Blue Candles: Meaning, Benefits & How To Use Them

Blue candles demonstrating their deeper spiritual meaning

Understanding the meaning of blue candles is essential if you want to incorporate them into your spiritual practice or healing rituals. And trust us, these candles bring a lot to the table!

This guide will help you understand the properties and spiritual meaning of blue candles, so you can enjoy their numerous benefits.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Blue Candles

Blue candles are incredible tools to be used in spiritual practices and rituals, because they emit a great deal of power and positive energy. Understanding the meaning of blue candles allows you to tap into the powers of nature, bringing balance and healing into your life.

Blue Candles And Tranquility

From the cool blue waters of the ocean to the baby blue skies, blue is a color that has many connections with nature. That means burning a blue candle can help you connect with the energies of Mother Earth, bringing peace and tranquility into your life.

As you burn the blue candle, picture yourself laying on your back in a green meadow, gazing up at the clouds rolling through the blue skies. Feel the relaxation sweep over you. This is a great mental space to be in during your meditation or prayer time!

Blue Candles And Ingenuity

Ingenuity is represented often by the color blue, and burning a candle of this color will help to nurture the creative genius that dwells within you. If you think of creativity as being a spark, the blue candle represents the flint, and together they can create a glorious fire.

Blue Candles And Confidence

One of the main spiritual meanings associated with blue candles is self-confidence and pride. This is a concept that is so needed in today’s world, where people are told from every angle that they just aren’t good enough. This is simply not true, and burning a blue candle can help you realize the beautiful truth about you fully.

You are a vibrant, capable, and important human being. The blue candle doesn’t increase your worth, because you’re already worthy. However, it does ignite positive energy that helps you see how amazing you are more clearly, inspiring you to be filled with confidence and newfound self-esteem.

Blue Candles And Healing

Blue is the spiritual color of healing, which is why many people choose to light blue candles in hospitals and in homes where someone is struggling with illness. The meaning of blue candles is connected to strong healing energy.

The need for healing isn’t only in a physical context. Sometimes it is a brokenness emotionally or spiritually that needs restoration. The blue candle can be instrumental in bringing about this type of healing as well.

Blue Candles And Balance

Blue candles emit spiritual vibrations of balance restoration. Balance affects us in all areas of life, and it’s crucial that we seek balance if we want to live a happy, fulfilled existence. Sometimes we all experience the scales tip one way or another and it’s important that we get some extra help – hence the blue candle.

Are you having a difficult time finding a balance between that hard work ethic and resting when you need it? Is your emotional life out of whack and off-kilter? I suggest finding an isolated place that’s quiet and free from distraction, lighting a blue candle, and asking your guardian angel to restore balance to your life.

Blue Candles And The Fifth Chakra

Located around the area of your throat dwells your fifth chakra, which is primarily responsible for spiritual wisdom and the ability to project your true self in a variety of ways. Blue is the color that best expresses the characteristics of this chakra, so the spiritual meaning and properties of blue candles can help you tap into this.

If you need a little help expressing yourself, try holding a burning blue candle out in front of you and focus in on the region of your throat, calling upon the activation of the fifth chakra. You’ll find yourself inspired to speak up for yourself more freely, share what you’re feeling, express your personality through art and music, and make decisions that best fit your needs.

Introducing the meaning of blue candles into your fifth chakra work will also help you call upon a deeper wisdom and understanding, if that’s an area where you have been struggling.

Different Ways You Can Use Blue Candles

The spiritual meaning of blue candles are incredibly helpful in creating a life that is free from discord, stress, sickness, and strife. This candle promotes peace on so many levels, and there are a variety of ways it can be put to use.

1. Healing Energy

Since blue is associated with healing and recovery, it’s often used as a weapon to try and ward off illnesses and injury. Boost the power of your prayers by lighting a blue candle and allowing it to burn all the way down

2. Finding Peace

Finding peace in this world can be challenging, especially with all the stress we face day by day. If you know you need an extra portion of peace and tranquility, call upon the natural powers of the blue candle. You’ll find it an effective tool to quiet the chaos and drive out the stress.

