Rabbit Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism: The Complete Guide

A single rabbit displaying its spiritual meaning and symbolism

Rabbits have long been associated with a number of fascinating spiritual meanings. But unlike some other animals, it’s not always obvious which one applies to you.

This guide will help you understand the symbolism that’s connected to rabbits, and how you can determine what messages these animals are delivering to you.

Rabbit Symbolism

Rabbits are cunning creatures that appear all over the world. Because they’re so prevalent, they’ve become a powerful symbol for cultures around the globe.

Humans and rabbits have a unique relationship. Our earliest ancestors used these animals for everything from sustenance to clothing. That relationship paved the way for a reverence that stands the test of time.

The symbolism of rabbits can vary, but the overarching theme comes down to sensitivity and a unique connection to the world and one’s self. The animals are much more sensitive to their surroundings than we are, resulting in unique lore and metaphors that many people believe today.

Rabbit Spiritual Meaning

There are several spiritual meanings connected to rabbits. Generally, having one cross your path is more than a chance encounter. It’s a sign to look inward, offering sage advice to help you navigate the world.

Here are some of the most common interpretations of rabbits and their spiritual meaning.

1. Fertility

One of the most common interpretations of the spiritual meaning behind rabbits is fertility.

When you look at how rabbits reproduce, it’s not hard to see why this connection started. Rabbits can start giving birth after only a few months of age. Not only that, but they give birth to about a dozen babies after a month-long gestation period.

Once they give birth, females can get pregnant only days later. As a result, rabbits give birth to potentially hundreds of kits a year.

That cycle paved the way for a connection to fertility. The animals represent birth, and seeing one could mean you’re ready to start a family or expand your existing one!

2. Good Luck

There’s a reason why rabbits’ feet are considered lucky.

It’s an oxymoron when you think about it. Those severed limbs often come from rabbits unlucky enough to get caught! But most rabbits are capable of evading capture and staying alive.

When you see a rabbit, it’s said that they pass some of that luck onto you. It could mean that you’re on the cusp of an amazing experience. You may get lucky and come into money, take the next steps in your relationship, or experience something groundbreaking.

Whatever the case, buckle up! Good fortune is headed your way.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Sensitive

Rabbits are incredibly sensitive. Their senses are much stronger than humans. They can detect would-be predators from great distances and hear even the softest sound. That’s why it’s so hard to sneak up on these creatures.

Many spiritualists say seeing a rabbit symbolizes being more in touch with your emotions. It’s about not being afraid to feel what you need to feel.

People often put on a brave face and push emotions to the side, but what happens when you do that for too long? You bottle things up until you can no longer take the pressure.

Seeing a rabbit is your push to be more sensitive to your emotions. Address them and move forward. It’s the healthier thing to do.

4. Pay Attention

Another common spiritual meaning associated with rabbits is to be more wary of your surroundings and what’s going on inside your head.

Rabbits are always cautious. They continuously look out for threats and often respond far sooner than needed. It’s what keeps them safe.

This is your sign to do the same. The universe knows that your heart and mind are uneasy, but you may feel tempted to ignore those feelings.

It’s wise to listen and pay attention to what’s happening. You could be on the verge of experiencing something monumental. Whether that’s a good or bad experience is up to the cosmos, but you should keep an eye out for what’s coming and brace yourself.

Take action to stay safe while protecting your emotional and physical well-being.

5. Lunar Connections

Rabbits have a strong association with the moon (more on that later).

Thanks to this connection, spiritualists say that seeing a rabbit means you need to be more wary of the cyclical nature of life. The lunar cycle lasts approximately one month. After one rotation around the Earth, the moon continues its journey to do it all again.

The lunar connection might mean a period of rebirth is on the horizon. Change may be coming your way, and seeing a rabbit urges you to keep an open mind and embrace whatever comes. Change can be scary, but it can also be transformative and push you in the right direction toward your destiny.

6. Innocence

Seeing a rabbit could also remind you of your innocence. While these animals are baby-making machines, they also represent purity in some religions and cultures.

