The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of Each Colored Bead

Different colored beads with varying spiritual meanings

Each bead color has a compelling meaning associated with it, which makes them a great tool for your next ritual or spiritual practice. But as you’d expect, understanding each of them is important if you want to introduce the proper energy into your life.

This guide goes over the spiritual meaning of all bead colors, and gives you tips on how you can harness them effectively.

Symbolism Of Colored Beads

Colored beads symbolize the beauty of a life of purpose. The color of each bead is significant to what that purpose is and how to achieve it. Supernatural spiritual energies from colored beads can transfer to their owner and thus help them to accomplish their life’s calling.

These colored beads can also symbolize leadership and being someone who is in control. Tribal leaders and kings throughout Africa wear colorful beads to proclaim their position as leader, as well as to impart unto them divine wisdom and guidance needed to steer their people.

The Spiritual Meanings Of Different Bead Colors

Colored beads are known to possess incredible spiritual meanings and energy. Used the right way, these beads can enrich your life in so many wonderful ways.

It all depends on the color you decide to use!

1. White

White is the color of purity, wisdom, and angelic presences. Therefore, white beads possess a beautiful, positive energy that can add a lot of goodness to your life. You just have to be open to it.

Angels are always all around us, ministering, guiding, and keeping us safe. The spiritual meaning of these white beads can help you to connect to your guardian angels and amplify their power in your life. For example, white beads can aid in understanding the divine wisdom your angels want to impart to you.

Some African cultures, especially in Nigeria, believe white beads have a direct connection to their river goddess, representing fertility and plenty. If fertility is something that you’re interested in, the meaning of these colored beads is an excellent choice for you.

2. Brown

While brown may not stand out from the color pack like the more vibrant greens, yellows, and reds, it still is a wonderful bead that has a very positive energy. In fact, brown stands for the soil of the earth, which gives us all balance, stability, and security. This is why the spiritual meaning of these colored beads stands for balance.

If you feel yourself drawn to the brown beads, it’s probably an indicator that you’re in need of stability and some spiritual grounding in your life. If things have felt out of balance recently and you’re having a difficult time feeling anchored within yourself, try wearing some brown beads to help you connect with the earth’s power.

Another way that brown beads benefit you is their ability to help you balance your emotions, which can be very helpful. Controlling your emotions and your emotional response to other people and situations can have a big impact on your successfulness in life.

3. Green

Connected with nature, the earth, and all life that grows, green has a lot of spiritual energy. Green beads are going to possess powers of growth and a basic flow of life force energy. Regular contact with green beads will promote abundance and fertility in your life, as well as help keep you grounded with mother earth.

Growth and abundance can look different for each person. For some, this growth energy will affect your financial wealth, promoting success in your job, and helping to build economic security. For others, you may find the abundance and growth in the bringing of new life into the world through a child.

The meaning of these colored beads is connected with everything that grows, so keep them close to you if you’re being called to focus on growing something right now, whether it be your business, your family, or something entirely different.

4. Black

A black bead is a powerful conductor of divine protection and safety for its wearer. The energy this bead gives off is one that guards you against all manners of attack, whether that be physical, spiritual, or emotional danger. It is an extremely powerful and positive bead.

If you feel like you’re under attack in one way or another, these colored beads are exactly what you need. They will work as a first line of defense against spiritual and other forces that are attempting to bring you harm.

5. Blue

Few places can bring me as much peace as sitting on the beach, gazing out at a deep, blue ocean under the baby blue skies. Consider that serenity that the ocean and skies bring us, and that is the spiritual meaning of these colored beads. They bring a calm tranquility that we often crave and need in this busy life.

If you’ve been battling against stress and anxiety, blue is the color you need. Wearing blue beads will help you channel the peaceful energy they possess. When you put the beads on and wear them consistently, you’ll feel the soothing calm sweep over you and you’ll be able to deal with the stresses of the day with much more ease.

Blue beads not only bring calm and peace, but they also represent spiritual healing. If you’re in need of healing of some sort, try wearing blue beads and watch your physical, emotional, and spiritual health improve.

6. Red

Some people think red symbolizes wickedness in some way, but the truth is red is a wonderful color full of passion and fire. Red beads summon energies that excite and motivate people to pursue their desires with full force. Sometimes this involves romantic passions and other times it is about achieving goals in life.

Passion comes in all shapes and sizes. You might be passionate about a cause you’re involved in or about the work you do. Perhaps you have a passion for sharing your story with the world or just making it a better place.

Whatever you’re passionate about, the meaning of these colored beads will help you achieve it. They will give you the motivation and drive to keep moving forward at full speed when you start to grow weary. These beads will make you unstoppable.

