The Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning Of Gnats: Full Guide

Small gnat with a surprising spiritual meaning

While it might be a bit unexpected, there are a number of spiritual meanings associated with seeing gnats or having them follow you. These tiny critters can actually tell you quite a bit!

This guide will cover the symbolism and spiritual meaning of gnats, and how you can interpret them correctly.

Gnat Symbolism

There is a tremendous amount of spiritual symbolism to the gnat that draws one’s focus to the ideas of renewal, rebirth, and purification. This concept of newness is a message we all want to receive, even from the annoying, little gnat. They’re also a reminder that all living beings have a purpose, and we should appreciate each one.

Gnat Spiritual Meaning

There are many spiritual meanings associated with these tiny, winged creatures. Their presence may be a nuisance at times, but the universe often uses them to reach out to us with a spiritual message that may greatly influence our lives for the better.

Here are the main ones you should know about.

1. Persistence In The Face Of Poor Odds

If a group of gnats finds you, no matter how hard you swat at them and try to get rid of them, they will continue to swarm around you and keep coming back. These are persistent little creatures, even when you’re mounting a strong defense and their odds for success are poor. This message of persistence is certainly one of the greatest spiritual meanings that’s connected with gnats.

People can be too quick to give up without sticking it out until the end. This is often the case for work situations, building new businesses, romantic relationships, friendships, and projects. But the accomplishments we are proudest of are those we had to work hardest to achieve.

If you are on the brink of giving up on something that’s important to you, maybe these gnats have come to you to stop you from quitting too soon. Give it everything you’ve got, or you’ll regret it later. Be persistent, even if your chances are slim, like the gnats.

2. The Value Of Family

Gnats love to travel in swarms, making the concept of family one of their many spiritual meanings. Having your family all around you can be a huge blessing for some, but it can be a challenge for others. Just like those little insects, some family members can be frustrating, annoying, in your face, and in your business.

Do you have issues within your family that keeps you from being close to them? Perhaps the universe sent the gnats to remind you that family is important and valuable. Even those individuals that get on your nerves are important, and hopefully will get to a place in their own lives where they don’t have to or want to interfere with your life.

Make sure the people in your family know how much you care for them. We never know how much time we’ll have together in this life, so take every opportunity you can to spend time with family and connect with them.

3. Someone Close To You Is Holding You Back

Watching someone constantly swat at a swarm of gnats, reminds us that there are sometimes people around us who are regularly causing us trouble. It’s often difficult to recognize these types of toxic relationships for what they are, but you may want to ask yourself if there is someone close to you that’s holding you back from being the person you’re meant to be.

While we want to love people, forgive, and give second chances, there are some individuals who will continually be causing trouble in our lives. And unfortunately, these people typically won’t leave voluntarily. Just like the gnats, you’ll have to push them out of your life to be free of them, but you’ll be glad you did in the long run.

4. Evolve Into Who You’re Meant To Be

Researchers still don’t understand all of the reasons why gnats tend to fly in large groups. They may have evolved into this behavior because flying in a swarm keeps them safer from predators, helps them find their food source easier, and aids in keeping them warm. What we do know is that they’ve evolved to become what they are meant to be, and so can you.

As you watch your life changing, don’t be resistant to the transformative evolution taking place. The spiritual meaning of gnats can be a sign that you are changing too, and that’s not a bad thing. Change is good because it grows us and matures us into everything that we’re supposed to be.

If gnats are following you, take a few moments to pause and look for areas of your life where you are evolving physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Embrace that growth and allow it to have its full effect.

5. A New Beginning

Gnats are seen by many to symbolize new beginnings. The concept comes from the fact that gnats are a purifying force, ridding the environment from anything that’s unworthy or impure. What’s left behind is the beautiful, fresh, clean slate of a new beginning.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut of disappointing and troubling circumstances and you see a group of gnats, this could be a sign that you’re on the verge of a fresh start in life. Maybe your circumstances will change and problems will resolve themselves, or you may have to make some hard choices. Either way, you deserve a new beginning and one is on the way.

When the universe gives you a second chance to get things right, you don’t want to blow it by going back to your past issues. Let the gnats you’ve encountered inspire you to leave the past behind you and really take advantage of this new chapter of life. Don’t look back.

