The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of A Praying Mantis

An adult praying mantis inspiring with its meaning and symbolism

The meaning of a praying mantis has inspired people for thousands of years. These insects have a fascinating appearance and measured temperament that can’t be found anywhere else!

This guide will go over the spiritual meaning of a praying mantis, their symbolism, and what it means when you see them.

Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

The praying mantis is one of the more unique species in the insect kingdom. Their alien-like appearance is nothing short of mesmerizing! Meanwhile, their iconic stance continues to inspire.

While the spiritual meaning of praying mantises is multifaceted for civilizations worldwide, they have a powerful connection to spirituality. In some cultures, the praying mantis embodies the concepts of pious living. Their hands are in a perpetual state of worship, cementing the importance of faith and servitude (these insects often draw comparisons to passages in the bible).

The meaning of a praying mantis leans more on meditation for people who prefer a more open approach to spirituality.

A praying mantis represents the freeing nature of contemplation and the beauty of self-reflection. They are the epitome of stillness and patience, choosing to remain calm in the face of danger or opportunity. 

Rather than diving head-first into every situation, praying mantises adopt a more thoughtful approach and allow good things to come their way before taking action. Some would say that praying mantises are in a constant state of nirvana, surrounding themselves with peace rather than chaos.

Praying mantises are a model of spiritual connection and the calm that true introspection brings.

What Does It Mean When You See A Praying Mantis?

It’s usually a good sign when you see a praying mantis. Despite the fact that these insects live on every continent except Antarctica, sightings are rare. They’re elusive creatures that bring inspiring meanings, powerful messages, and strong vibrational energy your way.

Here are some of the most common meanings for seeing a praying mantis.

1. Find Inner Peace

Praying mantises are all about introspection and peace. While they can exhibit some aggressive tendencies, the bugs spend most of their day waiting in stillness. Unlike other predatory insects, they choose to sit in thought rather than create a path of destruction everywhere they go.

Many say that their behavior is an allegory representing the fight for inner peace. 

It’s easy to let the craziness of the world wrack your brain. Every day is more fodder for emotionally driven news stories. Pair that with the daily struggle most people go through just to get by, and you have a recipe for poor mental health.

The praying mantis is the perfect model for inner peace. The insect doesn’t let the chaos around it throw off its meditation or affect its calm demeanor. It sinks into the comforting waters of its mind, allowing it to stay level in a world that’s constantly rocking.

Seeing a praying mantis is a call to adopt a similar way of thinking. Find your inner bliss and use it to maintain your mental well-being. No matter how tough life gets, you can look inward and find the balance you need to keep going.

2. Practice Patience

Many spiritualists and healers believe that praying mantises are the ultimate symbol of patience. They remind you to stick to your guns and never give up on your dreams.

So many people spend years working towards an aspiration that seemingly never comes. After a string of constant disappointments, some will give up and turn to other vices to fill the void. In their eyes, the battle is no longer worth the potential reward because an absolution may never come.

Praying mantises symbolize the importance of patience and the power of resilience. Giving up is easy! It’s waiting things out and continuing your journey that isn’t easy.

It takes great strength to continue what you’re doing despite adversities. But just look at the praying mantis!

These bugs can sit still for hours without moving. They’re so still that some people mistake them for leaves or twigs. The insects wait for an opportunity to come. When it’s within reach, they grab it and enjoy the rewards.

When you see a praying mantis, the universe is telling you to be patient. Your time will come.

3. Adopt A New Point Of View

Sometimes, you have to change your thinking to overcome the mental hurdles that hold you back. People experience challenges like this all of the time, but they rarely realize how harmful it can be to the bigger picture.

Many of us develop unwavering viewpoints about a situation. In some cases, it seems impossible to view it in any other way. While it might not seem like an issue at first, your inability to switch perspectives holds you back.

A praying mantis watching an observing its environment

The solution to your problems could be staring at you in the face. But if you cannot get a new point of view, you can miss it entirely.

