The Spiritual & Biblical Meaning Of Flickering Lights

A flickering light with a biblical meaning

Flickering lights are often used as a way to deliver powerful spiritual messages to us. And since they always catch our attention, it’s a wise move!

This guide will go over the spiritual and biblical meaning of flickering lights, and how you can determine which ones apply to your life.

1. A Message From Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

If you notice a flickering light in your home and immediately have a sense that the spirit of a loved one is nearby, you may be spot on. Many people believe flickering lights indicate the energy of a loved one who has passed away is interfering with the electric currents. This departed soul has come back to give you a message.

Sometimes our lost loved ones will have guidance for us and they are permitted to bring us a message of warning, encouragement, or direction. They also often come to say goodbye because there wasn’t time to do that before they passed on. If we quiet the world around us and really focus in, we can indeed hear the message they’ve brought.

2. Be Open To Divine Messages

God speaks to us, but sometimes we don’t hear His message. We often don’t even recognize the signs that He is trying to get our attention. The biblical meaning of flickering lights could simply be an alert to stay open to divine messages!

You must always remember that the spirits are on your side and only want the very best for you, so it’s wise to seek and accept their guidance.

If you’ve been battling feelings of fear, doubt, and loneliness, just know that God sees you and has a plan for your life. This should encourage you to follow your own path towards the desires of your heart. Don’t be afraid to go against the crowd and make a decision that breaks the mold.

3. You’re Protected By God

When you’re going through difficulties in life, it can feel like God is allowing bad things to happen to you. What you don’t see in those troubling times is how much you’re actually being protected. The things you’re struggling with now would have been ten times worse without the hand of your guardians.

The biblical meaning of flickering lights can be that angels are in your home, and that they are there to keep you safe. If you’ve been feeling frightened lately of some kind of danger, whether it be a physical threat or a sense of being in a dangerous place financially, this message was sent especially to remind you that you are well-protected and never alone.

Try to surrender that stress and fear. You have nothing to worry about with them on your side.

4. Trust Yourself

If lights are flickering all around you, the spiritual meaning could be that the universe is encouraging you to put more trust in yourself. Stop doubting your abilities, your instinct, and your character. You are equipped with everything you need to make the decisions you have in front of you.

Whether it’s regarding romance, business, or general life choices, you should put some faith in your own discernment of the situation. When you need extra support in decision-making, it’s perfectly fine to pray and ask for help, but ultimately you’re being encouraged to trust yourself.

5. It’s Time To Take Action

Have you been dragging your feet lately? If the lights are flickering above you, the biblical meaning could be a nudge to stop stalling and take action already. While change can be scary, not taking the steps you know you need to take will just make you miserable.

Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. You’ll either succeed or you’ll learn a lesson.

6. Guidance

Few people know that guardian angels will often use flickering lights to get the attention of their wards in order to convey an important message. People who are knowledgeable about this, especially sensitive to the working of the spirits, will recognize the warning sign and begin to listen for the divine guidance in store.

Angels will often warn about issues that may arise, people in your life who seem to care but are really wolves in sheep’s clothing, and potential problems with your health. They also come to bring comfort during times of fear, loss, and mourning. The spiritual meaning of flickering lights is likely that you’re about to receive some guidance from your guardian angels, so try not to miss your opportunity to glean from their wisdom.

7. Trust Where The Spirits Are Pointing You

Have you been feeling a tugging at your spirit lately that you’ve been ignoring? Maybe you’ve had bad feelings about someone you’re in a relationship with and you have a suspicion that there is unfaithfulness or malicious intent. Perhaps you’ve had the feeling you’re going to be heading in a new direction in your career, but you’ve blown it off.

The biblical meaning of flickering lights could be a confirmation that you need to start putting more trust in the guidance of your spirit guides. Those feelings you’re having are significant. If you feel something bad is about to happen, trust your instincts and the spiritual red flags, and take steps to protect yourself.

8. Put The Past Behind You

Stop dwelling on the past and put it all behind you. For many, that’s the meaning of these flickering lights. The spirit realm is telling you that you no longer need to be held back by the mistakes of the past.

You may never forget the things you’ve done to hurt others or the ways others have hurt you in the past, and you don’t have to forget it. At the same time, the past will chain you down if you let it. You need to be free and you can be if you leave the past behind you once and for all.

