The Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings: What It Really Means

The Queen of Pentacles being drawn in a tarot reading about feelings

The Queen of Pentacles as feelings in a tarot reading can be rather interesting. In some instances it’s rather straightforward, and in others it’s very complex.

This guide will help you interpret the Queen of Pentacles as it pertains to feelings, so you can gain valuable insight from this card.

Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings

The Queen of Pentacles can be a little tricky to interpret in a reading about feelings. Fortunately, in her upright orientation, she is a very good figure to receive in this context.

The suit of Pentacles isn’t one that you commonly encounter when it comes to emotions. This suit is associated with the element of Earth, and relates more to finances, planning for the future, and your material existence. However, the element of Earth also relates very much to the idea of growth and abundance. This is why, even though it isn’t really a “feelings” element, it can be a great sign here.

Queens are the mature, resourceful, powerful co-monarchs to the Kings in the Minor Arcana’s court cards. They’re effective leaders, fully invested with the power of their suit and element. Since Queens represent attributes historically considered feminine, they’re also generally considered to be nurturing figures.

The Queen of Pentacles, then, is a powerful representative of the abundant, verdant energy of the element of Earth. She’s caring, generous, and possibly even indulgent. This is a ruler who pays attention to people’s needs and desires and does her utmost to fulfill them. She’s not an idle or selfish figure by any means.

When the Queen of Pentacles appears in a “feelings” reading, she shows that this person feels very positively toward you. They want to take care of you and ensure that you want for nothing. They’re likely to notice when something is wrong and do their best to fix it. They may show their affection through gifts and small indulgences.

In a platonic context, this person is the kind of friend who is very supportive. They may be the kind who never worries about picking up the check when you go out together, since they’re much more concerned with making sure that everyone around them has a good time.

Romantically, the Queen of Pentacles represents someone who’s very happy when they’re with you. They appreciate you and want to make sure that you know it. They may show this love by trying to offer you the best of everything. Since the Queen of Pentacles often appears in the context of marriage or childbirth, she can also indicate a marriage, proposal, or expansion of your family.

In general, the Queen of Pentacles as feelings is a very good sign. Whether this person is a friend, lover, or potential partner, they see you as someone worth nurturing, caring for, and even spoiling. You may bring out their generous side.

Reversed Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings

Overall, the Queen of Pentacles reversed is a warning in any reading about feelings. The person you’re asking about is likely to be feeling insecure and may take that out on you through envious or jealous behavior. They may even see you as a caretaking figure and try to take advantage of this side of you. They’re not likely to be particularly generous or supportive toward you, and you should be cautious about offering them love that may not be requited.

This has less to do with the suit of Pentacles’ relation to feelings than it does the Queen herself. While not all tarot cards become their direct opposites when they’re reversed, the court cards tend to follow this pattern. If you interpret upright court cards as having a certain type of personality, then the reversed cards become different people entirely.

For example, where the upright Queen of Pentacles is warm, generous, caring, and supportive, the reversed Queen can be icy, stingy, and selfish. The upright Queen is maternal and wise, while the reversed Queen is not. This isn’t someone that you’d want to form a relationship with, so it isn’t a good sign for “feelings” readings.

This Queen can also be a very temperamental ruler. Where the element of Earth and the suit of Pentacles is all about stability and building strong foundations for the future, the reversed Queen of Pentacles is unstable and insecure. Rather than be content with the abundance that she already has, she may have her sights set on neighboring kingdoms, too.

The person represented by the reversed Queen of Pentacles may be a bit of a social climber or gold digger. They’re likely to set their sights on people for the kind of wealth, connections, or status that those people are able to offer. This isn’t to say that they’re incapable of love, but they may be concerned about status and financial security first and foremost.

When you see the Queen of Pentacles reversed, she often warns of envy, jealousy, and possessiveness. This is easy to confuse with feeling wanted, at first, but you may quickly discover that the person in question treats you more like an object that they own than a full human being. This can be a recipe for disaster.

If you’re looking to understand the feelings of a friend, the reversed Queen of Pentacles may warn you that this person sees you as a means to an end. They may also try to monopolize your time and keep you from forming close attachments to others. Since the reversed Queen of Pentacles can be selfish, it’s also unlikely that this person will be willing to reciprocate the kind of care and attention that they demand from you. You may find yourself exhausted by their company or feel that they have “emotional vampire” tendencies.

The same things can be true if you’re reading about a partner. This person may find you appealing in part because of the social or financial status that you offer them. They may also be possessive or controlling toward you. In some cases, this tarot card can symbolize someone who wants you to be a kind of substitute parent instead of a romantic partner.

Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings With Other Cards

For readings about feelings, the Queen of Pentacles is rich with meaning on her own. Combined with other tarot cards, she can also take on additional significance.

Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles

Together, the Queen and King of Pentacles represent feelings that are balanced, harmonious, and mutually supportive. It describes a partnership that is likely to be very comfortable, with plenty of love and nurturing from both partners. This goes for opposite-sex and same-sex relationships alike, since the Queen and King represent a union of energies rather than actual genders.

Queen of Pentacles and Knight of Pentacles

This is the least impetuous of the Knights, but he still has some pretty aggressive energy. Together with the Queen of Pentacles, this pair indicates that this person really wants to create a long-lasting, fruitful connection with you.

Queen of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles

This pairing is all about feelings of fresh energy and creativity. You may make this person feel young and vibrant again. They likely see a relationship with you as an adventure full of interesting opportunities.

Queen of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles

The Queen and Ace of Pentacles represent a desire to sow the seeds of financial responsibility. This person wants a relationship with you, and they want it to last. They may have a long-term vision for your future together, and the tools they need to create that.

Queen of Pentacles and The Lovers

The Queen of Pentacles combined with this tarot card can represent a person’s desire for a relationship. They may see you as someone they can adore and care for. However, The Lovers card can also warn that there’s an existing relationship that’s creating an obstacle here.

Queen of Pentacles and The Tower

The Tower represents destruction, albeit an often-necessary destruction. Since the Queen of Pentacles as feelings is all about stability, nurturing, and comfort, this is a very contradictory pairing. It can indicate that this person’s feelings are equally contradictory. They may want to get together with you but recognize that it would create considerable upheaval if they did.

Queen of Pentacles and Temperance

The Queen of Pentacles is already a very temperate figure. She’s mature and sensible, and not given to flights of fancy. These cards can indicate that this person cares deeply for you but recognizes that it isn’t prudent or appropriate to act on it right now.

Queen of Pentacles and The Devil

The Devil is a complex card. He represents negative things in most readings, but, when it comes to love, he can also symbolize lust and overwhelming passion. In combination with the Queen of Pentacles, these cards can mean that this person has a very caring, nurturing love for you, but also desires you very strongly. Their comforting, nurturing nature may be expressed very strongly during lovemaking.             

Closing Thoughts

When you think about the Queen of Pentacles as feelings, there can be a lot to consider. Fortunately, all it takes is a little self-reflection and brainstorming to figure it out!

If you’re stuck, we’re always happy to lend a hand. Just let us know the situation and we’ll give you our feedback.

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