Bald Eagle Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism: The Full Guide

The spiritual meaning and symbolism of bald eagles

Bald eagles are incredibly iconic birds that have served as inspiration for many years. And on top of that, there are a number of fascinating spiritual meanings connected to their presence.

This guide will teach you what it means when you see a bald eagle, and cover how you can be sure you’re interpreting their messages correctly.

Bald Eagle Symbolism

Throughout human history, the symbolism of bald eagles has strong ties to the concept of strength and freedom. They embody courage and the power to lead. Today, these animals are the official national bird of the United States, but the bald eagle’s majesty has represented many civilizations.

From Native Americans to Ancient Rome, this bird’s unwavering resilience is unmistakable. It’s a bird of prey that can soar as high as 10,000 feet, scanning the earth below. It flies untethered and shows great strength and skill as it dives to capture prey.

Its very nature is intimidating, but the bird’s beauty and power make it one of the most recognizable birds in the world.

Bald Eagle Spiritual Meaning

This bird has left its mark on humans since the dawn of man. As a result, it developed a reputation for its spiritual power.

There are many spiritual meanings associated with the bald eagle, but here are a few of the most common.

1. Never Compromise Your Freedom

The most well-known spiritual meaning connected with bald eagles is freedom. This animal is the epitome of free-flying.

These animals don’t do well in captivity. It doesn’t suit their nature. The birds sail high in the sky, enjoying unbridled freedom that few animals experience.

For that reason, they embody the idea of being free in every way imaginable. The birds represent freedom from oppression and tyranny. They also remind you to pursue your dreams, no matter what barriers stand before you.

Seeing a bald eagle is a sign that you should never compromise when it comes to your freedom. There are moments when others want to prevent you from living your life to its truest potential, but these birds are the ever-present reminder that you should never settle when pursuing your dreams.

They’re the ultimate token of power and unfettered determination. The birds remind you to keep pushing, despite the feathers you might ruffle.

2. New Beginnings

Another common spiritual meaning of the bald eagle is new beginnings. Seeing these birds fly high overhead is like the universe telling you you’re free to have the fresh start you seek.

Think about the bird’s connection to the United States. Early Americans had to start over in a strange and exciting new world as they broke the chains of tyranny.

While you might not have a fresh start of that magnitude, these birds symbolize new eras in your personal and professional life. It could be the start of a new job, new experiences in an unfamiliar city, or even an evolution in how you see the world.

Whatever the case, the bald eagle represents the new chapter unfolding before you.

3. Be Strong

You may experience a wave of boldness and confidence when seeing a bald eagle. Many spiritualists say that the birds of prey are a positive sign of strength. It’s the world’s way of telling you that you can accomplish anything. However, you must have the power and confidence to do it.

Many people give up on their aspirations due to failure or fear. The potential they once held sits on the back burner as they turn to a life of complacency and longing.

Bald eagles are the ultimate sign of strength. They symbolize the flames inside you, even if you no longer feel them. Seeing a bald eagle can reinvigorate you, pushing you to try again until you see your desired outcome.

4. Believe In Your Abilities

Finally, many people believe that seeing a bald eagle means remembering to trust in yourself. They’re a sign of confidence in your abilities.

When life doesn’t go your way and failures set you back, you may doubt your capabilities. This is a feeling that many people encounter. Your self-confidence can wane, leading to an endless cycle of upsets.

Self-confidence is another powerful spiritual meaning related to bald eagles. These birds are effortlessly skilled, soaring and diving to their heart’s content. Even in rough weather or poor visibility, they trust in their instincts to stay safe and spot prey.

You must do the same when you see these majestic creatures. Spotting a bald eagle in the wild is the cosmos reminding you to trust your abilities and maintain confidence despite the setbacks.

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Bald Eagles?

Spotting a single bald eagle is a rare moment. So when you start seeing these birds repeatedly, it’s an experience you can’t ignore.

Many believe that multiple bald eagle sightings are no coincidence. It likely means that you must challenge yourself and pursue your biggest aspirations.

You may have ambitions you don’t feel are possible, so you never attempt to chase them. Instead of living life to its full potential, you settle for complacency.

Bald eagles may visit to provide encouragement to go after your heart’s desire. The birds are pushing you to live outside the box, take a chance, and experience what true freedom to pursue your destiny feels like.

Bald Eagle As A Spirit Animal

Spirit animals provide guidance and protection while sharing characteristics you hold.

Having a bald eagle as a spirit animal can be life-changing. These animals help manifest goals, pushing you to create the life you want for yourself.

They’re an ideal companion for life’s challenges, constantly reminding you to be strong and not settle. As spirit animals, bald eagles harness high vibrational energy and enthusiasm. They can lift your spirits and encourage you to keep going, even if you feel low and defeated.

That never-ending quest for excellence and freedom makes bald eagles so fascinating as spirit animals. The birds are the ultimate supporters, providing guidance and an ongoing push to reach your full potential in everything you do.

Bald Eagle As A Totem Animal

Totem animals are spiritual symbols that represent individuals and families. If your totem animal is a bald eagle, it can help you on your way to greatness.

