What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

An evil eye bracelet that will eventually break

Figuring out what it means when your evil eye bracelet breaks is very important. This will help you determine if you’ve been subjected to negative energy, and also know what to do next!

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about this powerful (and sometimes worrying) event.

What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

It is not uncommon for an evil eye bracelet to break and fall off, and it often leaves people feeling a little nervous and apprehensive about what that means. Since the evil eye is a talisman that has the power to repel negative energy and curses, the breaking of the bracelet may herald an important message you may need to hear.

Here are some to consider.

1. The Evil Eye Bracelet Has Reached Capacity

Evil eye bracelets have an important job to do as they block negative energy from entering the person wearing them and their home. Each bracelet has a capacity for the amount of negative energy it can filter out, much like the water filter in your refrigerator. The bracelet filters out the bad and only allows the good to enter, but that negative energy has to go somewhere.

If your evil eye bracelet breaks unexpectedly, it’s quite likely that the bracelet has reached capacity in terms of how much negative energy it can hold back.

The great news is that your evil eye bracelet has accomplished the task it was designed for. It also may be good evidence that you have been in the presence of a lot of negative energy lately, so you may want to keep that in mind in the future.

If the evil eye charm on the bracelet itself breaks, this would strongly indicate that the talisman has done its job in protecting you. You should thank the bracelet for the protective covering it has provided and for allowing only good energy near you. You can then bury the cracked amulet as a sign of respect (if you feel it’s the right thing to do).

2. The Evil Eye Has Prevented A Curse

Many people who believe in the power of the evil eye in Greek and Middle Eastern cultures wear the evil eye bracelet because they believe it blocks the evil eye curse. One malicious glare from a person with a jealous or negative spirit can transfer a curse to an unsuspecting individual if they don’t have any form of protection.

An evil eye bracelet designed with beads

Your evil eye bracelet might break if it has prevented a curse from infecting someone by holding back the dark forces at play. This is no easy feat, and the evil eye bracelet may break as a result of the encounter, but this means that it has worked beautifully.

3. You Will Experience Good Luck

Interestingly enough, there are reasons an evil eye bracelet may break besides being in the line of duty against spiritual forces.

If the bracelet is being worn on the right wrist (usually associated with bad luck or bad omens), the bracelet may break as a sign that good luck is headed your way. Embrace the message the universe is sending you with open arms and replace your bracelet when you can.

4. The Bracelet Was Made Poorly

While there are signs and spiritual messages surrounding us at all times, the truth is there are potentially some very unexciting meanings behind an evil eye bracelet breaking.

If you’ve purchased an evil eye bracelet that was poorly made or constructed using low-quality materials, the bracelet may have simply broken because of this human error. That’s why we always recommend getting a bracelet that’s made of solid materials that are built to last.

Inspect your broken evil eye bracelet to determine if there is a mechanical error. Examples of this are broken clasps or loose sections of chain. If the evil eye charm is intact, there’s no need to replace it all. If the actual bracelet is fixable, that’s the ideal solution.

Other Factors To Consider

Sometimes the most important information is held in the small, unnoticed details. An evil eye bracelet breaking means you’ll want to consider the circumstances surrounding the occurrence.

These small details may end up being very important!

What Happened To Cause It To Break?

There are a variety of reasons an evil eye bracelet might break, so the first thing you’ll want to consider is what happened to cause the break. Was it something that was natural or supernatural? Was the break caused by the actions of a human being or can it be assumed it was an act of the spirits?

If your evil eye bracelet was broken due to the fault of yourself or someone else, this is relevant information. Examples of a human error being at fault would be if you take your bracelet off too roughly or someone else grabs it from your wrist. If the bracelet breaks because of the careless actions of you or someone near you, it is likely you will experience some degree of bad luck.

An evil eye bracelet that will eventually break

How bad your luck will be or for how long it will last is unpredictable.

