The True Spiritual Meaning Of Three Dots In A Triangle

Three dots in a triangle with a powerful spiritual meaning

For many people, three dots in a triangle is an incredibly simple yet compelling symbol that they feel drawn to. But many aren’t sure what it actually means!

This guide will teach you about the spiritual meaning of three dots in a triangle, and how you can incorporate it into your life for encouragement and inspiration.

Spiritual Meaning Of Three Dots In A Triangle

A triangle with three dots, no matter how it’s used, can have a variety of spiritual meanings. Most interpretations for this sign are upbeat and positive in nature, which is why it’s seen so often in designs, tattoos, and more.

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Complete Balance

You don’t have to be an engineer to notice that the shape of a triangle can be an incredibly solid and balanced structure when the base is on the ground. Right now, your mind is probably drifting to the Great Pyramids of Egypt and rightfully so! Triangles represent balance, and seeing them in daily life or in your dreams can be a sign that you are maintaining a healthy balance in your own life.

Balance is vital for living a healthy, whole life. You need balance in your work life, your family life, your physical life, and your spiritual life. Maintaining this balance can be challenging at times, but the symbol of three dots in a triangle can encourage you to keep holding everything together.

If this message resonates with you but you aren’t sure that every part of your life is in balance, this is a great time to take a personal inventory of your life. What aspects of your existence feel out of alignment? What changes can you make to turn things back around?

2. Spiritual Enlightenment

The spiritual meaning of three dots in a triangle can be about putting yourself in a place where enlightenment is coming. Perhaps you’ve been feeling spiritually stagnant for a while, or you’ve been experiencing a longing to push through to the next level in your higher journey. This dotted triangle tells you not to give up seeking that blessing.

Triangles are considered by many to be a sign of an upward movement or ascension on a person’s spiritual ladder. The primary way to achieve this ascension includes quieting your mind from the chaos of this world through focused meditation, prayer, and soul-searching. Enlightenment is about opening your mind to knowledge and your soul to spiritual nourishment.

Three dots in a triangle can be a reminder not to let the outside world distract you from taking care of your spiritual needs. Take some time away from the noise and focus into the wonders of the spiritual realm. Enlightenment will come to you.

3. Push Through All Barriers

In life there will be all kinds of barriers that will attempt to keep you from what you’re purposed to do in life. The spiritual meaning of three dots in a triangle can be an encouragement to you to not allow these barriers to stop you from achieving your goals.

While the obstacles may appear to be insurmountable, you have the wisdom, patience, and perseverance to overcome anything this life throws at you. Just remember the spiritual meaning of this symbol and channel that positive spiritual energy as you break the walls down.

There are times when people become the barriers that halt our progress in life. This can be a tricky situation, because you don’t want to start throwing loved ones out of your life, but you do need to put your foot down and declare that you will do what you feel is right for your life. Push forward!

4. It’s Time For A New Chapter

A triangle made up of three dots is often used to signify a new chapter or a fresh start in the works. This heavenly heads-up is helpful for you as you consider whether to take an opportunity that comes your way. It may lead you in a new direction, but that could be a very good thing.

Have you recently gone through a time where you felt like a failure and longed for a chance to get a do-over? Perhaps you’ve made a couple bonehead mistakes and are wondering if this means you’ve blown it for good. The great news that the spiritual meaning of this dotted triangle brings is a reminder that you can have a fresh start.

Remember that all people make mistakes, and you do not have to carry the burden of guilt or shame with you. If you’ve wronged someone, offer an apology, and then forgive yourself. New beginnings and fresh starts are assured by the dotted triangle, so don’t throw away the opportunity to start over.

This sign of new beginnings can also mean you’re about to enter a new season of life, such as becoming a parent for the first time, or relocating to a totally different area. New beginnings can be scary but they’re also very exciting. Trust your spirit guides as they lead you to new, greener pastures.

5. Protection & Security

One of the more comforting spiritual meanings of three dots in a triangle is that you’re surrounded by amazing protection and security from the other side. Your spirit guides, departed loved ones, and guardian angels are looking out for you at this very moment.

Where are you needing a buffer of protection in your life right now? Is it at work or possibly at home? Have you been feeling like you’re constantly under attack emotionally or spiritually?

