The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of Doves: Full Guide

A dove flying and inspiring people with its symbolism

Doves are gorgeous animals that hold an inspirational meaning for many people. It’s hard to think of an animal with a deeper history of symbolism!

This guide will teach you about the spiritual meaning of doves, what it means when you see them, and much more.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Doves

There’s nothing more graceful than a pure-white dove flying in a peaceful setting. These animals are nothing short of breathtaking, and many people have strong feelings when they are lucky enough to see one. That emotional connection you create with the animal isn’t by mistake.

Doves have a long connection to spirituality. They’re powerful symbols in many cultures around the world, and their significance dates back to early humans.

Most people are familiar with the simple white dove. They’re an instantly recognizable symbol that even young kids can point out! But did you know that some 300 or so dove species are out there?

Doves can be gray, brown, peace, and more. The animal is also capable of living in a myriad of environments ranging from dry deserts to tropical jungles. The bird is a true beacon of adaptability, which likely contributes to its universal appeal. Doves aren’t limited to one culture, making them a symbol not bound by language or cultural heritage.

So what is the spiritual meaning of a dove?

The spiritual meaning of doves can vary depending on who you talk to. They symbolize everything from maternal energy to eternal peace on Earth! However, the connecting theme is spiritual guidance.

Many believe that doves are the embodiment of divine visitation. We’ll get into that later, but the common belief is that doves act as messengers. They share a deep connection to the spiritual realm, serving as vessels to deliver powerful messages that can change your life.

These birds are more than just random bits of beauty you see soaring through the sky. They have an inspirational meaning and great significance, holding heavenly secrets that you must unlock.

Dove Symbolism

Doves symbolize many essential things. Ask people around you what they immediately think of when they see a dove. 

Most people will agree that the symbolism of doves is related to eternal peace and harmony. 

One of the strongest images of these animals is one holding a freshly plucked olive branch. You’ve likely seen that image before in artwork. It comes from an important story in the bible.

The Book of Genesis covers the events of the great flood. It was God’s way of returning the world back to its pre-creation state of watery chaos. If you’re familiar with biblical stories, you know why this tale is significant.

It revolves around Noah’s undying faith in building the ark and creating a microcosm of life. While the world’s destruction was a point of darkness, it paved the way for peace afterward. So how does a dove play into this story? 

After the flood, Noah sends out a dove to see if it can find dry, inhabitable land. While it returns, Noah keeps trying. During the bird’s second foray into an unknown world, it returns with an olive branch.

One dove flying in the evening

The branch gave hope to Noah that the Earth was inhabitable and ready for a period of peace!

The symbolism of a dove holding an olive branch has appeared multiple times throughout history. After many wars it represented peace talks, becoming a mark of hope in ravaged countries and a sign of liberation after disasters.

While the great flood that Noah survived was nothing short of disastrous, the period of peace that followed was what the world needed to regain a sense of balance and harmony. That crucial symbolism and connection to doves remain today!

Many believe that these birds come after moments of great emotional turmoil. Despite the pain and suffering, you might feel, the bird is that small spark of hope that you need to know everything will be alright. They symbolize rebirth and renewal, allowing you to shed your past and move forward in harmony.

What Does It Mean When You See A Dove?

Whether it appears to you in a vision or the real world, seeing a dove is certainly a special moment. As mentioned earlier, many people can’t help but have a strong emotional response to these birds. They’re beautiful, and the sheer historic symbolism and spiritual meaning associated with them is enough to stop anyone in their tracks.

But what does it mean when doves appear?

Before you shrug it off as nothing more than a coincidence, open yourself up to the possibilities of the divine! These birds are powerful messengers, and your sighting is not a coincidence.

Generally, seeing doves is a call to surrender to the flow of spirituality you feel around you. Instead of fighting the universe at every step, it’s time to release resistance and give in to whatever is in store for you.

It’s not always easy to let go of control in life. Humans are so hard-wired to “go against the odds” and “fight for your destiny.” While that mentality is undoubtedly admirable, it’s not always the best approach.

You might feel the world pulling you in one direction. But fear and trepidation make you resist your fate. You’re in complete control of your life. But sometimes, it’s better to let the cards fall as they may.

It’s impossible to know where life will take you. Things can end up working in your favor, or they could lead you off the deep end! But one thing is for sure: You can never see the beauty the universe has in store for you if you are constantly fighting it.

Let yourself go with the flow. Life is about taking chances and going along for the ride. That doesn’t mean that you have to “give up” and stop your journey. But if you see a dove, it could mean that you need to take a breather and see where the winds take you.

