Copper Symbolism, Properties & Spiritual Meaning

Copper nugget with inspiring symbolism and meanings

The spiritual meaning and symbolism of copper is often surprising to people in this day and age. It seems that over time we’ve lost sight of the magical and powerful history this metal has!

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using copper for your spiritual practice.

Copper Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Copper is a mineral that’s deeply connected with Mother Earth, and that connection gives it a lot of spiritual energy and usefulness. There are several interpretations for the symbolism that copper carries and the ways it can be useful spiritually.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Balance & Stability

The reddish-brown color of copper ties in with the soil of the earth, and we all depend on the earth for its stable support under our feet. Much like Mother Earth, copper symbolizes stability and balance, and having it in your life can assist in bringing your own life into a more balanced state.

Balance and stability are important for anyone trying to live a healthy life. If you find yourself working too hard or being lazy, exercising way too much or way too little, or being too trusting or afraid to trust, these are all ways in which you may be out of balance. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you have lost your sense of security in life and it’s making you feel unstable.

If you’ve been feeling like the world around you is spinning out of control and you can’t seem to find your sense of balance, bring some copper into your home, your workplace, or even wear it on your body. You’ll feel the stability you’ve been needing start to come back to you. The spiritual meaning of copper will help you get your feet back on solid ground.

When you’re feeling particularly unstable, try holding a piece of copper in your hand and focus on a bright light in your mind. Allow the copper to bring your whole self into unity. Remember to breathe deeply throughout this ritual and repeat it anytime you’re feeling that sense of security slip away.

2. Collaboration

It’s interesting that copper tends to be a metal that doesn’t mix with other metals, and so it seems to stand apart on its own. Perhaps you can relate to this symbolism, and maybe you feel separated from others, lonely, or find it difficult to collaborate with others at work or in your personal life. However, people weren’t designed to be alone in life, and the universe clearly desired for us to have positive relationships in our lives.

If you happen to stumble across copper items unexpectedly throughout your day, or if you’re dreaming about copper, the universe may be trying to help you break free from your tendency to isolate yourself. Try stepping outside of your normal comfort zones and reach out to a friend or family member. Maybe try to make some new friends!

Collaborating with others is an important part of living a balanced life. Whether in your personal life or in your career, you’ll likely have to learn how to work with others in a positive way, so try incorporating the spiritual meaning of copper into your everyday life as a way of reminding yourself to step out in faith.

Some people believe that wearing copper, perhaps in the form of jewelry, can emit a positive energy that draws people to you who are similarly-minded. Wear copper in public situations and events, and you may find yourself connecting with others most regularly.

3. Deep Spirituality

There is spiritual energy that springs forth from pure copper, and it is this positive energy that helps people near it to discover deeper levels of spirituality within themselves. Copper breaks down spiritual walls between the two worlds and acts as a conductor between people and the spiritual realm. This is due to copper’s association with the energies of the earth.

If deepening your spiritual awareness is something that’s important to you, you should consider placing copper near you or on you, particularly when you’re taking part in a spiritual ritual, meditation, or prayer session. You can place copper bowls in your sacred ritual space, or you can wear copper on your body in the form of jewelry. You also can simply hold some copper in your hand as you seek out a connection with the other side.

If you happen to run across copper at random times throughout your day or if it turns up in your dreams, this could mean the spirit guides are calling upon you to open your heart to a deeper spiritual sensitivity. This is a call you do not want to ignore. It is an honor for the universe to reach out specifically to you in order to build a deeper, more profound connection.

The energy and symbolism of copper can do wonderful things in bringing your mind, body, and soul into a place of harmony. This will help you reach deeper levels of spiritual awareness than you could imagine.

4. A Sense Of Calm

Anxiety and stress can be quite detrimental to a person’s well-being. It can cause other health issues that can become serious and dangerous over time, and it will steal your joy and happiness.

If you’re struggling with the negative emotions, there are things you can do to heal. You want to attempt to find and maintain a sense of calm throughout your day when life’s troubles start to feel overwhelming. The positive energy of copper can be very helpful in bringing about peaceful and calm feelings.

While copper won’t solve all your problems or take away everything that causes you to experience stress, it can give you the relief you need to be able to focus on solving your problems with a clear, calm mind. This relaxed state of mind helps you to see the problem for what it is and approach it logically instead of emotionally. Sometimes just that little bit of assistance can make all the difference in the world.

Don’t live with stress and worry any longer than you need to. Allow the healing properties of copper to help you enter a better state of mind so that you can address the issues that are troubling you on steady ground.

