Magpie Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism: The Full Guide

Adult magpie with its spiritual meaning on display

Magpies are fascinating and intelligent animals that can be found all around the world. And unsurprisingly, there are some powerful spiritual meanings associated with them.

This guide will teach you about the symbolism magpies have, and what you should do if you want to interpret their messages correctly.

Magpie Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

Magpies are corvids, like crows and ravens. These birds are all renowned for their intelligence and cunning behavior, so it’s probably not surprising that humans have ascribed several important spiritual meanings to them over the centuries.

If you have dreams about or run-ins with these clever birds, there are a handful of spiritual meanings you should get familiar with.

1. Trust Your Intelligence

Magpies are very brilliant little birds. They can solve puzzles and have also been observed to engage in play with each other, other animals, and objects. Some have even learned to mimic human speech!

When a magpie appears to you, it may be a reminder to believe in your own intellect. All of us experience times where we feel foolish. Remember that you’re an intelligent being, and don’t give your power away to anyone.

2. Beware Of Trickery

In spite of (or perhaps because of) their incredible intelligence, magpies are often regarded as negative omens of deceit and trickery. They steal crops and shiny objects, and some have even been known to pretend to be injured or pull the tails of other animals to trick them out of their food! That means when these birds show up, it may be a sign that not everything is as it seems.

Have you been having nagging doubts about someone in your life? Do you have a vague suspicion that something may be going on behind the scenes? The magpie is here to tell you to trust your gut — it’s possible that there’s some trickery afoot. Now isn’t the time to go casting accusations, but it is a good time to keep your wits about you.

3. Words Have Power

Magpies are chatty, communicative birds. They’re so communicative, they can start to imitate sound in their environment — even the sound of cars, cellphones, lawn mowers, or people talking. If magpies suddenly appear to you, it may be a sign from the universe to pay attention to the way that you communicate with the world.

Magpies can also encourage you to speak your truth and warn against idle chatter. Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself, or find that you spend more energy chatting than speaking your mind? It’s time to get to the core of your self-expression.

4. Beware Of Materialism

It’s no secret that corvids love shiny things, and magpies are no different. It doesn’t matter what it might be — a diamond or a foil gum wrapper will be received with equal enthusiasm. They don’t really care what the object is, as long as it strikes their fancy.

Unfortunately, this is temporary. There’s no shiny thing that will permanently satisfy a magpie, and humans have to be wary of falling into the same trap. The spiritual meaning of seeing a magpie may be the universe’s way of pointing out that you might be slipping into a mindset that urges you to keep acquiring things, even if you lose interest in them quickly.

5. Good Luck

Magpies are often signs of good luck. Their black and white feathers represent balance and harmony, and their love for shiny things connects them to the idea of prosperity. They’re also clever, so they have a lot going for them.

6. Bad Luck

On the flip side, magpies can also be an omen of bad luck. They’re tricky, cunning little things, and are often taken to represent deception. In some cultures, these birds are considered a sign of death.

7. Illusion Or Witchcraft

As tricksters, the spiritual meaning of magpies is tied to ideas of deceit and illusion. They’re also historically connected to witches. This has turned into the idea that these birds may represent malevolent magic.

If you see a magpie and you’ve been experiencing a run of bad luck, it might be worthwhile to perform a spiritual cleansing, unhexing, or prayer to dispel unwanted, negative energy.

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Magpies?

If you keep seeing magpies over and over, it can mean a couple of different things. If you’ve missed their message the first time around, they may keep showing up to hassle you until you get it. These birds understand the value of effective communication, and they’ll keep trying if they don’t get their point across!

Seeing magpies repeatedly can also warn you of an impending event. If their message relates to a specific circumstance, then they may show up with increasing frequency until it happens. This is their way of warning you and making sure that you’ve received the information that you need.

The Meaning Behind Specific Numbers Of Magpies

If you see a specific number of magpies, their spiritual meaning may change. One magpie has a very different meaning than two, and so forth.

Here’s what to look out for:

The Spiritual Meaning Of One Magpie

Seeing one magpie is considered to be an omen of good luck in some cultures, and bad luck in others. Considering this contradiction, the strongest assumption is that a single magpie means that your luck will change.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Two Magpies

Two magpies represent balance, harmony, cooperation, and partnership. They may be a love omen.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Three Magpies

The spiritual meaning of three magpies typically indicates creativity, optimism, and exuberance.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Four Magpies

Fours generally indicate stability, resilience, and loyalty. It’s incredibly comforting to see that number of these birds together.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Five Magpies

Five magpies represent change and adventure. If you see this number of magpies, consider the exciting future that lies ahead!

