The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of A Burning Dove

A burning dove displaying a strong spiritual meaning

The burning dove has a number of interesting meanings that are important to understand. If you want to use this sign to guide your life effectively, you’ll need to know which applies to you!

This guide goes over all of the spiritual meanings and symbolisms associated with a dove on fire. There’s a lot to unpack!

Burning Dove Spiritual Meaning

Throughout the years, many cultures and religions have viewed the symbol of the dove to have spiritual meaning, and the symbol of the burning dove is no less spiritually charged. If your desire is to seek deeper into the spiritual significance of the burning dove, take a look at the following spiritual meanings of a burning dove.

1. Taking The Next Spiritual Step

People coming from a variety of spiritual beliefs see the meaning of a burning dove as a sign that they are moving forward and advancing into a new, deeper level in their spiritual life. Many Native American cultures believe that a person seeking to advance spiritually should burn a dove in a beautiful release of its spirit back to its creator, or the Great White Spirit. When the ashes of the burnt dove are placed upon the person’s forehead, it is a symbol that he or she now stands in a new spiritual plain.

In the Bible, the dove was thought of as a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit in the form of a dove would descend upon new believers in the New Testament in an event called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This would mean the believer was now filled with the Spirit and given spiritual gifts. The burning dove can therefore hold the meaning of advancing to a new, higher level spiritually with new gifts.

2. Tension

If you see a burning dove, it could symbolize an area of conflict in your life that needs to be resolved. Are there parts of your life that bring you pain, tension, and worry? Do you have relationships in your life that are strained by conflict?

A dove on fire is very often indicative of a conflict between friends or family members. Remember that the dove is a sign of peace, so the burning dove can be a sign of that peace being in jeopardy. If you see a burning dove, look at the relationships of consequence in your life and identify where tension may be disrupting the peace.

Dealing with tension and conflict is important because these negative emotions can have repercussions on your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Do not ignore the sign of the burning dove. Instead, allow it to point you towards tension that needs to be released and conflict you should seek to resolve.

3. Putting A Failed Relationship Behind You

Burning can be seen as indicating the end of something, as in the case of a building burning to the ground or people burning reminders of a past love on a bonfire. Since the dove is a symbol of peace and love, it makes sense that the burning dove can mean that it’s time to put a failed relationship behind you and let it go up in smoke.

You are free, and the burning dove shows you that you do not need to be constrained by the chains of a bad relationship. You can fly above it and move on to something new.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help during this transition.

4. Passionate & Love

A deep, passionate love between two people may be symbolized in the burning dove, because passionate love is often described as burning, hot, or on fire. Love can be such a powerful and profound emotion. The dove on fire can be a sign that a loving relationship you are in is either already very deep and vibrant, or that it is going to be.

This deep love need not be one that’s only sexual or even romantic in nature, although those might certainly be the directions taken. You can have a passionate love for a friend that is totally platonic. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but the burning dove represents a love that is consuming, spiritually-charged, and burning from the inside out.

5. The Pursuit of Enlightenment

We seek to rise above ourselves and our limited knowledge to a new understanding in this pursuit of enlightenment, and the flaming dove leads the way. The dove represents the purity of a heart seeking to improve itself. The fire is a light, brightening up the darkness around it.

If you see a burning dove, this may mean that you’re on a spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Don’t ignore this sign, as it may be trying to show you parts of your life that have negatively affected you and need attention. Whether it be a relationship that is bringing you down or an abusive work situation or your own lack of self-love, the burning dove may be trying to illuminate these troubled areas.

During this enlightening time, you will experience an unblocking or an end to confusion in certain areas of your life. Enjoy this time of enlightenment and trust it. This may seem esoteric but know that you’re going to receive answers to some of the questions you’ve been wrestling with.

6. It’s Time to Work On Yourself

We should always be working on ourselves, but there are times when we tend to wander from that concept and focus on everything but ourselves. The burning dove is a spiritual sign to encourage you to focus on yourself for a while, and put yourself as the top priority. There is work to be done right inside of you and the spiritual realms are trying to give you permission to focus on self.

The meaning of a burning dove can be that you need to pay closer attention to what’s going on in your life. You may be missing something important, and these might be life-altering issues that need to be worked on. Don’t neglect yourself. You matter!

7. Protection & Support

In the Bible, God used a wall of fire to protect his people from their enemies. Quite a few cultures over the years have seen fire as a protective force. Essentially a flaming forcefield against evil. There is no doubt there is a spiritual aspect of protection to fire.

With the dove symbolizing purity and innocence, the fire seems to be protecting that innocence.

If the burning dove visits you, it may be trying to offer protection from difficult happenings in your life right now. She is trying to protect you from negative energy and toxic people who are causing you spiritual, physical, and emotional pain.