All candles tend to be relaxing in nature, which is why people often light them while they take a bubble bath or are having a romantic evening. Harnessing the meaning of blue candles will add even more calm to the atmosphere, helping you push the stressful components of life to the outskirts of your mind. You may have to deal with them again later, but let the candle offer you a break and the peace you need to feel refreshed.

3. Fostering Creativity

If you’re hoping to heighten your sense of ingenuity, inventiveness, or your imaginative nature, burning a blue candle during your spiritual rituals and routines will help you achieve this goal. Blue is the color of ingenuity and creativity, so burning a blue candle can help you tap into these areas of your life.

You can also burn a blue candle whenever you need that extra creative spark, not just during spiritual rituals. If you’re having a painting session, or are working on writing a novel, let the blue cancel burn beside you and you’ll feel the way its creative energy works as a muse for you.

4. Protection In A Space

There are many cleansing rituals you can conduct in your home or workspace that will drive out negative energy and encourage a protective positive energy to come in. Interestingly enough, blue candles tend to work very well in protecting spaces from intrusive negative spirits or even physical threats.

The light blue candle is particularly useful in protecting and enhancing a space because of its tranquil powers and spiritual meaning. It can make your space peaceful, balanced, harmonic, and healthy, which will make a big difference in the overall well-being of your life.

5. Bringing Balance Into Your Life

If your life feels unbalanced and upside down, it’s wise to take some time away from the noise and distraction of our busy world and focus on bringing balance back to your life. Lighting a blue candle can help you achieve that balance, as these candles tend to send out tremendously powerful balancing energies.

You’ll want to light the candle during your meditation period and focus all of your attention on that flame in order for it to be the most effective. Ask the universe for balance of mind, body, and soul in the presence of the candle and you have every reason to hope it will come to you.

6. Help You Sleep

Sleep is vital to your health and well-being. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, it’s important that you make this a top priority. The meaning of blue candles tends to bring about an atmosphere of calm and serenity that it makes sleep a lot easier to find.

It’s important that you never leave a candle burning while you sleep due to safety concerns, but what you can do is light the blue candle for an hour or so before bed. Use this time to pray, meditate, and to ask your guardians for a restful evening. Then, blow out the candle and get straight into bed for a wonderful evening of refreshing sleep.

7. Reflecting On Happy Moments

The spiritual meaning of blue candles seems to be closely tied into emotions like nostalgia and sentimentality. Reflecting on happy moments from your past is very therapeutic and excellent for lifting your mood.

To take advantage of these elements of the blue candle, try burning one while you sit with a box full of old photos on your lap or while you listen to an album from your favorite band as a teenager. Any positive memory trigger you can use to revisit a happy time in your life will be aided by the blue candle.

Light Blue Candle Meaning

The meaning of a light blue candle tends to be centered around finding peace and harmony in your life, as well as helping that fifth chakra blossom. It can be used to aid in anger management, as well as helping you find relaxation when you’re trying to rest.

Dark Blue Candle Meaning

The dark blue candle is one that provokes deep emotions that may be otherwise hidden. This is great for those looking to process memories that may be painful or confusing.

The spiritual meaning of a dark blue candle will also help you summon reserves of strength that you didn’t even know you possessed within you.

Blue Candle Spells & Rituals

There are some very powerful rituals in which the blue candle will be helpful. Here are two of the most common ones.


Whether you would like to cleanse an item or a space, the blue candle can help get rid of any lingering bad spirits or negative energies.

If it’s an item you’re cleansing, pass the item through the smoke of the candle as you focus on the light of the flame. If it’s a space, you can simply set the candle in the middle of the room and let it burn all the way down under your supervision. You can also take the candle around the room, allowing the smoke to anoint all of the walls and corners.

Thursday Manifestation Magic

If you’re planning on doing a manifestation spell with a blue candle, Thursday is the best day of the week to do it. The reason for this is that the color blue is related to the spirits of Thor and Jupiter, both of whose names have tie-ins to the word Thursday. Powerful magic can be done on Thursdays, so take advantage of it!

Wrapping Up

The meaning of blue candles is closely connected to peace, balance, and so much more! If you’re looking to introduce these into your spiritual practice, we highly recommend it.

Let us know if you have any questions about using these candles, or simply want to share your experience with them!

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