How To Tell If You’re A Sirian Starseed (All Traits)

Sirian starseed traits

It’s important to understand Sirian starseeds if you think you might be one, or if you want to learn how to connect with one.

This guide will go over the background, traits, and even appearance of Sirian starseeds. It’s really quite fascinating!

What Is A Sirian Starseed?

Starseeds are said to be people who have greater souls incarnated into human bodies. This is because these souls have important missions to achieve here on Earth. For many, starseeds give them a more direct method for having an impact on the world.

Sirian starseeds are souls who come from Sirius in the Salais star system. They are quite ancient and have many animal-like physical and mental characteristics. This impacts their traits and appearance in this world.

Sirian Starseed Traits & Characteristics

Do you think you’re a Sirian starseed? You just might be? Since starseeds are the product of reincarnated souls, there isn’t a perfect method to definitively say who is one and who isn’t. Even so, they do tend to have some very distinct characteristics.

If you think you might be a Sirian starseed, read the list of characteristics below to see how many of these traits describe you.

1. Like To Walk Their Own Path

Sirian starseeds are likely to be viewed as offbeat or counterculture to others. You may view all life as part of a whole, even if you don’t consciously think about it this way. As a result, you generally avoid groupthink and trying to fit in with a specific crowd. These artificial divisions strike you as a waste of time.

Sirian starseeds are perfectly content being themselves, always, even if other people find it unusual. You might choose to express your thoughts, feelings, and selves through hair, makeup, fashion, and other changes to your outward appearance. You are less likely to mold your “look” around what’s flattering and focus more on what feels the most natural to you.

This is something that probably comes to you effortlessly. You don’t really have to try to adopt an aesthetic — you develop your own and aren’t concerned with labeling it. In general, you may be the kind of person who avoids placing any kind of label on yourself. Since you see all people and things as connected, labels just seem a bit silly.

2. Observant

While Sirian starseeds are often seen as eccentric, they’re also very intelligent and observant. You may find that you like to process things internally, and that involves taking everything at your own pace first.

If you’re a Sirian starseed, you’re likely to notice things that others miss. This is not just true of your surroundings, but also of the people that you associate with. Some may view you as an empath, but this is more likely to be because you can pick up on subtle behaviors that tell you what’s going on beneath the surface.

Picture someone like Sherlock Holmes, able to use a person’s clothing, gait, and speech patterns to create an entire backstory, or look at a room and immediately start putting together a history of what happened there. This may not even be a fully conscious effort, just a matter of connecting dots that other people don’t always see.

3. Creative

One common Sirian starseed trait is creativity. This can extend to your appearance, environment, and even your hobbies and choice of vocation. You love engaging with the creative process (even if it can be frustrating sometimes).

Sirians love the feeling of inspiration and communing with the creative forces of the world. To you, there are few things more enjoyable than bringing something to life. You may be drawn to a career in writing, poetry, film, art, sculpture, or even tattooing, cooking, and hairdressing. Anything that lets you show others your inner vision and express your uniqueness!

Sirian starseeds also seem to have a natural knack for picking up new creative skills. While you enjoy the learning process, it generally doesn’t take you very long to learn new techniques. You absorb them like a sponge, because you want to perfect ways to make your intense visions real. This can also be a source of frustration since it’s so hard to recreate the beautiful things that you imagine.

4. Not Quick To Trust

While Sirian starseeds generally aren’t unfriendly, they’re also not ones to jump quickly into trusting people. If this applies, you often have questions about other people’s motives and aren’t inclined to blindly assume that everyone is good and unselfish at heart.

This doesn’t mean that you automatically suspect the worst of people — far from it. Instead, Sirian starseeds tend to be very selective of those that they let into their inner circle. You’re the kind of person who prefers to have a small group of very close friends, as opposed to many acquaintances. People may tend to open up to you long before you’re ready to do the same to them.

Fortunately, your strong intuition and observational skills mean that you’re often correct. You don’t take risks when it comes to placing your trust in someone, and that works out just fine for you. When you finally do trust someone, there’s a very good reason.

5. Deep Connection To Nature & Animals

As we mentioned earlier, Sirian starseeds often have animalistic traits and appearances. This is often expressed as a deep connection to the animal kingdom and nature in general. Subconsciously, these things may remind you of your soul’s original home.

Sirian starseeds also view all living beings as parts of a whole, so you see yourselves as intimately connected to animals, plants, and the very soil itself. You don’t draw any distinctions between what’s best for humanity and what’s best for the rest of the planet. You’re conscious of the impact that your actions have on the Earth, partly because you’re able to vividly imagine how everything you do creates a far-reaching ripple effect.

If you’re a Sirian starseed, you are conscientious and concerned with how your behavior affects those around you. This extends well beyond people, and out to the planet itself. Part of the reason you may be slow to trust others is because you know that not everyone sees the world or cares about their impact the way that you do.

You may find yourself drawn to a career in environmental protection, sustainability, conservation, or animal rescue. It’s likely that you enjoy hobbies like plogging (picking up litter while jogging), beach cleanups, gardening, birdwatching, or wildlife photography. You might find deep fulfillment in rewilding an area, or even just leaving it better than you found it.

6. Strong Intuition

Sirian starseeds tend to be very intuitive. You may often feel as though there’s a higher intelligence guiding you down your path in life. When you listen to it and don’t try to fight it, you find that the outcome is usually positive for everyone involved. If you go against it, things don’t work out nearly as well.

