Centipede Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism: In-Depth Guide

A centipede displaying its spiritual meaning and symbolism

Centipedes are fascinating animals that elicit mixed responses from people when seen. But did you know that there’s also some powerful spiritual meanings and symbolism associated with them?

Let’s take a look at what it means when you see these creatures, and how you can identify what message is the best fit for your situation.

Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning Centipedes

Most people react with disdain when they run across a centipede in their home (or even in a dream). But the truth is there are great spiritual messages we can glean from the appearance of this incredible, resourceful, small creature.

Here are the most common centipede spiritual meanings you should be aware of.

1. Let Your True Self Shine Through

Many of the world’s smallest creatures hide in the cover of darkness to keep themselves safe, and centipedes are one of them.

If you find a centipede hiding in the dark shadows of your home, the spiritual meaning could be that there are parts of yourself that you are keeping hidden away from the light.

We all have secrets that we are afraid to share with others. Funny enough, those same people that we don’t want to judge us have their own secrets hidden as well! It’s okay to keep some of your private experiences to yourself, but the appearance of this centipede is a sign that you’re keeping some significant aspects of your life hidden. And because of this, you might be having trouble making meaningful connections.

The universe doesn’t want you to hide yourself away. Every human being is unique and wondrous, and that includes you. Don’t be afraid to let your true self shine through the darkness, because the people who matter most will see your light and be drawn to you.

People were never meant to be alone, and hiding who you are can alienate you from others and keep you from building meaningful relationships. Let the right people inside your walls to see who you really are so that they can get the opportunity to love you.

2. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

It’s natural to react negatively to these bizarre little creatures, often misjudging them as pests when they’re incredibly spiritual in nature. Just like the centipede is so misjudged, the presence of one in your home brings the spiritual message that you may feel people judge you without getting to know you.

It’s unfortunately way too common an occurrence, that people judge a book by its cover without looking into its substance. For one reason or another, you’ve been feeling unjustly mischaracterized by those around you, and it’s making you feel misunderstood, unknown, and lonely. You don’t deserve to have to feel this way.

This can make it difficult to make new friends and get to know people, because you’re always on guard and worried that they are misjudging you. The spiritual meaning of the centipede can serve as encouragement to not allow the perceived judgment of other people to stop you from being your true, authentic self. You’re an incredible person and should let people get to know the real you, not by locking yourself away from the world but rather by letting your light shine.

If you’re behaving like your true self and people still misjudge you, don’t spend another minute thinking about those people. It is their loss. You are a beautiful soul who is worth knowing and celebrating.

3. Go With Your Gut

Do you know that centipedes rely almost solely on their antennae and their instincts to navigate through life? Many centipede species don’t even possess eyes!

If you’ve found a centipede in your home, its spiritual meaning and symbolism may be a warning that you need to trust your gut instincts more often. Don’t only rely on what you see and hear.

People and situations can be deceiving, and we all make decisions that we end up regretting from time to time.

Perhaps you’ve already gotten yourself into a situation and you’re doubting whether or not it was the right choice. If you’re feeling a sense of uneasiness down in your gut, trust that discernment and don’t be afraid to back out and choose a different path.

4. Bravery & Determination

Centipedes are interesting creatures because they appear to be docile, but are actually capable predators. These small creatures have a venomous bite that causes quite a bit of pain and stuns their prey. No matter what they face, centipedes are brave and determined, and that might be why one has been sent to you.

If you find a centipede and show courage during the interaction, that’s a sign that you’re a brave person who can overcome any fear. Stand proud in that courage and don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams with steadfast determination as well.

5. Value Creativity

When you examine the uniqueness of a centipede’s design, you can’t help but notice how creatively it was made. The long body and the hundreds of legs all moving together in a perfect rhythm is incredibly creative. Not only that, but these creatures are quite adept at finding unique ways to navigate the world. Nature has given this centipede to you as a sign that it’s time to focus on noticing and appreciating the creativity in others, as well as to letting your own creative sparks flow.

People are gifted with varying degrees of creativity, but we have all a spark in one area or another. The spiritual meaning of the centipede can tell you to appreciate your own flavor of creative genius, and open up to let others appreciate it as well. Embrace this side of you!

6. Learn To Be More Resourceful

While many animals are quite sensitive to temperatures, the centipede tends to be a lot more adaptable to their environment. While they may be more comfortable in a certain atmosphere, they can survive just fine when conditions aren’t ideal due to their resourceful and tough nature.

Being resourceful is a fantastic skill to have, and the universe is likely encouraging you to develop it even further. Start making the most out of what you’ve got at your disposal!

Perhaps in the past you’ve had a more comfortable life and you didn’t need to struggle very often. But now your situation has changed and things aren’t coming as easily. Sometimes you have to make due with whatever is available to you at the time, and that’s the spiritual meaning of this little, resourceful centipede.

7. Pursue Balance & Stability

With its hundreds of legs and body low to the ground, it’s reasonable to say that the most obvious symbolism associated with the centipede is stability, being grounded, and safe travel. It is possible that the centipede you’ve found is a symbol of the balance and stability you so desperately need in your life right now.