The Spiritual Meaning Of Six Magpies

Six is the number of the heart, which is why the spiritual meaning of six magpies is very likely a love omen.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Seven Magpies

Numerologically, seven represents the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Seeing seven magpies can serve as a reminder to pay more attention to your spiritual needs.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Eight Magpies

In numerology, eight represents prosperity, success, and material abundance. Eight magpies is often be a warning against materialism, or “living to work.”

The Spiritual Meaning Of Nine Magpies

Numerologically, nine is the number for realizations, insight, and humanitarianism. The spiritual meaning of nine magpies represents generosity and care for those around you.

Magpie As A Spirit Animal

In new age metaphysical practices, spirit animals appear as guides. This shouldn’t be confused with the animal-related traditions of some indigenous cultures — new age spirit animals are their own animal, no pun intended!

If a magpie is your spirit animal, it may come to you when your priorities are out of order. The spirit of these clever birds can help point out when you need to realign your thinking and get back in touch with what you truly value and believe in.

This may be a warning against superficial connections, idle chatter, shallow thinking, and the pursuit of unfulfilling aspirations.

Magpie As A Totem Animal

Totem animals are emblems of communities, families, and sometimes individuals. People who choose the magpie as a personal totem tend to be social and enthusiastic. They may not appear this way at first glance, but it’s very easy to get them to come out of their shells!

These people are also opportunistic. If they see a chance, they’ll take it. They’re not afraid, and firmly believe that if there’s no risk, there’s no reward.

Magpie As A Power Animal

Power animals are spiritual allies who can help us strengthen certain attributes. They provide guidance in the form of inspiration and can be a source of personal strength. Seek out the magpie when you want to focus on improving yourself.

As a power animal, magpies can help you overcome the desire to acquire lots of shiny things. Despite what advertising may tell you, the newest gadget or fashion isn’t likely to really improve your life — and it almost definitely won’t help you improve yourself. Magpies can help inspire you to pursue deeper spiritual and intellectual things.

What Does It Mean When A Magpie Visits You?

If a magpie visits you either in dreams or during your waking life, pay attention. This bird may have sought you out to deliver a very important spiritual message.

In general, a single magpie is an omen of change. There’s a lot of duality in these little birds — they’re black and white, and omens of both good luck and bad. If you’re currently having good luck, now’s a good time to prepare yourself and your loved ones for hard times. If you’re having bad luck, keep your eyes open for opportunities coming your way.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Magpies In Various Cultures

Magpies are found all across the world, from the Americas to North Africa, to Asia. It’s no surprise that cultures who’ve encountered these intelligent and special creatures have developed unique interpretations when it comes to their spiritual meaning and symbolism.

North America

Some Indigenous American people see magpies as an annoying, gossipy busybody. Others see them as an important ally. Some nations use magpie as a clan name.

To the Pueblo people, magpies are considered a directional guardian. It’s associated with the east.

East Asia

In China, magpies are considered an omen of joy and good luck. Their spiritual meaning is sometimes used in feng shui, particularly in the areas of the home associated with work. Hearing a magpie sing was also considered a sign that friends or family were coming for a visit.

Magpies are also the national bird and symbol of South Korea. There, these birds were believed to be the bearers of good news.

Western Europe

In Ireland, seeing a single magpie is an omen of sorrow, while two is a sign of impending joy. It’s believed that you can avert the bad luck of a single magpie by greeting it and asking about its wife.

In Poitou, France, it’s customary to tie a bunch of laurel and heath to the top of a high tree. This is to honor the magpie, since its chatter warns of the approach of a wolf.

According to Old Norse mythology, Skadi was a priestess of the Magpie Clan.

The colors of the magpie were also a symbol of union and harmony, particularly the union of men and women. At one time, nesting magpies were considered good luck. After the introduction of Christianity to the area, magpies became a symbol of malevolent magic and sorcery.

The Mediterranean

In ancient Greece, magpies were considered sacred to Bacchus, the God of wine.      

Closing Thoughts

The spiritual meaning and symbolism of magpies can be incredibly helpful. All you need to do is be ready to receive their message and take action on it.

Feel free to send over any questions or thoughts you have about this topic. These birds can be a bit controversial at times, but there’s more to them than meets the eye!

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