Yellow Candle Meaning & Spiritual Benefits For Burning

A yellow candle with an inspirational meaning

The meaning of yellow candles is tied to strong positive energy, which is why they’re used so often during spiritual rituals and practices. That’s why this is one of our absolute favorite candle colors!

This guide will cover the spiritual meaning of yellow candles, and how you can use them to form a stronger connection with spirits and the universe.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Yellow Candles

The color of the candle you’re burning makes a difference, since each color candle has its own spiritual meaning and unique properties. Yellow candles are transmitters of some incredible spiritual gifts focused around divine enlightenment, health, and prosperity.

The Yellow Candle & The Sun

The power of the sun has a direct link with the spiritual meaning and energy of yellow candles, and burning these candles taps into the brilliance it emits. People often feel great joy and happiness after meditating with a yellow candle burning nearby.

There is only one word of caution regarding burning yellow candles, and that’s to avoid burning too many at the same time. The energy of the sun is powerful, which can make people want to pull more and more of it, but this can come across as being greedy and selfish to greater powers. The spiritual realm may close its doors to you for a while if you are taking more power than one person ought to have.

The Yellow Candle & Seeking Enlightenment

Yellow, often connected to happiness, is filled with spiritual powers of wisdom, pure truth, and ultimately enlightenment. A yellow candle can harness these powers and funnel them into you when you light it during your meditation practices. The meaning of this candle is powerful and can be very helpful in finding the clarity you seek.

Find a quiet place of peace, light the yellow candle, and focus in on the bright, flickering flame. Draw the spiritual properties of the candle out and breathe them in, and you’ll find a sense of enlightenment sweep over you. Embrace the wisdom that the yellow candle brings you.

The Yellow Candle & Prayer

Candles have been used in Christian tradition as well as many other cultures for thousands of years. One of the unique meanings of yellow candles is that they have special, spiritual properties that allow them to facilitate a deep connection between God and His people. Thus, yellow prayer candles have become an incredibly beneficial tool for spiritual growth.

The point of prayer is to access the presence of God, to share with Him your needs, your gratitude, and your praise, and to bask in the glory of the Holy Spirit. Putting a yellow prayer candle to use in your time with God can enhance the experience and maximize your ability to connect with the Spirit.

You’ll find it rewarding to focus on the flame and imagine that the words you lift to God are becoming one with the flame, flowing upwards into Heaven with the thin line of white smoke. Speak the matters of your heart with openness and sincerity, knowing that you are being heard.

As you pray with the yellow candle, sending your prayers upwards to the ears of God, know that He too is sending His words down to your heart. One of the great benefits of the yellow prayer candle is that it helps you to hear God’s voice more clearly and to recognize the message He is sending you. Communication, wisdom, and spiritual energy are the giftings of the yellow candle.

The Yellow Candle & Psychic Energy

The yellow candle emits a high level of psychic energy and those in its presence can benefit from this energy. The candle boosts the power of mediums and psychics, making it possible for them to achieve deeper connections with the spirit world. The yellow candle can also be a gateway for those seeking to make contact with spirits who have passed onto the other side.

Yellow candles are used often in spiritual rituals, including spell casting and efforts to contact the dead. They contain such a strong spiritual energy flow that spells cast in its flickering glow often succeed beyond what is expected, and this is especially true when conducting spells that draw on the yellow candle’s specific attributes of wisdom, prosperity, and health.

Yellow Candles And Zodiac Signs

Yellow candles have a magic within them that works wonders for a few zodiac signs in particular. These signs are: Leo, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

If you belong to one of these groups, burning a yellow candle when the sun is at its highest place in the sky will be a powerful experience for you. You’ll be tapping into specific energies of the sun, the earth, and the sky.

Different Ways You Can Use Yellow Candles

There are a variety of ways you can put the energy and meaning of the yellow candle to use in your spiritual life. It is a powerful tool that allows you to accomplish so much more during your meditations, prayers, and rituals.

1. Getting Rid Of Negative Energy

Using the yellow candle to get rid of negative energy in a space is easy and effective. Simply place the candle in the middle of the room, and make sure there is no other activity or distraction in the area. You’ll need to remain with the candle throughout the burn for safety purposes.

