Right Foot Itching Meaning & Superstition: Female & Male

A female itching her right foot and wondering what it means

An itchy right foot has a number of spiritual meanings and superstitions associated with it. For such a seemingly innocent event, there’s a lot behind it!

This guide will teach you what it means when your right foot itches, and how you can tell which particular meaning applies to you.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Foot Itches?

If you find your right foot itching, and it’s not due to a medical condition of some sort, it’s very likely that the universe is reaching out to you with a message. Generally, this tends to be a good sign, but you’ll have to lean in and seek spiritual guidance to determine how to interpret it.

1. You’re About To Begin A New Adventure

Your right foot itching could be your inner-self’s way of telling you that you need to start a journey. Your feet need to lead you somewhere amazing that’ll allow you to grow and lead a more enriching life. This journey is likely a geographical one, leading you to travel to places you’ve never been before.

If your right foot keeps itching, it’s time you start planning the journey. Make sure your passports are updated and that you’re ready to pack if needed. Try not to get anxious about the traveling or the destination, but rather just enjoy the whole process and be open to whatever you will glean from this time.

While most of the time this sign indicates a physical journey, there are occasions where itchy right feet mean there will be a spiritual or emotional journey that you’re about to embark on. Ask your guardians for guidance as you make your way to the starting line, knowing that this journey will benefit you and your loved ones.

2. Positivity

The left foot is often considered to bring bad luck and negative energy, while the right foot is the exact opposite. The right side of the body is said to be full of positive energy. If you find your right foot is itching often, that means there is a great deal of positive energy flowing through your body.

It is wonderful to know that your body is being fueled by positive energy. This positivity will overflow into every area of your life. Your relationships will thrive and you will be on fire in the workplace.

When positive energy surrounds you, it’ll affect your demeanor, making you more gracious and kinder towards others. You’ll find yourself wanting to be more generous and help others whenever possible. You’ll also feel an overall sense of calm and peace because of this positive energy coursing through your body.

3. Buckle Down And Work Hard

Many people battle laziness throughout their life, and it’s hard to overcome for a number of reasons.

If you find your right foot itching from time to time, the spiritual meaning could be a warning from the universe that you’re allowing your laziness to become an issue, and you need to deal with it immediately. Complacency and procrastination can be quite detrimental to your life.

If you’re struggling with laziness and you know things need to change, you can start by coming up with a consistent routine with regular waking and sleeping times, chores, errands, and hopefully a job. Limit the amount of time you give yourself to laying around, watching television, or playing video games.

If your right foot keeps itching, trust the universe that you need to buckle down and work hard if you want to have a decent life. You can work hard and still have time to relax and do the activities you enjoy. It’s time to stop being lazy and start being more productive.

4. Stay The Course

The game of life doesn’t usually come with a manual, so it’s comforting and helpful when the universe reaches out to us with signs and guidance on how we should proceed going forward. If your right foot begins itching, it could mean that the spiritual realm is encouraging you to stay the course right now in whatever you’ve been focusing on.

If you’ve been working hard in a career and you’re not quite sure if you should stay longer, or go somewhere else, this itching could be a sign that you should remain where you are and keep working towards the goal. If you’ve been dating someone and are getting cold feet or a fear of commitment, it’s very possible that this itching means you should stick it out a bit longer and see where things are going.

Trust your spirit guides that there will be a positive outcome for you if you stay the course and don’t lose focus.

5. Good Luck Is Coming

One common superstition is that itching on your right foot can be a sign of good luck. This is more likely to be true if you’ve recently started a new job or decided on a change of career. The itching in your right foot is a sign that you are making good decisions, are on the right route towards success, and that all of your hard work is going to pay off.

If your right foot itches at the beginning of something, that means good luck is with you, even if it’s just the start of the week or of the work day. If the itching comes at the beginning of a new relationship or after just having made a new friend, those new connections will be covered in positive energy and good luck.

Whenever you receive a good luck charm or a sign from the universe that luck is on your side, you should take full advantage of it by going full-speed ahead. Give your best efforts at work, nurture new relationships, and go the extra mile in whatever area you’d like to see the positive energy reach. Don’t waste your good luck by being lazy or procrastinating.

6. Exciting News

No matter how things have been going for you in recent years, the spiritual meaning of itchiness in your right foot could be that you’ll soon receive exciting news. This good news could be about work, relationships, personal growth, or any number of things.