If there is no human cause for the break, then we can assume the evil eye bracelet broke as it was warding off curses and negative spirits. In this case, it’s best just to go ahead and replace it as soon as possible in case the target of a curse or spiritual attack. As long as you’re armed with a broken evil eye bracelet, you’ll have no protection at all from that negative energy.

Which Hand Was Your Evil Eye Bracelet On When It Broke?

If you were wearing your evil eye bracelet on the right wrist when it broke, this could be a sign of good luck on the horizon for you. This is due to the fact that the right hand is generally associated with bad luck. The bracelet breaking on this wrist is a sign that good luck has overcome the bad, and you’ll find fortune smiling down on you over the next couple weeks.

However, if the bracelet was on the left wrist at the time of breaking, it is more of an indication that you’ve had negative energy out to get you. The bracelet has most likely been keeping them away from you for some time now, but the break has caused a lapse in that protection. In both cases, replacing the bracelet as soon as possible is always the wisest thing to do.

How Old Was It?

Consider the age of the evil eye bracelet when determining the cause of the break. If your bracelet is relatively new and it breaks with minimal external force, it may be that the bracelet was just not made to be sturdy enough or perhaps the materials themselves were just subpar.

However, there is also a strong possibility that there is a spiritual meaning to the age of the evil eye bracelet when it broke.

When a bracelet breaks on your wrist, it means there is likely a change of some sort coming your way. If the evil eye bracelet is on the newer side when it breaks, the change that’s coming will be a bit smaller, such as having to cancel a trip you were looking forward to or trying a new takeout restaurant that night.

If the bracelet was older when it breaks, the turn of events in your life may be bigger and more significant. Examples of this could be having a child or finding out you have to move to a new area. The older the bracelet, the bigger the change in your life, so it’s best to be prepared!

Which Type Of Evil Eye Bracelet Was It?

If your broken evil eye bracelet is blue with a white rim around it, you should be aware that you’ve probably been the recipient of the evil eye curse. Someone has looked at you with an envious heart and has transferred negative energy your way.

Some people believe a broken evil eye bracelet means someone was actively wishing you harm, or speaking badly about you behind your back. This person could be someone at your place of employment, a person posing as a friend in your life, or even an undercover enemy. Whatever the case may be, someone may have very negative feelings for you and it’s important to be on the lookout for trouble.

What Should You Do If Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

The simplest answer to address the issue of a broken evil eye bracelet is simply replace it with a new one as soon as possible. Without that bracelet on your body or hanging in your home, you’re open to all manner of evil attacks, negative energy, bad omens, and more. Replacing the bracelet in a timely manner should be of the utmost importance.

Some people will sometimes continue to wear their evil eye bracelet even after it has broken, but this is not a good idea. The broken bracelet does not offer its wearer any kind of protection from evil spirits and curses.

The same rule of thought exists as to whether or not it’s a good idea to repair a broken evil eye bracelet. Once the bracelet breaks, it is no longer able to protect its owner. Just get a new one!

What Happens When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls Off?

There are cases in which an evil eye bracelet doesn’t necessarily break, but simply falls off your wrist. This is usually very easily-explained and not a cause for alarm. You simply must investigate as to why the bracelet is slipping off and take steps to either adjust it or replace it.

If you have a bracelet that’s made of metal and it is suddenly falling off repeatedly, it’s possible you have lost some weight and your wrist is slimmer than it used to be. Another issue may be the clasp on the bracelet, so make sure to check to make sure there are no mechanical flaws.

Why Is My Evil Eye Bracelet Unraveling?

Sometimes an older evil eye bracelet will begin to unravel. This is merely due to the age of the bracelet and likely doesn’t indicate a spiritual issue, negative energy, or the presence of a curse.

You can simply remove the charm from the bracelet and replace it with a new one, or reinforce the band with string.

Closing Thoughts

When your evil eye bracelet breaks, it can mean a number of things. Fortunately, figuring out which ones apply to you is fairly simple.

If this has recently happened to you and you’re having trouble understanding the cause, drop us a line. We’re always willing to help out our readers.

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