9. Make The Most Of Life

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that life is short. We have only a limited time on this planet to do all we dream of accomplishing, so it’s important not to waste any of the precious time we have. A flickering light in your home may be a reminder from God that you need to stop taking time for granted and live life to the fullest.

A sure fire way to waste valuable time is to spend it comparing your life to the lives of others. Comparisons can be incredibly destructive to our sense of self-confidence, self-love, and self-assurance. Suddenly nothing we do is good enough, and no part of our lives are what they should be because they don’t look like the lives of so-and-so.

Enjoy your life by being you, using your time wisely, and never forgetting to be grateful for the blessings you have. Take care of your time and stay focused on your goals. Life will be sweet.

10. Good Luck

You may be going through a series of rough setbacks in life and perhaps you’ve been feeling pretty down about the direction things are going. The good news is that the meaning of these flickering lights is a sign of good luck that’s coming to you soon. The tides of your life will change and everything will start going your way.

Good luck does come and go, so you should take advantage of it whilst it’s yours. When you see flickering lights, you may want to take a few more chances, step out in faith in some areas you’ve been more hesitant to go to before, and ask out that person you’ve been eyeing for a few months. Good luck is on your side, so embrace it!

11. Danger

If your lights are flickering and you’re sure you don’t simply have an electrical problem, the spiritual meaning could be related to blocked energy within you. You may not be spending the time you need to make sure you are well-grounded so that your own energy is flowing successfully. Without that grounding, your electric energy will be interfering with the electricity in the home and causing the light show.

Check the state of your aura and try to determine if the disturbance is coming from you unawares. You may need to spend some time focusing on your spiritual well-being, grounding your energy in meditation and a connection with the natural world, and making sure you are considering yourself to be a priority in your busy life as well.

12. Connect With Others

Do you ever notice flickering lights when you and your romantic partner are together and sparks are flying? This could be a sign that there is an extraordinarily strong connection between you and your partner. When you come together, your energies combine and create an extremely powerful vibration that messes with the electrical fields.

If you have this kind of intense connection with someone, value it. So many people are searching for that in the world, and it’s very difficult to find. The flickering lights are a sign that this is a connection you don’t want to take for granted or risk losing.

It’s entirely possible that this strong connection is not with a romantic partner, but with a very close friend instead. Some friendships are very intense and can develop an electrically-charged connection also.

13. Spiritual Enlightenment

Finding spiritual enlightenment can certainly cause flickering lights around you as your spiritual energy begins to vibrate at a much higher level. As you reach new spiritual planes, this causes electrical interactions that can be visibly seen.

Be patient with the side effects of this spiritual awakening, for it does take time for your new, brighter energy to adjust to the electrical fields around you. If you are blessed enough to achieve spiritual enlightenment, don’t take it for granted but nurture it. Continue to take time to meditate and keep your life balanced in as many areas as possible.

14. Don’t Allow Your Faith To Waver

God knows when you’re beginning to let your faith waver, and He wants to encourage you to stay the course. This could be the biblical meaning of the flickering lights in your home. It is a warning not to allow your faith to fall apart.

There are a lot of reasons you might find your faith slipping away from you. Perhaps you’ve been facing a lot of difficulties lately and it feels like nothing is going right in your life. It can be easy to blame others or just walk away when trials and tribulations come your way.

Some people struggle in their faith because they find themselves wanting to do things that their religion says is wrong. It’s important to remember that you’re no worse or no better than anyone else, and you don’t have to leave your faith just because you are struggling or see some things differently than the mainstream religion.

15. Someone With A Strong Aura Is Close

Do the lights in your home flicker whenever a certain person comes to visit? This could be a sign that this individual is spiritually enlightened and has a very strong aura that is interfering with the electrical fields. This person may not realize how high their spiritual vibrations are and how strong their sensitivities.

Some believe that such an energy disturbance could also be caused by the nearby presence of extraterrestrials, whether it be their vibration or the energy field of their equipment. Flickering lights could mean a visitor from a whole other universe!

Wrapping Up

Now that you understand the spiritual and biblical meaning of flickering lights a bit more, it’s time for you to start reflecting on what they mean for you. Look through the likely messages on our list and think about which ones are relevant.

And as always, if you have any questions you can always ask us!

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