The Page Of Cups: How To Tell If It Means Yes Or No

The Page of Cups tarot card during a yes or no reading

It can be exciting to find the Page of Cups during a “yes or no” tarot card reading. In fact, interpreting this card is often quite straightforward.

However, there are some details you need to be aware of if you want to gain accurate and transformative insight. This guide covers everything you need to know.

Page Of Cups: Yes Or No?

For general “yes or no” tarot readings, the Page of Cups is a yes.

This youthful, exuberant card is usually a positive omen, but it can help to understand some of its background to really see why. Every Page card has its own special meaning, dictated by both its suit and its position within the royal court cards.

For the Page of Cups, that suit is Cups. Some decks may refer to it as Chalices, or even Hearts, but all of these names are just different representations of the element of Water. As the suit of Water, Cups represents emotions, intuition, and the subconscious. It can deal with everything from joy, to sorrow, to romance, to heartbreak and loss.

Historically, pages were the servants of knights and were, in turn, training to become knights themselves. This is why the Pages are the lowest members of the court cards — they’re the youngest and least experienced. They tend to represent immaturity, youth, and potential. As servants, they’re also messengers — so these cards can also indicate that a message is on its way.

As the servant of the suit of Cups, the Page of Cups indicates good news (especially news of an emotional nature), excitement, creative thinking, enthusiasm, and optimism. This card very often shows up when you’re about to receive a much-wanted message, or even an invitation to a happy social event.

You can usually tell that the Page of Cups is a very positive card from its artwork. While it’s impossible to generalize across all of the many, many decks out there, the well-known Rider-Waite-Smith deck is a useful starting point. In this deck, artist Pamela Colman Smith illustrated the Page of Cups as a young man holding a large golden chalice in his right hand.

The young man’s connection to nature is immediately apparent. He is dressed completely in blue and coral. The plume on his hat looks like a crashing wave, and the design on his tunic is made up of pink lotuses on a blue background. Even his expression looks happy and a bit cheeky, as if he’s struggling to keep some good news to himself.

The background of this card is relatively plain. All of the visual emphasis is placed on the Page himself, the chalice, and the little fish popping up out of the top. The Page seems to hold the chalice as if he’s offering a toast.

It’s hard to see anything negative in the imagery of this card, or even in the Page of Cups himself. That’s why this bringer of happy news is interpreted as a positive answer in “yes or no” readings.

Does A Reversed Page Of Cups Mean Yes Or No?

When you draw the Page of Cups reversed in a “yes or no” tarot reading, the meaning is unfortunately a no.

Flipped on his head, the joyful messenger is tripped up. His message becomes lost or delayed. He may represent feelings like jealousy, envy, or disappointment. He can also indicate promises broken, foolish assumptions, or unresolved childhood trauma.

All of the court cards represent people, and people are complex. While their upright orientations emphasize their positive attributes, all of these cards still have their dark sides. These come out when the cards are reversed.

The Pages are young and inexperienced. While this brings optimism, enthusiasm, and youthful energy when they’re upright, these cards can represent childishness, gullibility, attention-seeking, vanity, and other negative hallmarks of immaturity.

When the reversed Page of Cups represents a message, this is usually a message that’s disappointing, upsetting, or just arrives a little too late to be of any use.

Since the reversed Page of Cups represents all of the negative aspects of this otherwise positive card, it’s a negative answer in “yes or no” readings. It may indicate that you’ll soon receive unhappy news about the subject of your query.

Does Page Of Cups Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Just as in regular “yes or no” readings, the Page of Cups is a yes for love readings as well.

This is to be expected, since the suit of Cups relates very strongly to love. These cards show up really frequently in love readings. Even in readings that have nothing to do with love, these cards can suggest the possibility or indicate strong emotions.

As a messenger, the Page of Cups often shows up to represent a request to date, proposal, wedding, or pregnancy announcement. He can also herald the appearance of a new person in your love life or social circle.

If you’re currently dating or engaged to someone, the Page of Cups is a good card to see. You and your partner may be experiencing a deeper feeling of attachment to each other. Since this card represents messages, it can indicate that you’ll give and receive more expressions of love during this time.

If you’re not currently with anyone, the Page of Cups is still really good. He can show up to announce positive new developments in your love life. Someone may soon express an interest in you. This card sometimes represents a specific person, usually someone who is young (or very young-at-heart), dreamy, and loving.

While a simple one-card “yes or no” reading sometimes won’t yield a whole lot of information by its very nature, the Page of Cups is a very expressive card. It says that you’re likely to experience some very happy developments when it comes to love.

Does A Reversed Page Of Cups Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Reversed, the Page of Cups is generally a no for “yes or no” love readings.

If you’re hoping for something good to happen soon, expect it to either be delayed, or not be what you really wanted.

No matter whether you’re paired up or single, this card warns of a period of selfishness, neediness, moodiness, and childishness. You’ll either be feeling it or dealing with it from someone else, but it’s probably not going to be much fun. Breakups and separations may be on the horizon.

The reversed Page of Cups can occasionally appear as a warning. In this context, it says that you or someone around you is playing juvenile games with people’s emotions. It may even hint at attempts to use sexuality or promiscuity in order to manipulate other people’s emotions. This card warns that these things won’t have the desired outcome.

In situations where the reversed Page of Cups represents a person, this person may be clingy, immature, needy, and demanding. They may have a reputation as a heartbreaker.

Since a reversal brings out the negative aspects of the Page of Cups, this card is a no for “yes or no” readings related to love. One card can only tell you so much, so you may want to draw another for more information. This can help put the Page’s message in the proper context.

Example Questions

Here are a few examples to help you interpret what the Page of Cups means for common yes or no questions. These will help you understand this tarot card in more detail.

Will I Win Over My Crush Soon?

When the Page of Cups is upright, this seems likely! You may get some very good news from this person soon. It’s possible that they already feel the same way about you but have been waiting for the right time to say it. Even if things don’t work out in exactly that way, this card indicates a very happy time ahead for you.

Unfortunately, the reversed Page of Cups means the answer to this “yes or no” question is doubtful. The reversed Page of Cups card may represent disappointing news here, so you should steel yourself against the possibility that your feelings are unrequited.

Will My Partner And I Get Married?

When the Page of Cups is upright, it’s very possible! This tarot card is all about good news, so you might be on the receiving end of a proposal soon. If you’re planning on doing the proposing, this looks like a good time to do it.

If the Page of Cups is reversed for this yes or no question, it doesn’t seem likely right now. The reversed Page of Cups heralds more breakups than he does weddings, unfortunately. You and your partner may be headed for a very rough patch, but that isn’t guaranteed. It’s also possible that extenuating circumstances are getting in the way and delaying your proposal.

Will I Meet Someone New Soon?

If you draw the Page of Cups upright, the chance of this is looking good. As a messenger, the Page of Cups may indicate that you’ll soon be introduced to someone new. This person is likely to be young, romantic, and very creative.

However, when the Page of Cups is reversed the answer is probably not. However, that’s for the best. The time isn’t right. If you’re looking to meet someone, be careful — you’re likely to run into someone who’s petty, jealous, moody, and likes to play with other people’s hearts. Take care of yourself!         

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been presented with the Page of Cups when doing a “yes or no” reading, this guide should help you understand what it means. For many questions, it actually indicates a rather straightforward answer!

If you need some extra help or want another opinion on what this card means for you, let us know! We’re more than happy to give you some feedback.

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