Blue Jay Feather Meaning & Symbolism (Inspiring)

A blue jay feather with an inspiring meaning

Blue jay feathers have some amazing and inspirational meanings associated with them, so finding one should excite you! Not only are they beautiful, but they can also provide guidance and direction for your life.

This guide covers what it means when you find a blue jay feather, and how you can accurately interpret the message it has for you.

Blue Jay Feather Symbolism

Blue jay feathers are mysteries of nature. Blue pigment is extremely rare in the natural world, so they exhibit what’s called “structural coloration.” That means that blue jays aren’t technically blue at all — their coloring comes from the way their feathers scatter light to create an optical illusion that makes them appear blue.

Blue jays themselves are also very intelligent. They’re members of the Corvidae family, alongside ravens and crows. Between their cleverness and their unique coloration, blue jay feathers come to symbolize individuality, intellect, and curiosity.

Spiritual Meaning Of Finding Blue Jay Feathers

Though they’re known for intelligence and uniqueness, that isn’t all their feathers represent. Blue jays are also silly, curious, and sometimes violent and aggressive. This has given them reputations that vary pretty widely depending on who you ask.

Here are the most common meanings associated with finding blue jay feathers.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

When you’re looking at a bunch of birds clustered around a feeder, blue jays really stand out. With their crests on their heads and their bright blue feathers, they definitely make an entrance amid all of the little brown and gray finches, sparrows, and juncos.

If you find a blue jay feather, it can mean that it’s time to stand out. You may have had a lot of your uniqueness repressed, especially when you were young. It’s time for you to release those restrictions and allow yourself to shine.

What ways have you toned yourself down for the benefit of others? How would you benefit from letting go of the expectations placed on you? What would you do, if you knew that other people’s opinions didn’t matter? This is what the meaning of the blue jay feather should make you ask yourself.

2. Keep Trying

Blue jays are problem solvers. These birds don’t give up or get frustrated easily.

Blue jay feathers are also considered an “angel sign” that can appear when you’re in times of trouble. These are small, encouraging omens sent by your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Finding a blue jay feather can mean that you shouldn’t give up. If you’re currently struggling, it’s important to remember that sometimes the only way out is through. Keep pushing, and you’ll find your way to a better situation.

3. Embrace Positive Energy

According to many, blue jay feathers mean good luck. These curious little birds can also be a general sign of positivity.

If you spot a blue jay feather on the ground, it may be sending you a message to embrace positivity. It can be hard to avoid falling into negative thought patterns, but these usually aren’t helpful. Sometimes, they can even make things worse.

This blue jay feather could mean that it’s time to engage in some self-care. If you can avoid feeling run down and burnt out, it becomes easier to see and appreciate all of the wonderful, positive things in your life.

4. Use Your Intellect

Blue jays are brilliant little birds. Some members of this bird family even exhibit intelligence that’s on par with that of human children. It’s probably not too surprising that these birds are considered symbols of intelligence and problem-solving.

Have you been puzzled over a question or problem? You might stumble across a blue jay feather to let you know that it’s time to use your intellect. The solution to your problem is there, you just need to figure it out. It may require some clever outside-of-the-box thinking.

Sometimes, a blue jay feather will also appear when you’ve been slacking a bit. If you’re in a situation where you feel powerless, or are waiting for someone to come help you, you may find a blue jay feather as an encouragement to find your own way out.

5. It’s Time For Healing

The color blue is associated with peace, tranquility, and healing. In color magic, blue candles are used for spells to heal people and create an atmosphere of calm. Blue feathers are connected to the same concepts.

If you find a blue jay feather, it might be a gentle omen. You’re likely to be coming into a period of tranquility in your life. It’s time for you to release what needs to be released, and focus on physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

It’s pretty common to encounter a sign like this when you’re coming off of some form of upheaval, shift, or trauma. You may have been too busy putting out metaphorical fires to really process what was going on around you. Now that things are calming down, don’t forget to seek out the support and help that you need to heal.

6. Never Stop Being Curious

These birds are clever, curious, playful creatures. Some will even play with objects, like using plastic lids to slide down snowy roofs! Unfortunately, many people lose touch with their own whimsical, childlike curiosity as they get older.

Finding a blue jay feather can be a reminder to maintain your innate desire to learn and play. Curiosity isn’t just about learning what you don’t know — it literally keeps your brain younger and healthier!

Don’t let frustration make you shy away from being curious. Remember, failure is the first step toward mastery. It’s much better to be curious and risk embarrassment than to close yourself off from opportunities to learn and grow.

7. Your Guardians Have Your Back

Remember the bit about blue jay feathers and “angel signs?” They’re one of the most common tangible ways that your ancestors, spirit guides, and guardian angels have to connect with you. Even when you don’t feel them there, they are. They may choose to drop a feather in your path to let you know.

Blue jay feathers are great for this because they’re hard to miss. Many other birds are shades of brown and gray that let them blend into their environment. Blue jays are bright blue, so your guardians know you’ll be presented with their spiritual meaning.

When you find a blue jay feather, remember that you’re surrounded by generations of love and support, as well as all of the help you could want from the spirit world. Take a moment to appreciate the benevolent spirits around you.

8. Stay Focused

Since blue jays are clever little problem-solvers, they also embody focus. They can make their way into the nests of other birds in order to eat their nests and fledglings, to the point where gardeners often have to set up “dummy birdhouses” with fake entrances to fool them! If they don’t, these tenacious little birds will find their way into all kinds of nests that they shouldn’t.

If you see a blue jay feather, its meaning could be related to your focus. Today, it’s easier than ever to become sidetracked. Many people work more than one job, go to school, and are constantly bombarded with avenues for escapism.

