How To Tell If You’re A Pleiadian Starseed (All Traits)

The home of Pleiadian starseeds

Pleiadian starseeds are fascinating and kind souls that are a pleasure to be around. With their positive nature and ability to connect with and guide others, there’s no question that we need them more than ever.

This guide will go over the traits of Pleiadian starseeds, and help you determine if you might be one of them.

What Is A Pleiadian Starseed?

The Pleiades star cluster is the uniquely stunning place in space where the souls of Pleiadian starseeds came into existence. While these radiant starseeds are living here on Earth, their souls are eternal citizens of their place of incarnation, which has allowed them to possess many beautiful powers and gifts that they use to bless us here on our planet.

Pleiadian Starseed Traits & Characteristics

Radiating with love, light, and bright minds, the Pleiadian starseeds among us are incredible souls who have so much to offer those around them. Clever is an understatement when describing the workings of their minds and their powerful discernment.

The following are some of the common characteristics these starseeds possess.

1. High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one that the Pleiadian souls have mastered. They have the innate ability to understand why people behave the way they do, and what they are likely to do next. They are natural people readers and zero in on nonverbal clues that tell them what a person is feeling, if they are being truthful or not, and what the next right move might be.

Understanding human emotions makes these starseeds excellent friends, counselors, therapists, and partners. When you meet one of them, you’ll find that you feel understood as you’re speaking with them. This is because they do understand where you’re coming from and they absolutely are invested in hearing you and taking it all in.

How many times have you shared something with someone and felt like they just weren’t getting where you’re coming from at all? This will never be the case when you share with a Pleiadian starseed.

Having a high emotional intelligence helps them in their mission to heal humanity because they can see when people are hurting, even if the people claim to be fine. They see beyond the surface to what is really going on, and this gives them a gateway to be able to offer help.

2. Value Honesty

Lying is simply not something the Pleiadian starseeds participate in or tolerate. They value honesty and truth a great deal, and they find the concept of being dishonest to be abhorrent. Starseeds see the truth as being healing in nature, driving out the darkness of deception and leaving the genuine reality.

Another sin in the mind of these starseeds is the concept of gossip and spreading rumors. They absolutely hate gossip and will shut it down quickly if it starts occurring in their presence. They have no problem calling it what it is and asking people to stop doing it while they’re around.

While Pleiadian starseeds avoid telling lies, they also are very discerning about when other people are telling the truth or being dishonest. They can read people well and are rarely deceived. If this sounds like one of your traits, you may indeed be one of them.

Due to their dedication to honesty, you’ll rarely see them working as lawyers, politicians, and salespeople. It’s not to say there’s anything wrong with these professions, or that they automatically mean people in these jobs are liars. This only means these starseeds are not even able to withhold or be flexible with the truth when it’s in their possession, which would be a struggle for them in these types of fields.

3. Strong Intuition

Pleiadian starseeds have a very strong sense of intuition, and they usually develop confidence in trusting those discerning feelings that come upon them. They have a solid grasp of positive and negative energies that surround people, places, and situations. They are able to sense when it’s right to move forward with a conversation and when to draw back.

These starseeds will often sense a darkness in a person who is battling wickedness and negative energies. This would make them particularly effective in the field of law enforcement. They can accurately identify someone who is dishonest or has evil motives and call them out.

If you’re a Pleiadian starseed, you’ll be someone who feels the pulling of the energies and is able to follow the right path to the most beneficial outcome. You’ll be extremely good at reading people, and you’ll be less likely to focus on raw logic instead of your feelings.

4. Fascinated By The Cosmos

If you find yourself constantly gazing up at the cosmos and fascinated by their brilliance and perfection, you may indeed be one of their kind. Pleiadian souls are tremendously drawn to the stars and the planets. They have a deep longing to return to their star cluster, but they also love it on Earth and feel a strong commitment to completing their mission here.

As a people who love balance, they are likely to find a balance in that longing for home versus the desire to stay on this planet to accomplish their goals of helping mankind. They can handle the aching for home, but still enjoy glancing up at the stars from time to time. If this resounds with you, you could be a Pleradian starseed.

5. Giver

Not only would Pleiadian starseeds never steal from another person, they’d also rather give things away than hoard more for themselves. These are some of the least selfish people in the universe. They tend to be incredibly loving individuals who would rather see other people receive blessings than to receive themselves.

These starseeds will go out of their way to show generosity to loved ones and strangers alike. They will give ten times more than receive, and they will even give when they don’t have much themselves. Blessing others is just a natural desire, and it makes them absolutely lovely to be around.

There are times in which their desire to give and care for others can be detrimental to their own well-being. Sometimes their generosity takes precedence over all efforts to care for themselves, and they can become quite burnt out in their good works. They often need reminding that it’s okay and actually necessary for people to take time to refill their own tanks before trying to help others.

6. Loyal

Whether it be in friendship or romantic love, Pleiadian starseeds are loyal until the end. They never give up on the relationships they value, and they would never cheat on a partner. Simply thinking about being unfaithful gives them such a feeling of disgust, as it’s just not in their nature.

Loyal and trustworthy, these dear souls make incredible life partners. They will be faithfully by your side until it is no longer possible. They will fight to keep a marriage together and help it continue to thrive.

There’s truly no better friend to have than one whose soul was born in the Pleiades star cluster. This is the person you can tell secrets to with complete confidence. You can trust this friend with every fiber of your being, and that trust will never be broken.

7. Great At Communicating With Others

Pleiadian starseeds have a gift for communicating with others. They seem to know what to say at any given time, how to speak to people from different backgrounds, and how much to share or withhold. They understand the timing of communication and when to speak or to be silent.

