Are Owls Good Luck Or Bad Luck? An In-Depth Guide

A mysterious owl that could be good luck or bad luck

Depending on who you ask, owls can be good luck or bad luck. It seems that people all over the world have completely different spiritual opinions about these fascinating animals!

So which is it?

This guide will go into situations where owls are typically considered to be good luck, and situations where they’re more likely to be a sign of bad luck. There’s no easy answer, but that’s actually quite fitting for these mysterious birds.

Are Owls Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Owls are incredible creatures, and they have this wise, dark, mysterious nature that has inspired some varied beliefs regarding their presence bringing either a good or bad sign.

What you believe about owls bringing good luck or bad luck will depend largely on where you live and your spiritual beliefs, but we can all agree that seeing an owl definitely carries some strong significance.

When are Owls Considered Good Luck?

There are a handful of situations where owls are generally considered to be good luck. Here are some of the most common ones!

Owls Gathering On A Farm

Farmers often see it as good luck if a group of owls are flying around or landing on their farm. They believe the owls are heralds of the upcoming harvest, which is the most crucial season for a farmer’s livelihood.

Some consider owls to be ushers of the harvest. The belief is that seeing a group of owls is a sign that your hard work and dedication to whatever you’ve been doing in life is about to yield some wonderful rewards. It is time to reap what you have sown, and that is fantastic news if you’ve worked hard.

If you’ve been feeling burnt out and come across an owl just about when you are considering throwing in the towel, please don’t give up. The universe has sent the owl to tell you not to quit yet. Good luck is just around the corner, so stay the course for a bit longer to receive your own harvest.

An Owl Poops On You

You may hate seeing that bird dropping on your freshly laundered shirt, but try not to let it bring you down. If an owl poops on you, this is actually a sign that good luck and prosperity are in your near future. Both Native Americans and African cultures believe owls pooping on you is a message of good luck.

Try not to allow negative emotions and energy to come into your mind when this happens, because it’s possible to taint the blessing and stop it from coming to pass. Simply offer gratitude to the universe for this great news and lucky sign.

A Close Encounter With An Owl

Whenever you have a close encounter with an owl, you can take this as a sign of good luck. The owl is a spiritually charged, sacred animal that has a close relationship with the universe. Therefore, the owl who has come to commune with you is a messenger and a sign that things will get better very soon.

Hearing The Owl Hoot

The sound of the owl’s hoot is unlike any other sound on earth. It’s mysterious and rich and incredibly haunting to listen to, especially when you aren’t expecting it. It almost has a hollow sound, like those of the ancient monks chanting.

Hearing the hoot of an owl is often good luck, and it can even signify the answer to a big prayer you’ve been lifting up to the heavens. Let this be a reminder to you that you’re being heard and are not alone.

When you hear an owl hooting, you know that the prayers of your heart will be answered, so keep up the positive energy and don’t be afraid to hope for good things. The owl may be a messenger to say that God or your guardian angel is there to bring you the answer to those powerful prayers.

Spotting Owls In The Morning

It’s always a wonderful sign to see an owl around your home in the early morning hours. This morning visitor is a bringer of good luck and you can expect that luck to provide you with an extraordinarily beautiful day. With the morning being such a spiritually-active time of the day, you can be sure this morning owl is a message that good luck is coming your way.

Tattooing An Owl On You Right Arm

The owl is a strong symbol for spiritual protection, especially in African cultures. Wearing the image of an owl as a tattoo on your right arm is a covering of protection over you, both physically and spiritually. This protection gives you freedom to live your best life, let your creative juices flow, and work on your own spiritual development.

The tattoo of the owl offers a protection that keeps you safe from curses and encourages good luck. It literally blocks the negative energy and evil spirits to have any access to you. That’s a powerful tool to carry with you and one less thing you have to worry about in life!

Looking Into The Eyes Of A White Owl

Many cultures believe the white owl is a pure, sacred creature that possesses a lot of power. It seems to be a pattern that the white owl tends to grant visitation to people when they are going through great difficulties in life and barely hanging on.

When you gaze into the eyes of the white owl, good luck and an amazing feeling of clarity will come. You’ll feel all sense of confusion and fog lift from your mind, and you’ll be able to see the truth surrounding you with much more clarity. This wise, pure owl brings goodness, spiritual growth, and a restoration of hope to people who need it the most.

When Are Owls Considered Bad Luck?

On the other hand, there are situations when owls are bad luck. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Seeing Owls During Night

In some cultures, seeing an owl at night is bad luck because it means you’ve encountered a shapeshifter or the ghost of someone who died. The very nature of owls and their hunting practices at night are what have given the owl this persona. This would be less about bad luck and more about being scared out of your wits!

