The Three Of Pentacles: Does This Card Mean Yes Or No?

The Three of Pentacles being drawn in the middle of a yes or no tarot reading

The Three of Pentacles is an interesting card to be presented with during a “yes or no” reading. Unlike some of the other tarot cards out there, there’s a lot of room for interpretation with this one!

This guide will help you better understand what this card means for you.

Three Of Pentacles: Yes Or No?

In “yes or no” tarot readings, the appearance of the Three of Pentacles indicates a yes.

If you place all of the numbered cards in each Minor Arcana suit in order and read them that way, they tell a story. The Aces are where things start, the Twos are where the characters meet, and the Threes are where they set out on their adventure. They represent the culmination of the first of the three “mini cycles” in each suit.

The suit of Pentacles deals with job skills, trades, money, financial success, and material goods. It tells the story of loss, learning, and finally creating a happy, prosperous, comfortable life. It represents the element of Earth, which is closely tied to the concepts of growth and abundance.

This means that the Three of Pentacles is where things really get going. At this point in the tale, the characters are setting out on an adventure that will have its ups and downs, but ultimately bring them prosperity and comfort.

This is beautifully illustrated in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot by Pamela Colman-Smith. There, three men stand under an elaborately carved stone arch. Unlike most of the other Pentacles cards, the pentacles here aren’t gold coins or plates — they’re carved right into the stone itself.

One of the three men is a tradesman. He holds carving implements and is poised on a bench, ready to make more cuts into the stone. One of the others is a monk, and a third appears to be a wealthy patron. The tradesman looks as if he’s explaining his work to the other two, who hold a set of paper plans up for his perusal.

The actions of the monk and nobleman are very significant here. The carver appears to be working on a church, but he’s the one doing the explaining. The wealthy patron and monk can only sit there and listen. Despite having the power of the spiritual and material worlds on their site, they’re powerless here because they lack the experience, technique, and inspiration of the carver.

They might have the power, but he’s the one in control here.

The Three of Pentacles is a card that illustrates effective collaboration. The monk and patron are smart enough to know what they don’t know, and are willing to defer to the one who has the knowledge they lack. They don’t let pride or a desire for power get in their way, and they gladly acknowledge the wisdom of the stone carver in situations where it’s most needed.

Does A Reversed Three Of Pentacles Mean Yes Or No?

When the Three of Pentacles shows up reversed, it’s no longer a yes. Instead, it’s usually interpreted as either a maybe or a no (depending on the situation).

Here, it’s most analogous to a gifted student. They may have been able to coast by on natural smarts and perceptiveness for a while, but once life begins demanding hard work that they aren’t used to, their performance can begin to suffer. The reversed Three of Pentacles becomes a card of shaky foundations, sloppy work, and concerns about improving your skills.

This card can also represent issues with effective collaboration. The monk and the patron don’t know anything about stone carving — that’s why they hired a carver! If they let their egos and ideas about power and authority get in the way, they’ll end up trying to dictate a project that they’re completely unqualified for. No matter how spiritually advanced the monk is, or how wealthy and powerful the patron is, they’re probably not going to be great at design, carving, or structural engineering.

You can see this in the card’s artwork. The arch turns upside-down, looking as if it’s either fallen or was never useful in the first place. The plans are also upside-down, emphasizing this card’s association with poor planning and bad starts.

The energy here is that your direction may be flawed. Even if you want to improve, it’s likely that you’re putting effort toward the wrong things. You may have to go back to the beginning, see what first went wrong, and start over. That’s why the Three of Pentacles is a maybe or a no when drawn during a “yes or no” reading — if you can do all of that, you might succeed.

Does Three Of Pentacles Mean Yes Or No For Love?

The upright Three of Pentacles is a maybe for “yes or no” love readings.

Relationships are collaborations. If one partner tries to take the reins all of the time, things fall apart. Resentment builds, and you lose out on valuable input from half of the people in the relationship!

This card is connected to the practical aspects of a partnership. If you want to have a relationship without housing insecurity or money woes, that takes planning. Sometimes, it can relate to working on an actual project with your partner, like renovating a new home. In that sense, the card is a yes.

On the other hand, the men on this card are all colleagues, not lovers. They’re not even friends! Each one comes from a very different stratum of society, so this card can point to a very non-romantic partnership. They work together for the sake of this project, not because they enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re partnered up with someone, then the Three of Pentacles is a positive card. As mentioned above, long-term relationships take time and effort. This card signifies putting in the work of creating something that will last. You’ve already overcome the non-romantic implications of this card, so it’s usually a yes in this context.

If you’re single, then the Three of Pentacles is probably a no. In this case, you haven’t overcome the non-romantic aspects of this card. You’re likely looking at a situation where you’re working with someone else, possibly even enjoying it, but just aren’t able to bridge the gap between co-worker, friend, and lover.

This doesn’t mean that the answer will be no forever, though. It’s more like a no for now. The foundation for a love affair isn’t there yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t develop in the future. Now is just a time to focus on working together to achieve something, not investing your energy into a relationship.

These contradictory meanings are what make the upright Three of Pentacles a maybe when it comes to “yes or no” tarot readings about love.

Does A Reversed Three Of Pentacles Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Reversed, the Three of Pentacles is a no for love readings.

Since this card is about unstable foundations and ineffective partnerships, it’s not a great omen for relationships of any sort. It’s likely to herald problems, arguments, and interference. A third party — like a friend or in-law — might be butting in to offer unsolicited input. If you’re in a relationship, it’s not a good sign.

If you’re single, it’s also a negative omen. It can point to things like self-sabotage. You may not really want to pursue a relationship right now but feel like you have to because your peers are doing so, or your family is pressuring you to settle down. Don’t do it until you’re ready!

Example Questions

Here’s what finding the Three of Pentacles means for common “yes or no” questions that get asked during tarot readings.

Will I Get Together With My Crush?

If you’re presented with the upright Three of Pentacles, it’s doubtful. It appears that this person sees you as a friend or colleague. They enjoy working with you, but don’t yet think of you romantically. This could change in the future, but isn’t a good sign right now.

If the Three of Pentacles is reversed, it doesn’t seem likely. You may have feelings for them, but your friendship might have gotten off on the wrong foot. It’s also possible that you’ve been sabotaging your attempts to get with this person. You may want to examine the foundations of your friendship — is there really a possibility of a romantic connection here?

Will My Partner And I Be Getting Married Soon?

Drawing the Three of Pentacles in response to this “yes or no” question means that this situation seems very likely! It looks like you’ve both been doing your part to set yourselves up financially and domestically, so marriage could very well be on the horizon.

But if the Three of Pentacles is reversed, it’s doubtful. Your relationship may be suffering from financial insecurity, housing troubles, or the interference of your families. If a marriage happens, it may be full of tension and hardship.

Will I Meet Someone New In The Near Future?

Finding the Three of Pentacles upright indicates that it’s possible that you will. If so, you’re likely to meet this person through work, school, or a hobby group. Don’t expect a romantic connection right away — they’re likely to admire you for your work, not view you as a potential lover.

On the other hand, the reversed Three of Pentacles reversed means it doesn’t seem likely at the moment. It appears that you aren’t ready to meet a new potential partner just yet. You might want to focus on more material aspects of your life at this time, like your home and career goals.             

Wrapping Up

The Three of Pentacles has a number of meanings when drawn during a “yes or no” tarot reading. But if you’re able to understand the core principles of this card, you’ll be able to interpret it correctly.

If you need a little extra help, don’t hesitate to send over your questions. We’re more than happy to lend a hand.

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