The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of Double Rainbows

A large double rainbow with an inspiring meaning

Double rainbows are more than a gorgeous sight, they’re also connected to a number of powerful spiritual meanings. But like anything, being able to interpret the meaning that pertains to you is the tricky part!

This guide will teach you the various meanings of double rainbows, what to do if you see one, and how you can use this sign to manifest a better tomorrow.

Double Rainbow Spiritual Meaning

Single rainbows are a fascinating natural phenomenon you can’t help but stop and appreciate. But when two appear before you, the experience can feel even more special. Double rainbows are a rarity, and many believe this unique symbol holds a powerful spiritual meaning.

Here are some of the most common meanings associated with double rainbows.

1. The Start Of Something New

Historically, rainbows have had a strong connection to the concept of new beginnings. It all comes back to the biblical story of Noah and the great floods (more on that later).

The long-held interpretation continues today, and many people believe that the rare double rainbow is a meaning that you’re stepping into a new era of your life. It’s a hint of the new chapter coming your way.

For some people, it happens after long periods of complacency or years of navigating a challenging period of life.

The double rainbow appears in clear blue skies as a preview of what’s to come. You can also view it as a sign of encouragement. New chapters happen whether you’re ready for them or not, but you can usher in new beginnings yourself.

In this case, the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow is encouragement to take action. Make new friends, take a leap of faith, and do what you can to continue your forward momentum. Once you do, you may enter one of the most beautiful phases of your life to date.

2. A Sign Of Hope

The imagery of rainbows and the concept of hope go hand in hand. There’s something inherently beautiful about this phenomenon. The display of light and color is easy to explain through scientific means, but that doesn’t make it any less mystical.

You may come across a double rainbow when you least expect it. It might appear when you’re at your lowest or questioning everything about your life and purpose.

No matter when you see if, the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow is often more than a captivating mirage. It’s a sign of hope.

After every rainfall, a beam of sunlight pierces the clouds to create this spectrum of colorful light over the horizon. It’s the perfect representation of what many believe rainbows to bring. They’re that spark of hope that everything will work out in the end.

Your life might be nothing but dark skies and stormy weather. But eventually, those challenging experiences will pass, and light will overtake your life. The two rainbows remind you that all suffering is temporary, and something beautiful can come from your pain.

3. A Token Of Good Fortune

Here’s a meaning that should excite anyone who sees a double rainbow! This stunning sight could be a symbol of good fortune headed your way. 

But as you know, nothing comes for free. Like all things in life, you must work for good luck. A double rainbow is not necessarily a straightforward sign of blind luck but more of a push to have a little faith.

Maybe you’ve been considering quitting your stable job to pursue a new business or passion. Or perhaps you want to chase a dream you never thought possible. Whatever the case, a spark of doubt and fear might hold you back.

When you see a double rainbow, take it as a sign of good fortune from the universe! Think of it as a nudge in the right direction and a piece of comforting support to ease your fears. Have faith, and everything will work out in your favor!

4. Transformations And Forging New Paths

The meaning of a double rainbow could represent a dramatic transformation in your life. This interpretation is similar to new beginnings on your horizon, but the change coming your way might be more extreme than you bargained for. Despite how it sounds, that’s not a bad thing.

Your life is on the verge of transforming in many ways. You might get a new job that plops you in the middle of a new city or country. Or maybe you’ll experience a change in your personal life that takes time to navigate. 

The transformation will be a challenge, and you’ll fall many times. But the change is necessary and will help you prosper in the future.

You’re forging a brand-new path ahead, and it might be a path you never thought you’d take. It can feel scary as you confront these new experiences, but that resistance can help you reach your full potential in life.

In this case, the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow is not an omen or a warning. It’s a call to prepare. There’s no getting around the challenge of change, but you can brace yourself for impact and face whatever life throws you with your head held high.

5. An Opportunity For Growth

We sometimes grow so complacent in life that we never see opportunities when they present themselves. You might reflect on past experiences with regret, wishing you had taken a chance or done something different. Life is full of those moments, and we rarely get a heads up about game-changing moments until it’s too late.

Seeing a double rainbow is that sign you always wish you had.

Many believe that this beautiful play of light is a call to grab opportunities that present themselves. You might see the double rainbow before getting a chance to do something big. Instead of tiptoeing that fence, take the leap!

This is your chance to do something exceptional and grow as a person. The opportunity might not be apparent initially, but you’ll remember this beautiful symbol when it arises. It’s a push of encouragement to grab every bone life tosses your way. 

6. Unbroken Spiritual Connections

Have you lost someone close? Whether the loss is fresh or lingering pain from years ago, the spiritual meaning of seeing a double rainbow could be an embrace of comfort from someone you miss dearly.

In many cultures, rainbows represent a bridge to the spiritual realm. They’re paths souls must take when they leave the earthly vessel to venture into the nirvana of the afterlife. Seeing a double rainbow is like a glimpse into realms unseen.

It’s a sign that your loved ones are still there, watching over you for guidance and protection. 

7. Open A New Spiritual Door

Another common interpretation of seeing a double rainbow is that you’re on the verge of experiencing a new spiritual revolution. Spirituality is a complex thing. Contrary to what some believe, it’s not always tied to religion or specific cultural practices.