It’s very important to you to follow this internal guide, even if you can’t logically explain it. Sirians are very intelligent, so it isn’t a matter of not knowing better — it’s just that allowing your actions to be guided by logic alone doesn’t produce the results that you want. One approach isn’t necessarily superior to the other, you just know what works for you and what doesn’t.

This can place you in conflict with others, especially if they try to get you to explain the reasoning behind your actions. You can probably name several situations where your gut feeling turned out to be right, but you weren’t able to give a reason for that feeling at the time.

7. Quiet

Sirian starseeds tend to be quiet and reserved people. This can be interpreted as shyness or a lack of confidence by others, but that’s not the case. It’s not that you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and interacting with people, it’s just that you’re slow to trust and prefer to let your intuition guide your interactions.

You may also generally prefer not to be the center of attention. If you are, then it’s harder for you to observe what’s going on around you. You prefer to take a position on the sidelines where you can see and analyze everything.

Sirian starseeds also process their thoughts and emotions internally. You probably feel intensely, but these feelings generally don’t manifest externally. Every decision that you make is the result of careful consideration, and that involves a lot of quiet self-reflection.

8. Rich Imagination

Sirian starseeds are very creative people with rich imaginations. As a child, you may have been the kind that didn’t need elaborate toys to play — these starseeds can turn a bucket and a stick into a helmet and sword and be happy. This creative vision lingers through adulthood.

You may be a very inventive problem solver, capable of picturing solutions that others miss. You may also be drawn to fantasy books, creative writing, music, or art.

It’s said that Sirian starseeds have such rich imaginations because they retain memories of the world they originated from. In other words, they use their minds to try to recreate aspects of their home world.

You may also have a tendency to fall into maladaptive daydreaming. It can be a challenge not to spend too much time in your imagination, since Earth so often doesn’t measure up to the world in your mind.

9. Not A Fan Of Hanging Out In Large Groups

Sirian starseeds are often perceived as shy or anxious, but this isn’t always the case. As a rule, they’re just not fans of crowds or large groups. The noise, chaos, and smells can be very distracting, even stressful. There’s just too much going on all at once!

Since Sirians prefer to be able to observe, imagine, and feel their feelings, smaller and more intimate gatherings tend to be more appealing. You’d much rather be with a few close friends who truly trust and understand you, versus being surrounded by a large group that you don’t have a deep connection to.

Sirian starseeds also tend to be slow to trust. This can make you very uncomfortable if you have to be around a bunch of strangers. Since you like to take your time to observe and make carefully considered judgments, this means that large groups will pretty much inevitably be made up of strangers.

This doesn’t mean that Sirians are natural introverts. Introverted people just need alone time to re-energize, while extroverts are energized by social interactions. Many Sirian starseeds are actually extroverts, they just prefer to be around small groups of people that they know well.

10. Smart

Sirian starseeds are creative, eccentric, quiet, and intuitive, but they’re also quite smart. If you fall into this category, you’re also very logical and analytical. You just know when and how to apply it.

There are many different types of intelligence, so yours may not manifest the way that society says it should. That doesn’t mean that you’re any less smart than someone else.

You’re likely to have an unquenchable curiosity about all kinds of topics. When something interests you, you don’t just accept conventional wisdom and leave it at that — you tend to fully research the subject from all points of view so you can create a well-reasoned opinion on it.

Your interests are likely to be very varied, as well. There’s no limit to your curiosity, though you may be naturally drawn to subjects like history, anthropology, art, literature, biology, and ecology.

The Mission Of A Sirian Starseed

The souls of Sirian starseeds are said to be much older than humanity. They’re thought to not only exist in a different star system from Earth, but also a different dimension.

Sirian starseeds aren’t here just for fun. They’re here because they have a mission to complete here. They’re also not the only group to have done so. Each one has its own mission and reason for being on Earth.

For Sirian starseeds, that mission is to remind us that we’re all connected to each other and all other forms of life. Earth is currently in a transitional phase, and that can wreak havoc on everyone involved. Sirian starseeds want to help guide humanity through it by teaching ways of withdrawing, looking inward, and remembering our connection to all things.

If you are a Sirian starseed, you may make an excellent teacher, spiritual leader, or therapist (particularly in the areas of art or music therapy). Interestingly enough, it’s also likely that you won’t be drawn to these career paths, because you don’t like pushing knowledge on people who aren’t ready for it.

Sirian Starseed Appearance

Being a Sirian starseed can impact more than just your mental and emotional traits. It can also show through your physical appearance. While physical markers aren’t a guarantee, they can be interesting to observe in yourself and others.

Facial Features

Sirian starseeds tend to have cat or dog-like facial features. You may have bright green eyes, high cheekbones, and a pointed face, or large brown eyes and softer cheeks.

Some have mermaid-like facial features, with bright blue or violet eyes and a decidedly “aquatic” appearance.


Sirians often possess unusual birthmarks. This may be in the shape of a star, pentagram, or even look like a deliberately placed symbol. These can be anywhere on the body.


These starseeds often have long hair, though this can vary. It’s not uncommon for them to choose unusual hairstyles or colors, since hair is just one of the many ways that they express themselves through their outer appearance.


Sirian starseeds tend to be fairly tall. They may not be quite as tall as some of the other starseeds, but they are usually above average height.


These starseeds are generally slender. They often have little trouble maintaining their weight.             

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know all of the traits and characteristics of Sirian starseeds, it should be easy to determine if you are one! For many, there’s a strong inkling that it might be the case, but seeing all the traits listed out make it even more obvious.

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on this guide. We love hearing from our readers!

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