Allow the dove to bring protection and don’t fight it off. The truth is she just wants to take care of you. Trust her shield of protection because it is going to help you function better in all the realms of your life.

8. Finding A New Connection

The dove often represents newness and fire symbolizes a burning affection and passion. Seeing the dove on fire means you are likely to connect with someone new, either in a romantic or platonic realm. The fire tells us this new relationship is going to be exciting.

Making a new connection is easier for some than others. The burning dove means this is going to be an exciting ride. It may be a sign that the new relationship will burn hot right away and then fizzle out but be open to the experience. Every new connection has potential for growth.

9. Change

The dove has been a symbol of rebirth and change for many ages. It is said that the dove represents the cycles of life from birth to death to rebirth, and so the meaning of the burning dove can be transitioning from one state to another. This change can be applied in so many ways.

Be aware of areas of your life that are in a state of change or are about to be. The symbol of the burning dove may mean that there’s about to be a major change in your life in one way or another. It could be in the realm of the workplace, in a relationship or in a state of health, to name a few.

The dove is a sign of hope, peace, and new life; therefore the symbol of the burning dove should provide peace in the face of change, knowing that this change is for the better. You need not fear. Ultimately you can see this burning dove as the usher to some positive changes in your life.

With these possible changes coming can prompt us to want to prepare ourselves spiritually and physically. Mind, body, and soul should be prepared for the changes to come. This burning dove sign can keep you on your toes and help you to gird yourself up, which can only benefit you and your family.

10. Sacrifice

Historically, there are several religions that used fire to make sacrifices to their gods, and often these sacrifices were of animals. A burnt offering was to please the gods, atone for sin and to symbolize giving up everything for the higher calling. The burning of the dove can therefore mean a sacrifice is needed.

Sacrifice absolutely does not require the burning of an animal literally. Sacrifice can mean giving up something of importance to preserve, save, or elevate something or someone else. It could be giving up an activity you’re doing to spend more time with your family or, in the business sense, sacrificing anything unnecessary in your life to focus on landing a promotion at work.

A burning dove could mean giving up anything that’s harmful or toxic in your life for the pursuit of greater peace and spiritual growth. You could be called to sacrifice material objects for Spiritual growth. In a very loud world, there is often a need to sacrifice noisemakers in your life in order to focus on your priorities and personal well-being.

You are important. You can and should focus on yourself sometimes.

The burning dove can also symbolize sacrificially letting go of anger, hatred, or even guilt in your life that has been plaguing you. Burning those negative emotions on the altar of healing and growth can be very powerful spiritually.

Is A Burning Dove Associated With Death?

The burning dove does not represent death in any way. Instead, it’s about new life, new love, and new spiritual advancements. It is a spiritual sign of rebirth and reincarnation.

If there’s anything about death in the spiritual meaning behind the burning dove, it’s only death to toxic relationships, bad habits, and negative aspects of our lives. The fire burns away anything and everything that’s negative and leaves room only for great growth!

Have no fear if you see a burning dove. It is not indicating you or someone near you will die that day.

Religious Symbolism?

There are several religions that maintain spiritual beliefs around the symbols of fire and of the dove. In the Bible, the dove represents the Holy Spirit on several occasions. There is a dramatic scene where Jesus is baptized and when he rises from the water, the Holy Spirit “like a dove” descended upon Him, and there are many other examples.

Fire also has symbolic meaning in Christianity. There is a passage of the Bible that talks about Christians being purified by fire and the meaning is that God’s Spirit is a purifying force that burns away the bad.

In Islam, doves are honorable creatures that are well-respected due to stories of them helping their prophet Muhammad. In most religions, the dove is a symbol of peace, unity, and purity.

The dove is also associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite being characterized as beauty and love.

The burning dove is a religious symbol with deep spiritual meaning. If you practice these religions, embrace that spiritual meaning and be open to what it’s trying to speak to you.

Are Burning Doves Considered Bad Luck?

The meaning of a burning dove is never associated with bad luck. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! The dove is seen as a symbol of newness, growth, and learning. She is all about leading individuals into self-improvement, loving oneself, and letting go of anything that’s negative or toxic in your life.

The burning dove has almost all positive connotations with meanings that range from protection to spiritual enlightenment to rebirth and beyond. Encountering the burning dove means you are being singled out as special and being brought to a new spiritual enlightenment, where you can expect growth and blessings.

You should embrace the burning bird with full confidence and trust the spiritual stretching that is about to happen. This dove brings goodness, so expect it.

Closing Thoughts

The meaning of a burning dove can vary depending on your situation, but it’s almost always a good thing! While the image can be intimidating, take comfort in the fact that you’ll be moving forward for the better.

If you have any questions about interpreting this sign, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help.

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