The Four Of Swords: How To Tell If It Means Yes Or No

The Four of Swords tarot card during a yes or no reading

The Four of Swords is an interesting card to draw during a “yes or no” reading. While it’s definitely instructive, the meaning behind it can seem a bit murky at times.

This guide will help you understand what this card is telling you, and what steps you should take next.

Four of Swords: Yes Or No?

If the Four of Swords tarot card presents itself to you in the upright position, you can take this as a very positive sign indeed. The great news is the Four of Swords is usually a yes for these kinds of questions, but that isn’t necessarily the focus of the card.

You may be asking a “yes or no” question, but the Four of Swords is much more concerned with your state of being. Are you rested and taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health? If not, the card has come to encourage you to take some time to focus on yourself and your needs. The true answer to your question will come but only after some rest and relaxation.

This card revolves around this concept of caring for yourself for a time. Relaxation and rejuvenation are needed, and you’ve been neglecting to focus on them for far too long. Take some time for self-care and wait for answers and direction to come to you once you’re in a better mindset.

The Four of Swords tells you there are some very exciting times ahead and that your life is going to be blessed. Ultimately, the Four of Swords in upright position is a yes, but it will only come about when you’ve found tranquility. For now, you’re in need of a little rest and self-love.

Does A Reversed Four of Swords Mean Yes Or No?

A Four of Swords card appearing in reverse is not a good sign during a “yes or no” reading. The answer to the question you bring the cards is a no, and the card speaks to the problem being a lack of tranquility and peace in your mind. You are having major difficulty with taking time to relax and practice self-care, and this answer is a direct result of not making your care a priority.

If this card has shown itself in reverse, it’s speaking to your false thinking that the only way to succeed and achieve all your goals in life is to overwork yourself. You must understand that life is more than financial success and wealth. All of the money in the world isn’t going to make you happy if you’re too exhausted and worn down to enjoy life.

The only way you can truly find success and happiness in life is to take the time out to take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When you do this, you will be able to think with clarity, act with decisiveness, and lead with confidence. When you have rest and wellness, the answer to the questions in your heart may very well change.

Does Four of Swords Mean Yes Or No For Love?

While it’s not set in stone, the Four of Swords tarot card usually means no when it comes to “yes or no” questions regarding love.

The most likely reason for this is that you have continually poured your energy, strength, and power into pleasing a romantic partner who is toxic and has worn you down. This high-maintenance partner has drawn the energy out of your life and you are now depleted.

You can change the predictions of this card by taking steps to fix the problem. Take some time to yourself and refresh your spirit by just being alone and relaxing. Once you are balancing your life more healthily, you will have the energy to put into a relationship and will be able to approach love with a much more balanced energy.

Does A Reversed Four of Swords Mean Yes Or No For Love?

A reversed Four of Swords card for a question of love can have mixed outcomes based on the cards around it and your relationship status.

If you’re already in a relationship and you receive this card, this is either wonderful news for you or very bad news. In one sense, it could mean that you’ve taken time to relax and work on yourselves and are at a place where you are ready to come back together in reconciliation. This is a wonderful story to end on, but there is more.

The other outcome for a relationship is that you and your partner have reached the breaking point and it’s time to separate. This is a message no one wants to hear, but let it be a warning to you. The best way to avoid this outcome is for each of you to truly heed the warning of the Four of Swords and start putting real time and focus into self-care.

Wrapping Up

Being presented with the Four of Swords for “yes or no” questions can mean many different things. That’s why it’s so important to understand the background and core meaning behind this card.

If you’re feeling stuck, feel free to send us a message. We help our readers out all the time, and will gladly do the same for you.

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