The Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing Knocking Sounds

Someone making knocking sounds which have deep spiritual meanings

Understanding the spiritual meaning of hearing knocking is quite important, because it’s one of the most common messages we receive from the universe! Whether it be on your door or in another area of your living space, there’s often something worthwhile to unpack.

This guide will go over what it means when you hear knocking sounds, and how to use these signs to move your life forward.

What Does It Mean When You Hear Knocking?

Rhythmic knocks can happen for all kinds of reasons. In old houses, they might be from changes in temperature, or old plumbing or HVAC systems.

But sometimes, these explanations don’t apply. And when this happens, it’s only natural to wonder what it means.

There are numerous spiritual meanings of hearing knocking you can’t explain (or when there’s no one there). These range from messages from spirits to warnings about the direction your life is taking. Here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Someone New Will Enter Your Life

If you hear knocking, you could be clairaudient — meaning that you hear things before they happen. In this case, you may be hearing the sound of a future friend or partner knocking on your door.

No matter what your relationship shapes up to be, this person is going to be very significant to you. This could even be a soulmate or twin flame situation!

It’s also possible that hearing this knocking applies to more than one person. In general, the more knocks you hear, the more people may be about to enter your life. The louder the knocks, the more this person (or these people) will impact you.

2. The Spirit Realm Is Contacting You

Knocks are a commonly cited manifestation of spirit energy. Think about it: Any time you see a seance depicted in a movie, how do the spirits respond? Knocking!

Hearing knocking might mean that the spirit of a departed loved one is trying to contact you. This can be the case particularly during the autumn months, when the veil between this world and the next is said to be at its thinnest.

While this kind of knocking can be a bit scary, there’s no real reason to fear. It can be a sign from a mischievous spirit, but really evil entities generally don’t give their victims advance warning like that. Try telling the spirit to go away and, if that fails, perform a house cleansing to shoo away anything that shouldn’t be there.

3. Make An Effort To Embrace Spirituality

The spiritual meaning of knocking can be a reminder that we’re constantly surrounded by the invisible realm. Just because you can’t see, feel, smell, hear, or taste it most of the time doesn’t mean that it isn’t there!

Hearing this knocking could come out of the blue to call your attention to the spirit world. If you’ve been distracted by the physical realm, now’s the time to focus your attention on spirituality. Embrace a balance of the physical and spiritual so you can grow into your best self.

4. It’s Time To Grow And Challenge Yourself

Hearing knocks at night or in a dream often means it’s time for change and growth. If you think about it, this makes sense — a knock calls you to open a door. In this case, you’re opening a door to new experiences and learning opportunities.

Hearing knocking can also be a call from your inner self, trying to remind you of your untapped potential. If you’ve been too preoccupied to take a class, practice your hobbies, pick up new ones, or otherwise improve yourself, it’s time to refocus.

5. You’re Giving Fear Too Much Control

When you hear the sound of knocking (either on the door or elsewhere), consider what feelings it triggers in you. Are you excited? Confused? Afraid?

A knock can be a sign that you’ve been succumbing to fear. There’s the normal, healthy fear that helps keep us from making bad decisions, but fear can also become unproductive. Let this knock serve as a wake-up call to stop catastrophizing and ruminating over things that cause you anxiety.

On a similar note, you could be letting fear keep you from enjoying life. The spiritual meaning of hearing knocking might be that it’s time to open up to the world and release your fear of being judged.

6. A Reminder To Maintain A Positive Outlook

Just like the sound of a knock can be a warning against letting fear control your life, it can also remind you to focus on the positive.

It can also be a confirmation that you reject negativity. This knocking could be an omen of someone with less-than-good intentions trying to get into your life. You have the strength, intelligence, and intuition to make sure that they stay away.

7. Good Luck Might Be Coming

If you’ve been hearing knocking at night (or even during the day), it could actually be a sign of good luck. This is especially true if you’ve been experiencing a lot of bad luck recently.

Think of it as an opportunity knocking on your door!

If you’ve been experiencing a deep feeling of expectation, then this knock is a very good omen. Explore your thoughts on the matter — is there something you’ve been hoping or waiting for? It could be on its way to your door.

8. You Need To Find Balance

As mentioned above, the spiritual meaning of hearing knocking often serves as a wake-up call. In many cases, it’s a call for balance.

If you’ve been letting fear dictate your actions, it’s time to reel it in so you can live your best life. If you’ve been distracted by a mundane daily existence, it’s time to rediscover the magic in the world. If you’ve been mired in negative thinking, you need to begin to recognize the blessings that you have.

This knock is a warning, but there’s still time for you to course correct. What aspects of your life lack balance right now?

9. Explore Your Feelings And Emotional Baggage

Hearing a knock can mean a lot of things, and sometimes you can only unlock that meaning by exploring how you feel about it with honesty. Does it scare you, or make you miss a recently departed loved one?

