Seeing A Blue Jay & Cardinal Together: Spiritual Meanings

A blue jay and cardinal together in a tree

Seeing a blue jay and cardinal together can be quite eye-catching. Not only do these birds contrast with each other visually, but their natural behavior means this event doesn’t happen often!

This guide will teach you all of the spiritual meanings associated with seeing a blue jay and cardinal together, and how you can figure out which ones are more applicable to you.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Blue Jay And Cardinal Together

Blue jays and cardinals are striking birds in their own right. Their bright colors and crests make them stand out in a sea of browns and grays. Interestingly, though they may have some superficial similarities, they’re not closely related at all — cardinals are in the family Cardinalidae, alongside buntings and grosbeaks. Blue jays are part of Corvidae, along with ravens and crows.

Seeing a blue jay and cardinal together doesn’t happen often, so it’s a very special occurrence when they do. They often compete for food and other resources, and blue jays are pretty aggressive predators.

If you see these two birds together, take note. Birds are known as the messengers of the Divine, so they may be there to deliver some important wisdom to you. Here are some of the most common spiritual meanings of seeing a blue jay and cardinal together.

1. Welcome Other Points Of View

In mythology and folklore, the Red Oni and Blue Oni are two halves of a common trope. This comes from Japanese folklore, where Oni are a kind of troll or ogre. Over time, stories began associating specific personality traits and points of view to these colors. Red Oni are hot blooded and wild, where Blue Oni are calm and controlled.

Seeing a blue jay and cardinal together invokes this trope. The spiritual meaning here may be that it’s time to open your heart and mind to other people’s viewpoints. If you’re more like the Red Oni, it’s time to listen to the Blue Oni, and vice versa.

Now may be a good time to ask yourself if there are certain points of view that evoke strong feelings for you. Can you bring yourself to understand that perspective, or is it a dealbreaker? Even if you aren’t able to fully embrace someone else’s point of view, understanding what causes someone to feel that way can be a valuable lesson.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

In a world of pigeons and sparrows, cardinals and blue jays definitely stand out. They’re next to impossible to miss when they’re in groups of other birds, but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all. You never see a blue jay or cardinal trying to cover up their bright feathers just to fit in!

When these birds appear to you (especially when they’re together), it’s time to recognize your own unique beauty and contributions to the world. They don’t try to fit in just for the sake of fitting in, and neither should you.

There will definitely be situations where it’s wiser to go along with conventional wisdom, but this might not be one of them. Is there a part of you that you’re afraid to show others? It’s time to practice unapologetically being yourself.

3. You’ve Been Visited By A Loved One

Pretty much all flying creatures are considered messengers between this world and the next, in one form or another. Cardinals are associated with the presence of your deceased loved ones.

The spiritual meaning of seeing a blue jay and a cardinal together can be that you’ve been visited by someone who has passed on. They’re an indication that you are loved, supported, and watched over in this world and the next.

If someone you love has passed away recently, take this as an opportunity to say what’s in your heart. If you’re like most people, there are things that you never had the chance to say while they were alive. Tell them to the birds, and trust that they’ll carry your words back to your loved one.

4. Good Luck

According to folklore from various cultures, the sight of a cardinal and blue jay together is an omen of good luck. Blue jays are larger and predatory, and cardinals are smaller and more timid. They’re often enemies, so seeing the two of them in harmony is a very good sign.

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of misfortune lately, things may look up for you soon. If you’ve been having good luck, then things might get even better!

Cardinals also represent vitality and joie de vivre, while blue jays (like pretty much all corvids) are very clever and resourceful. You will benefit from the joy of the cardinal and the resourcefulness of the blue jay soon.

5. Be Open To Change

Cardinals and blue jays are considered opposites. As mentioned above, they’re generally foes — blue jays prey on other birds’ eggs or nestlings, and they’re larger and stronger than cardinals.

The colors red and blue are also frequently viewed as opposing forces. The folklore trope of the Red Oni and Blue Oni illustrates this pretty clearly.

The spiritual meaning of blue jays and cardinals together can be a sign that it’s time to be open to change. The tides of your life may be shifting from one side to the other. It’s up to you to decide how you will respond to this.

6. You Have A Good Heart

The sight of a blue jay and cardinal together can mean that you have a natural goodness inside of you. These birds usually quarrel when they run into each other, so seeing them around you is a sign of peace, harmony, goodness, and mercy.

Cardinals and blue jays can also indicate that you’re surrounded by other forms of goodness, like supportive friends and family.

This can also symbolize having a “good head on your shoulders.” If you’ve recently had to make a difficult decision, this can be an omen that you’ve made the best choice you could.

7. Acceptance

Behaviorally, blue jays and cardinals are very different. Visually, they couldn’t be more distinct. If it weren’t for the fact that they’re both birds, they wouldn’t have much in common at all.

Seeing the two together is often a call for acceptance. It’s not always easy to be inclusive of those who are different, but it’s necessary.

