The Queen Of Swords: Is It A Yes Or No Tarot Card?

Queen of Swords in a yes or no tarot card reading

Finding the Queen of Swords card during a yes or no tarot reading can be quite compelling. This card has a number of powerful implications, so it’s important to understand what it’s telling you.

This guide will teach you what the Queen of Swords means in a “yes or no” reading, and why this is the case.

Queen Of Swords: Yes Or No?

During a “yes or no” tarot reading, the Queen of Swords card is a yes. 

Here’s why:

If you take a look at all of the court cards (the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings), the Queens and Kings are the highest-ranking. They’re the authorities of their respective suits, and they embody the full power and attributes of the element that they represent. They are the culmination of everything that their suits have to offer.

In addition to being the most powerful members of the court cards, the Kings and Queens are also the most mature. This means that they know how to wield this power responsibly and effectively, unlike the Pages and Knights that can tend to exhibit immaturity and impetuousness. This lets the Kings and Queens show the best sides of their suits, without the downsides.

Next, consider the suit of Swords itself. This suit is connected to the element of Air, which governs communication, messages, and situations that evolve quickly. It’s the suit of independence, intelligence, and analysis, and can also represent people who are very witty and charming.

In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, Pamela Colman Smith portrayed the Queen of Swords as a woman sitting on a throne, facing to the right. Her expression is firm, and she holds her left hand aloft. In her right, she holds a sword. Her crown is made of butterflies, and her cloak is covered in images of clouds.

Her positioning is interesting here. She’s surrounded by symbols of air — the trees appear to sway in the wind, the clouds pile up in the distance, a bird soars overhead, and even her throne is covered in butterflies and winged putti angels. Since she sits facing to the right, she has a full view of the clouds in the distance and the viewer at the same time. She is fully aware of what’s going on around her and will not be easily surprised.

This makes the Queen of Swords a formidable monarch. This is a woman who knows how to get what she wants. She’s smart, she’s powerful, and there are very few situations in which she won’t get her way. She’s also nobody’s fool — not content to rest on her laurels, she keeps her sword sharp and her eye on the horizon.

So, when it comes to “yes or no” readings, imagine yourself in the position of the Queen of Swords. Things are likely to work out favorably for you, because she’s not the kind of figure who takes no for an answer. That said, since the suit of Swords is related to cleverness and communication, you may need to use your intelligence to ensure that this “yes” comes to pass. Don’t let this intimidate you, because you have what you need in order to get what you want.

Does A Reversed Queen Of Swords Mean Yes Or No?

Reversed during a “yes or no” reading, the Queen of Swords represents a no.

Not all reversals automatically mean the opposite of their upright orientations, but the Queen of Swords is one case where that’s absolutely the case. What happens when you have the opposite of a mature, intelligent, confident, powerful ruler? Nothing good!

Flipped into a reversal, the Queen of Swords trades analysis for harsh criticism. Instead of being charming, she becomes manipulative. She also values intellectual pursuits and logic to the detriment of everything else, making her cold and uncaring. She represents a lack of emotional continence or the tendency to become emotional to the point of pettiness.

If you think of the upright Queen of Swords as a powerful figure in your corner, the reversed Queen of Swords is one who either doesn’t care or actively works against you. She can maintain a calm appearance, but that hides a cold, calculating personality underneath.

During a “yes or no” tarot card reading, the reversed Queen of Swords can also represent failure due to pessimism, ego, or miscalculation. You may have misjudged the situation that you’re in, or your ability to come out on top. It’s unlikely that this situation will turn out in your favor. Even if it does, you may find that it isn’t what you actually want.

Does Queen Of Swords Mean Yes Or No For Love?

In love readings, the Queen of Swords is a yes for romantic happiness, but not necessarily for relationships.

This might seem confusing at first, but a closer look makes it a bit more clear. Remember, the Queen of Swords is an independent figure. While she has a King, she’s a ruler in her own right. She doesn’t require him in order to exercise her power — she has her own sword, and she has no problem drawing it.

If you’re partnered with someone, then the upright Queen of Swords can represent the happiness of independence. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll break up (unless you want to), you may just find that some time apart helps make your relationship even better. The answer to your query is a yes, but what that yes means depends heavily on your situation.

If you’re single, then the Queen of Swords can indicate that you’ll find happiness either alone or with a casual, “no strings attached” kind of relationship. You’ll be happy and secure, but it may not be with another person as a long-term partner.

This tarot card can also symbolize connecting with another person over intellectual interests or using your wit and charm. In a yes or no reading, it may represent someone (usually a woman or someone feminine) who prefers to engage in witty banter and conversation and isn’t into conventional ideas of romanticism.

All of this makes the Queen of Swords a bit challenging to interpret for “yes or no” love readings. She speaks of happiness, confidence, and security, but that may not come with a relationship. Your situation is very likely to work out well for you, but it may not be in the way that you envision. Keep your options and mind open!

Does A Reversed Queen Of Swords Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Reversed, the Queen of Swords is a no when it comes to love.

If you consider what the reversed Queen of Swords represents — someone who is petty, tyrannical, manipulative, and cold — it’s probably not a huge surprise that she’s bad news when pulled during a yes or no reading for love. She can represent a person (again, generally a woman or feminine person) who is good at maintaining appearances and being superficially charming, but may be emotionally unavailable or deceptive in secret.

If you’re asking about an existing relationship, then the Queen of Swords can represent a fear of being alone. It may also indicate a relationship that appears solid, but is actually on shaky ground.

For single people, the reversed Queen of Swords can represent a sense of pessimism or a desire to have a relationship just for the sake of being with someone.

In general, the suit of Swords isn’t commonly encountered in love readings because it doesn’t have much to do with the emotions. When the Queen of Swords appears reversed in a “yes or no” love reading, it’s usually not a very good omen.

Example Questions

When being presented with the Queen of Swords during a yes or no reading, it’s easier to interpret if you’ve asked the right question. Here are a few examples to help you get clear signs.

Will I Finally Win Over My Crush?

If the Queen of Swords is upright, the answer is yes. You’re also likely to have better luck here if you work on your bantering and conversation skills or try to bond with your crush over a shared interest.

If she is reversed, it’s not likely. There may be elements of deception or manipulation to beware of here. You may also wish to consider whether your interest in this person is genuine. Do you truly care about them, or are you infatuated with the idea of them?

Will I Meet A New Partner?

When the Queen of Swords is upright, the answer is that you might! You could meet someone who is mature, intelligent, and has a generally feminine aura. You could also discover that being single is right up your alley. No matter how you slice it, things are looking good for you.

However, if the Queen of Swords is reversed then it’s unlikely that you’ll be meeting a new partner soon. You might be feeling disillusioned and pessimistic about the idea of relationships in general right now, so it could be a good idea to cool off for a bit.

Will My Current Partner And I Stay Together?

This is a great question for yes or no readings, and if the Queen of Swords is upright then the answer is “probably.” It’s important to maintain an open mind here, though. Your relationship may evolve in ways that you don’t currently anticipate. You and your partner may begin pursuing separate interests, but this can also strengthen your relationship over time.

But if the Queen of Swords is reversed, the answer to this question is probably not. You may find that your relationship seems normal and placid on the surface, but something could be lacking. It’s also possible that someone involved here desires more space.             

Closing Thoughts

For the most part, the Queen of Swords is fairly straightforward when it comes to “yes or no” tarot readings. However, it’s important to be able to understand the subtleties and instances when the answer might not be obvious.

If you’re having a bit of trouble interpreting this card and need some help, let us know!

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