15 Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Two Doves (Beautiful)

Two doves flying together showcasing their spiritual meaning

Being able to understand the meaning behind seeing two doves can be incredibly helpful, since it’s a common and powerful sign used by our spiritual guardians!

This guide will help you understand the meaning of a pair of doves, and how you can accurately interpret what they’re trying to tell you.

1. Deep Love

There’s a reason why wedding decorations and invitations often feature doves. These birds symbolize a deep, undying devotion. Some couples even release doves after saying their vows!

In numerology, the number 2 relates to cooperation, balance, and partnership — the kind of things necessary for a healthy relationship. Doves are also a symbol of the Greek goddess Aphrodite (known as Venus in Rome), deity of love, sensuality, and romance, as well as the Mesopotamian love goddess Inanna-Ishtar.

Because of this, the meaning of two doves can relate to powerful love. If you’re currently with someone, you may be getting a proposal soon, or otherwise deepen your commitment to each other. If you’re single, you just may meet the love of your life soon.

2. The Need For Spirituality

Doves are a symbol of spirituality, particularly for those of the Christian faith. They feature prominently in the Bible, adorn stained glass windows, and are associated with the story of Noah’s ark and God’s promise to never wipe out humanity with a flood ever again.

Seeing two doves together is also a symbol of support. It relates to the idea that spiritual support is always available to us, and we are never alone. This can come from ancestors, deities, guardian angels, or spirit guides.

When you see a pair of doves, it could mean that you’ve been neglecting your spiritual side. You could be experiencing a difficult time, and accepting the love and support of the spirits around you may help. To Christians, a pair of doves also represents the rewards of heaven after a lifetime of dedication to God.

3. Divine Protection

White doves, in particular, are often viewed as a sign of divine protection. Their feathers are considered an angel sign that represents the presence of one’s guardian angel. There’s also an interesting piece of American folklore that describes a pair of these doves as spirit guides and protectors.

A youth from Arkansas chose to set out to California to start a new life. All he had was the clothes he was wearing, but he survived by telling stories in every town he passed through. One night, as he rested in the Arizona desert, two white doves came to visit him. From that point forward, these birds were a symbol of protection and optimism for him.

The spiritual meaning of two doves can indicate that you’re spiritually protected. They’re also a reminder that you’re surrounded by loving spiritual support, no matter where you go.

4. A Better Tomorrow

In the story of Noah’s ark, Noah was at sea for forty days and forty nights with his family and two of every animal in the world. He released a raven in the hopes that it would find land, but it never returned. Next, he released a dove, which flew back with an olive branch in its beak — a sign that the waters were receding, and the ark was near land.

These birds can be signs of a better tomorrow. In this story, the dove brings Noah the message that he, his family, and the animals would no longer be trapped on the ark. They were soon able to reach land and start a new life.

If you’ve been struggling, the meaning of two doves can be that change is coming (for the better). No difficult time lasts forever, and these birds are an omen of good times ahead. Remain hopeful and optimistic, for you may soon see a better tomorrow.

5. Finding Peace

While a dove carrying an olive branch is a sign of better times ahead, it’s also a very recognizable symbol of peace. This may not always represent an end of war, but it can indicate a period of inner peace or harmony in your life.

This is another great omen for people who’ve been experiencing hardship. If you’re currently feeling a lot of inner turmoil, or it just feels like you’re surrounded by chaos, then seeing two white doves can mean that your troubles are at an end.

These birds can also warn you that you need to find peace soon. Nobody can stay on edge forever — even if it was possible to survive that way, it’s unhealthy and unpleasant. It might be time to do what you need to do in order to decompress and recover.

6. Loyalty

Doves are monogamous. Some dove species even mate for life. They’re also very devoted to their partners and offspring. Both parents work on building their nest, raising their offspring, and caring for each other.

Two doves together can be a powerful symbol of loyalty and devotion. They’re an omen of long-lasting romantic relationships. You and your partner may enjoy a devoted relationship for a very long time.

Not all forms of loyalty deal with romance, however. The meaning of two doves can also relate to familial loyalty, or loyalty to other loved ones or members of your chosen family. You might experience a period of harmony and happiness together.

These birds can also indicate that someone around you needs your loyalty right now. There may be a conflict brewing that will place a strain on your interpersonal relationships, and you’ll have to be there to offer love and support.

7. You Have A Pure Soul

Sometimes, symbols of purity are drawn to other signs of purity. Doves may perch near you or even approach you if you exhibit the kind of pure soul that they represent.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with notions of physical purity. In this case, purity is optimism, hopefulness, and a desire to spread positivity and help alleviate the suffering of others.

You may see two doves if it’s time to seek purity. This is especially true if you’re surrounded by toxic people or situations right now, and it’s starting to take its toll on you. It’s time to work on taking care of your body, mind, and soul’s needs.

8. Self-Reflection

This interpretation goes hand in hand with the idea that doves symbolize a better tomorrow. Think of it this way: Sometimes, if you want a better tomorrow, it takes a considerable amount of self-reflection and inner work to get there.