Encountering An Owl During The Day

It is rare to spot an owl during the day because of their nocturnal nature, so seeing one in the daytime could be a sign that bad luck is coming. There’s a chance you are closing your eyes to something important in your life. You’re missing something vital and need to open your eyes and mind to the problem in order to solve it.

An owl in the daytime can also be bad luck for your ability to find balance and stability in your life. You may have lost your focus and feel like you’re floundering. Seek help from your spirit guides to get back on track.

Hearing An Owl Hoot

Interestingly enough, hearing an owl hoot is considered good luck to some people groups, and bad luck to others. For the latter, the basic feeling is that the hoot of the owl sounds evil, dark, and haunting. Some dread the sound of the owl’s hoot, believing it is heralding bad luck and death.

How Different Cultures Viewed Owls

How people in different cultures view owls when it comes to luck and omens is incredibly varied. The view of these animals ranges from fear and hatred, to loving and honoring them.

North America

While there is a wide variety of beliefs about owls around the world, in the United States there is an overwhelming theme as depicted in movies and common sayings – the wise, old owl. Owls are viewed as wise creatures to whom we go to in order to gain wisdom.

Despite their image of being wise, they are also targeted as creatures to be feared as evil, dark, mysterious, or unlucky. Many see them as bad luck and messengers of death.

Mexican culture carries a lot of passed down stories about owls and what they mean. They are usually seen as dark and from the land of the dead. On the other hand, most Native Americans honor the owl, as they do with most creatures.

Central & South Americas

The owls of Central and South America are met with a mixed bag of emotions and beliefs when it comes to their impact on good luck or bad luck.

Some areas see them as bringers of good luck and others as evil omens of death. Owls play a large role in the Moche religion of Peru, being thought of as healers. In Guatemala they are seen as bringers of good luck, financial wealth, and prosperity.


Feelings about the owls throughout Europe, and across the ages, are varied. In Greece, owls were once thought of as messengers of wisdom and purity, but over time they started to be viewed as bad luck or omens due to the perceived connection with evil witches.


It is commonly believed in Africa that owls are bad luck because they are the bringers of death and disease. Not only are owls looked at with a touch of disdain, but rather they are downright hated across the continent.

In South Africa, there is a belief that an owl landing on your roof and hooting means there is going to be a death in the home. They are the heralds of death, and so people fear them greatly. They are also considered to be witch doctors who bring curses.


In China, the sound of the owl’s hoot is similar to the Chinese word that translates into “digging”, so it is commonly believed that owls are harbingers for death since they are always telling people to start digging their graves. Hard to argue with that connection!

Japan and India, however, both see the owl as a bringer of good luck. The people of Japan, in particular, see the owl as so lucky across the board that they use the images of owls in much of their décor and artwork. In Japanese, the word for “owl” contains a form of the word “luck” within it, so it’s no stretch of the imagination as to why they see the owl as lucky.

Are Owls Evil?

These days, most would agree that owls are not evil. While they are historically associated in some cultures with witches, evil spirits, and harbingers of death, owls are simply creatures who go where they are sent by the universe.

It is true that owls are often thought of as dark and mysterious creatures who may commune with ghosts and evil spirits. Some feel they are the messengers of witches, and others call them the spies of the night. But this does not mean the owl is inherently evil.

Don’t allow fear of the owl to rule your heart. Instead, replace that fear with wonder and awe at the beauty and gracefulness of this creature. Enjoy being in its presence and thank the owl for the visit.

Are Owls Bad Omens?

To some, owls are seen to be bad omens that warn people of impending illness and death. There are plenty of legends about owls carrying off babies and bringing a curse upon a household. Much of the fear that surrounds owls is based on this belief, that owls are bad omens.

That being said, many believe the complete opposite about owls. They hold to the belief that owls are actually good omens, blessing the harvest and helping us grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Owls can be extremely lucky when found in the right circumstances.

So the truth is there is no black and white answer as to whether or not owls are bad omens or good omens. Some believe they are evil omens and others believe the opposite. You’ll have to make your own determination based on your own beliefs and experiences!

Is It Bad Luck To Kill An Owl?

Killing an animal if you can avoid it is never wise. It is considered by the universe to be murderous, wasteful, and evil.

So yes, it is extremely bad luck to kill an owl. One woman bragged of killing an owl and posed with its dead body, only to be killed shortly after. Owl’s have a strong spiritual force about them, and it’s important to give them their space, respect them, and be grateful for the good things they do for the earth.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, owls can be bad luck or good luck depending on a number of factors. That’s why we recommend that you look at the list above and apply it to your own experiences.

By doing this, you’ll be able to determine what seeing these birds means to you.

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