About Us

Journeys Of Life us a place where you can go to find information and resources on personal growth, spirituality, and alternative approaches to life issues. The constant desire to be open-minded and curious is at the root of what we aim to deliver, and find ourselves being inspired by our readers each and every day.

We intentionally don’t box ourselves into a specific “mission” because we don’t know what the future holds. All we know is that we aim to explore the connection between the direction of our lives and the world around us.

This site was created after our founder Mila went on a spiritual journey in Asia. The realization that the Universe has so much more to offer that we simply don’t understand changed her outlook on life. Rather than searching for an epiphany, she began searching to appreciate the mystery and became thankful for whatever clarity it brought.

This approach was transformative, and it became clear that there weren’t many resources online that aligned with it. That’s when she decided to start working on Journeys Of Life.

We hope this website provides answers and comfort in times of need, or scratches the itch for those who are curious about the mysteries of life. We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunity to connect with you this way, and we’ll always do our best to help you along the way.

About Mila

Mila Day has always been curious about spirituality and interpreting in the world around her. After a pivotal trip to Asia she founded Journeys Of Life to share her knowledge with others.

When Mila isn’t writing for Journeys Of Life she likes to practice the handpan, do yoga, and play with her dog Penny.