In other words, you may currently be headed in a direction that’s leading you further and further away from hope, positivity, and a bright future. If you’re going to experience your best life, it may be a good time to pump the brakes and take a self-inventory. It’s time to explore what you really want and make the needed changes in order to get there.

This may be a good time to engage with practices like shadow work. This can help you engage with aspects of your personality that you may find difficult or undesirable. It can help soothe inner turmoil and bring about greater peace and happiness for you.

9. Nurturing

Doves are excellent nurturers. Even in species that don’t mate for life, they’re devoted partners and very caring parents until their babies are grown. They build their nests together, take turns incubating their eggs, and both produce “crop milk” to feed their babies.

In the ancient Levant, Canaanite people used doves as a symbol of the mother goddess Asherah.

The spiritual meaning of seeing two doves can connect to the desire, need, or opportunity for nurturing. If you’re trying to start or grow your family, this may be a very good omen. If you’re currently dealing with childhood trauma, then these birds can be a symbol of the care your inner child needs.

The idea of nurturing doesn’t just have to relate to human children. It can also represent rescuing or caring for an animal, a garden, or part of the ecosystem. You may soon be offered an opportunity to better the world by taking care of someone or something in need.

10. Good Luck & Fortune

A pair of doves is pretty much always a good omen. They represent love, loyalty, care, purity, and optimism. Even if you’re not sure whether they’re sending you a specific message, they can still be a sign of good luck headed your way.

This has historical precedent, too. Seeing two doves has historically been considered a positive sign for those on the eve of a major battle.

If you’ve been going through a period of hard luck, then the sudden appearance of two doves can be a sign that your luck is about to get better. If you’re already experiencing good fortune, then they may be a reminder to help spread that luck around by sharing it with others.

11. Find Clarity Within Yourself

This connects to the idea of doves as a call for self-reflection. Seeing two doves can mean that it’s time to find clarity within.

These birds are symbols of peace — an island of tranquility amid the noise and chaos of the world. They’re here to remind you to take some time to shut out distractions and process your feelings.

Finding clarity within yourself can help you find a greater purpose in life. It’s also important for internalizing the lessons that life teaches you. If you feel confused, lost, or like you’re being spread too thin, this clarity can allow you to refocus and reenergize yourself.

12. The Importance Of Harmony

As symbols of peace, doves are strongly connected to the idea of harmony. The number two is also numerologically significant as a representation of balance and cooperation. When two doves appear together, it can be a representation of the importance of harmony.

A harmonious relationship is vitally important to doves’ survival as a species. They depend on their mates to help them raise offspring, by trading off shifts, incubating eggs and feeding nestlings. If there’s no harmony and balance there, then their offspring won’t survive to adulthood.

Have you been coping with a chaotic atmosphere, unhealthy relationship, or toxic work environment? These birds are here to let you know that it’s time to pull back and see how you can establish a little harmony. It may be time to recognize that aspects of your life aren’t providing the balance, tranquility, or restoration that you need. Protect your peace and cultivate harmony in your life.

13. You’re Watched Over By Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Birds are frequently seen as travelers to and from the other worlds. They have the unique ability to travel by land and in the air, so ancient cultures saw them as psychopomps and messengers to and from the dead. To this day, doves are frequently used to adorn tombstones and cemetery statuary.

Since doves are also associated with love and nurturing, seeing two of them can be a message from departed loved ones. It’s a positive sign, and they’re reminding you that they’re still around and watching over you.

You can take this opportunity to send messages of love back to them. Tell the doves whatever you’d like to tell your lost loved ones and allow the birds to carry this message to its intended recipients.

14. Companionship

As symbols of love, doves are also symbols of companionship. Even if you’re not necessarily romantically inclined, there’s a lot to admire about the tender way that doves care for each other.

Seeing a pair of gray doves, specifically, is strongly associated with long-lived happiness, harmony, and companionship between two people. They’re excellent omens for weddings and proposals, and equally good signs for platonic partnerships.

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, this is a sign that you’ll be very happy together for a very long time. If you’re single, then you may find a companion soon.

15. Listen To What Your Soul Wants

Most of the meanings behind seeing two doves relate to spirituality. Even interpretations related to love, nurturing, and partnership tend to deal with soul mates and other very deep, soulful connections.

A pair of doves can be an encouragement to pay attention to what your soul needs. Your soul is trying to be heard right now, in the form of your intuition and instincts. It’s easy to tune these things out, but you only harm yourself by doing so.

Are there any gut feelings that you haven’t been paying attention to? Do you have any nagging thoughts that are getting harder and harder to ignore? These doves are here to draw your attention back to your soul’s voice. There’s a message there that you need to hear right now.             

Closing Thoughts

The meaning of two doves can vary a bit, but they’re primarily related to spirituality, protection, and loyalty. If you’ve recently seen these birds, consider if any of this applies to you!

If you need some help, we’d love to help you interpret this sign further. Just send us a message and we’ll give you a hand!

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