This symbol can show you that you have been covered by a divine protection that cannot be taken away or harmed. It is an indication that you have a good life, a solid inner circle of friends, a healthy family, and a secure job. You are safe and sound physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

In a world full of chaos, violence, and uncertainty, making someone feel safe is a profound gift. Do not let fear or anxiety get the best of you. You have a bubble of protection all around you.

6. Unity

The three sides of the dotted triangle can represent a great number of connections, such as that between the Biblical Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Another example is the connectedness between your mind, body, and spirit. If you’re drawn to the symbol of three dots in a triangle, it could be a way of finding unity within yourself.

Being one with yourself is so vital to a happy life. You don’t want to live in a way where everyday you’re feeling torn and unsure about what to do. If your mind, body, and spirit are warring within you, seek to come to a place of unity.

This sign may also have something to do with a broken relationship that desperately needs mending. If you conflict with someone you love, this message is for you. No relationship is perfect, whether it’s romance or friendship, so have mercy on that person who upset you and offended you.

Your goal should be to always live life at peace with everyone, for as much as it’s possible. There are going to be people you will not be able to walk with in unity, but do your best and pray that it will be healed eventually. A life of peace with others is way more fulfilling than one of bitterness and anger.

7. Inner Strength

There is a very interesting and challenging interpretation for incorporating three dots in a triangle into your life. Some say it helps open your eyes to some self-doubt that’s been holding you back from pursuing your dreams and goals. You have not been putting your faith in the inner strength you possess, and that’s why you haven’t made it farther in your plans.

There are a lot of issues that can hold a person back from realizing their true potential. Some of them are physical illness, financial limitations, and opposition from others. Still, these issues can be overcome by an individual who has a strong sense of their inner strength.

What’s amazing about this type of inner strength is that it can propel us towards our goals if we believe in it and allow it to take control, or it can make us feel incredibly empty and even a little down. It’s important that you believe in yourself, because the universe believes in you.

8. Spirits Are Looking Out For You

A lot of people are wandering through life and aren’t sure if anyone or anything is looking out for them. They feel alone and abandoned by the world, a real shame.

But this isn’t the case. The universe sees you, and you’re not alone. The three dots in a triangle represents a message from the spirit guides that you’re being taken care of, whether or not you recognize it.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re supported and cared for. You have guardians in the spiritual realm whose primary purpose is to keep you safe, help you be successful, and encourage you when you need to be uplifted. This may be why they have presented you with the triangle with three dots.

9. You’re Dedicated To Your Mission

You’ve probably always felt that you had a calling in life to do something big and extraordinary. If you connect with the symbol of three dots in a triangle, the spiritual meaning could be that the universe is declaring that you have a mission in life. You are not ordinary!

If you’re already on track, your dedication to this mission and dream is admirable and has been noticed by the universe. This is why you’ve been gifted with incredible powers and talent to be able to do all that you’ve felt called to do in life. We need more men and women like this making the world a better place.

If you find yourself unsure what exactly your mission is supposed to look like, this sign of the triangle made by three dots is a prompt to seek out the answers. You can ask spiritually sensitive individuals for advice, spend time in deep meditation, and really look inwardly at what giftings you have that might be put to use. You are who you are for a very specific and wonderful purpose.

10. The Pursuit Of Harmony

It can seem like everyone in the world is fighting about something all the time. They bicker on social media, at work, and in the school classrooms. With so much disharmony, the spiritual meaning of three dots in a triangle is a sign for you to pursue harmony. We need it badly, and so do you.

Whether it be talking about politics or bringing up hot topics in conversation that you know will push someone’s buttons, arguing is never going to make anything better. Living a life of harmony isn’t always easy, but it is important. The core intention of the universe is for all people to live in harmony with one another, and that’s the message this symbol represents.

11. You Are Well

Three dots in a triangle is often a wonderful sign because it means you, your family, and your life in general is going well. Your people are happy. Your life is going the way you’ve planned.

You had to work hard to get to this place of wellness in your life, so be proud of it and enjoy this season of goodness. You may have had to overcome a lot of trials to get here but now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The triangle reminds you to be grateful for how well your life is going. Don’t take life or loved ones for granted, because life is too short. Thank the universe for showing you favor today and pay it forward by being a good person.

Closing Thoughts

The spiritual meanings of three dots in a triangle are always inspiring and encouraging. That’s why so many people like to incorporate this symbol into their life in some way!

We’d love to hear how you’ve been using this symbol. Send us a message or share some pictures!

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