The Spiritual Meaning Of Yellow: An In-Depth Guide

A woman enjoying the spiritual meaning of the color yellow

Yellow is an iconic and eye-catching color that is connected to a variety of spiritual meanings. There’s nothing quite like it!

This guide will help you interpret what it means when you see the color yellow, so you can benefit from its energy.

Yellow Symbolism

Yellow is an extremely happy color, overflowing with positive light energy. From a high level this color symbolizes joy, positivity, health, and a radiant spirit. It also represents wonderful attributes like intelligence, spontaneity, cheerfulness, and creativity.

Yellow Spiritual Meaning

Yellow is absolutely filled with positive energy, and that energy tends to bring about wonderful manifestations of joy, creativity, and confidence. It is considered by most cultures to be a color with very positive spiritual meaning and associations.

There are many who would say yellow is the happiest of all colors, but what is the spiritual meaning of seeing yellow in your life?

1. Believe In Yourself

Do you struggle to believe in yourself? If you’ve been seeing absurd amounts of yellow in your day-to-day life, it may be the universe sending you a loving message of encouragement that you have every reason to put faith in yourself. They send you this message because you are capable, intelligent, and worthwhile.

Yellow is a color that exudes confidence, and self-confidence may be what you’re lacking above all else. Perhaps you’ve been told by people throughout your life that you’re not good enough, or have some trauma from your childhood that has made it difficult to expect success from yourself. You should seek out ways to heal those wounds so you can begin to believe in yourself again.

Have you ever noticed that yellow is a color that tends to stand out amongst the others? A yellow car is more noticeable and a person wearing yellow definitely draws more attention. You are every bit as vibrant as the color yellow and as worthy of praise.

2. Find Joy

Many research studies have been done regarding the effect of the color yellow on a person’s emotional state, and almost every result has shown that yellow brings people a sense of happiness and joy. It is an uplifting color that tends to part the clouds of darkness one might be experiencing and bring in the sunshine of hope.

If you happen to notice yellow all around you, whether it be on the television, in your dreams, on clothing, or in the homes you walk into, this could be a nudge from the universe to seek out more joy in life. This spiritual meaning is one that you don’t want to ignore. You deserve to experience joy and happiness, so let yellow lead the way!

One way to find more joy in life and elevate your mood overall is to go back to yellow. Think about bringing some yellow paint into your home and adding an accent wall or do an entire room. Wake up to yellow every day, eat with yellow all about you, and take a nice bubble bath in a yellow bathroom to get the full effect of this joy-giving color!

3. Exercise Creativity

It’s no coincidence that preschools and Sunday schools tend to be decorated in various hues of yellow. This color is known to promote creativity. It stimulates the parts of the brain that spark a person’s sense of creativity and ingenuity.

If you’re finding yourself running into yellows left, right, and center, this may be a sign that you’ve been neglecting to exercise your creative powers. Perhaps you’ve been too busy to let those juices flow but this should be corrected. The universe knows you have something special and beautiful to offer the world, so please don’t deny us the pleasure of your gifts!

Do you have a workspace where you generally create? You may want to try bringing some yellow into the space, whether it be on the walls, the tables, or even the floors! You’ll find your creativity hitting new highs and flowing freely in such a space.

If you’re someone who creates as part of your daily life for work or pleasure outside of the home, why not add some yellow to your attire for that extra boost? A yellow jacket, for example, can really cause a surge of creativity in you and for those around you.

4. Be Empowered

If you want to wake up feeling empowered in the morning, consider painting your room yellow and notice the amazing effect it has on your sense of confidence. This makes a lot of sense when you consider the obvious connection between the color and the sun.

Many people find that the spiritual meaning of yellow provides them with a sense of strength and an overall confidence in their own ability. It’s almost as if it harnesses the power of a lightning bolt and delivers it directly to your spirit, empowering you to approach your day with boldness.

If you start seeing yellow more than usual in your immediate world, know that this is a message from the spiritual realm. The spirit guides want you to feel a greater sense of empowerment in your life because you are stronger, smarter, and more capable than you know.

You can and will achieve every goal set in front of you if you choose not to give up.

5. Continue To Strengthen Your Mind

If you find yourself struggling with forgetfulness, or having a difficult time making decisions, you may want to consider surrounding yourself with more yellow. If you don’t want to paint a room in your home yellow, you could consider bringing in yellow flowers, wearing yellow clothes, and even purchasing some yellow-themed art for the walls.

Keeping the spiritual meaning of yellow close can bring about a greater sense of clarity and strength of mind. Many say that their memory improves and their overall mental alertness becomes sharper.

Another great help that comes from this color is its ability to help you focus. School rooms, homeschool spaces, testing facilities, and office spaces should all have plenty of yellow on the walls to help people hone in on that heightened concentration factor.

