The Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning Of White Birds

Flying white bird with a powerful spiritual meaning

White birds have a long history of powerful symbolism and spiritual meanings across numerous cultures. These iconic animals are incredibly eye-catching, so it’s no surprise that humans have been fascinated by them for quite a while!

This guide will explore each of the spiritual meanings associated with white birds, and go over how you can accurately interpret what they mean for you.

White Bird Symbolism

White birds are some of the most noticeable creatures in nature. Without the muted camouflage of most other birds, they immediately stand out among the leaves and branches where they make their homes.

White birds are also often thought to be signs of one’s spirit guides. If you encounter a white animal in your dreams, then you should pay very close attention — that creature may be there to give you a very important message.

This isn’t all that white birds are, however. In addition to being important spiritual messengers, they also symbolize purity, new beginnings, peace, hope, and much more.

White Bird Spiritual Meaning

Have you seen a white bird? It may have shown up in your dreams, in art, or even right in your yard. These magical animals appear when they have something to say, so here are the most common spiritual meanings for the sudden appearance of white birds.

1. Spirituality

White birds may appear when you need to pay attention to something of spiritual importance. In some cases, this is simply the need for spirituality itself. They can be a reminder of your connection to the divine and unseen worlds.

These creatures can also indicate the presence of a higher being. They may be one of your spirit guides in disguise, or even a messenger from the divine.

2. A New Beginning

The spiritual meaning of a white bird can be a sign of a new beginning in your life. They may appear after hard times, as a reminder that life goes on. As cliche as it might sound, today is the first day of the rest of your life — it’s never too late to turn things around for yourself.

The connection between white birds and new beginnings is emphasized in the biblical story of Noah and the flood. After being at sea for a long time, Noah released a white dove in the hopes that it would find land. The dove eventually returned, holding an olive branch in its beak. This was a sign that the waters were receding, and the boat could make landfall.

3. Hope

In addition to their connection to new beginnings, the symbolism of white birds is also associated with hope. In various cultures, they’re considered signs of optimism, renewal, and the joy of a new tomorrow.

These birds can also be a sign to stop and appreciate the beauty around you. White birds stand out and draw attention to themselves and their surroundings. Observe them and be thankful for the bright, hopeful energy that they represent.

4. The Importance Of Peace

White birds (doves in particular) are well-known symbols of peace. When you see one, it may be delivering a message about the need for peace, harmony, and temperance in your life.

This bird may show up when you’re experiencing some form of conflict. In that case, it could be a message from your spirit guides to let you know that it’s important to choose peace. This may be the best way to resolve your issues and return to a calm, tranquil state.

5. Good Luck

Culturally, unique animals are often symbols of good luck. When Noah released a dove and had it return with an olive branch, he was fortunate that the waters had begun to recede. When hunters encounter a white animal, it can be a sign that they’ll have an easy, successful hunt.

The spiritual meaning of white birds is also connected to their role as messengers to the divine. When you see one, make a wish or say a prayer. It’ll carry it to the higher realms where it can be granted.

Even among people who don’t see white birds as good luck, these animals are generally considered signs of all kinds of good things. If you consider peace, hope, and blessings to be good luck, then white birds are good luck too!

6. A Message From Your Guardians

White birds are often a positive message from your spiritual guardians. If you dream of one, it may be a sign of one of your spirit guides. Pay close attention to what this bird does, because it can convey important information to you.

White feathers are also regarded as an angel sign. This is an indication of the presence of your guardian angel, especially if it appears alongside other angel signs like coins, sparkling lights, soft music, or sweet smells.

7. Feminine Energy

In some cases, the spiritual meaning of white birds represents feminine energy. This has nothing to do with the concept of masculine and feminine as they apply to human genders. Instead, “feminine” is shorthand for intuition, receptivity, acceptance, and tenderness. Both men and women have a balance of masculine and feminine energy within them.

When you see a white bird, it can be a sign to honor the feminine energy within yourself. Have you been tender and compassionate to others and yourself? Have you been listening to your intuition, or ignoring it? It’s time to focus on these important aspects of yourself, no matter what your gender or sex may be.

8. Innocence

White is often used as a symbol of innocence. This is sometimes assumed to be a childlike innocence but isn’t always the case.

Seeing a white bird can be a reminder to be thankful for the ways that you’re innocent. In other words, it reminds you to count your blessings — there are a lot of painful things that you haven’t had to experience in life, and hopefully never will. Take a moment to recognize and be thankful for the things that you have no knowledge of.

White birds can also be a reminder to see the world with a sense of innocent wonderment. When you can do that, you can see the mundane world in a new, more magical light.

