The Spiritual Meaning Of A Hole In The Ear (Inspiring)

A hole in the ear with a number of spiritual meanings

The spiritual meaning of a hole in the ear has fascinated people for centuries. And interestingly enough, there are a number of different superstitions to sort through!

This list will help you figure out what meaning applies to you and your loved ones.

Hole In The Ear Spiritual Meanings

Some people are born with a pit or indentation in front of their ear known as a preauricular pit or preauricular sinus. It forms when the auricle doesn’t fuse all the way in the sixth week of pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, this type of pit can occur spontaneously or be caused by genetics.

It’s often said that this hole above the ear comes with a variety of spiritual meanings. Here are some of the most common ones to keep in mind.

1. Close Connection To The Universe And Guardians

The spiritual meaning of having a hole in the ear is connected to having a special purpose in the universe and that you have a close connection to the Guardians. It means that you have been called to fulfill a special purpose because you can always hear the voice of the ancient ones guiding and directing you.

If you have a preauricular pit, you should pay close attention to your dreams and intuition. You might want to take up a practice, like journaling or meditation, to develop these gifts. Many with this special trait enter into spiritual service to others, bringing messages and insight that can help people along their spiritual growth. Some see people with this trait as close confidants and helpers on Earth to help them on their mission of light.

2. Luck

Everyone on the planet has unique characteristics, and those that have a natural hole in the ear are thought to be lucky. It means that you are connected to something greater than yourself and can expect to have a few “perks” that go along with it. Some believe that its spiritual meaning comes with good fortune and abundance. Those who are born with this might expect to make connections at the right time and the right place for something good to happen to them.

If this is you, then you might find that you’re able to gain advantages in situations more easily, which can also be a sign of protection from harm. Your worries will be few, and you are thought to be on a path that leads to a long life and health. 

3. Spiritual Dedication

If you were born with a hole in your ear, you were born on a special path that is best traveled when you’re spiritually devoted. You might find that you have special psychic energy or healing gifts, and it is your responsibility to prepare your vessel to receive and use these gifts for the good of all. You are being called to take care of your body, mind, and spirit in a way that makes it a clear channel for the messages and energetic talents that come through it.

This mark of one chosen for a spiritual path calls you to eat healthy, exercise, and develop some form of mindfulness or spiritual practice. You might find that in doing so, you will start to receive messages or inspiration about a path you are supposed to follow. Those with a hole in their ear are thought to be able to receive such divine inspiration more easily than others. A hole on top of the ear means you’re in a special group that can hone your intuition and take it to a level many will never achieve.

4. Mark Of Psychic Potential

Many physical signs have been associated with psychic ability and mediumship. For instance, babies born with a caul or veil over their face are said to be psychic. The same thing is said about the preauricular pit. It is believed to be a channel through which spirits and those from the other worlds can communicate.

If you have a hole in your ear and seem to always know who is calling before you pick up the phone or have a lot of instances of deja vu, then you might have psychic potential. Some with natural psychic abilities are drawn to forms of divination, like tarot cards, pendulums, or oracles. This is something you might want to explore if you are one of the lucky ones with this physical trait.

5. Abundance

In Nigeria, those born with a preauricular pit are thought to be destined for good luck, prestige, and abundance. The superstition is that people born with this trait are often excellent choices for leadership in the community. They are believed to be special people with an important destiny or purpose in life.

A similar belief is prevalent throughout African cultures and in other cultures around the world. Many Asian cultures also share this belief and see it as a sign of luck and protection. An interesting thing to note is that finding a preauricular pit is more common in Asian and African populations than in other groups of people at about 4-10%. Only about 0.1-0.9% of people in the U.S. and U.K. have this rare trait.

A hole in the ear is more common in the right ear than in the left. The right side of the body is thought of as representing the male aspects of the spirit and the ability to move forward in the material world. It is the essence of yang energy and of taking charge and getting things done.

6. Sign Of Respect

In some cultures, those that have a natural hole in their ear recognize that it is a way for the ancestors and the divine to communicate with you. They will place a piercing there, or have the hole enlarged so they can wear precious jewels or an earring in it. The spiritual meaning of this act is seen as a sign of reverence and respect for the divine. It is an outward sign of your dedication and devotion to the spiritual path.

Hindu teaching holds the belief that the divine resides in everything and that the body is a sacred temple on Earth. People with a hole in the ear ornament it in a manner similar in meaning to the Tilak, which is a symbol of connection to the divine. It marks the body as a temple and is a continual reminder of this dedication and devotional practice.

7. Practicing Hinduism

Piercings are a part of Hinduism that is a sign of respect and devotion to the divine. It is also a sign of wealth, especially when they are ornamented with diamonds, gold, and other signs of prosperity. The meaning of a natural hole in the ear is supposed to be a special blessing, and it is common to wear fine jewelry in it if you are one of the special few who have one.

Piercings are an important part of the practices of Hinduism. The Karnvedh Sanskar is when a male child has their ear lobes pierced as a right of passage. The ceremony is thought to help the child remain healthy and assist in the development of mental abilities. Many going on a pilgrimage will mark the occasion with a piercing. Those with a natural piercing in or around the ear are thought to be especially blessed and honor it with jewelry.

Preauricular Sinus In The Bible

The Bible does not mention the meaning of a preauricular sinus directly, but some believe you can find certain traits that seem to connect it with the status of a prophet. Many Biblical enthusiasts even claim that all of the prophets in the Bible have this trait. It is believed that this hole in the ear is a special pathway that allows God to communicate a deeper spiritual understanding directly to you.

Several passages are said to support this belief. One can be found in Exodus 21:6 when it is said, “and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him forever.” Another similar reference is found in Deuteronomy 15:17, “then you shall take an awl and thrust it through his ear to the door, and he shall be your servant forever. Also to your female servant you shall do likewise.” Psalm 40:6 says, “Mine ears hast thou opened.”

At first glance, it appears that these passages are talking about physical slaves and masters, but if you are born with this piercing naturally, then it is believed God has chosen you as his servant. God has pierced your ear as a sign that you are in servitude to him.

In this case, the spiritual meaning of a hole in the ear might mean you have a strong union with God. It is a special channel that is a reminder to pay attention to God and the messages that you receive. A hole in the ear means that God has chosen you and considers you to be special. It is not considered a defect or deformity, but rather, it is a special gift that encourages you to share your spiritual gifts and talents with the world. 


Even though there are a number of spiritual meanings tied to having a hole in the ear, figuring out which one applies to your situation isn’t hard. Simply look through this list and consider any that apply to you! The list will be pretty short, and you’ll be able to start narrowing things down with experience.

If you have questions about the spiritual meaning of a preauricular pit, ask away!

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