You may receive exciting news about your finances, such as hearing that you’ll receive a promotion at work, a raise, or maybe a new job altogether. If the news is about a relationship, this could be romance in bloom or a friendship that is being restored. You may also find out something rather unexpected, such as reconnecting with a lost family member or finding out someone you love has been healed of an illness.

Excellent news is right around the corner, so keep your eyes and ears wide open, and be ready to receive whatever the universe wants to give you. You deserve this goodness that’s coming.

7. You’ll Find Love

Every human being has a real need to be loved and to love others, but it’s always a little scary to take a chance and open up to someone. If you find yourself itching your right foot often, the universe may be encouraging you to force yourself out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable with your emotions, because you’re about to find true love.

This new love of yours may be someone you haven’t met yet, or it could be someone you know well. Sometimes our feelings for someone develop slowly over time. If you’re just realizing some romantic feelings for a friend, waste no time waiting debating this possibility, but rather go and tell that person how you feel.

This is not the time to hold off or deny those feelings you’re having. If your right foot is itching, then your time for love is now. Don’t pass up on this opportunity for the real thing.

8. Spiritual Discovery & Evolution

Spiritual development is neglected far too often. We will put time and effort into physical and emotional health, but spiritual health can easily get overlooked. The good news is that an itchy right foot often means there is spiritual discovery and evolution on the way.

If the spirits send you this sign of the itchy right foot, it means they see you’re ready for spiritual enlightenment. That, in turn, means you have reached a stage in life when you’ve become mature, sincere, selfless, and humble. It is in this place that you are ready to experience the most dramatic spiritual development.

It is also during this time that you may discover some spiritual giftings you had previously not noticed. Don’t be afraid of your new gifts. The universe wants you to use them to bless others, so be open to that!

The Meaning Of Right Foot Itching For Females

A common superstition around the right foot itching as a female is that you’re about to embark on an adventure. This great adventure may be a literal one involving travel, or it could be a spiritual journey you’re about to undertake.

Going on a journey can be quite frightening for some people, but you shouldn’t let fear keep you from exploring the world and yourself. Still, there is a reason your right foot is itching about this journey, and that might be that you will not glean from it all that you would like to. In other words, if you’re hoping to have a fantastic trip to Hawaii, where you’ll meet the man of your dreams and fly home engaged, well that just might not be in the cards.

Pay attention to where you’re being led by the universe and your guardians. If you have a bad feeling about going on the journey at this time, consider postponing it for another time.

The Meaning Of Right Foot Itching For Males

The main superstition associated with males having an itchy right foot is usually that good luck is about to befall you. Your spirit guides are sending you a sign overflowing with positive energy and good fortunes. You’re about to receive excellent news or be blessed in the finance, romance, or spiritual department.

If you are receiving this positive message, walk forward in confidence knowing that you’re about to experience some of the best luck of your life. Approach it with hands wide open and allow yourself to enjoy the goodness you’ve earned.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Bottom Of Your Right Foot Itching

If the bottom of your right foot is itching often, the spiritual meaning is likely that you’re going to experience success and abundance on your journeys. If you’re traveling for work, expect it to be a fruitful season of travel, financially. This is a commonly-held belief around the world.

What It Means In Different Cultures

The spiritual meaning of an itchy right foot varies depending on where a person lives, and their cultural and religious background. Here are some of the main interpretations to know.


In various parts of Asia, and indeed in the Hindu religion, people believe that itching on the right side of the body, including the right foot, is a sign of tremendously good luck. It likely means there will be a financially-blessed trip in your near future.


The people of Turkey hold to the belief that it’s a sure sign of good luck on an upcoming journey if you scratch your right foot before you depart. The itchy foot may also mean you’re going to experience good luck in the realm of finance and business.


For Muslims, an itchy right palm means you are a generous and kind person. Consequently, an itchy right foot means you are going to experience financial growth that will allow you to be more generous with your money and time.

Biblical Meaning Of An Itchy Right Foot

In Christianity, if you’re feeling unhappy with your current living situation and you experience an itchy right foot, you may be looking at a big move. This could be an outward sign of your longing to travel and relocate. This also may be a sign that you’re ready to go on a spiritual journey.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what it means when your right foot itches, we encourage you to do some thinking about how this applies to your life. The intention and message behind this sensation isn’t the same for everyone, so you need to do a little self-examination to read into it properly.

If you’re interested in learning more or want some help figuring out what this means for you, send over a quick message!

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