The King Of Pentacles As Feelings: The Surprising Meaning

The King of Pentacles tarot card representing feelings

The King of Pentacles as feelings in a tarot card reading can be a bit complex. While the general sentiment is usually straightforward, you need to think deeply about your situation if you want this card to be helpful.

This guide will teach you how to accurately interpret what the King of Pentacles means for feelings, so you can use it to move forward in the right direction.

King Of Pentacles As Feelings

When you want to know how someone else feels, the King of Pentacles can tell you. Though the suit of Pentacles doesn’t typically represent the realm of the emotions, this card is an excellent sign in readings that deal with all forms of love.

The suit of Pentacles deals with all kinds of fruitfulness. It’s the suit that represents the element of Earth, and therefore also represents prosperity, growth, development, stability, and material comforts. When it comes to readings about emotions, it often signifies feelings of comfort, nurturing, and gifts as a love language.

Kings represent maturity, authority, good sense, and the positive aspect of control. They’re both more powerful and more mature than the Knights and Pages, so they’re able to act with the full power of their suit behind them without steamrolling their way through situations in order to get their way. They are diplomatic and wise.

The King of Pentacles is a ruler who embodies the value of careful planning and effort. For readings related to feelings, this can be the effort needed to cultivate a healthy relationship. The suit of Pentacles is considered the “slowest moving” of all of the suits, but this isn’t always a bad thing — truly getting to know and love someone can take time, and the King of Pentacles understands this.

This tarot card is also all about wealth, of both the material and nonmaterial sort. It can represent the desire to shower someone with gifts and affection, create a comfortable, comforting atmosphere for them, and build the foundation of a physically and emotionally rewarding relationship.

For feelings in romantic relationships, the King of Pentacles indicates that the person in question likes you quite a bit. They may even be in love with you, but they’re not as likely to show it in over-the-top ways. In fact, they’re much more likely to end up thinking about your futures and putting together a sound investment plan to support you and any future children you might have instead.

This person is likely to be the kind of individual who expresses their affection through gifts, acts of service, and making sure that everyone around them feels comfortable and taken care of. While this card doesn’t have the same nurturing energy as the Queen of Pentacles, there’s still quite a lot of that here.

For platonic relationships, the King of Pentacles represents feelings of very close friendship. This person may even feel protective of you, like a father figure, or want to help guide you like a mentor. They’re likely to be someone you can go to when you need support — the sort of person that people describe as “their rock.”

When the King of Pentacles appears upright, it’s a great sign when it comes to feelings. This card indicates very strong, positive, supportive feelings, and a patient, caring mindset.

Reversed King Of Pentacles As Feelings

The reversed King of Pentacles is not a positive card for feelings in any tarot reading.

The suit of Pentacles is already much more entangled with the ideas of material comfort and wealth than it is with emotions, and a reversal emphasizes this. While the upright King of Pentacles is mature and stable enough to represent a healthy emotional response and well-developed love language, the reversed King isn’t. He’s much more about monetary insecurity, poor planning, and temper tantrums.

When you reverse the King of Pentacles, he loses all of the wisdom, sense, and maturity that he usually has. Instead, he starts to represent the kind of person you’d want to avoid at all costs, not someone that you’d want to become close to.

In some cases, he may represent the feelings of someone who likes you because of what they think you can offer them. They may be willing to pretend to be your friend or lover in order to land a better job, higher social standing, or a more luxurious lifestyle. This is the card of the kind of insincere “yes men” who try to surround celebrities.

In other cases, the reversed King of Pentacles can depict someone who has considerable wealth and influence and maintains very tight control over it. Rather than being generous and supportive like the upright King, the reversed King of Pentacles hints that this person may use their money and power in order to control people.

If you want to know how an existing or potential romantic partner feels or sees you, the reversed King of Pentacles warns that they may be feeling insecure, stubborn, and controlling right now. They may have a very definite idea of how they want your relationship to be and be peevish when things don’t pan out exactly like they envisioned.

For platonic relationships, the general picture is pretty much the same. This person may try to monopolize your time or become moody when you don’t do the things that they want. This person may feel like they’re always right about everything and become frustrated when reality doesn’t quite fit their perceptions.

When it comes to feelings with both romantic and platonic pairings, the reversed King of Pentacles says that there’s a lot of insecurity and resentment here. This person seems to be very headstrong and is willing to make your life difficult if you don’t fall in line.

King Of Pentacles As Feelings With Other Cards

In any reading about emotions, it’s often helpful to draw another tarot card or two to bring more clarity and depth to the situation. This can impact the meaning of the King of Pentacles for feelings in a few unique ways.

King of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles

This is a powerful pairing. It represents a happy, balanced relationship. It’s likely that this person wants to create a loving, comfortable, and even luxurious home with you. They see you as someone deserving of love, care, and the finer things in life.

King of Pentacles and Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles has some of the impulsivity of the other Knights, but is generally a more stable and reliable figure than his brethren. Together with the King of Pentacles, he indicates that this person cares about you, wants to build a relationship with you, and is more likely to make that known. The Knight of Pentacles breaks down some of the King’s reservations, so you may find that this person makes more friendly or romantic gestures toward you.

King of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is the youngest and least emotionally mature of the court cards. Paired with the King of Pentacles, this indicates that this person has strong feelings about you and may be fantasizing about a future with you — complete with children, a yard, a sensible house, and the works. This can also represent someone who has a lot of life experience but is inexperienced with love.

King of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles and the Ace of Pentacles are a great combination when it comes to feelings. The fresh energy of the Ace is just what the King needs. This person feels very strongly about you and is optimistic and enthusiastic about your future together.

King of Pentacles and The Lovers

The King of Pentacles and The Lovers can go one of two ways: On one hand, it may represent this person’s strong desire for a relationship or deeper commitment with you. On the other hand, it can also warn that there’s a third party that stands in the way of this.

King of Pentacles and The Tower

The Tower is a powerful force for destruction, but only of things built on unstable, weak foundations. As feelings, the King of Pentacles is very much connected to strong foundations and stability. When they appear together, they can represent feelings of concern for the future. This person may want a relationship with you but is unwilling to take the plunge because it would jeopardize the rest of their lifestyle.

King of Pentacles and Temperance

Temperance enhances the already temperate behavior of the King of Pentacles. This person’s feelings are a very slow burn. They may wait until they’re absolutely certain before they express themselves. This combination can also indicate that someone has strong feelings for you but feels that acting on them would be imprudent right now.

King of Pentacles and The Devil

The Devil is often associated with negativity during tarot readings, but he can sometimes be a positive omen for feelings readings. If the King of Pentacles is reversed, he and The Devil can warn that this person desires you to the point of wanting complete control over you. The upright King of Pentacles and The Devil, however, can represent very strong physical desires.             

Closing Thoughts

The King of Pentacles is an interesting card when representing feelings. While it is often generally clear what it means, you need to do some self-reflection and honest analysis of your life if you want it to be as helpful as possible.

If you’re having some trouble with this and want a little help, send over a message!

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