Spider Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism: The Full Guide

A spider climbing while making people think of its spiritual meaning

Spiders are iconic creatures that conjure up many different emotions and thoughts. Because of that, many people want to find out what their spiritual meaning really is!

This guide will go over the meaning of these animals, what they symbolize, and what it means when you see them.

Spider Spiritual Meaning

Spiders are some of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. They’re feared by many and have an unfortunate reputation for being aggressive. While some species are certainly more hostile than others, most spiders are simply trying to live their lives.

Independent and robust enough to flourish on their own, the spiritual meaning of spiders is the epitome of personal power. Spiritually, many say that spiders represent the concept of manifestation and taking control of your own destiny.

In spirituality and healing, we hear a lot about fate and how outside factors dictate what we experience. While some aspects are out of your control, how you live your life is up to you. The spider represents that idea entirely.

The animal weaves its web, creating its fortune and finding the means to survive in a challenging world. It takes matters into its own hands and doesn’t wait for the masters of fate to decide whether it lives or dies. It harnesses the powers of manifestation.

Spiritualists say that spiders also represent the duality that comes with manifestation. It takes all the time it needs to craft a gorgeous web meticulously and methodically. The product of its work is a thing of beauty that you can’t help but appreciate.

But like all things in life, beauty is fleeting. A spider’s hard work is delicate and destructive. It’s responsible for killing bugs and gathering food, so it only lasts as long as the spider’s next meal.

The web is a gorgeous accessory that’s carefully balanced by its deadly powers. According to spiritualists, it’s a colorful illustration of life’s impartial nature. While you might work hard to manifest your destiny, destruction is always around the corner.

What Does It Mean When You See A Spider?

While some may flee at the sight of a spider, these creatures hold a lot of power. Contrary to popular belief, most are not there to harm you. Instead, these eight-legged creatures serve as a reminder and sign.

The exact meaning of seeing a spider can vary from one person to the next. It all depends on perspective.

One spider making itself easy to see

For some, seeing a spider is a reminder to stick to your guns. You may be going through a tough time or navigating complex challenges in your life. Whatever the case may be, take sightings as a sign that you need to remain true to who you are.

Remember, spiders are the personification of personal power and free will. They weave to the tune of their own drum, and you must do the same. No matter how harrowing your adventure might seem now, it’s up to you to create a happy ending!

Spiders can also be a representation of the parts of yourself you don’t like. Those experiencing emotional trauma should treat these animals as a message from the cosmos to reevaluate and rediscover. 

Everyone has aspects of their personality they struggle to contain. The so-called “Shadow Self” is the part of you that you or others have deemed not likable. Those characteristics are part of your very being, but painful experiences from the past force you to repress them.

Seeing spiders is a sign that you should embrace those “ugly” sides of yourself! They’re only negative if you view them that way. Spiders can be elusive and spend their time hiding in the shadows. But when they come into the light, you can truly appreciate the beauty they bring to the world.

Your shadow self is the same way. Embrace who you are and let those perceived negative character flaws shine bright.

The Meaning Of Different Colored Spiders

Spiders come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are more than 45,000 species on this planet!

Spiritualists say that the color of the spiders you see affects their meaning, symbolism, and overall message. Colors produce vibrational energy, just like the vision itself. Whether you spot them in real life or your subconscious mind while dreaming, pay attention! 

Here are some of the most common colors people see and potential messages the spiders are passing on from the spirit realm.


Orange spiders have a spiritual meaning that’s strongly associated with positivity. Spiritualists believe that the orange coloration represents overall vitality and self-control. It means that you have the reins and are happy with what you’re doing with them.

The color also symbolizes warmth and nurturing energy. Unlike other colors, it feels freeing and joyous, which is always a good sign!


Brown spiders are pretty standard, and people see them frequently. Unfortunately, their sighting isn’t necessarily a positive thing like other colors.

Brown represents a lack of stability. You might be dealing with the throes of depression or trying to tackle anxiety. As a whole, you may feel a bit shaky in regards to your place in the world.

Seeing a brown spider is a call to action. It means that you must work on grounding your energy and feeling more connected with the world.

The color brown has a solid connection to forests, wood, and Mother Earth. Consider taking a moment to step away from the hustle of city living and spend time with nature.


White spiders come with many spiritual meanings. What you feel when you see a white spider can vary dramatically based on your place in life. Whatever you take away from the sighting, your feelings are valid.