Change can be challenging for many of us. If you’ve been going through a lot of changes in your life recently (like a new career, location, or relationship), you could feel as though your life is anything but stable. It’s normal for these changes to make you feel out of control and wobbly as you try to adjust.

This centipede has come to encourage you to seek balance in all areas of your life. Don’t allow the disorientation of change to linger longer than it should, but rather find ways to build routines into your life that will help you find that stability you thrive in. This could mean adhering to a more strict schedule, taking a new relationship slowly while maintaining your regular routines, and settling into a new home more seamlessly by getting involved in the community.

8. Don’t Compromise Your Values

While compromise can be a good thing in everyday negotiations, what you never want to do is compromise your values. The centipede is a symbol of strength of character, and the message for you may be a reminder to hold fast to your values.

Once you compromise them, it’s so difficult to find your way back

9. Take Action

People either tend to be prone to overthink, or not think enough before making decisions. The centipede is considered a wise and balanced creature, so the spiritual meaning of seeing one could be that you need to find balance in thinking versus action.

If you’re someone who overthinks every little decision but rarely puts a plan into action, this message is for you. The universe is calling you to stop thinking so much and take the first step towards accomplishing whatever is in your heart. Get moving!

10. Put The Negativity Of The Past Behind You

If you’ve ever interacted with a centipede, you know they tend to roll themselves into tight balls when they feel threatened. Seeing a centipede all coiled up like that can remind you that you need to take some time to look inwardly inside yourself to deal with some issues from the past that may be haunting you. It’s natural to look for external answers, but there may be some wounds, guilt, or fear within yourself that you need to deal with in order to move on.

Just like the beautiful centipede curls up to look within itself, it’s worth investing time into searching your own soul to find out where these strongholds are in order to release them. You might need to seek or receive forgiveness, accept something that cannot be changed, and make peace with a loss. If you can honestly look within and take the steps to heal, you can let go of the negativity of your past and leave it all behind you for a better future.

If you dream of killing a centipede in your house, this could also be a sign that you’re trying to rid your life of negativity that has held you down. Kill off that negative energy and allow the good to come in.

What Does It Mean If You Keep Seeing Centipedes?

If you find yourself repeatedly coming across centipedes, this could mean the universe has been trying to get a message across to you, but you haven’t been paying attention to the signs that are all around you.

Open up your mind to the guidance of the spiritual forces looking out for you, and trust their wisdom. The spiritual meaning and symbolism of centipedes is too strong to ignore!

Centipede As A Spirit Animal

Someone with the centipede as their spirit animal is typically resourceful and brave. Much how this creature navigates the world without fear and does what they need to do, those who identify with centipedes will often exhibit these traits as well.

Even though these critters might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you determine that the centipede is your spirit animal. Wear it with pride and let all of its powerful spiritual meanings inspire you on a daily basis.

Centipede As A Totem

It’s a powerful and good omen when the centipede is your totem animal. It tells you that you’re overflowing with bravery and determination. There is no obstacle that can keep you from achieving your goals and overcoming your rivalries.

Centipede totems also help you exhibit great instincts and intelligence. These are wonderful qualities that will get you far in life.

Spiritual Meaning Of Centipedes In Different Cultures

The spiritual meaning and symbolism of centipedes varies a bit based on culture and time. Here are some of the more notable differences.


In Ancient Greece the common belief was that the centipede was a hybrid creature made of a lion’s head and a serpent’s long body. They respected centipedes as being crafty and brave.


The Chinese view centipedes as being lucky animals who are useful for getting rid of other pesky critters. They are actually quite happy with having these amazing creatures in their home.


African cultures tend to love and appreciate the centipedes and their cousins, the millipedes, sometimes even keeping them as pets. They recognize they are predators of other insects and scavengers for rotting foliage.

Native American

Due to their predator nature and their intense instincts, Native Americans often viewed centipedes as being guardians who protected their homes. Their spiritual meanings in this culture are often tied to good luck and prosperity.

Celtic Cultures

The pagan religion that many Celtic tribes followed said that centipedes represented magical properties such as shape-shifting or becoming invisible. Very interesting! They even use the centipede as a model for Celtic jewelry and art.

Latin American Cultures

The spiritual meaning of centipedes in Latin American cultures often represents wonderful attributes of good luck, fertility, abundance, and strength of character.

The Meaning Of Centipedes In The House

Very few people would rejoice at finding a centipede in their home, and their first instinct could be to kill it. However, there are mixed spiritual messages that a centipede can bring to the people who live there. The most dominant interpretation of the centipede is that of balance.

If you find a centipede in your home (whether in real life or in a dream) and all seems well, this is a sign that your home is balanced and peaceful. If you dream of a centipede and it is far away from your home, that could mean there is someone in your life that’s causing you harm.

Finding centipedes in your bed is extremely unsettling, and the spiritual message that comes with it is equally unpleasant. If you find a centipede in your bed it means there are people in your inner circle that are trying to take advantage of you. Be wise and have your eyes wide open to the danger.

Closing Thoughts

Although it might be surprising, the symbolism and spiritual meanings associated with centipedes are actually quite inspiring. Never judge a book by its cover!

We hope you found this guide helpful and start to see these animals in a different light from now on. If you want to learn more about them, let us know.

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