Because of that connection, some believe that the spiritual meaning of seeing a rabbit is a reminder to hold onto your innocence.

Life is tough, and there are many dangerous paths you can take. While it’s important to recognize serious topics and responsibilities, you shouldn’t be afraid to be innocent. Revel in life’s purity and enjoy things that bring you joy.

No matter how juvenile things might seem, you’re never too old to have innocent fun.

7. The Universe Cares About You

In the chaos of modern life, it’s easy to feel alone. Even if you have people around you who love you, life can beat you down to the point where it feels like the universe is working against you.

The symbolism of rabbits can be a sign that the universe acknowledges your struggle and cares about your well-being. It’s a feeling of hope that can make the pain feel worthwhile. Think of it as a sign that greatness awaits.

Despite how life has gone for you thus far, the universe has big plans for you. Seeing a rabbit is a reminder to continue manifesting your destiny and be bigger than you ever thought possible.

8. The Need To Nurture & Comfort

Rabbits are notoriously skittish, running away from the slightest sound. But they’re surprisingly docile and affectionate if you truly get to know a rabbit and earn its trust. That’s why so many people keep these creatures as pets.

Seeing a rabbit in the wild might mean that it’s time for you to provide comfort and nurturing energy to someone in your life. The cosmos are telling you that somebody in your circle needs you. Now is your time to step up and be that caregiver they need.

Whether they’re looking for reassurance, comfort, or simply a shoulder to cry on, the rabbit encourages you to take action and help the people you love.

9. New Beginnings

Some cultures believe that rabbits represent the dawn of a new age. Not only do these animals bring new life into the world quite frequently, but they’re tokens of prosperity and growth. That’s why they’ve become a symbol of the spring equinox.

Seeing rabbits is how you know the spring season is here!

That same concept applies to your life. Spotting a rabbit in its natural habitat could mean a new chapter in your story is about to commence. It could be a brand-new relationship, a new move to a different city, or a career shift.

Whatever the case, the new beginning will be transformative.

10. Inner Strength

Finally, the spiritual meaning of rabbits often represents the need for inner strength.

These animals are some of the bravest around. They are naturally skittish and run off at the first sign of danger, but you must remember that they are prey animals for countless predators.

Leaving their burrows for any reason puts them at risk of becoming another animal’s dinner, but they do it anyway. They put on a brave face and conquer the dangers afoot.

Remember to harness some of that inner strength when you see a rabbit. Spiritualists say rabbits push you to face your fears and put trepidations aside. Despite your past pain and trauma, you have it in you to keep going.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Two Rabbits?

Seeing one rabbit in the wild is a notable occurrence. These animals are notoriously skittish, hiding until the coast is clear to make themselves known. When you start seeing two rabbits or more, it’s time to pay attention!

Multiple rabbit sightings could symbolize one of two things.

First, it could be a sign of abundance. Many cultures see rabbits as a sign of good luck. They’re a positive omen that could pave the way to good fortune.

Repeat sightings may indicate an abundance of good fortune heading your way. Good luck might change your life for the better, and the universe is sending those rabbits in your direction to help you brace for the transformation.

Another possible interpretation is a message to conquer your fears. Despite their relatively innocent and docile nature, rabbits are tougher than you think. They’re prey for many animals and must brave the storm whenever they come out of hiding.

The spiritual meaning of seeing two rabbits or more could be a call to harness some of that strength and courage to conquer your battles and face your fears.

Rabbit As A Spirit Animal

You can’t choose your spirit animal, but you may find that you naturally resonate with rabbits. That means that rabbits chose you!

People with the rabbit as their spirit animal are usually full of love. They’re typically family-oriented and seep creativity out of their pores!

When a rabbit is your spirit animal, these creatures inspire you to find hope in the future. They push you to embrace new opportunities and always look at the brighter side of life. Even when things don’t go your way, rabbits pass their optimistic energy onto you to keep the flames of hope alive.

Rabbit As A Totem Animal

Totem animals are creatures you can invoke whenever you need strength. When a rabbit is your totem animal, it passes deep connections with the earth and spirit realm onto you. They offer mystical powers that manifest as unique qualities.