Generally, white is a representation of purity, innocence, and luck. If you’re in a good place, white spiders can bring more positive vibes. Some say they bring spiritual creativity, helping you find passion in the things you love.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, white spiders could be a sign of clutter and disappointment. For some, it represents blandness and acts as a message that you need to shake things up and find purpose in life.


Blue spiders are rare. While they do exist in real life, most people see visions of cobalt-colored critters in their dreams. When they do, it often brings feelings of peace and security.

This color is a sign of divine protection. It’s the ultimate shield against negativity and harm, allowing you to find solace in the exact moment.

The meaning of blue spiders also signifies your ability to repel the darkness. While you can’t see it, your aura is likely shrouded in the safe color, letting you relish in the peace it brings.


Yellow-colored spiders can represent two different things depending on your circumstances.

Those in a relatively good place will have a lot to take from yellow or gold-colored spiders. The hues represent material wealth and abundance! Seeing a yellow spider could mean that you’re on the path to reaping the rewards of your determination and manifestation.

Alternatively, yellow could be a sign that you need to rediscover your passions. These spiders represent feelings of disconnect and a general lack of self-worth.

When you see one, use its spiritual meaning as the push you need to recharge your mind and adjust your thinking. Once you find passion and drive, you may be on your way to earning material wealth.


Red is a fiery color of passion and excitement!

Seeing a red-colored spider likely means that you’re on the right track. For many, it represents the idea of domestic bliss and harmony within a relationship.

Many spiritualists say that red spiders are an early warning of something exciting to come. It could be a sign that you need to act fast and take advantage of a beautiful opportunity to come. If you’re on the fence about an upcoming event or meeting, shift your thinking and approach it with confidence.

It could be the opportunity you need to fulfill your destiny.


Green spiders represent spiritual and emotional growth. Those who recently spent time working on themselves might see these eight-legged animals around as a reminder to keep going. 

These spiders act as displays of your originality and productiveness. It may even be a sign that personal wealth and the fruits of your labor are on the horizon!

On the opposite end of things, seeing green spiders might be a call to action! If you feel like you’re living life on autopilot, these spiders might make an appearance to nudge you in the right direction. Explore new opportunities and do what you can to add some spice into your life.


The most enigmatic spiders of them all, black spiders hold many spiritual meanings. While some treat them as omens, these critters are merely a representation of your inner dualism.

It’s a personification of your shadow self and your subconscious. A sighting might mean that you need to work on bringing your suppressed feelings to the surface. Or, it could be a sign that your subconscious self is trying to tell you something important.

Whatever the case may be, don’t ignore these sightings. Let the shadow and light shine through, and accept any messages that come your way.


Purple is the color of elegance, royalty, and extravagance. True purple-colored spiders don’t exist naturally, so these visions usually occur in your dreams or subconscious mind. However, that doesn’t make the meaning any less critical.

Seeing a purple spider means that you must release the limiting blocks of your life. Allow your magic to flow freely so that you can relish in feelings of authenticity. 

The purple color symbolizes the extraordinary feeling that comes with being your true self. Hold onto that feeling and never let life change who you are.


Last but not least, we have gray spiders. Encountering a gray spider means that you need to reconnect with your intuition. The somewhat drab color is the perfect blend between light and dark. It represents balance.

Gray spiders have a spiritual meaning that encourages you to create a sense of calm and serenity in your life. Get in touch with your subconscious and hold onto your intuition. Find the balance in your energy field and use your intuition to make whatever difficult decision you’re grappling with at the moment.

Spider Symbolism

Spiders symbolize many things. Throughout history, civilizations have treated them with both fear and adoration. Regardless of how they’re perceived, many spiritualists consider these creatures powerful symbols for an array of complex concepts.

Take, for example, a spider’s web. The act of weaving holds tremendous significance to spiritualists and healers alike.

Many say that spiders symbolize the idea of taking the reins on your destiny. As mentioned earlier, spiders weave their complex webs to survive. They take hold of their future and bend it to their will.

Spiders also symbolize the connection between our conscious and subconscious minds. Some refer to these eight-legged animals as “Weavers of Two Realms.” They bridge the gap and help you gain insight into who you are and what you want.

The webs interpret your dreams and encourage you to find deeper meaning in seemingly innocuous matters. In doing so, you can learn more about yourself and your place in the world.