5. New Opportunity

If you’ve been having dreams about multiple pieces of copper recently, this may be a sign from the universe that you’re going to have an incredibly positive opportunity come your way. This is a great message to receive from the spiritual realm, and it’s important that you receive the message so you know to open your heart and arms to this new opportunity. The copper sign is going to mean fortune is coming to you via this new opportunity.

Copper is a spiritually-charged metal that attracts new, potentially prosperous opportunities. It’s a good idea, with that in mind, to either wear copper on your person or to have copper placed in various locations around your house and office. Keeping its symbolism and meaning close will bring you good luck in these new prospects, and it just may change the whole course of your life in a positive way.

6. Good Health

You might be surprised to learn how many ways in which copper is an agent of healing both physically and emotionally. Many naturopaths and healers put copper to good use in their practice. All you need to do is search online or look through a pharmacy to find products that are made with copper that claim to address a variety of health needs.

As a potent conductor of energy, copper is perfectly suited for energy healing as it brings balance to your taxed emotions and out-of-whack body. The positive energy of the copper can bring health and balance to your whole person and bring you into alignment.

Some practitioners say the energy of the copper can stimulate your cells to reproduce quicker, which helps your body to heal from injury. People also use it with the goal of increasing the circulatory flow and providing support to the immune system. This is done by wearing garments or jewelry of copper to harness these incredibly powerful healing properties.

It’s vital to remember that not all healing happens at the physical level, but the need for emotional healing can be just as crucial. If you’re struggling with emotional trauma, feelings of abandonment, or just an overall sense of not being well emotionally, keep copper near you and allow the positive earth energy it possesses to bring balance, calm, and healing.

Spiritual Benefits Of Copper

The combination of copper’s strong energy and strong spiritual meaning makes it a metal that can offer people a variety of benefits. From boosting the work of chakra to bringing safety to your home, there is so much that it has to offer.

Chakra Work

The beautiful red nature of copper, as well as its symbolism and connection to nature, aligns it beautifully with the root chakra.

Since the root chakra is tied into the ground and nature, this creates a beautiful and powerful circular cycle. One of the effects of wearing copper jewelry or copper in other forms is that it can help you to connect with nature, which is cleansing and needful.

The activated sacral chakra, which drives a person’s creative flow of expression, is associated with the color orange. This makes it the closest connection to copper. Another great motivation to wearing copper is that it will boost your inner creativity, help you to express yourself in a genuine way, and specifically enables people to communicate more openly about who they are and what they want sexually.

Utilizing copper in your sacral chakra work is going to make your efforts much more effective and successful.

Introducing Love Into Your Life

Venus is the name of the “Goddess of Love”, according to Roman mythology, and she stands for feminine divinity, abundant fertility, and sensuality. Copper and Venus have been tied together with each other for many years, which is why copper is also sometimes referred to as the “Goddess of Love”.

Living up to this nickname, the spiritual meaning and symbolism of copper spark feelings of love, passion, and romance. There’s no coincidence that the traditional gift for a couple on their 7th anniversary is one that’s made of copper. The 7th anniversary is significant because 7 is a lucky number, and copper represents the kind of deep love that a person should consider themselves fortunate to find.

If you’re wanting to introduce love into your life, wearing copper can help you accomplish that goal. As the positive energy of the copper mingles with feelings of attraction, sparks will fly in a great way. Give copper the opportunity to do what it does, and make sure to embrace the feminine energy it transfers to you.

Not only is copper powerful for helping build the bonds of love and passion, but it’s also instrumental in keeping a marriage safe and sound. It helps keep the flame burning throughout the years. Consider copper to be one of the most thoughtful and useful gifts you can give a couple at their wedding.

Protecting Your Space From Negative Energy

Copper has an ancient, deep tie with the earth and with earth magic. This is why many cultures use copper to protect their space from negative energy by binding up the negative magic spells or curses.

Traditionally, the copper is placed on a family altar or a table near the entrance of the home to provide ultimate protection. This can help a great deal with keeping your sacred space for meditation and prayer clear from negative energies.

Not only does copper help to guard your space from negative energy, evil spirits, and magic spells, but it also acts as a protective force against burglars or someone who wants to harm you. Having copper strategically-placed at all of the home’s entryway is common for this. It can also be used through the space as a part of the décor, or as an amulet.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has given you a look at the magical spiritual meaning, healing properties, and symbolism of copper. This is a metal that you shouldn’t overlook!

If you have any questions about the best ways to incorporate copper into your healing practice, send us a message and ask!

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