Crane Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning: The Complete Guide

An illustration of the spiritual meaning and symbolism of a crane bird

Cranes are inspiring and gorgeous animals that are associated with a number of different spiritual meanings. Because of their iconic appearance and graceful nature, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that people have been fascinated with them for ages!

This guide looks into the symbolism and meaning behind seeing a crane, and what you can do to make sure you’re interpreting their messages correctly.

Crane Symbolism

Cranes are elegant and graceful creatures that have long been revered in a number of cultures due to their rich symbolism. These animals are often associated with wisdom, purity, and longevity, and many believe that they actually carry The Souls of The Departed into the heavens.

These birds have a strong significance across the world and are related to Hope and transformation. Seeing these birds should fill you with joy and leave you inspired to take the next step in your life.

Crane Spiritual Meaning

There are a number of spiritual meanings associated with cranes, and many of them are positive and inspirational. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones so you can better interpret what it means when you see these birds.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

The side of these birds often invokes a sense of wisdom and wanderlust. Cranes are migratory, meaning they embark on long arduous journeys across significant distances.

That means the spiritual meaning of cranes can be a great reminder that you should embrace the spirit of exploration and the endless possibilities that are waiting for you out there in the world.

Seeing cranes can be a nudge from the universe that it’s time for you to break free from the constraints of everyday life. don’t be afraid to venture out and broaden your horizons! The resilience and adaptability of these birds can teach us valuable lessons about embracing change and stepping out of our comfort zones.

You have the potential to soar high and reach new heights, so don’t be afraid to explore. Use the symbolism that’s associated with these majestic birds to drive you further and push you to accomplish things you didn’t think were possible.

2. Keep An Open Mind

Another interesting spiritual meaning associated with cranes is to maintain an open mind and embrace the diversity of perspectives that you’ll encounter throughout your life. Since these birds migrate, they’re faced with a variety of landscapes and environments that they need to navigate. This forces them to stay open to new possibilities.

You can use this symbolism as a reminder to embrace diverse viewpoints and foster personal growth, no matter what preconceived notions you might have. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and hear from others who you don’t see eye to eye with.

You never know what direction your life will go, so it’s important to be receptive to the myriad of possibilities that you’ll likely be presented with. Not only will this help you go personally, but it’ll help you grow spiritually as well.

3. Grace & Elegance

The spiritual meaning of a crane gliding gracefully through the sky can be a reminder to carry ourselves with grace and elegance in our everyday lives. With their long and slender build, these birds exhibit a sense of calm and effortless movement, even if the world around them is chaotic.

Cranes carry themselves with an air of serenity and confidence. However, in order to carry yourself with grace and elegance you need to think past mere aesthetics. What we mean by this is pursuing an interstate of balance and tranquility that allows you to face adversity while being kind to others.

By keeping the spiritual meaning in your mind, you’ll be able to interact with others more harmoniously and foster an atmosphere of respect and true understanding among one another. This is an approach to mindfulness that not many people think about on a daily basis, but the symbolism of these birds conserve as a valuable reminder.

4. Evolve Into What You’ve Always Wanted

One of our favorite spiritual meanings associated with crayons is related to their ability to change and embrace new experiences. This is connected with the concept of resiliency, which is something that many of us strive for in life.

Like these birds, we can learn to adapt, evolve, and overcome the obstacles that stand between us in our aspirations. These birds also have been connected to concepts of rebirth and renewal, which are closely related to evolution and personal growth. It’s important to always shed past limitations and fears to embrace your true potential. While this can seem challenging at first, it’s necessary if you want to chart a course toward becoming your best self.

Use the spiritual meaning of these birds as a reminder to always push forward and work to become the person you’ve always envisioned. It’s far more possible than you might think! 

5. Longevity

Due to the grace and constant presence that these birds have had in a number of cultures over the years, it’s no surprise that their symbolism is connected to the concept of longevity. All you need to do is simply witness these birds to get a strong reminder of the importance of pursuing a long and healthy life, both spiritually and physically. 

Connected to this is the importance of lifelong learning and personal growth. To thrive in the long run, it’s important to remain adaptable and open to new experiences. Never be afraid to seek out new opportunities for self-improvement, enrichment, and fulfillment.

When you think about this spiritual meaning, it’s important to remember that the quality of life you’re able to cultivate during your journey is just as important as the length of your life. Use the symbolism of these animals as inspiration to do both!

6. Spiritual Enlightenment

Simply seeing cranes can be a pleasant reminder of the importance of pursuing spiritual enlightenment (no matter how long the journey might take you). The spiritual meaning of these birds has been associated with the pursuit of greater wisdom in numerous cultures, so when you see these birds you should take a moment to think about your relationship with the universe as a whole.

Seeing these birds gracefully fly around can inspire us to explore our own inner workings and beliefs. Just as these animals investigate the depths of their surroundings, we can do the same with our spirituality.

No matter what kind of practice you’re involved with, the meaning of seeing cranes should nudge you to take a more committed step down that path. If you meditate, take things a bit further. If you do yoga, commit to more frequent classes or sessions at home. It doesn’t need to be big (because spiritual enlightenment is a lifelong search), but every little bit helps.

7. Keep The Faith

Interestingly enough, another powerful piece of symbolism that’s associated with cranes is that you should maintain a sense of faith that things will work out. Life is full of challenges that can only be handled with unwavering determination. Take inspiration from the resilient and adaptable nature of these birds so you can do the same.