Everyone goes through a spiritual journey in life. It’s a constant quest for enlightenment and wisdom. Some people never get far on their journey, but others will go through growth phases.

The meaning behind seeing a double rainbow can represent a spiritual awakening. A new door of possibility is opening inside. That awakening could manifest itself in many ways.

You may feel more open to trying new things or become eager to explore new ways of living. Whatever the case might be, embrace the change and revel in the possibilities. Spiritual growth is always a plus, and you should never ignore moments to soar.

Double Rainbow Symbolism

Double rainbows symbolize a plethora of ideologies. However, the feeling that these sightings usually stir up is hope.

Hope is a feeling that can change your life in many ways. Hope can keep you going in your darkest hour and help you continue moving forward when everything feels bleak. It’s something that everyone can use.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have, or where you are in your life. Everyone needs hope. It’s a universal emotion.

While many people lose hope through hardship, all it takes is a spark. It’s just a tiny flicker, but it’s enough to instill drive. When you reside under a shadow of doubt and darkness, hope is the light that guides you to something better.

The symbolism of a double rainbow is perfectly tied to the concept of hope. The play on light and colors occurs after an intense storm, signaling that all will be alright. It’s the beacon in your sea of darkness, and you should always take a moment to appreciate them.

What Does It Mean When You See A Double Rainbow Repeatedly

Seeing a double rainbow is incredibly rare. It doesn’t often happen, making every occasion something extraordinary worth remembering.

But what if you keep seeing double rainbows? If you’re lucky enough to see this remarkable sight frequently, it could mean that you’re on the receiving end of an outpouring of universal good fortune.

Many spiritualists believe repeated sightings are an opportunity to surrender to greater hope and promise. You’re in good graces, and the universe is on your side. The cosmos want you to be happy and find success.

It could also signify that you’re walking down the right path in life. Your life’s purpose is meaningful, and you’ll continue to reap the rewards for years to come. Your life matters and the constant sighting of this rare occurrence are confirmation that the path you walk will lead to great prosperity.

The Biblical Meaning Of A Double Rainbow

Rainbows are a frequent phenomenon in the bible, and for a good reason. Stories involving double rainbows occur in the books of Revelation, Exodus, Ezekiel, and Genesis, among others.

They represent the majesty and divine nature of God. More specifically, they’re a symbol of faith. The double rainbow is a constant reminder to live a life of purity and goodness.

Perhaps the most famous appearance in the bible comes from the story of Noah and the Great Flood. God came to Noah, warning him of a flood that would wipe out all living things. The floods aim to start the world anew, harking back to the interpretation of new beginnings.

He urges Noah to build an ark and fill it with a pair of every animal species in the world. After completion, it rains for 40 days and nights, turning the world into a watery wasteland. 

After the destruction and chaos, God creates a rainbow. According to the Bible, the rainbow is a promise that the Great Floods won’t happen again.

The Meaning Of Double Rainbows In Different Cultures

Double rainbows can occur anywhere in the world. As a result, they’ve come to represent many things in different cultures.


In Buddhism, the meaning of double rainbows is transformation and spiritual consciousness. Buddhist practices involve constant learning and an ongoing quest for spiritual growth. When a person achieves peak spiritual energy, they transcend as rainbows.


We all know the connection rainbows have with a pot of gold, but the symbolism and superstition of double rainbows is deeper. The pot of gold at the end of the double rainbow represents the complex journeys individuals must take to achieve happiness and prosperity.

Norse Mythology

Double rainbows in Norse mythology are bridges to Asgard, the realm where gods live. It’s how gods descend to earth, creating an unbroken spiritual connection.

Celtic Cultures

Celts believed that double rainbows represented otherworldly serpents. According to mythology, the serpents drank from unseen pools of water where the rainbow met the horizon.

Greek And Roman

In Ancient Greece and Rome, double rainbows were vessels for communication. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris used rainbows to send messages via distinct colors. Meanwhile, Lord Mercury in Roman mythology used double rainbows to communicate with mortals.

Amazonian Cultures

It’s not all good fortune. In some Amazonian tribes, double rainbows were actually bad omens that foreshadow unfortunate events.

Indian Culture

In India, a double rainbow is a bow used by Indra, the god of thunder. The rainbow’s arc is the bow, while lightning is the arrow.

Are Double Rainbows Good Luck?

Double rainbows can mean that good fortune is upon you. In fact, it’s one of the more common interpretations. However, many believe that the spiritual meaning of this rare sighting is more profound than simple good luck.

It’s about hope and transformation. Good luck can follow, but the colorful double arcs represent the journey more than anything else. It’s about having hope and realizing the beauty that comes with it.

Many people view change and evolution as something to fear. It’s not always easy moving beyond your comfort zone to make big moves and facilitate change in your life. But when you have hope, you become unstoppable.

That’s what double rainbows truly represent. You might experience luck shortly after seeing them, but that good fortune likely comes from the hope you felt and the trust you have in your journey. Embrace these sightings and let yourself feel the magic.

You’re never too old to stop and appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of a double rainbow. When you see this rarity, soak it in and feel your heart fill with hope. It could lead you on your path to pure bliss.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the spiritual meanings of double rainbows and how to interpret them, it’s time for you to do some introspection.

As always, if you want some help interpreting your situation you can always get in touch!

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