Who knows? The path you’re resisting could be the one you need to take all along!

What Does It Mean When A Dove Visits You?

Humans rarely get the chance to interact with wild doves. They’re far too majestic to stay around long, leaving behind a wake of peace and mysticism wherever they go. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these birds visit you, consider it a blessing.

It’s often said that birds come in a time when you need their influence most. Maybe you’re dealing with a significant loss, and your grief is slowly taking over your life. Or, you could be in the midst of one of the most demanding challenges you’ve ever faced.

Whatever the case might be, it’s easy to fall deeper and deeper into the darkness. Doves come at just the right moment, providing a bit of respite from the dark clouds whirling around you. They’re there to remind you to live with intent and purpose.

Once again, their spiritual meaning and symbolism encourages you to let the universe guide you towards a path unknown. They want you to give in to the spiritual power that flows within you, accepting fate and letting go of resistance. Doing so might help you find a new lease on life as you start this new chapter.

But more importantly, the doves that enter your life want you to use your grief to become a better person. Harness that dark energy and turn it into something useful and beautiful. You can use it to find a new passion, drive your success, or begin a new chapter.

It’s better to use the darkness to your advantage instead of letting it overtake you. Live with intent and find ways to achieve a sense of harmony. Things might feel chaotic now, but it’s not the end.

Life will get better if you let it.

What Is The Meaning Of A Dove Following You

Seeing a dove one time is a special fleeting moment. But what if you turn around moments later to see it following you? That dove isn’t there to trick you or make you feel uneasy. It represents a special meaning and message that you need to hear loud and clear!

Spiritualists say that a dove following you around, whether it’s in the sky or walking on the sidewalk behind you, carries a call to rediscover your sense of self. It’s a spiritually-focused message that urges you to look deep inside to find your purpose again.

You might be dealing with feelings of instability or doubt. Those emotions can come after trauma or dealing with significant change. Sometimes, you feel them when you’ve spent too much time in one place.

Whatever the case may be, those feelings are normal. It’s alright to be introspective and question your purpose in life. The dove following you symbolizes that you need to chase the callings of your soul.

If there’s something else you want out of life, explore the possibilities of chasing after it! Don’t let life roll past you. Failing to chase your dreams and pursuing the yearning of your soul will leave you with nothing but a feeling of emptiness. The last thing you want is to regret not exploring the possibilities of life to the fullest.

Take a good, hard look at your life. You might not like what you see in the mirror, and that’s fine. Be brutally honest and give yourself the tough love you feel you need.

Shake yourself from those feelings of complacency and doubt. Instead of finding reasons not to pursue your destiny, highlight why you should. Focus on the adventure and chase after those fleeting feelings of hope.

Life doesn’t last forever, and you only have a finite amount of time to explore all the possibilities before you. Seeing a dove isn’t a coincidence. It’s following you to push you into seeing what you’re truly made of.

What Does It Mean If A Dove Crosses Your Path?

Imagine walking through a park while worrying about something in your life. Amidst the mind flurry of frustration or anger, a dove zips past you! Its sudden flash of white feathers makes you stop dead in your tracks.

What was that all about?

Whether that dove zooms in front of you or slowly meanders across your path on the ground, it’s time to take notice. When you saw the dove, it likely made you stop worrying about whatever conflict you focused on prior. That’s the essence of this encounter.

Having a dove cross your path suddenly is a direct call to approach challenges from a new perspective. The dove acts as a peacekeeper to help you resolve the problem you’re facing and find a moment of respite.

We get so caught up in our beliefs that we fail to see reality from other angles. There’s nothing wrong with having strong convictions. But sometimes, it pays off to shift your perspective and see what the other side thinks about the conflict.

Doves are beautiful symbols of compassion and empathy, and there’s no greater example of that than through this encounter.

The universe wants you to step outside your belief bubble away from popular thought. It’s about going against the grain of popularity and developing your own ideas without the biases set forth by higher powers. Approach the problem with a sense of neutrality and acceptance.

It’s only then that you can genuinely see the conflict for what it is. You might realize that you were in the wrong all along. Alternatively, you may find a solution that was sitting right in front of you! But due to your rage and frustration, you were blind to the apparent answers starting right at you.

This encounter is one that can make you rethink everything. That’s a good thing! Cooperating with others, changing your viewpoint of a challenge, and having the emotional maturity to go against the grain is key to being a compassionate individual. It’s a sign of true maturity that can help you become the best version of yourself.