If you have a goal, stay on top of it. If you lose your focus, you could lose your way. Keeping your attention on your intention will allow you to achieve your dreams.

9. A Warning

In some cultures, blue jays aren’t always positive. They are predators, and they can and will harm other birds, nests, and eggs. These birds are also connected to the spirit world, so it’s believed that they may be a warning sign from those who have passed on.

A blue jay feather can be a warning about an impending change or event in your life. While change is neither good nor bad, this feather may point to a situation that won’t be very pleasant.

In Irish folklore, finding the feather of a native bird similar to a blue jay can signify deceit. Someone close to you may be lying to you or trying to cheat you out of something. Be careful who you trust.

10. Prioritize Loyalty

For all the trouble that blue jays can cause for other birds, they’re very devoted to their families. The color blue is also sometimes associated with the concept of loyalty.

If you’re going through a challenging time, the meaning of finding a blue jay feather can be that you need to focus on those close to you right now. Now isn’t a good time to withdraw from important relationships. If you prioritize loyalty and help others when they need you to, then they’ll be there to return the favor.

You may also find a blue jay feather when you’re caught between two different people or groups. If you’re experiencing in-fighting between friends or family members, this feather might be a reminder of the importance of loyalty and togetherness.

11. Look Out For Others

The idea of looking out for others is connected to the concept of loyalty. When you have their back, they’ll have yours in return. You lose nothing by being there for other people. Even if they abandon you, that says more about them than it does you.

A blue jay feather can mean that someone close to you is going through a hard time. This might be someone who isn’t very open about their feelings, likely to avoid inconveniencing other people. It’s a good time for you to check up on your friends and loved ones and make sure that everything’s okay.

This feather can also be a warning of a negative event. Something may be coming up that will shake up your family, community, or circle of friends. Remember, mutual aid and looking out for others is how humans survive hard times.

12. Self-Improvement

Sometimes, the meaning of a blue jay feather serves to remind you of the value of self-improvement. This piggybacks on the idea of blue jay feathers as a symbol of curiosity. If you stay curious, you’re always improving and evolving.

Do you have any skills that you’ve allowed to get dull over time? Are there any hobbies that you’ve dropped because you didn’t have time for them? Are there any skills that you’d like to pick up, but feel intimidated by? This feather is here to tell you that it’s time to work on them!

In today’s hustle culture, many people have convinced themselves that there’s no point pursuing anything that they can’t turn into a side gig. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Self-improvement is its own reward, and it’s always a worthwhile endeavor.

Is It Good Luck To Find A Blue Jay Feather?

Yes! While blue jay feathers can be a warning or negative omen in some contexts, they’re usually a sign of good luck. To some cultures, they’re even a symbol of spiritual favor.

Please bear in mind that, while blue jay feathers are good luck, they shouldn’t be treated as luck charms or talismans. Appreciate their symbolic value but avoid picking them up.

What Do Dreams About Blue Jay Feathers Mean?

When it comes to dreams, blue jay feathers have several different spiritual meanings. It’s often said it’s a sign that someone (or something) is trying to give you their good luck. This may appear as a monetary gift or act of service. Beware, however, for these gifts may have an ulterior motive attached to them.

Another interpretation says that blue jay feathers can represent arrogance, or a situation that results in a temporary setback for you. Dreaming of a blue jay feather can also represent knowledge, cleverness, or life changes.

The meaning of a dream heavily depends on what you associated it with. If you associate blue jay feathers with positive things, then the dream is likely to have a positive meaning. Look at the context of the dream and what symbols appeared with the blue jay feather in order to form a more complete picture.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Blue Jay Feathers In Different Cultures

Blue jays are native to the US and Canada, but they’re striking birds that have become significant to people all around the world. Here are some different cultural interpretations and meanings for finding blue jay feathers.

North America

To many people indigenous to North America, blue jays and their feathers are a mixed bag. In Chinook, Chehalis, and Quinault legend, Blue Jay is a trickster hero figure. He’s generally benevolent to people, but often has a tendency to be silly or careless. Finding a blue jay feather can be a positive sign from him.

To other native peoples, blue jays are often viewed as aggressive, obnoxious creatures. In stories, they’re portrayed as gossipy or selfish. For them, finding a blue jay feather may be a negative omen.


Blue jays aren’t in Europe, but Ireland has their own jay species with bright blue patches on its wings. It’s called Scréachóg, which translates to “shriek.” These birds were associated with the Underworld and considered bad luck in specific contexts. Finding a blue jay feather would likewise be a negative omen.


In ancient Greece, a bird similar to a blue jay was a messenger of Hermes. He would carry messages from the deity to humankind. Finding a single feather from one of these birds signified good luck, especially if you found it in the chimney of your home.

Are You Allowed To Keep Blue Jay Feathers?

It’s best to admire and appreciate the meaning of blue jay feathers without picking them up. These birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, so it’s illegal to collect any part of a blue jay, including shed feathers. This is to disincentivize people from killing or capturing these birds by ensuring that there’s no market for them or their feathers.

Even if you find a dropped feather on your lawn, it isn’t legal to keep it. Admire it, take a photo of it, but leave it where it is. Not only is it illegal to take, removing it keeps it from naturally breaking down and contributing important nutrients to the soil.

If you want to add a blue jay feather to a charm bag or other talisman, use a dyed chicken feather or illustration of a blue jay feather instead. The symbolism is the important part, so a representation will work just as well as the real thing. 

Wrapping Up

There are a number of inspiring meanings associated with finding blue jay feathers. That’s why you should never ignore the ones that you see!

Let us know if you have any questions about the information in this guide, or need a little advice on how to interpret the message behind them. We’re always willing to help our readers!

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