If you’re a Pleiadian soul, you’ll find that speaking with others isn’t just easy, but you delight in it. You enjoy communicating positive messages of love, tolerance, and unification. Most importantly, you’ll say it in a way that others will understand.

These communication talents make Pleiadian starseeds good at careers that require regular communication with others or public speaking, such as teaching or speech writing.

8. Perfectionist

These starseeds will be easily recognized by their perfectionist tendencies. It is highly important to them that they are seen as people who have it all together. Thus, they are not as likely to open up about any problems in their personal life due to a fear of not being seen as perfect.

Pleiadian starseeds find satisfaction and fulfillment in doing things in the way they perceive as being correct. They will be perfectionists at work, at home, and even in everyday life. They will push themselves to overachieve on every challenge or test that comes their way.

Being a perfectionist can be detrimental to relationships at times, as people are often pressured by the perfectionist to meet their standard. Romantic relationships can be particularly challenging, especially in the beginning of a marriage or domestic partnership. Pleiadian souls will struggle to put away their perfectionism, but they will do it if it means helping another person or bringing about unity.

9. Natural Healers

All Pleiadian starseeds are natural healers, and they believe in partnering with nature to bring healing to others. They believe deeply that everything we need to heal ourselves exists in the natural world today, so many invest in learning and putting to use a wide variety of healing methods. It’s not uncommon to see them practicing types of healing such as reiki, crystal healing, chakra work, color therapy, and journaling.

Many of these starseeds work in the field of naturopathic medicine or other healing disciplines. Bringing health and wholeness to others brings them a great deal of fulfillment.

Not only do these starseeds see the potential and the proof in natural healing, but they also recognize accurately that it’s the whole person that matters. Physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all equally important.

10. Likable

Pleiadian starseeds are some of the most charming people in existence. There’s just something about them that makes you want to befriend them instantly. They are likable, friendly, sincere, and lots of fun to be around.

It is partially because of this likability that these starseeds are able to do good in the world. They make friends easily and therefore have many connections to others that come in handy. Pleiadian starseeds can then utilize these friendships to teach their message of love, unity, and healing.

Pleiadian starseeds are rarely disliked by anyone, but if they are the targets of disdain, you can almost bet it has more to do with the other person than them. These starseeds will seek to make peace with all people all the time.

11. Pursues Balance

While the vast majority of Pleiadian starseeds are female, one of the issues that matters most to them is the concept of balance. They are highly aware of the fact that good cannot exist without evil, and darkness cannot mix with the light. The lives we know are all based around balances, so it’s important to understand them and do our best to find our place in the mix.

If you think you might be a Pleiadian starseed, explore how you feel about balance. Do you recognize when someone or something is out of balance, and can you help them restore balance in their lives? This is what they love to do.

12. Sensitive & Empathetic

Were you told you were an overly sensitive child and often put down for excessive crying? Do you feel tremendous amounts of empathy towards others and take on their burdens? Pleiadian starseeds are well-known for being extremely sensitive and empathetic people, and it’s possible you may be one of them if this resonates with you.

These starseeds are particularly prone to emotion and are always moved by the trials and tribulations of others. They are the first to weep while hearing a sad story or to relate to someone going through something unimaginable. Pleiadian starseeds are loving, kind, and empathetic, and they truly teach us how to be better people.

13. Can’t Stand Violence & Conflict

Pleiadian starseeds value life in all of its forms, and therefore they are vehemently opposed to any kind of violence or conflict. They will not engage in any violent activities or sit by and watch them take place. Whether it be cruelty to animals, people, or even the planet itself, Pleiadians see it all as wickedness that must not be allowed.

Violent sports, hunting, graphic video games, animal fights…these all utterly disgust Pleiadian starseeds. They cannot fathom why people on earth crave this kind violence and cruelty. They long to wrap up humankind into a big embrace and heal them all from the hatred, anger, and violence that are a part of life.

Pollution and neglect is a type of violence against Mother Earth, and this is something that also hurts these starseeds. They believe in treating the earth with grace, kindness, and care.

14. Feel A Connection To Animals

Pleiadian starseeds often find that they have a special connection with animals. Various creatures of the world tend to be drawn to the soothing, peaceful aura of these dear ones. They sense that starseeds are loving, kind, and safe, so they tend to flock to them to share in that overall splendid vibration.

Starseeds are also usually quite good with children for the very same reason. Children and animals can sense the goodness within these loving souls. They are excellent teachers because of their ability to connect with kids and guide them.

The Mission Of A Pleiadian Starseed

Pleiadian starseeds do a great deal for mankind. Their beautiful spirits illuminate the darkness that sometimes runs rampant on earth, and we need their help to prepare for the future.

Serving Others

Pleiadian souls live to bring healing to other souls. They will look for creative, naturalistic ways to bring cleansing, detoxification, and true holistic healing to anyone they meet who is in need of their unique traits.

Preparing For The Golden Age Of Transformation

Pleiadian starseeds have a primary purpose here on Earth, and that’s to help mankind prepare for a golden age of transformation. This group of people are gifted at healing and will use that to guide us into a more positive and enlightened time.

Pleiadian Starseed Appearance

By nature, Pleiadian starseeds tend to have a lighter complexion with almost whitish-blonde hair, blue eyes and lighter skin. While many of them have these physical traits and characteristics, not all do. Therefore, it is entirely possible that you are one of these starseeds even if you don’t match up with this description at all.

Closing Thoughts

Pleiadian starseeds bring nothing but light and understanding to the world, which is why they serve such an important purpose. We need them to provide balance and protection from negativity.

If you’re still unsure if you or someone you know is a Pleiadian starseed, send over a message! We’re more than happy to help you figure it out.

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