The Significance Of A Dove At Your Window

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a dove land on your window. It’s one of the best times to get close to this majestic bird and observe it in all its glory. But what does this peculiar encounter mean?

According to many spiritualists, a dove at your window means you need to let love, light, and magic back into your life!

Once again, the dove is a bearer of peace and joy. You might experience this once-in-a-lifetime experience after going through something challenging. For example, you could be mourning the loss of a loved one or overcoming a brutal illness that made you question your faith.

The meaning of a dove at your window is that it’s time to accept the universe’s highest vibrational energy. Metaphorically open the floodgates and accept all the light you can! It’s your chance to open the blinds and let light pour into your life once again.

Instead of drowning in darkness and hiding from the light, welcome it with open arms. 

Light and magic won’t erase the past. Nothing will. But it can help you move on and find greater purpose in life. These birds are about helping you move past the pain and experience a sense of renewal like no other.

This unique sighting is just one example of its attempt to encourage you to welcome magic into your life. There’s plenty of beauty out there just waiting for you to discover it.

What Is The Meaning Of A Dove Landing Near You?

Having a dove land near you is not uncommon. Doves aren’t as scared of humans as other bird species. That’s why you see them utilized so much in stage shows and magic tricks!

However, wild doves aren’t keen on being too close to unruly behavior. Having one land in your vicinity is usually a good sign.

It means you likely have calming energy that makes the bird feel comfortable enough to get near. As for what the encounter symbolizes, it’s all about patience and calm.

Think of it as a direct call to take a breather. Stop the noise and clear your mind so that you’re free to listen in on your internal dialog. See what’s going on in your heart and mind, and don’t be afraid to listen to yourself entirely.

Life has a way of drowning out our internal thoughts. Some welcome the noise because it prevents them from confronting what’s lying beneath the surface. Having a dove land near you is a sign that you should look inward to find a moment of peace.

Shut off the external stimuli and focus on finding that sense of tranquility you need. Let it wash over you as you rid your body of stress and anxiety.

Many believe that the spiritual meaning of a dove land near you is also a request for patience. You might be waiting for an absolution that seems like it will never come. Don’t let that wait make you frustrated.

Stay still and appreciate the calm. Your time will come, so don’t worry. Let things happen as the universe intended it.

What Doves Near Your Home Represent

Most people encounter doves in the wild. So what does it mean when they make an appearance in your home?

You may see them visiting your property often. If you’re lucky, a few doves might set up a nest nearby, making your sightings more regular than ever before!

If that happens, take it as a positive sign. Doves near your domicile represent a few things. Primarily, it’s often an indication that your heart and soul are in a good place.

Doves tend to take residence in places that feel peaceful. It usually means that you’re not afraid to accept divine love and guidance whenever it comes. Maybe your home is brimming with creative energy that attracts the birds.

Either way, your home is sacred, and you should continue exuding the energy you do.

Another possible meaning of doves near your home is the ushering in of a period of peace. Like we said before, these birds often enter peoples’ lives whenever they need support most. They’re like the beam of light emanating from a lighthouse in the middle of starless night.

The birds can guide you to a place of safety and understanding. More importantly, they stop you from wandering aimlessly in a sea of unknown darkness.

The same applies when they come to your home. Their presence is a sign that you’re entering a new phase of existence. It’s a time of peace and harmony.

Think of it as the calm after a storm. You weathered the worst of it, and now is your time to reflect and cherish that you’re still here!

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Doves?

Seeing doves over and over again is always a good thing. You can never have too much positivity and light in your life!

Repeated sightings can represent a few things. Generally, it means your journey to peace and understanding isn’t entirely done. 

Overcoming hardships isn’t a one-off ordeal. You go through the pain and suffering of loss over and over again. Those feelings of pain never honestly go away, and it doesn’t take much to remind you of whatever or whoever you lost.

But don’t fret too much about the prospects of cyclical suffering. Life will continue to challenge you, but it’s how you respond to those moments that matter. 

Seeing doves repeatedly means that you must renew your hope time and time again. It’s about holding onto those feelings of love, positivity, and light for as long as possible! The doves remind you that there’s still tons of beauty out in the world.

While you might encounter moments of weakness, you can’t forget that you have an untapped well of undiscovered potential to unlock. Continually renew your gratitude for life and always pursue blessings at every turn.

Life doesn’t stop with one challenge, and a period of peace or renewal isn’t the end of your story! Your time on this planet will have many chapters. Seeing doves time and time again reminds you that hope is undying.

No matter what hurdles barrel towards you, maintain your sense of hope.