Spotting a praying mantis is a call to adopt a new point of view. Change your thinking and approach challenges with a fresh set of eyes. You’ll be surprised by what you can do when you change your mindset.

4. Revel In Creativity

Praying mantises are beautiful symbols of creativity. They can blend into their surroundings within an instant, mimicking a blade of grass or a vibrantly colored leaf. They’re masters of disguise and will use their agile bodies to become part of Mother Nature’s canvas.

The insect’s creative nature is not for nothing. It’s to help evade capture and stay protected from all of the sources of harm around them.

Spiritualists say that seeing a praying mantis means that you must adopt the same level of creativity to guard yourself against bad actors in your life. People disguise their true intentions all the time, masking their dark energy with light to gain entry into your life. Once there, they can pull the rug from under you and wreak havoc on everything you hold dear.

In those cases, praying mantises can act as warnings. They’re signs that you need to introduce creativity into your life to help protect yourself and stay one step ahead of those who want to cause you harm.

5. Be Aware & Trust Your Intuition

Last but not least, seeing a praying mantis means that you must learn to watch your surroundings and trust your gut.

A praying mantis is always aware of the environment it inhabits. Its still nature lends itself to careful observation and self-awareness. They know of every movement and vibration in the vicinity, making them the ultimate seers.

Using the information they learn through observation, praying mantises can make decisions to stay safe. Use their symbolism and meaning as inspiration to do the same!

Do the same to preserve your sense of self! Always trust your intuition and be aware at all times. If you feel like a situation or person is trying to trick you, listen to those inner voices telling you to walk away. 

Listening to your heart can help you avoid situations that cause pain or emotional destruction.

The Symbolism Of Praying Mantises

The praying mantis is a mysterious insect that you can’t help but appreciate. One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of these insects is their ability to become one with nature, reveling in its peace to find comfort in any situation.

That’s why praying mantises have such a strong connection to concepts of meditation and inner peace. They symbolize the importance of concentration and the beauty of staying calm in any situation.

Praying mantises are the living embodiment of sheer focus. If you’re ever lucky enough to find one of these insects in their natural habitat, take a moment to watch it. You won’t see much, as most mantises revel in stillness as they concentrate on reading their surroundings.

They won’t move a millimeter! Instead, they bask in the glory of calm, concentrating on what’s important.

Make no mistake, being calm and focused isn’t a sign of weakness. That’s another essential characteristic that praying mantises symbolize.

Despite their calm demeanor, praying mantises have capabilities that exceed what most expect. When their stillness pays off, these insects jump into action to devour prey. They capture any opportunity when it comes, ensuring that they’re strong enough to outlast any challenge.

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Them?

Seeing praying mantises frequently is quite rare. They usually live alone, relishing in the quiet calm of solo living. As a result, you should never ignore the symbolism that’s associated with repeated sightings.

Typically, more than one sighting means that you must be persistent in whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re trying hard to solve a problem, or you’re working towards a goal that never seems to pay off, remain vigilant. The praying mantises you’re seeing are signs that your time is about to come.

The frequency of sightings may increase as you get closer and closer to fulfilling your destiny. Stay focused, and don’t let the distractions whirling around you stop you from reaching your full potential. Your perfect moment is within reach, but you still have to cross the finish line.

Praying Mantis As A Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal is your guide and protector. It’s an animal that accompanies you through the journey of life, embodying your characteristics and helping you make choices to fulfill your destiny.

If you have a praying mantis as your spirit animal, it means that you must learn to trust your instincts and keep your faith. No matter how much life beats you down, you must leave your worries behind and push fears to the side. 

It’s often said that people with praying mantises as their spirit animal can benefit from daily meditation or prayer. If you don’t participate in those activities already, incorporate them into your everyday life. While you might not see the use in them now, you may find yourself developing a stronger connection to your spirit animal over time.

Meditation is an excellent way to channel the energy of a praying mantis. Follow in its footsteps to remain calm in every situation. Adopt a new way of thinking and know that everything will be alright in the end.

What Does It Mean When A Praying Mantis Crosses Your Path?