You may soon have the opportunity to meet someone from a different walk of life. This meeting could be very important for you. The way you respond to them could very well change the course of your future.

8. Your Guardians Are Near

Cardinals and blue jays are often regarded as signs of spiritual intervention. Not only are they a sign that a deceased loved one is near, they can also indicate that your spirit guides and guardian angels are watching over you.

If you’ve been feeling alone, let these little birds reassure you that you aren’t. You have more love and support around you than you could possibly imagine.

When you see a blue jay and cardinal together, one of the spiritual meanings could be that other “angel signs” are nearby. These can include things like soft music, sweet smells, coins, feathers, or twinkling lights. These signs, in addition to other synchronicities, indicate the presence of positive spirits.

9. Trust Where You’re Heading

Red is the color of courage, and blue is the color of calm and healing. When you see a cardinal and blue jay sitting peacefully together, it means that you’re headed in the right direction.

You may not always know when you’re on the right path. Sometimes, the journey that brings the most healing is also the most difficult. You may be on a road that demands a lot of courage and persistence.

If you aren’t sure if you’re headed the right way, this sign can bring you some reassurance. Since cardinals and blue jays can also represent change, don’t trust this omen alone — look for other signs and synchronicities that indicate that you’re making the correct decision.

10. Kindness

Cardinals and blue jays aren’t always kind to each other. You might see them together at bird baths or feeders, but they generally don’t get along. Seeing them at peace can be an encouragement to exhibit more kindness in your life.

This goes hand-in-hand with the idea that these birds are an omen of inclusivity and acceptance. If they can get along with each other, why can’t everyone else?

You may soon encounter a situation that will test the limits of your kindness. It’s important that you keep a level head and avoid giving in to anger. There’s an old saying that goes, “Think ere you speak, for words once flown, once uttered, are no more your own.”

Be kind.

11. Value Your Support Group

The color blue is sometimes used to represent loyalty. By extension, blue jays are also symbols of faithfulness. The spiritual meaning of seeing a cardinal and blue jay together can serve as encouragement to value the loyal people who surround you.

You might see these birds when you’re really struggling. In this context, they’re telling you to reach out to your friends and loved ones for help. This can be something like financial support, or as simple as being there for you when you’re down.

It’s also possible that you’ve already been leaning on those around you. In that case, don’t forget to pay it forward — healthy relationships require an even give and take. Show that you value your support group by being there for them when they need it.

12. Be Hopeful & Optimistic

The cardinal’s red color symbolizes optimism, hope, and courage. Blue jays represent a clear mind. Individually, they’re very positive symbols. When you see them flying together, their meaning is multiplied.

Hope and optimism are some of the strongest spiritual meanings connected to seeing a blue jay and cardinal together. You might be in a difficult position that makes it hard to look forward to the future. These birds are here to let you know that it’s okay — things aren’t as bad as they might seem. Allow yourself to relax and feel hopeful.

13. Positivity

Both blue jays and cardinals represent positivity. Birds, in general, are also said to help grand prayers and wishes. Since cardinals and blue jays are also associated with guardian angels, loved ones, and good luck, it’s not hard to see how they’re considered positive omens in general.

If you’ve been looking for a good sign, this might just be it. Great things could be on the horizon for you.

14. Don’t Neglect Your Physical Health

Red is the color of vigor and vitality. It represents physical strength, security, and life force. It corresponds to the root chakra, which is the energy center that relates to our basic survival instincts.

When cardinals and blue jays squabble, it’s generally over resources needed for survival. Blue jays will push cardinals away from food or water sources, and even try to raid their nests for eggs.

Seeing a cardinal and blue jay together can mean that you’ve been neglecting your physical health. Blue jays generally represent the intellect, so it may be that you’ve been prioritizing your mind over your body. Have you been listening to your body, or are you ignoring its needs? It’s time to look after your physical health again.

15. Seek Out Spirituality

If cardinals represent physical strength and vitality, and blue jays represent the mind, then seeing the two together can also be an encouragement to seek out spirituality.

On one hand, they may indicate that you’ve been neglecting your physical health. If that’s not the case for you, they can also represent ignoring your spiritual wellbeing.

Seeing these two birds together sometimes depicts a struggle between opposites. If your life has fallen out of balance, it’s time to take inventory and see where you might be ignoring your spiritual pursuits and seek out new ways to feed your soul.

Is This Ever Bad Luck Or A Bad Omen?

Both cardinals and blue jays represent their own special positive attributes. Seeing them together isn’t bad luck or a bad omen. This is especially true if they’re sitting, flying, or eating peacefully.

If you see them fighting, pay close attention. Who wins? What happens? This can provide you with more information about the spiritual meaning and message they’re trying to convey.

Closing Thoughts

For the most part, the spiritual meanings of seeing a blue jay and cardinal together are quite positive and inspiring. Seeing such opposites coexist together is always cause for hope.

If you’ve seen this recently and still need a little extra help, send us a message. We’d love to give you a hand.

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