We all possess the strength it takes to keep moving forward when surrounded by uncertainty. All it takes is some trust in your guardians and developing some comfort with trusting the ebb and flow of life. When you’re able to do this, you’ll find that you develop a greater sense of confidence in the face of adversity!

This isn’t simply passive optimism. Instead, it’s an active affirmation that things will work out if you let them. Being able to embrace this mindset allows you to take more risks and grow more than you ever thought was possible.

8. Dream Big

The spiritual meaning of cranes can be an inspiring reminder that you shouldn’t be afraid to dream big and reach for the skies. These birds soar effortlessly through the air, symbolizing the potential that each one of us has to achieve our goals and strive for more. 

Reflecting on the fearless journey these birds undergo should encourage you to embrace your own ambitions and approach everything with an element of determination. Do what you can to build up more and more persistence over time, because it’s necessary if you want to fulfill your dreams.

What many people don’t think about is how dreaming big also means you need to be open to change and self-discovery. It’s rare that everything goes completely according to plan during your journey. Life requires you to adjust, adapt, and show resilience if you want to find the success that you crave.

Dreaming big also means being open to change, growth, and self-discovery. Like the crane, we must be willing to adapt to new environments and embrace the unknown, cultivating resilience and courage in the face of adversity.

Keep this symbolism in your mind the next time you begin to talk yourself out of your dreams.

9. Find The Balance

Seeing crane birds is often a sign from the universe that you need to spend more time pursuing balance in your life. These birds are poised, elegant, and have a natural sense of their surroundings. No matter what comes up, they don’t let it shake them as they make their way through life in harmony.

These qualities are essential if you want to find more balance in your life and reduce the feelings of chaos and frustration that can creep in from time to time. No one can be truly happy and fulfilled without first finding balance.

Your guardians are sending these creatures to you so you can start assessing your own life and identify areas where you need to cultivate this balance. This might not always be obvious! You’ll need to do some honest soul-searching and accept that it’s not always going to be obvious. Sometimes you’ll find balance in one aspect of your life, only for disharmony to find another way to you.

Stay conscious of this and use this spiritual meaning of cranes as a powerful reminder to avoid neglecting balance.

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Cranes?

Seeing cranes repeatedly is often an amplified sign from the universe. Your spiritual guardians want you to pay more attention to the deeper meaning behind these birds, and it’s possible that you’ve been ignoring these signs.

These birds are associated with wisdom, grace, and balance. That means it’s not normal to be flooded with images of cranes (they tend to be a bit more subtle). Because of this, repeatedly seeing these birds will mean that you need to take this message seriously and start assessing how their symbolism applies to your life.

It’s a call to action, so listen to the message and prosper!

Crane As A Spirit Animal

Those who have cranes as their spirit animals are considered to be under the protection of their guardians and typically have close ties to spirituality as a whole. Since these birds symbolize wisdom, balance, and longevity, it’s not unusual for individuals with them as their spirit animals to display these traits as well.

When cranes serve as a spirit animal, they bestow their best spiritual qualities and encourage others to let their inner wisdom shine. This connection promotes personal growth, self-awareness, and the ability to connect with your spiritual guardians on a deeper level than you ever thought was possible.

Crane As A Totem Animal

When cranes are used as totem animals, they symbolize the delicate balance and harmony that is essential for living a fulfilling life. These birds are a constant reminder to prioritize and preserve the things that we cherish most like relationships, health, and personal well-being.

They can even inspire us to cultivate equilibrium and pursue longevity in our endeavors. Using the crane as a totem animal can help you embrace the wisdom and hope of these animals and flourish with grace over time.

Crane As A Power Animal

When cranes are used as power animals they symbolize transformation, grace, and the ability to nurture long and loving relationships. Their presence is a great inspiration for personal growth and the encouragement to embrace change in our lives, while their elegant demeanor can be a nudge to navigate life with poison balance.

By channeling this transformative energy, we can bring more Harmony into our lives and enhance the relationships that we have with each other as well as our spiritual guardians.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Cranes In Different Cultures

There are a number of spiritual meanings associated with cranes in many different cultures. Although there tend to be some common themes that run through each of them, some of the differences are worth noting.


In Japanese culture, the spiritual meaning of cranes is closely connected to the concepts of long life, prosperity, and good fortune. These elegant creatures are revered for their grace and beauty, making them a popular totem and symbol in various aspects of Japanese literature, art, and folklore.

Native American

In Native American culture, cranes have a significant spiritual meaning and role as harbingers of good luck and peace. they’re known for their grace and elegance and are respected due to the wisdom and balance they bring. It’s quite common to see these birds in Native American art or mentioned in their mythology due to the powerful spiritual connection between these birds and the people who witness them.


Peace and balance are at the center of the symbolism associated with cranes in this part of the world. Their graceful presence in nature embodies the principles of tranquility and equilibrium (balance). 


The spiritual meaning and symbolism of cranes and Australian culture have long been associated with courage and the seasonal movement of the sun. Because of their awe-inspiring wingspan and powerful flight, these birds represent boldness and strength no matter what challenges you might face.

Closing Thoughts

Cranes are amazing animals that are associated with powerful symbolism and spiritual meanings. These birds often deliver important messages from the universe and your spirit guardians, so it’s always worth exploring what they’re trying to tell you!

If you have any thoughts or questions about this guide, send them our way. We’re always happy to help our readers interpret these signs!

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