Just like the sound of knocking can be a sign to “knock it off,” or a message from spirits, it’s often a sign that you have some emotional baggage that needs to be released. You may have a departed loved one who is concerned about you and is expressing that concern through sounds. The knock may also be telling you that it’s time to stop wallowing in the same old pain and start living life again.

Take this moment to engage in some deep self-exploration. You may even want to try some shadow work to help you identify emotional baggage that’s holding you back. Once you know what’s up, you can work on healing.

10. Keep Your Desires In Check

While manifesting things is much more complicated than “think about it, and it’ll happen,” it’s true that the universe knows our deepest desires. Hearing knocking could be a warning to practice a little temperance.

It’s always important to be careful what you wish for. Oftentimes, you’ll receive it in a way that you didn’t expect. You may even find that having everything you want makes you unhappier than you were to begin with.

This can be an especially strong sign if you’ve been doing any manifestation work. A very strong knock can tell you that what you’re working toward is going to do more harm than good.

11. Start Taking Action

Have you ever had someone wake you up by knocking on your bedroom door? That’s what the universe is doing right now.

The spiritual meaning of hearing knocking is often that it’s time for you to start taking action. Things are aligned for you to get what you want, the only thing missing is you. Pay close attention to the opportunities that are presented to you right now.

Along those same lines, the sound of knocking can also draw your attention to a person or situation that needs you. Do you have anyone in your life who could use some help? People are often uninclined to step in because they think that someone else will do it, but hearing this means that it’s up to you.

The Meaning Of Hearing Two Knocks

The meaning of knocks changes with their number, and a series of two knocks has its own, special interpretation. Symbolically, the number two represents balance, harmony, and partnership.

If you’re currently single, two knocks can mean a soul mate or twin flame is looking for you. If you’re with someone, then it can indicate that you’ll soon be engaged or married. If you’re already married, it may represent a deepening commitment.

Whatever your situation, anticipate a positive change in your romantic status.

The Meaning Of Hearing Three Knocks

The number three represents creativity and confidence. To some, it also symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

Hearing three knocks in succession can mean that you’re bringing all parts of yourself into alignment. You’re reconciling your strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs. As a result, you’re becoming closer to your authentic self.

Three knocks can also represent stepping into greater confidence and expressiveness. You have a unique message to bring to the world, and you’re finally in a place where you can do that. Let your creative light shine!

On the other hand, hearing three knocks that seem to come sporadically can be a warning. Instead of integrating all of your parts and becoming more confident, you might be losing yourself. It’s time to take stock and see what you need to do to become your true self again.

Lastly, the meaning of three knocks can be a sign of a spiritual presence around you. In some traditions, odd numbers are connected to spirits. The sound of three knocks is also hard to mistake for anything else — one knock could be your house’s plumbing, but three knocks usually sounds quite deliberate.

The Meaning Of Hearing Four Knock

The number four is all about dedication, dependability, and loyalty. Imagine a table — with any less than four legs, it wouldn’t be very stable!

Hearing the sound of four knocks might mean that it’s time to cultivate stability in your life. You’re entering a phase where you’d benefit from a routine. This will help you create a strong foundation for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Four knocks can also warn that you’ve been neglecting other omens around you. You may be focusing too much on the physical world and ignoring signs from spirit. It’s time to be open to receiving the messages intended for you.

The Meaning Of Hearing Five Knocks

The number five is connected to change and an ability to “go with the flow.”

Five knocks can be a message from your past. It may be a warning that something from your past is trying to resurface now. You need to recognize how far you’ve come and work to maintain the changes you’ve made — or make new changes to keep the past from recurring.

This can also be a sign of a major shift happening in your life. Unfortunately, not all shifts are for the better. This one could go either way.

If you’re currently hoping to change your life, you should seize the opportunities presented to you right now. If you’re happy with the way things are, then the sound of five knocks could warn you of a negative shift. It’s time for some careful consideration and preparation so you can handle whatever it throws at you.

The Biblical Meaning Of Hearing Knocking

The universe tries to communicate with us using symbols we can recognize and decipher. In the Bible, the sound of knocking has a special meaning. So, if you’re a Christian, the knocks you hear may have a different interpretation than usual.

The biblical meaning of hearing knocking often applies to those who’ve gone through repentance or been saved. It’s a reminder that God knows what’s in their hearts and all things are powerful through His love. This is referenced in Luke 11:9: “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

The biblical meaning of knocking can also be a warning against disobedience. They may signify that your heart is closed off to God, and He is asking to be let in. A period of reflection and study may be necessary.

For some, knocking is even a call to salvation. In Revelation, Jesus knocks on the door of people’s hearts and calls out to them. This is what may be happening to you right now.

Lastly, hearing knocking can be a sign that your prayers will soon be answered. If you’ve been fervently praying for something to happen, then you can expect to make some progress soon.             

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are a number of spiritual meanings associated with the hearing knocking sounds. But once you understand them, figuring out the ones that are applicable to you shouldn’t be too difficult!

But if you’re having trouble interpreting these messages, let us know! We make time to help our readers as much as we can.

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