If you ever see a praying mantis cross your path, pay close attention to it. The encounter is not a mistake. It’s your spirit guardians trying to deliver an urgent message.

Typically, these abrupt sightings mean that you must stop letting distractions prevent you from continuing on your path to fulfilling your destiny.

Unfortunately, life is full of diversions that can pull focus from your true purpose. They come in many forms, and most people don’t realize that they’ve fallen prey to distractions until they’re too far gone to turn back.

Praying mantises have a knack for appearing suddenly whenever you need to tune everything out. They symbolize the need to ignore the craziness around you and focus inward to connect with your intuition. Your powers of insight rest deep within your soul, and the only way to listen to them is to stop and concentrate.

A praying mantis crossing is a literal call to stop in your tracks! Don’t ignore the sign. Listen to your gut and use it to find your way out of the chaos.

What Does It Mean When A Praying Mantis Lands On You?

Having a praying mantis land on your is a special occasion. Not every mantis species has wings. Those that do aren’t the most agile pilots, as their body weight makes it difficult for them to fly great distances.

As a result, having a praying mantis land on you out of nowhere is fate! 

The abrupt landing can have one of two meanings. Many spiritualists agree that these encounters are a call for change. The bug’s presence seemingly comes out of thin air. It’s meant to capture your attention and force you to focus on the necessary changes you must make.

It’s a wake-up call that you’re not on the right path. You might have lost focus on what’s important or let darkness overtake your body and cloud your judgment. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to foster change.

Happiness and purpose are all around you, but you must look inward to find them. Use meditation to tap into your intuition and find guidance.

Some say that a praying mantis landing on you directly connects you to your guardian angels. When a mantis kneels, it might see or hear an angel in its presence. Landing on you is the insect’s way of delivering that healing energy and guidance.

What Do Dreams About A Praying Mantis Mean?

In many cultures, praying mantises are seen as divine soothsayers and prophets. They have the powers of foresight and appear to people in dreams to deliver powerful messages of hope.

You may have dreams of these creatures whenever you lack direction. When they appear in dreams, they deliver answers to burning questions and guide you in the right direction.

Are Praying Mantises Good Luck?

In many cultures, praying mantises are symbols of good luck. Traditionally, seeing one in nature signifies that good things are coming. They might usher in a new dawn, bringing power and strength your way.

These insects don’t necessarily manifest material fortune, but they can certainly help you achieve inward peace and harmony.

More importantly, it’s said that they can even change your way of thinking. Encountering one may help you focus on what matters most, which changes your perspective and pushes you to make better choices.

Carrying praying mantises with you through tattoos or artwork can foster good luck as well.

The only caveat when encountering an actual praying mantis is that you must not disturb these insects when you see them. You can appreciate them from a distance and revel in the positive energy they exude. But whatever you do, don’t break their focus or interrupt their moments of meditation.

Doing so is said to change your fortune, turning your luck from good to bad.

Is It Bad To Kill A Praying Mantis?

In the real world, praying mantises can be quite destructive. They’re predatory insects that do quick work of unsuspecting bugs unlucky enough to get near. Some species will even partake in cannibalism, eating others to stay alive in times of extreme need.

Despite their devotion to stillness, praying mantises can be quite violent!

Even still, killing a praying mantis is a bad omen. These creatures are delicate and often stay calm even when faced with the possibility of death. In many cases, they will not flee or even flinch.

Some cultures think killing a praying mantis will bring you bad luck. You must let these insects live if you want to thrive and find inner peace for yourself.

Instead of ending the bug’s life, consider relocating it or using it to your advantage. Praying mantises are often praised as beneficial bugs in gardens. Let them proliferate in your crops.

They may help you ward off destructive bugs, ensuring that your harvest is plentiful.

Final Thoughts

No matter what praying mantis meaning applies to you the most, it’s undeniable that the symbolism of these insects can bring positive change to your life. This is one of our favorite animals, and we continue to be inspired by them every day!

If you’ve recently seen a praying mantis and need some help interpreting what it means, send us a message. We’re more than happy to help you figure it out!

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