These animals are symbols of strength, courage, and freedom. They are fierce birds of prey that can overcome any challenge. They don’t just survive. Bald eagles thrive!

Many spiritualists say having a bald eagle as a totem animal makes you destined for something bigger. You might not know your purpose yet, but you will eventually understand what you are put on this planet to do. Once that all comes to light, you can pursue your goals with great ferocity.

People with bald eagle totem animals go on to do amazing things, fulfilling their purpose and making a difference.

Bald Eagle As A Power Animal

Bald eagles make amazing power animals. Like spirit animals, power animals can help you navigate life’s biggest challenges. They’re allies full of spiritual energy you can tap into on your quest for excellence.

For bald eagles, this symbolism is about courage, leadership, and being your own person. These birds are solitary animals.

Unlike other birds, they don’t need to live in groups. While they can get support from another eagle, they have no problem soaring and surviving solo.

Nothing stops a bald eagle from getting what it wants. It waits for no one and doesn’t need permission. They’re free spirits that live by their own code.

As a power animal, bald eagles pass that mentality onto you. They help you approach challenging situations confidently and unapologetically, helping you overcome massive hurdles that most people would never attempt to cross.

Is Encountering A Bald Eagle An Omen?

In some cultures, seeing a bald eagle is an omen, but it’s not a bad omen like some would assume.

Spiritualists see these creatures as a positive omen, often signifying something great on the horizon.

Bald eagles are rare. You don’t see them daily; some people have never seen one in real life. Their appearances are so breathtaking that you can’t help but take pause to appreciate the energy they bring.

The sweeping changes they bring can be life-changing. Seeing a bald eagle is said to usher in a new era of courage and freedom that can manifest itself in many ways. Whatever happens, you can rest assured that it will somehow benefit you and your existence.

Is It Good Luck To See A Bald Eagle?

It is good luck to see a bald eagle. What these birds symbolize is nothing short of impressive. Many believe the birds pass on their traits to those lucky to see them.

That means you may feel more courageous and powerful than before. What you do with that spiritual energy is up to you. But if harnessed wisely, it can help you make important changes and embrace a healthy transformation.

Some say that bald eagles also protect those who see them. Spotting one in the wild is always a good sign.

What It Means When You See A Bald Eagle After Someone Dies

The loss of someone important can be earth-shattering. Whether it’s a parent or a partner, those individuals leave holes in your life that can feel impossible to fill.

When you see a bald eagle shortly after someone dies, it usually means you will be alright. The pain will remain, and it can take some time for you to feel like yourself again. That’s normal, but the bald eagle sighting reminds you that this, too, shall pass.

The change can be difficult to manage, but it’s a transformation that will help you become a better person. The bald eagle’s energy can help you rebuild, lift you throughout the grieving process, and move forward with a new lease on life.

Some spiritualists also say that the bald eagle represents the one you lost. It’s a sign of comfort that lets you know that your loved ones are still watching over you from the other side. It’s a feeling of peace that may wash over you whenever you’re lucky enough to spot a bald eagle.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Bald Eagles In Various Cultures

Bald eagles are one of the world’s most recognizable birds of prey. While they come from North America, their symbolism is not lost to cultures far and wide.

Here are the more compelling spiritual meanings tied to bald eagles in different cultures.

Native American

Bald eagles are sacred creatures in Native American cultures. In many tribes, their spiritual meaning is tied to courage, wisdom, and freedom. Leaders often don the feathers of this bird, showing off the traits they possess while harnessing the power they give off.

Native Americans also believe that bald eagles are messengers from above. They soar closer to the heavens than any other bird, acting as a bridge to another realm.

They say that bald eagles help people connect to their highest selves while reminding them to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the world.


In Hindu cultures, the bald eagle is the ultimate symbol of wisdom. The birds have a unique perspective, soaring above the clouds to view the world in a way we can’t. The bird’s ability to detach from the earth below grants it the power to see things more clearly.

Their vision is not marred by bias or unclear perspectives. They see the world for what it truly is, getting more wisdom than any other creature.


In American culture, the bald eagle is a symbol of unwavering freedom. You’ll see eagles on many official American emblems, donning patriotic apparel, and more.

Early Americans adopted the bald eagle as the official national bird because it perfectly represented the plight of people leaving tyranny. While life was hard as people left everything they knew for a brand-new world, they didn’t fetter. They continued pushing so they could be as free as the bald eagles soaring above them.

The Biblical Meaning Of A Bald Eagle

The bald eagle represents a few things in the biblical context.

In the bible, the bird is associated with strength, courage, and power. It also represents the never-ending protection God grants. It’s a symbol of His dedication and commitment to followers.

Many Christians also believe that bald eagles represent God’s wrath. The eagle came as a warning sign in the bible, reminding people they needed to repent. It precluded many acts of judgment, serving as a last warning to those who strayed too far from His word.            

Wrapping Up

Bald eagles have a variety of inspiring and powerful spiritual meanings, so don’t ignore them if you see one! These birds have been messengers for the universe for longer than any of us have been around.

If you have any thoughts or questions, send us a message. We’re always happy to help.

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