does represent wisdom. One theory is that its power revolves around the idea of completing long-standing goals, which is perfect in the context of angel number 1144.

Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 1144?

Angel number 1144 can mean a couple of things in relation to your spirituality.

The consensus is that it’s a number that symbolizes spiritual freedom. Its energy encourages you to take control of your life instead of leaving things up to fate. While spirituality is a complex journey that everyone goes through, your adventure is unique to you.

Take the reins and grab onto the destiny that you feel you deserve.

Another possible spiritual meaning of angel number 1144 is a call to service. Spiritualists say that this number encourages you to give back and explore opportunities to do good in the world. By spreading love and positivity, your purpose may become more transparent.

Biblical Meaning

Don’t expect to find angel number 1144 in the bible as you see it now. The number doesn’t appear directly in the religious texts, but many Christians still consider it to be significant.

It’s said that it has a connection to spiritual enlightenment and your relationship with God. According to some evangelicals, seeing the number means it’s time to strengthen your devotion to the Divine. By stepping deeper in your faith, you may uncover inner wisdom that helps you find peace in every challenging situation.

Some believe that 1144 is also a sign of peace and Divine intervention in the face of adversity. It encourages you to leave feelings of anxiety behind so that you’re free to call upon God in all his glory. The number is about sending prayers and seeking guidance in times of need.

What Does Angel Number 1144 Mean For Love?

When it comes to love and relationships, the 1144 angel number can mean a couple of things. The interpretation you have will vary based on whether or not you’re in a relationship.

Those who are single might see angel number 1144 whenever they’re about to embark on a new journey of the heart. Someone might enter your life in the near future, triggering emotions you’ve never felt before. It’s the start of something beautiful, and it may eventually blossom into a lasting union.

If you’re already in a partnership, angel number 1144 can appear to you when significant change is on the horizon. Don’t worry: It usually doesn’t mean that a breakup is imminent!

In most cases, the number is about highlighting a new phase in your relationship. For example, you might transition into something more serious. Or, you might find new ways to identify your relationship while tightening your bond.

Either way, the change is usually positive and life-changing.

Angel Number 1144 Twin Flame

For most people, finding a twin flame is the ultimate goal when it comes to relationships. Once again, the impact of angel number 1144 on your twin flame situation can vary based on whether you’ve already connected with them or not.

Not everyone is lucky enough to cross paths with their soul’s other half. But you might still have a chance if you learn to live independently.

Angel number 1144 can also serve as a call to be more self-reliant. Instead of constantly chasing partners, learn to love yourself and be independent in your life. Once you do that, your twin flame might enter your life unexpectedly to create magic.

Contrary to popular belief, twin flame relationships aren’t invincible. So even if your twin flame is already a part of your life, don’t take them for granted. The 1144 angel number might appear to you whenever you need to take steps to improve your union.

It’s a call to make your twin flame feel loved. Don’t let your ego spoil the relationship. Actively work to improve it, and watch as your love blossoms.

Closing Thoughts

The 1144 angel number has a number of interesting meanings, but the main theme revolves around taking control and moving forward with your life. This is something that many people struggle with, so you should never turn down this encouragement from the universe!

We hope you found this helpful and are ready to take the next step. If you have any questions about this angel number (or any others) just get in touch!

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