What It Means When A Dove Flies Into Your Window

Earlier, we talked about how seeing a dove means that you should let light into your life and relish in the extravagant magic of higher frequencies! These birds represent a wave of positive energy that could change your life.

But what about a dove that suddenly crashes into your window? It’s not uncommon for birds to accidentally fly into windows. Some will shake it off and continue their path.

However, others experience significant injuries or break through the glass entirely. Either way, the message is loud and clear! This encounter is about coming back to reality.

But why would there be a meaning associated with something so violent when these animals are supposed to be symbols of hope and optimism?

It all comes down to how you take advantage of unrealized potential and the untapped possibilities of the universe. There’s nothing inherently wrong with letting yourself get lost in the beauty of what’s possible. But at some point, you have to come back to reality and make things happen.

Otherwise, you get lost in a dream world with nothing but illusions of something greater. There’s a lot to experience out there, but you must take the initiative to make things happen. You can’t expect to find joy in something that’s not real.

The dove’s sudden encounter with your window is supposed to be jarring and unexpected. It’s a way to snap you back to reality so that you can continue on your real-world journey to greatness. Leave the dreams behind and live in the present.

Dreams will only take you so far. Stop putting things off and see what you’re truly made of!

Doves As A Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are guides and protectors. They help you navigate this world and reach your full potential as a human. You may take on some of their characteristics, governing your life experiences moving forward.

If you have a dove as your spirit animal, consider yourself lucky. This recognizable symbol of hope and love makes an excellent guide.

Generally, it means that you’re a naturally calm and optimistic person. You have a knack for making people feel loved, and your gentle aura is inviting to those around you. People are comfortable opening up to you, and you have no problem connecting with others on a more profound level.

Dove spirit animals always encourage you to expand your compassion and empathy. You already have those traits brimming inside, but you might not put them out into the world as much as you can. People always gravitate towards people who understand them.

You already have that gift if you have a dove as a spirit animal. People need you to spread your magic into the world and lend an ear that’s willing to listen. Don’t be afraid to be open about your compassion.

It might not be “cool” to be gentle and caring, but those parts of your personality can make a world of difference to those who need it most.

Doves As A Totem

Totems are similar to spirit animals. They also guide you through life and leave a lasting impression on who you are as a person.

However, totems are more powerful. It’s a symbol of your essence and could represent your entire ancestral line!

Having a dove as a totem has a meaning that’s all about being spiritually connected. Your spiritual potential is as deep as the ocean, and you’re unafraid to explore the outer confines of the universe in search of enlightenment. Don’t let that dedication to spirituality wane as you go through life.

So many experiences will challenge your faith. But doves work to ensure that you stay on the right path. These animals are divine messengers that represent peace and purity. You have that same potential within yourself, but you’re always at risk of losing it.

Stay strong in your convictions, and let the symbolism of your dove totem guide the way.  

The Symbolism Of Two Doves Together

Don’t be surprised if you see two doves together. These animals are monogamous and form lifelong relationships with others. In many cultures, a pair of doves are symbolic of unbroken connections that transcend time and distance.

If you spot a loving pair together, it means two things. The first is, perhaps, the most important.

The meaning can be a call to find unconditional love and respect within yourself! So many people develop self-deprecating attitudes. It starts out as simple jokes at your own expense. But before long, you might develop genuine feelings of hatred towards yourself.

You can become so hard on yourself that you forget how to identify all the good that you do. Those acts of kindness become a form of punishment while fleeting moments of confidence transform into hours of guilt. It’s an unhealthy way to live that can have rippling effects on all your relationships.

It’s impossible to spread love and light when you can’t even do that within yourself.

Seeing this is about learning to love yourself. The birds are the ultimate healers of the heart. Encountering them can force you to confront that inner voice of sabotage and help you silence it once and for all.

Learning to love yourself is the first step in building relationships. Once you get to that point, you can move on to the second interpretation which is about opening yourself to the possibility of forming new relationships.

Many people who deal with feelings of self-hatred often have a hard time letting love in. Whether that comes from doubt or suspicion, you might get to a point where the very thought of someone caring about you feels impossible.

Encountering these birds means that it’s not. The pair represents the need for you to open your heart and accept love wherever it comes from. You don’t necessarily have to dive into a brand-new romantic relationship.

You can start with a new friend, a fresh business relationship, or even a casual acquaintance at work. Baby steps lead to giant leaps. But you have to start with loving yourself first!

What Dove Feathers Represent

Sometimes, you might not see a dove at all. Instead, you might come across a stray feather. It’s the essence of the bird and a snapshot of its presence.