If a gnat is following you, try not to be annoyed. This tiny creature has come to give you good news that a new beginning is coming soon.

6. Remove Negative Energy From Your Life

Purging negative energy from your life is a potential spiritual meaning of the gnats in your midst. If you come across a gathering of gnats, they may be representing a cloud of dark, negative energy that you’ve been plagued with lately. Regardless of how this energy came to be, your spirit guides want you to cast it out so that there’s only room for light, positive energy.

If you find the negative energy in your life is coming from a person, you need to decide if having that individual in your life is worth bringing all this bad energy into your space. Toxic people can be contagious, and they can really take a major toll on your happiness and sense of peace. You have a right not to allow that to continue.

7. Don’t Stress Over What You Can’t Control

Gnats may be annoying, but they are a relatively small annoyance in the grand scheme of things. Could it be that they are a spiritual sign that you’ve been spending way too much time stressing over things that you can’t control?

You’ll never be able to rid your world of gnats. It’s an impossible task. In the same way, there are going to be problems and people that will consistently attempt to bring you down in life, and it’s your responsibility not to let things outside of your control steal your peace of mind.

8. Abundance

Have you ever wandered into an area and suddenly found yourself in the eye of a gnat tornado, the little creatures flying all around you? Gnats can seem to be all around you at times, but this is why they can symbolize abundance and fertility.

When you encounter a swarm of gnats, consider yourself blessed for you will be experiencing new levels of abundance in your life. It may come in the form of financial blessings, or it could be referring to fertility and having babies of your own. Abundance is a good message, granting hope for better days ahead.

9. You’re Protected

When you’re walking along, minding your own business, and a swarm of gnats suddenly surrounds you, this could actually be a very good spiritual sign. In many groups, gnats are seen as a force of protection offered by the spirit guides or the souls of departed loved ones. The spiritual meaning of these gnats is one of divine protection.

Many believe gnats are representatives of the souls of deceased loved ones, and their presence around you is a message from those loved ones that you are not alone. You are being watched over and cared for from the other side. This is an incredibly comforting message, especially if you’ve lost someone you loved recently.

If your loved ones and spirit guides are buzzing nearby, that means they have a special message for you. They are trying to give you some guidance that can have a big impact on your life. It’s important to open yourself up to their direction and seek further direction on how to move forward.

The spirits have your best interest at heart, so you can feel totally at ease trusting them.

Spiritual Meaning Of Gnats Flying Around You

If you find gnats flying around you everywhere you go and you just can’t seem to be free of them, this is a spiritual message that the universe wants you to hear and embrace. These persistent insects are a picture of what’s going on in your life. You may be going through some big changes that require a lot of work and persistence on your part, so don’t give up!

The gnats have come to you to encourage you to be steadfast as you walk the path you’re on. You’re exactly where you should be and heading in the right direction. When little obstacles come your way, deal with them and move on down the path, because it’ll all be worth it in the end.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Gnats In Various Cultures

Gnats have various spiritual meanings across different cultures, so it’s useful to be aware of them when trying to decipher the message these insects are delivering. Here are some of the main concepts they symbolize in specific groups.

Native American Culture

Many Native American tribes feel gnats represent a changing over from one season to the next. They also see them as a symbol of rebirth or renewal. Some Native Americans also believed gnats were spiritual guides themselves that would lead people back to the spirit world.

Christian Culture

Christians often see gnats as a symbol of purification, or a cleansing from all toxic and wicked things in your life. This can be connected to the Biblical account of Moses telling the people of Israel to get all the gnats out of their campgrounds. The spiritual meaning of this was for the people to get the sin out of their lives and to purify their home.


While it’s not a common association to make, there are some who practice witchcraft who equate the presence of a gnat to be evidence of the presence of an evil spirit. This is especially true when there are also other signs nearby, like nightmares or illness.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the spiritual meaning of gnats can actually be quite inspiring. Yet another reason why you should always value life, no matter how small it may be!

We’d love to hear if you’ve had any spiritual experiences with gnats that you’d like to share. We’re always impressed by the stories we hear from our readers.

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