Spiders also symbolize things like:

  • Creativity
  • Manifestation
  • Self-expression

Matters of evolution and growth share a connection with these misunderstood arachnids as well.

In many cultures, spiders represent illusion and conspiracy. It’s one of the more nefarious connections, but it’s essential nonetheless. Spiders weave nearly invisible webs that can easily trap prey.

It’s an excellent allegory for getting wrapped up in a web of lies and deceit. The spider expresses the power of deception and what it can do to a person or collective. 

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Spiders?

Don’t ignore repeated sightings of spiders. Usually, they only show up occasionally to teach lessons and remind you to stay true to yourself.

But what does it mean when you see them multiple times?

Typically, those who see spiders all the time are getting a good glimpse of their spirit animal. In this case, spiders are sending their energy of manifestation and creativity your way. They’re acting as a guide, protecting you as you navigate life and work your way through its many obstacles.

Spiders watch idly like a silent protector. They’re there to transmit their esoteric knowledge and use their spiritual meaning to put you on the path to enlightenment.

People who are on the constant quest for clarity and truth tend to see spiders pretty frequently (or have visions of them). Their connection to deceit and illusion makes them the perfect symbol for journeys towards truth and power. Like an ever-present being, they send their energy your way and ensure that your fate is in your hands.

Spider As A Spiritual Animal

A spirit animal is a guardian that offers protection and guidance. They also embody your characteristics, offering an animalistic form for the traits that you exude.

Spiders are lovely spirit animals that constantly teaches you to take control of your life. They’re masters of self-worth, helping you find the strength to trust in yourself.

One of the biggest obstacles people have when manifesting their dreams is a lack of inner confidence. How can you make your visions of prosperity and peace a reality when you don’t believe in yourself? Spiders represent that strength you need to keep going no matter what.

They’re the epitome of self-confidence, as they rely on themselves alone to stay alive. While you have others around you for support, you should be your biggest cheerleader. Spiders represent that idea, helping you silence the inner saboteur and keep pushing.

If a spider is your spirit animal, you also have a knack for looking past the illusion. Spiders are the creators of fantasy. They can be tricksters and encourage others to fall for their traps. However, they’re far too cunning to fall prey to others’ deceit.

According to spiritualists, those connected to the spider are the same way. You have the potential to use lies and deceit destructively. It’s your task to control yourself and ensure that you don’t harm those around you.

However, the good news is that you are strong and wise enough to look beyond the illusion, move on from the past, and continue your journey unscathed by tricker.

Spiritual Meaning Of Spiders Crawling On You

The very thought of spiders crawling on the body is enough to send most people into a tizzy. While spiders can indeed crawl on your body as you sleep or walk through their web, many have visions of these encounters in their dreams. Whatever the case may be, take it as a warning.

The spiritual meaning of spiders crawling on you could mean that people in your life are overstepping their welcome. It could be a friend, family member, or loved one. Even strangers can become overbearing.

They suck all of the energy from your being, preventing you from using it to your advantage.

A spider crawling on you is also a sign that you’re being too empathetic with others. It’s time to reclaim your power and focus on your needs. That doesn’t mean that you have to be mean-spirited or hurtful. Instead, you must prioritize yourself and find the strength to let go.

What Does It Mean When A Spider Crosses Your Path?

Most people encounter spiders in unique ways. When they cross your path, they’re usually waiting in the center of a nearly invisible web. The web might block your path, forcing you to find another route to your destination.

Don’t ignore what these crossings represent. Despite the somewhat ominous nature of encountering a spider in its web, it’s a good sign. Crossings can mean that you’re on the right path.

Spiritualists say that these unique encounters are a way to lead you towards your purpose. You might notice changes in your subconscious thinking. It’s the spirit realm nudging you towards your destiny.

Spiritual Meaning Of Spiders In Your House

It’s not uncommon to find a spider in your house. They tend to gather in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and other dark corners of your domain. Usually, these sightings cause some feelings of unease. When you consider the spiritual meaning of spiders in your home, it’s not hard to see why.

Your house is directly connected to your feelings of stability. Spiritual healers say that it’s tied to your root chakra, which acts as an entry point from life force energy to flow. When issues with the chakra arise, you can start to feel lost and complacent.

Seeing spiders in your home creates the same effect. Suddenly, you might feel uncomfortable in a place that is supposed to be welcoming and safe.