You may find that you are more sensitive to the emotions of others. That comes down to the sensitive nature of rabbits. Many people with rabbit totems are also cunning, outwitting adversaries and complex situations to develop unique solutions to everyday problems.

They remind you to stay on your toes, control your fears, and face the world with unabashed courage.

Rabbit As A Power Animal

Power animals are powerful allies that equip you with the skills and characteristics to conquer the world.

Rabbit power animals pass their quick-witted nature and resourcefulness onto you. You don’t cower in the corner when you’re faced with a problem. You find creative solutions that help you overcome and conquer.

These characteristics can make you a natural-born leader, despite the introverted nature that many people with rabbit power animals possess. You might not put your capabilities on full display in front of others. But when push comes to shove, you have the means to lead better than anyone else.

What Does It Mean When A Rabbit Crosses Your Path?

When a rabbit trots across your path, it’s usually a sign of good luck. Many people carry lucky rabbits’ feet for this very reason. These animals grace you with their presence, passing on the good fortune that can improve your life.

Many also say that the spiritual meaning of rabbits crossing your path is a push for courage. That tiny animal didn’t cower in fear at your presence. Instead, they put themselves in danger to cross before you and make it to the other side.

They were likely scared in the process, but they did it anyway! That’s a message they’re passing onto you, encouraging you to find the courage to face your fears.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Rabbits In Different Cultures

Rabbits play a big part in mythologies and folklore in cultures spanning the globe. Here are how some cultures interpret the spiritual meaning of these animals.

Native American

Native American tribes held great respect for many animals. They appear in artwork dating back thousands of years. Interpretations vary from tribe to tribe, but most view rabbits as symbols of fertility.

This connection possibly stems from the animal’s unique reproductive cycles. Rabbits can give birth to several litters throughout the year, which benefited the tribes who hunted them.

Some tribes viewed them as a totem of rainfall. They represented fertile lands and the prosperity that came with them.


In Ancient Egypt, rabbits, or hares, symbolized spring’s return. Many of the conventional easter practices we have today came from Ancient Egyptian symbolism. For example, depictions of hares, eggs, and sunrises all represented the spring season.

Like Native Americans, Ancient Egyptians saw hares as a sign of fertility. They brought luck to farmers in the desert heat, helping to produce abundant harvests that kept people healthy and happy. Rabbits also had connections to several Egyptian gods.


Once again, the connection to fertility is out in full force. In Ancient Greece, rabbits were a symbol of fertility, virility, and desire. They had a close connection to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of sexual desire and beauty.


Celts believed that rabbits also represented fertility. They were often associated with the fertility goddess, Eostre. Interestingly enough, historians believe the word “Easter” comes from the goddess Eostre. She has associations with the spring equinox.

Celtic civilizations also believed that rabbits had mystical powers. They sometimes used them as a source of divination. They would capture rabbits, release them, and follow the path they took.

They’re also known to have a connection with fairies, and Celts believed they communicated underground.


In African cultures, the rabbit is the epitome of trickster behavior! That’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are many stories involving hares outwitting lions to stay alive.

They thought rabbits were clever and smart enough to stay alive, even against some fiercest predators.


Christians transformed the view of rabbits adopted by many pagan cultures. While rabbits appear in the bible, it wasn’t until much later that they became a symbol of resurrection.

Instead of representing fertility, these animals became a powerful representation of the resurrection of Christ. They also symbolized purity and innocence.


Asian cultures have unique interpretations of the spiritual meaning of rabbits. In Japan, they have an association with the moon. The modern trope of rabbits on the moon comes from stories of rabbits’ generosity to the “Man on the Moon.”

In China, rabbits also have an association with the moon. However, Chinese civilizations believed that rabbits were reincarnations of the moon goddess.

Closing Thoughts

The spiritual meaning and symbolism associated with rabbits can be incredibly inspiring. All it takes is an understanding of what seeing these animals means for you!

If you have any questions or need some help interpreting the messages these animals are delivering, send them our way. We’re more than happy to lend a hand.

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