When it comes to romantic passion, red beads will certainly light a fire in that regard. If you’re married and want to turn up the heat, wear red beads or place them strategically in your home. You and your partner will be pleased with the results.

7. Purple

Purple has been the decided color of royalty throughout the years. It possesses an heir of dignity, honor, confidence, and feminine strength. Purple beads have a radiant energy that permeates the heart and soul of the person wearing them.

If you are in need of a boost of confidence, pride in yourself, and that feeling of your own divinity, purple beads are a good color for you to experiment with. Some even use them in the pursuit of magical powers.

8. Coral

Coral beads are extremely popular in some cultures because of their strong fertility vibrations, as well as their connection with the concept of new beginnings and fresh starts. All of us need a new start at times in our lives, and the spiritual meaning behind beads of this color can serve as inspiration to make this more achievable.

If you’re wanting to increase your chances of conceiving a child, try wearing coral beads as often as possible, and especially when you’re ovulating. Some use them with the intention of getting the extra boost needed to achieve pregnancy.

9. Yellow

The meaning of this color bead is incredibly lively. Many people consider yellow to be the happiest of the colors, and people report that seeing the color yellow tends to make them feel better about where they are and where they’re going. Yellow beads promote happiness, but they also give their wearer a surge of energy, increase motivation, and light a fire under their feet to get busy on accomplishing their goals.

If you find yourself needing a boost, try yellow beads instead of reaching for your tenth cup of coffee of the day. You’ll find the wholesome energy they give to be much more satisfying and helpful. Let the yellow beads assist you through your day and onward towards accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Yellow also represents illumination since its presence lightens up every space. Some associate the spiritual meaning of yellow-colored beads with the sun god and believe it grants clarity of vision and motivation to anyone who wears it.

10. Wooden

Wooden beads are considered dead objects and do not possess living energy. Interestingly, this is actually the reason why they can be a source of goodness in your life. These beads represent a lack of movement or forward momentum in your life, and they encourage you to stop allowing stagnation to reign in you.

You once had many passions and goals, but over the years these goals lost importance in your eyes as you got caught up with the troubles of the world. The dead, wooden beads are a sign from the universe that it’s time to reignite the fire in your life that motivates you to chase after your dreams.

Basically the wooden beads remind their wearers not to be idle. Don’t let time pass you by without working towards your goals. This is the spiritual meaning of the wooden beads.

11. Ivory

In many cultures around the world, ivory beads represent financial prosperity, as well as beauty and purity. Ivory can be cultivated from many different sources, though I’m strongly against obtaining it illegally or unethically. The meaning of these colored beads are used in many different settings, including for religious practices and rituals.

If you are fortunate enough to have legally-obtained ivory beads, cherish them and allow them to impart to you abundant energies of success. Be open to good things happening in your life, and appreciate the beauty of the life you have.

12. Pink

Pink is seen as the color of love, and pink beads are often used to entice romantic feelings from the object of your affection. If you are seeking the romantic attention of a potential partner, giving them pink beads is a great way to move things along. While they cannot make someone fall in love with you, the spiritual meaning of these colored beads are believed to aid with feelings of affection and opening up the heart.

There is also a connection between pink and the concept of newness. Imagine the pink sky at the start of a new day or the pink hue of a newborn baby’s skin. If you need to experience a fresh start in your life, wearing pink beads will help you make that a reality.

How To Use Them

If you want to introduce the meaning of these bead colors into your life, there are a variety of ways you can do it. The most common method is to wear the beads as a type of jewelry on your body.

Bead bracelets are very popular around the globe and can be very effective for channeling the power of the colored beads. Necklaces are also very convenient. You can own a variety of colored bead bracelets and necklaces and change the color daily to draw from them the spiritual benefit you’re needing at the moment.

In African cultures, waist beads have been worn by women for many years. They represent femininity, fertility, strength, and availability in the marriage sense. Waist beads are worn in a variety of ways and they are incredibly beautiful.

Besides wearing the beads as jewelry, you can also use the beads to decorate and fortify your home and vehicle. For example, placing black beads inside your car is a great way to add a layer of protection to your journeys. Try decorating your bedroom with red beads to encourage passion.

Wearing colorful beads will add much to your life, since the spiritual benefits can be significant. These beads will support and accentuate the beautiful attributes that you possess within yourself. They will bring out your good qualities and they will strengthen those areas where you are weak.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the symbolism and spiritual meaning of each bead color, you can start introducing them into your life. Pick the color (or colors) that resonates with you the most and keep it close!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, send them our way! We’re more than happy to lend a hand.

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