6. Find Your Truth

Have you lost your sense of who you really are or found yourself unsure about what you want in life? You may want to spend some time in a garden full of yellow flowers as you seek out your truth, because yellow is a color that has significant positive energy that sparks self-awareness.

Just remember that everyone’s truth is their own. Yellow is a great example, as it tends to stand out from the other colors as being unique and bold in itself. You are also a wonderfully unique individual, so be sure to seek out your own path regardless of what other people are doing.

7. Connection To The Sun

It’s no stretch of the imagination to make a connection between yellow and the sun. Much like the sun, yellow is a color that makes people feel warm, safe, happy, and comforted. The sun, like yellow, provides many benefits to all living creatures and plants on earth.

The sun is an incredible source of power in a variety of ways. Harnessing the power of the sun has provided us with electricity and allowed people to live off the grid, while the greenery of the world naturally harvests its rays for food. Our bodies use sunshine to create vitamin D and for many other purposes.

Yellow may not have the obvious power that the massive sun possesses, but its spiritual meaning empowers, brings joy, builds confidence, and is associated with newness of life. This is a powerful warrior of a color.

If yellow is popping up around you, perhaps the universe is trying to tell you to seek your own inner power and trust it. Like the sun and this strong color, you have a lot of power within you. You just need to be confident and use it.

8. Be Hopeful

If you’ve been feeling the pangs of despair creeping into your life and suddenly you notice the color yellow everywhere around you, this is a sign from the Heavens that you have every reason to be hopeful in your future. Maybe life hasn’t been going too well for you lately. It’s normal to feel down and question whether or not your situation will ever improve, but God and your guardians want you to know that there is always hope for a better future.

Yellow is a color that inspires hope, feeds positivity, and reminds us that we all have a right to be happy. Be hopeful in what’s coming and step out in faith, knowing that the universe holds good things for you.

9. Something New Is Coming

Something new is coming, and you won’t want to miss it. That’s why you’ll want to pay attention to the bright yellow signs all around you. The spiritual meaning of yellow is associated with newness, and the universe uses this color to alert us that we should prepare for a new chapter.

Have you been hoping for a baby? Looking for a new job? House-hunting in a new city?

The yellow you’re seeing is a sign that something fresh and new is on the way, and it’s going to be something that’s been worth the wait.

The Impact Of Yellow On The Chakras

Yellow has a deep connection with the solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra that manages one’s concept of their authentic self. This chakra, located in the center of your torso, is very important because it helps people to get a good grasp on loving and accepting one’s true self.

If your solar plexus chakra is blocked, your whole sense of who you are and how special it is to be you will fall apart. That’s where introducing some yellow into your life can come in handy.

The Meaning Of Different Shades Of Yellow

Different shades of yellow can have slightly different spiritual meanings. Here are the primary shades to pay attention to.

Light Yellow

The light shade of yellow that we often see used in nurseries, has a connection to concepts of new beginnings, joy, and flexibility. This is why it is commonly used for neutral-themed baby showers.

Olive Yellow

Olive is a darker, greenish shade of yellow that has a more negative association with concepts of sickness and death. Its spiritual meaning is also associated with the sinful concept of envy and greed.

Bold Yellow

A bright, bold yellow is a color that captures one’s attention. It is considered a color that is cheerful and upbeat in nature, promoting happiness and good emotional help.

Golden Yellow

When you consider a color that represents luxury, wealth, prosperity, and pleasure, you might think of golden yellow. Think of the color of gold itself and you’ll understand why this spiritual meaning is so strong.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Yellow In Different Cultures

Yellow has a few different spiritual meanings in other cultures. Here are the main ones to know about!

Asian Cultures

Yellow has different spiritual meanings throughout Asian countries, and all are positive. In Japan, yellow is the color of courage, and this is an important attribute to the Japanese people. In India, this color is one that brings a message of wealth and a thriving business for merchants.


Brazilians believe yellow is a good luck color that brings wealth, wisdom, and happiness. They will often wear yellow on New Year’s Eve to spark blessings of prosperity for the upcoming year.

Mexico & Egypt

The color holds much less joy in Mexico, where it is seen as the color of mourning. Egyptians also use yellow for mourning, but see it as a happy color at the same time. This is a dramatic contrast to those around the world who tend to wear black to indicate they are mourning the loss of a loved one.

Closing Thoughts

Yellow is a color with a number of positive spiritual meanings, and knowing them can be very helpful. Whether you’re seeing it everywhere or you simply want to introduce its energy into your life, refer to this guide for help in the future!

If you have any other questions about what this color means, send them our way. We connect with our readers often, and will always make time to help you out.

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