There are two options for how to burn the candle. You can either burn it all the way down in one, long session, or you can burn for 1-2 hours at the same time every day until the candle is gone. Either way, this cleansing ritual with the yellow candle will drive out negative energy and allow positive energy to fill the space.

2. Psychic Work

For those of you with heightened spiritual sensitivities, the yellow candle can be a conductor of wider flows of spiritual power, heightening the giftings you already possess. If you burn it during one of your rituals, readings, or psychic consultations, you’ll find your senses heightened and your abilities working at higher levels. You’ll be able to summon spiritual wisdom beyond what you normally can access.

I think back to my younger days when I used to use an antenna to get television channels. Often the larger antennae increased the range of channels we received and improved the quality of the picture. This is what the yellow candle can do for mediums and psychics.

Since the spiritual meaning of yellow candles represents wisdom and communication across spiritual boundaries, psychics find great success in presenting accurate readings and communicating with the spirits when burning one. The candle is a gateway for spirits to communicate, so contacting the dead is much easier and the connection is typically stronger.

You can also use the yellow candle in many rituals, spells, and spiritual events in order to boost the flow of psychic energy. These rituals will be more powerful and see greater rates of success with its use (more on that later).

3. Boosting The Third Chakra

Yellow is the true color of the third chakra, which is located in your upper abdomen, right around your diaphragm. Some people refer to this area as the solar plexus, and it’s the chakra that contains your feelings of joy, wisdom, excitement, and hope.

The third chakra is the gateway to connecting to the most excellent, true part of who you are, so incorporating the spiritual meanings of yellow candles will help you tap into that space. Focus your meditation on your third chakra as you burn it, and you’ll experience a fount of joy and hope within you.

4. Focus & Concentration

You may be meditating because you want to grow in your ability to focus and concentrate, but meditation itself requires a lot of focus. There are so many distractions in the world and it’s tough to find peace and quiet. Burning a yellow candle during your meditation practices will help you tap into newfound levels of focus and concentration.

Try using a light yellow candle when you practice rituals or pray, as it is known to help with focus and also your memory so that you can retain whatever message God gives you during that session.

5. Reach Out To Spirits

The energies that flow from the lit yellow candle work as gateways to the spiritual realm and even God Himself. This is one of the most powerful tools you can put to use to dramatically improve your ability to reach out to the spirits. Not only is it powerful, but it’s simple.

Whether you’re looking to establish a stronger connection to the universe or to the soul of a loved one who has departed, burning the yellow candle will bring down the walls of separation. As you pray, focus your thoughts on the flame and allow it to transmit your message to the spiritual realms. As the yellow candle melts down, you’ll feel the response from the other side, if you are listening intently.

Yellow Candle Spells & Rituals

If you’re trying to accomplish something specific with your yellow candle, there are rituals that are geared towards achieving certain marked goals. Here are some common ones to choose from that might fit your needs.

Burning A Dark Yellow Candle

The spiritual meaning of dark yellow candles tend to draw upon a more masculine energy. When one burns a dark yellow candle during a sacred ritual, the result is a divine, pure wisdom that comes from above. This spiritual enlightenment can help you lead a more prosperous and healthy life.

Burning A Light Yellow Candle

The light yellow candle being used in a ritual will attract spiritual energies that improve a person’s cognition, memory, clarity of thought, and spiritual awareness. This is great for anyone who’s been feeling blocked by negative energy and unable to focus.

Another benefit of the light yellow candle is the creative energy that tends to flow from it to those around it. If you need to get your creative juices flowing, utilize the energy and meaning of a light yellow candle.

Burning A Yellow Candle For 7 Days

There are several reasons one might want to take up a 7-day sacred ritual using a yellow candle. One that we’ve already talked about is to rid a space of negative energy, but there are several others.

Since the number 7 is often considered the number of completion, a 7-day ritual is quite powerful. You should consider it if you are looking to gain divine understanding about an issue you’re dealing with, or if you want to focus on taking your psychic sensitivities to new levels. Another use of the 7-day yellow candle burning ritual is to pay homage to the sun, asking for help to rid yourself of negative energies.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re familiar with all of the meanings associated with yellow candles, it should be pretty clear why it’s such a popular choice!

If you have any questions about using yellow candles in your practice or ideas you’d like feedback on, get in touch! We’re always happy to help.

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