Use these encounters to reevaluate your foundations. Use it as an opportunity to reflect on your:

  • Family life
  • Support structure
  • Financial stability

One of those areas could be causing stress and anxiety in your life, resulting in the uneasy feeling that comes with spider sightings in your home.

Meaning Of A Spider In Your Bed

Earlier, we mentioned that spiders symbolized the weaver of two realms. When you see these critters in your bed, that metaphor becomes even more real.

Seeing a spider at night is pretty common. Spiders don’t like the light and tend to avoid going out in the open. As a result, they’re more active at night and can easily crawl on your bed when you least expect it.

Encounters like that mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. You might have vivid dreams you cannot remember or even interpret. 

Consider keeping a dream journal near your bed to jot down what you see. This is especially important for nightmares and emotion-driven dreams.

There’s a good chance that emotional turmoil is bubbling underneath the surface. Addressing whatever ails you is paramount. Seeing a spider in your bed means that you need to work on the underlying issues, no matter how painful they may be to address.

Meaning Of A Spider On Your Head

Has a spider landed on your head recently? That strange encounter could mean a couple of different things.

In most cases, it means that you’re overthinking things. You might be going through a challenging time with work or school. Or, you could be in the midst of making a life-changing decision.

Whatever the case may be, a spider on your head could mean that you’re thinking way too much about a solution that’s right in front of you. Let go of logic and let your intuition take over. Once you do that, the answer will make itself known.

If the spider becomes entangled in your hair, it could mean that you need to tap into your inner wisdom for guidance. Hair has a deep connection with knowledge and intuition. The entanglement is a metaphor for confusion, pushing you to dig a bit deeper to find a solution.

Finally, a spider on your head could also mean that someone is trying to fool you. Spiders are the tricksters, not the ones to be tricked. Be wary of scamsters and fraudsters trying to send you down the wrong path.

Become hypervigilant about looking past those illusions to ensure that you don’t fall prey to deceit.

The Meaning Of A Spider Bite

Several spider species can bite you. Most are passive by nature, saving a bite for moments of defense. As a result, they can come as a surprise whenever they happen!

This can mean many different things. However, the main theme is that you have something that requires urgent attention.

This even is representative of things you’re ignoring. Like buried emotions and unaddressed pain, they can creep up and catch you by surprise when you least expect it.

Ignoring your emotions doesn’t serve you. They can fester below the surface before one day rearing their ugly head and causing more pain.

Experiencing one is like an urgent message that you need to deal with the traumas you’re trying to forget. Face them head-on! While addressing the past is never easy, you’ll be thankful in the long run.

Confronting the pain is the first step in healing. Once you take this step, you’re one step closer to finding peace. All the while, you can stay true to your spirit animal and take control of your path.

Is It Bad Luck Or Karma To Kill A Spider?

Killing spiders isn’t inherently a bad thing. After all, some spiders can be dangerous and pose a safety risk! Many people dispose of these animals by killing them, and they usually don’t encounter any issues.

That said, you should always try to find alternatives to killing when possible. If you’re connected to spiders in any way, killing one is akin to killing a piece of yourself.

It doesn’t create any positive karma, and you may end up inviting bad vibes. Some even say that killing spiders creates an imbalance in your soul and your home. These creatures do a lot of good by controlling pest populations.

When possible, try to let these spiders live. Do your best to remove them gently. When relocated to a different area, spiders can continue to prosper and serve you well.

Are Spiders Considered A Bad Omen?

Spiders have a bad reputation to many people, but don’t let their mysterious nature fool you. Seeing a spider isn’t necessarily a bad omen.

These bugs are neither good nor bad. The impact a sighting has on you depends entirely on your state of mind.

Here’s what we mean:

For some, they can bring positivity and light. But others might see them as a reminder of pain and turmoil.

Ultimately, spiders are messengers with rich spiritual meaning. They can help you learn from your subconscious by weaving a bridge between realms. The arachnids can be profound, reminding you to stay true to who you are and hold onto your power.

That said, whether or not you take their message is up to you.

Closing Thoughts

Spiders have a spiritual meaning that’s closely tied to the concept of personal power and your ability to influence your destiny. This empowering meaning has inspired people for many years, and will continue to do so for many more.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any thoughts on the meaning or symbolism of spiders. This is a topic that we could talk about for hours!

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