The Spiritual Meaning Of A Nose Piercing On The Right Side

A girl with a nose piercing on the right side

There are numerous spiritual meanings for nose piercings on the right side, and not all of them will apply to the individual with the piercing.

Being able to understand what this means will help you decide if this piercing is right for you, or determine what it means for someone else.

Does The Side Of Your Nose Piercing Really Matter?

Throughout history, nose piercings have had ties with spirituality. But does the side you choose matter? The answer depends on your intention, country of origin, favored religion, and culture. For people who pierce their noses as a sign of spirituality, the reasons behind their decisions are deeply personal.

Follow along as we explain what it means spiritually meaning of a right side nose piercing. You’ll learn all of the potential reasons behind the position of the piercing, as well as how the context changes from one gender and culture to another. You’ll have an understanding of how a right side nose piercing affects your self-esteem and contributes to your spiritual practice. You can then decide it’s a good choice for you.

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Nose Piercing On The Right Side

The meaning of a right side nose piercing is a symbol of strength and self-confidence in many countries such as Nepal and India, as well as a way to express oneself in countries like the United States.

Learning the different spiritual meanings behind right side nose piercing helps you better understand their potential in your life. Read below to understand how it can symbolize perseverance, personal connections with others, fortune, love, confidence, and intuitiveness.

The path that you choose to follow to embrace your spirituality is ultimately up to you. If a right side nose piercing is in the cards for you, it may indicate a variety of different things. The symbolic nature of a u-shaped nostril ring allows you to focus on your spiritual side, while silently expressing your intent to others. It’s a way to let people know what you stand for and hope to accomplish this lifetime.

1. Keep Pushing Forward

Consistency is key in achieving your dreams. A nose piercing on the right side demonstrates your stick-to-itness. You’re driven and willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. When you practice good habits daily, you can see your hard work pay off quickly.

If you believe in the philosophy of ‘fake it until you make it,’ or ‘acting as if,’ you’ll find it very empowering to have your right nostril pierced. Not only does it help you project confidence, other people will agree that it has a certain energy about it.

Forward-thinking and faith in your spiritual practice allows you to survive things you wouldn’t imagine you could in the past. It lets you remain resilient and determined. You keep pushing forward because you know there will be a breakthrough that gives you clarity and makes you stronger. The path to your new revelation may not be clear at first, but it will get clearer with time.

2. You Have A Strong Spiritual Connection With Someone Else

Who you’re drawn to and attract has a lot to do with your self-expression and spirituality. When you see other people who have a right side nose piercings, you’re instantly aware of your similarities in thought and lifestyle. You almost always feel drawn to and get along with people who are walking the same path in life.

Feeling like you’ve known someone for years after just meeting them can signify a deep spiritual connection. There are reasons why people cross our paths. It’s intentional because we’re meant to learn lessons to further our spiritual growth. Nurturing relationships with people we feel connected to spiritually can help us better understand ourselves as spiritual people.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve had a chance encounter with a like-minded individual, know that it was intentional. The Law of Attraction puts similar people in your pathway for a reason. It’s not only for your good, but it’s for theirs, too! A mutually beneficial relationship, whether it’s romantic or plutonic, can further your spirituality and improve your life in many ways.

3. Luck Might Be Coming

There is a saying that “Good fortune favors the brave.” To illustrate that expression, many cultures believe that the spiritual meaning of a nose piercing on the right side is connected to prosperity. They even go as far to believe that the blood lost from this piercing attracts abundance from the Universe. If you want to experience greater ease financially, opt for a nostril piercing in the right nostril.

You’ll attract better luck for yourself by choosing to go with the right side for your nose piercing. Think of all the possibilities you’ll embrace by honoring ancient traditions. It doesn’t matter what area of the globe you live in, either, because many cultures view a right nostril piercing as being lucky. Skip the lottery ticket, and opt for a piercing instead!

Inviting good fortune into your life is a spiritual practice embraced by cultures around the world, and a nostril piercing on the right side can speed things up for you when it comes to luck.

If you feel like you want to enter the future as a more fortunate person, attracting the right circumstances and people into your life helps. Pierce the right side of your nose and prepare for abundance in the various areas of your life!

