The Six Of Cups: Does This Card Mean Yes Or No?

The Six of Cups in a yes or no tarot reading

Being presented with the Six of Cups during a “yes or no” tarot reading can be a bit confusing. Unlike some of the other cards out there, its meaning isn’t always black and white!

This guide will help you interpret this card correctly during your next reading.

Six Of Cups: Yes Or No?

Do you need an answer to a burning “yes or no” question? If this is the case and you draw the Six of Cups, the answer is a yes.

This card is all about nostalgia, childhood innocence, and play. It represents a longing for the days of your youth, when you had fewer responsibilities and your whole life ahead of you. This can be a double-edged sword, but, when the Six of Cups is upright, it’s usually a very positive card.

In numerology, six is the number of the heart. It’s the number of love, understanding, and compassion. In the Minor Arcana of the tarot, each suit tells a story. The Six cards come right after the climax of this story, when the tension is winding down again.

The suit of Cups is associated with the element of Water, which is the element that governs emotions. The story told by this suit is all about love, fulfillment, and joy. This means that the Six of Cups represents a point where your emotions can relax a bit — the tension and stress you’ve experienced is past, and you’re thinking back to the good old days before you had to worry about things.

You can see this if you examine the imagery of the Rider-Waite-Smith Six of Cups. The scene takes place in a pleasant-looking town, with a house and a tower in the background. A pair of children stand in a garden, surrounded by golden cups that serve as planters for white flowers. One child hands a cup and flower to the other.

In the background, you can see a cloaked, armed man walking down the road. He’s almost part of the scenery and is easy to miss amid the tower and house in the distance. These three things represent the concerns of the adult world — specifically providing protection and a safe home for one’s family.

The two children in the garden are innocent. They have no reason to confront the harsh realities of the outside world, because they’re kept safe from it. They’re free to play, enjoy themselves, and take their time growing up.

Overall, this tarot card is all about happy, carefree memories. For most people, those days are squarely in the past — almost all of us have had to grow up and deal with adult problems in one way or another — but it’s still a very positive card. That’s why the Six of Cups is typically a yes answer for “yes or no” readings.

Does A Reversed Six Of Cups Mean Yes Or No?

When the Six of Cups appears reversed in a “yes or no” tarot reading, it represents a maybe.

When in its upright orientation, the Six of Cups is positive. Reversed, it becomes too much of a good thing. Rather than enjoying happy memories for what they are, it depicts a desire to dwell in the past and neglect the present.

This card can also represent letting go of the past. Rather than enjoying happy memories, you may be more inclined to release them. It’s also possible that you just don’t have many happy memories and want to let go of your painful ones.

Think of it this way: When the Six of Cups is upright, the tower and house appear above the children. Flipped, the children and cups are what you see first. Symbolically, the children are no longer protected by the tower and house. They’re outside the protective city walls, and the chalices of white flowers are dumped over.

Still, the reversed Six of Cups isn’t a hard no. It’s closer to the idea of being preoccupied with the past, whether your memories are pleasant or unpleasant. It says that you’ll need to address your feelings about your past and overcome the desire to dwell on it if you want to succeed. That’s why it’s a maybe.

Does Six Of Cups Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Even though the Six of Cups deals with childhood, it’s still a positive card in love readings. For “yes or no” readings about relationships, it’s a yes.

This card typically represents a playful, worry-free love. In some interpretations, it can warn that there may be problems related to a lack of experience or maturity.

For people in relationships, this card commonly appears when you’re dating someone you knew in childhood. It can also indicate a relationship that’s carefree and full of joy and adventure.

Be careful, however, because this won’t go on forever — you’ll need to know how to go through hard times together if your relationship is going to last. You may be viewing your partner or relationship unrealistically, and that’s not fair to you or them.

If you’re looking to expand your family, the Six of Cups is generally a good omen. It can indicate that there will be children in your future.

For single people, this card may indicate that you’ll end up dating someone you knew in childhood. It can also indicate meeting someone while playing, such as taking part in a gaming group or other fun hobby. Conversely, the Six of Cups can also represent longing for the days when meeting people was easier and less stressful.

While the Six of Cups can have some contradictory meanings when it comes to “yes or no” love readings, it’s generally a positive omen. It’s safe to interpret it as a yes, as long as you remember that it’s important to have realistic ideas about love and relationships.

Does A Reversed Six Of Cups Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Reversed, the Six of Cups represents a maybe for “yes or no” questions about love.

Ultimately, this card says that you might be happy right now, but it’s a fragile happiness. It’s possible that you’re refusing to confront serious issues in your relationship and are instead content to try to relive the past.

If you’re dating or married, this card says that you may be engaging in escapism. This is guaranteed to be fleeting, because nobody stays the same throughout their entire lives. The things that made you happy in the past probably wouldn’t make you feel the same way right now.

This card can also point to a relationship that’s on a shaky foundation. It may be less like an adult relationship, and more like a pair of youngsters trying to play house. While things may be alright for now, hardship could cause your relationship to crumble when reality intrudes on this fantasy.

If you’re single, then the reversed Six of Cups hints that you may still have strong feelings for someone in your past. These can be positive feelings, like nursing a crush on an ex-lover. They can also be negative ones, like still reeling from the emotional wounds of a traumatic relationship.

The reversed Six of Cups is a maybe because it shows up to ask you a hard question: Are you ready to let go of the past? If you can face the reality of your present circumstances, things may turn out favorably. If you choose to remain insulated by happy memories and idealistic fantasies, then they may not.

Example Questions

To help make things even more clear, here are a few of the most common questions that get asked during a “yes or no” tarot card reading. This way if you find the Six of Cups for any of them, you’ll have no trouble determining what it means.

Will I Attract My Crush?

The upright Six of Cups means this is highly likely! This is especially so if you’ve known this person since childhood. You likely have a lot of memories together and understand each other very well.

The reversed Six of Cups means that the answer to this “yes or no” question is a maybe. It’s possible that you have pleasant memories of this person but aren’t acknowledging the ways they’ve changed since then. It’s also possible that you don’t have a realistic idea of what being with them would actually be like. Will you still want them if their reality doesn’t match your ideas?

Will My Partner And I Get Married In The Near Future?

This is very likely the case if you draw the Six of Cups upright in response to this question. This tarot card has a lot of pleasant, comfortable, domestic connotations. It’s got a house, two children, a flower garden — all it’s missing is a dog and a white picket fence!

The Six of Cups reversed means it’s possible. This card warns you that your ideas of marriage may be either overly idealistic or shaped by past trauma. It might be a good idea to make sure that you’ve dealt with any emotional wounds and are really ready to dive into an adult, married relationship.

Will I Meet A New Love Interest Soon?

Being presented with this card during a “yes or no” tarot reading means you likely will! You may even find that your next partner is someone you’d never expect, like an old friend you never thought of as a love interest before. You might also meet a new partner while having fun, so you may want to join a weekend sports team, tabletop gaming group, or other hobby centered around play.

On the other hand, if the Six of Cups card is reversed, it’s a maybe. It seems like your past is holding you back in one way or another. If you can overcome it and let it go, you’ll be in a better position to meet someone new.             

Closing Thoughts

The Six of Cups means a few different things when drawn during a “yes or no” reading. But once you understand the core concepts and history of this card, it becomes easier to make sense of it.

If you’re still having some trouble and want help, let us know. We help our readers out all the time!

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