9. You Are Blessed

Since their feathers are an angel sign, white birds can be a sign of blessings. They may appear to remind you of your good fortune. Even if you’re not experiencing it just yet, you can expect more blessings to be on the way!

These creatures can indicate that you’ll soon experience heightened prosperity, abundance, and joy. You may find your prayers answered and wishes granted.

10. Purity

The color white represents purity. As spiritual messengers, white birds can indicate that you’re connecting with your purest, highest self.

This is a good time to take a moment to reconnect with your values and life goals. How can you bring your actions in line with your beliefs? What does purity mean to you? Reflect on how these things have changed for you as you’ve grown older and determine what new direction you’d like your life to take.

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing White Birds?

If you see a white bird once, it could just be a one-off event. While these birds are rare and remarkable, they do occur in nature and are bound to show up eventually. However, if you keep seeing them then the spiritual meaning can be much more significant.

Whenever a spiritual symbol appears to you repeatedly, it’s a sign that you need to pay attention to its message. Seeing white birds over and over indicates that they have something very, very important to tell you.

You may also see white birds repeatedly if you’ve missed their message the first time around. If you saw one white bird and assumed it was a coincidence, then another may appear to you to make sure you get the message.

In some situations, white birds may deliver messages related to a specific event or point in time. When that’s the case, they may appear over and over the closer you get to that event. Once it happens, they may stop appearing to you altogether.

The Meaning Of Different Types Of White Birds

White birds occur in many different species, all of which have their own spiritual meanings. Here’s what it means if you see these specific types of white birds.


White doves are almost universal symbols of peace, tranquility, purity, and joy. They can also represent celebration.

Doves are also the same kind of bird as pigeons (also known as “rock doves”). In some cultures, white pigeons are symbols of prosperity and fertility.


White cranes represent good luck. These birds are symbols of prosperity, protection, and success, so they’re widely regarded as symbols of good fortune.


White swans are symbols of grace, beauty, love, and the divine. These white birds typically mate for life, so they represent the kind of love that endures.


The spiritual meaning of these white birds is connected to loyalty, reliability, watchfulness, and protection. They’re very territorial by nature, so they’re powerfully associated with guarding and guidance.


White ravens are exceedingly rare and special. They are considered to represent clarity, spiritual insight, revelations, and new opportunities.


White owls represent change, transformation, and wisdom. In some traditions, people make wishes whenever they see a white owl.

The Meaning Of A Flock Of White Birds

When you see a flock of white birds, as opposed to a single bird, it has a special spiritual meaning. Since flocks are communities, it can mean that you need to take the message of the white bird and apply it to your larger community. For example, it may be telling you to promote peace and tranquility within your family, neighborhood, or town.

Flocks of birds can also represent change, or the earthly presence of the divine. This means that a flock of white birds can represent change for the better.

A flock of white birds can also be a symbol of freedom. This is especially poignant when they show up to bring messages of peace and good luck.

The Spiritual Meaning Of White Birds In Different Cultures

White birds occur all around the world and have special significance to different cultures. Here’s what these special animals mean to people all around the world.

North America

To some indigenous people, raven was a creator spirit. He also originally had white feathers. He was a trickster creator, who used his cunning to steal the sun, moon, stars, and water to bring to the rest of the world. In the process of doing so, he was trapped in a smoke hole and the smoke turned his feathers shiny black.

The Middle East

In the Middle East and other areas with large Muslim and Jewish populations, white birds have a powerful spiritual meaning.

In Islam, they are thought to represent clarity, strength, and good deeds. Dreaming of a white bird is especially fortuitous, as it indicates a clear conscience from performing acts of charity.

In Judaism, white birds can represent new beginnings, peace, and hope. Through the legend of Noah, they’re also considered symbols of delivery from hardship.


Ancient Roman legends told of the caladrius, which was a white bird that could heal the sick. The caladrius was said to be a white bird who would fly out and visit the sick, where it was able to absorb their illnesses with its healing gaze. It would carry the illness with it when it flew away.

Later, in medieval bestiaries, it was said that whoever the caladrius looked in the eyes would live. If it failed to meet your gaze, you would die.


White ravens were a symbol of the Goddess Branwen. She was the daughter of Llyr, the God of the sea, and sister of Bran the Blessed and Manawyddan (also known as Manannán mac Lir in Irish mythology).

These white birds were a symbol of Blodeuwedd, a Welsh Goddess of beauty. She was created as a wife for Lleu, but conspired with her lover to kill him and was transformed into an owl as punishment.             

Closing Thoughts

The spiritual meaning of a white bird is often inspiring and positive. So if you see one, get excited!

If you’re having some trouble determining which meaning applies to your life the most, send us a message and ask for help! We’re more than willing to weigh in and give you our feedback.

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