Dove feathers hold a unique meaning. The feathers aren’t just a thing of beauty and wistful flight. They’re a part of the bird’s existence and play a valuable role in its ability to fly.

You might not see the bird, but its significance is still around you. The dove feather represents truth and the importance of seeing past falsehoods.

Everyone copes with pain in different ways. Some might turn to rage while others fall down a spiral of self-sabotage. One of the worst ways to cope is by creating false realities.

Falsehoods are nothing more than distractions. You can create a fake reality that pulls your focus from what’s actually going on in your life. Needless to say, it’s an unhealthy way of dealing with your pain. 

Unfortunately, people fall so deep into the lies they tell themselves that they can’t distinguish what’s real and what’s not. That’s where the dove feathers come in. These delicate fibers of flight are about seeing the world for what it is, no matter how hard that might be.

They encourage you to look past the fluff and remember what’s real. Tap into your intuition and take a moment to reflect on the situation you’re in.

The sudden realizations that come aren’t easy. However, they’re necessary for confronting your truths and moving on. It’s better to face the harsh realities of your life than to run from them.

Once you’re strong enough to stare reality in the face, you can find the resolutions you need to find peace.

Does A Cooing Dove Have Any Significance?

Have you ever heard a dove make noise? These animals can vocalize in many ways, but the one you’re most likely to hear is cooing. 

The cooing is a soft sound created by filling the throat with air. You might not see the bird’s beak move at all because the noise escapes slowly from the throat. It’s a beautiful sound that will undoubtedly catch your attention if you hear it.

The noise is symbolic of your inner thoughts. We all have an internal voice that guides us as we make decisions and leave our footprint on this planet.

Spiritualists say that the meaning of a dove’s coo is a call to see what your inner voice can do. It’s not about being the loudest or most in-your-face. Sometimes, the emotions you radiate from inside say more than any amount of words could.

The dove’s coo pushes you to reflect on your life and what you’re doing for the world. It’s about figuring out how you can make your inner voice heard without saying a word. 

What actions can leave a lasting impact? What can you do to make the world a bit more peaceful and loving?

It’s a great opportunity to meditate and self-reflect. You can’t change the world with one action. However, you can contribute to the greater good and do your part to spread nothing but love into the ether.

What Does It Mean If You Find A Dead Dove?

No one wants to come across a dead dove. There’s something haunting about the sight. The majestic animal is so full of life and beauty. Even in peaceful deaths, the bird looks almost statuesque, leaving an impression long after its life is over.

A dead dove isn’t necessarily a bad omen. However, it might symbolize a difficult event coming your way.

Death is inevitable, but it brings about change that could help you grow into a better version of yourself. People evolve when everything they know is challenged. You might lose someone very important to you or see your entire life crumble before your eyes.

Those hardships are nothing short of devastating, and you have every right to feel that way. But if there’s one glimmer of hope to come to that event, it’s that grief is one of the most transformative emotions possible. Death brings about change, ushering in a renewal of life and purpose.

A dead dove could represent the growth and beauty that comes with emotional hardships. It might mean that your new beginning is on its way, but you’ll have to suffer before you get there.

Don’t let that scare you. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a major loss. The connection merely revolves around change and the start of your new era. 

The only way to appreciate peace is to experience pain. No matter how difficult the challenges before you are, you can find respite in the fact that all hope is not lost. Hold onto that spark and use it to keep going and experience the next evolution of your existence.

The Meaning Of Doves In The Bible?

Earlier, we mentioned the story of Noah in the Book of Genesis. But that’s not the only time that doves appeared in the bible.

These birds have strong meanings and symbolism in Christianity, and they take part in many important stories throughout the bible. Some examples include the Holy Spirit dove in the story of Moses, the two birds seen by Joseph in the Presentation of Christ, and the birds on the top of Joseph’s staff.

The birds are a symbol of peace and purity. Christians believe that the birds embody God’s undying love for His children. They represent the sacrifice of Jesus and the hope that comes after.

Some say that doves also connect to maternal figures in the bible like Mother Mary. The pure white doves symbolize a mother’s love and the sacrifices made to spread love.

Closing Thoughts

Doves have a spiritual meaning and symbolism that you can’t help but pay attention to. If you have an encounter with these animals, you should take it seriously!

These lovely birds are fantastic messengers that can aid you with their symbolism. All you need to do is interpret the signs.

If you have any questions about the meaning behind doves appearing in your life, send us a message. We love helping out our readers.

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