4. Love Isn’t Far

A symbol of love and readiness, a right side nose piercing for girls and guys is a choice made by those who’re ready for their soulmate. For married men who are committed to their partners, they may even get this piercing as a sign of their devotion to their partner. Whatever your reason may be, note that your decision to keep your piercing on the right side is a way to let others know that love is an option.

Imagine feeling elated seeing the person you’re interested in having their right nostril pierced, too. It almost seems meant to be! The Universe puts people in your pathway to further your spiritual path. Pay close attention to the signs. If you feel drawn to certain people, it’s likely the Universe working its magic.

Your face is the first thing that people see when they encounter you. A facial piercing, especially a right side nose piercing, demonstrates strength. It allows them to see a side of you that you may feel protective of when first meeting a stranger. A nose piercing can be an ice-breaker of sorts that brings two souls together on their spiritual paths.

5. Be Confident

A piercing on the right side of the nose for men and women demonstrates the power of self-confidence. You’re comfortable with who you are, and we applaud you for that! Being able to express yourself so forwardly is highly commendable. Even if you haven’t yet stepped into your power, looking into the mirror each day, and seeing your nose piercing boosts your confidence considerably.

Confidence isn’t something that everyone is born with, which means that you’ll need to develop it with time. Your piercing lets others know that you’re willing to take risks when it matters. It also lets them know that you’re deeply connected to your spirituality. Whatever that translates to, it’s a very important part of your life and identity.

When you’re confident in your spirituality, other areas of your life align naturally. Even when you don’t feel as sure of yourself as you should in the moment, you’ll continue to get there if you keep your sights ahead on your spiritual goals. Working toward them one day at a time gets you that much closer to making them a reality. With every day, you get stronger and more confident.

6. You Have Strong Intuition

Your connection to the world around you is powerfully enhanced by your spirituality.

The spiritual meaning of a right side nose piercing suggests that your intuition is strong. If you’re the type of person that gets led by your gut, it’s likely due to how well you know yourself and listen to the inklings you get.

The right side of the brain is where creativity is accessed. It’s also where critical thinking is activated. You can lead yourself toward and away from situations and people who don’t feel like a good fit for you. This trait can be especially helpful if you’re looking for love and have this symbolic piercing.

Your deep spirituality helps protect you against unfavorable events. The piercing that you chose for your right side is even thought to heighten your senses and helps you react accordingly to the visual, auditory, olfactory, and social cues that come your way on a daily basis. You allow your intuition to guide your decision-making. It, after all, is almost always right.

The Meaning Of Right-Sided Nose Piercings For Girls

A right-sided nostril piercing for girls can mean several things. First and foremost, it’s a symbol of beauty and self-expression. Being able to change out a nose ring for a stud or other ornamental piece of jewelry when a girl wishes is very culturally acceptable. It gives her options to express herself through facial jewelry.

Being an empowered female, many women opt to pierce the right side of their nose as a symbol of their spirituality and faith. They are never seen without their piercing because it’s a part of who they are and what they stand for today.

Another very common spiritual meaning in many cultures is that a right-sided nose piercing helps form a deeper love connection for women. The nose is in control of the breath, and breathing is necessary for being alive. To pierce such a symbolic part of the body is very special, especially considering how visible it is to other people.

The Meaning Of Right-Sided Nose Piercings For Guys

Some cultures believe that right-sided nose piercings for guys are prominent in the gay population. Whether it’s true or not, a piercing on the right is often relationship-oriented. As mentioned before, men may choose to pierce their nose after marriage as an act of love and devotion for their spouse. Single men may use a nose piercing as a way of attracting a partner and letting them know that they’re ready to settle down.

Men, like women, seek clarity, and a right-sided nose piercing is an indicator of that. The path to spirituality looks different for everyone. The piercings demonstrate consistency and self-confidence. A guy that has his nose pierced on the right has a strong sense of self. He likely wants to attract a partner with a strong sense of spirituality, or needs to express his devotion to the spouse he has chosen for himself.

This spiritual meaning is important because it allows him to express who he is and what he hopes to achieve out of life. His faith in the Universe and its offerings are strong. He believes in a higher power and isn’t afraid to let others see that part of his life. He outwardly displays his faith in his face with the piercing.

Closing Thoughts

The spiritual meaning of a nose piercing on the right side can vary, but it’s often associated with connection and a better tomorrow.

If you’re considering getting one of these piercings, or you’re trying to understand someone else’s, keep this in mind! It can be quite telling.

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