The Spiritual Meaning Of Hiccups: Complete Guide

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Understanding the spiritual meaning of hiccups can be incredibly helpful. These are common signs from the universe and our guardians, so being able to determine what they mean can have an incredible impact on your life.

This list covers all of the spiritual meanings associated with hiccups, and how to tell which ones apply to you.

Spiritual Meaning Of Hiccups

Hiccups aren’t a random occurrence, like so many believe. There are actually numerous spiritual meanings with deep significance behind getting hiccups!

If you listen to these messages from the universe, it can make a big difference in your life.

1. Someone Is Thinking Of You

One of the spiritual meanings of getting hiccups is that someone is thinking about you, and it’s likely a very person you’ve been dwelling on.

If you’re missing someone special, and wondering if they are missing you as well, the hiccups are a strong sign that they’re indeed longing to reconnect with you. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make the first move.

This message from the universe means someone is thinking of you, and you may or may not have them on your mind as well. While it does tend to be more powerful when it goes both ways, it certainly isn’t a hard rule. If you get the hiccups, spend a little time considering who might be thinking of you and why so you can reach out to that person.

Perhaps the person who’s thinking of you feels some sort of guilt or remorse over something they’ve done to you, and they long to set it straight. Maybe they are concerned that you’re upset with them for one reason or another. Regardless of the reason why, this person needs to speak with you and clear something up, and that’s why the hiccups have come to you.

Try not to brush off this sign as meaningless superstition. Investigate who may be thinking of you by going over who you’ve talked to recently, and even make some calls. If you figure out the mystery, it’s a good idea to reach out to the person and make it clear that this person is valued and important, because they clearly need that message.

2. Negative Energy Is On Its Way Out

If you’ve been plagued by negative energy, getting the hiccups can be tremendously good news. The spiritual meaning of this event can be that negative energy is on its way out of your body, making room for positive energy to enter. Hiccups can start when you’re clearing the bad energy out, particularly if you’re going through some sort of cleansing ritual.

It’s often said that the hiccups are actually a doorway for the bad energy to escape. If hiccups appear when you’ve been working towards cleansing and opening up your spiritual side, this is likely the reason.

Hiccups are a sign that our spirit guides are trying to connect with us. This is particularly true when we’re leaning in and paying more attention to what they’re up to. When we focus and are truly open to receiving their guidance, we are more sensitive to their work.

If the spirits are working on your behalf to clear negative energy from your life, the hiccups are a burden that are worth bearing. Negative energy can be quite detrimental to you in a variety of ways, so allow the spirits to clear that bad energy out, even if it means enduring hiccups!

3. A Spiritual Guardian Is Giving You Special Attention

We all have spiritual guardians who bless us with guidance, protection, comfort, and enlightenment throughout our lives.

For one reason or another, there are times when our spirit guides are seeking a more intense connection with us to help us achieve something special in our lives. This could very well be why you are suddenly experiencing hiccups.

Your spirit guides have an important message for you and your job should be to determine what exactly they’re trying to share. These messages can make a big difference in the quality of our lives and our spiritual health. Let this event propel you into a deeper connection with your spirit guides so that you can glean as much as possible from them.

4. Sickness In Your Inner Circle

A more unpleasant spiritual meaning associated with hiccups can be that someone you care about is going to be experiencing some form of illness. This is never the message you want to receive, but it’s possible your spiritual guides are trying to alert you so you can prepare.

You may know immediately who this family member or friend is. Maybe they’ve already started showing symptoms and have begun speaking to doctors or perhaps it’s someone who has been through a major illness and is starting to go downhill. It also could be someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and they’re unaware that he or she is going through a medical problem.

The universe is warning you that someone you care about is going to be dealing with some very serious health issues, or already is. Your role in this may be to offer some sort of support to your loved one and to be by their side. You also may have some unfinished business with this person, so there’s no better time than now to make amends or seek resolution.

5. You’ve Been Cursed

Hiccups are a mixed bag in terms of their spiritual meanings. They can be a sign of something good or bad, and in some cases a sign of an actual curse in your life. If this is the case, it’s important that you find out what curse has been placed so that you can deal with it appropriately and quickly.

When it comes to a curse, what you’re dealing with is a transfer of negative energy from one soul to another, and this can happen with or without either party’s knowledge. If you’ve been dealing with hiccups following a negative interaction with someone, it’s entirely possible that either you’ve been cursed with negative energy or you have cursed the other person.

But don’t panic. A curse can be reversed, especially if dealt with quickly and seriously. The most important thing is to pay attention to this message from the spirit guides and follow through with fixing it as soon as you can.

There is one very common curse that hiccups can bring your awareness to, and that’s the curse of the evil eye. If someone has had jealousy in their heart towards you, and has delivered a very hateful glare at you, these hiccups you’re experiencing may indeed mean you’ve been cursed with the evil eye.

It’s important to not just become aware of the message the hiccups bring you, but also be proactive as well. Curses happen because of negative energy, emotions, and interactions with others. While you can certainly remedy a curse, it’s so much better to be able to stop them before they come.

When you’re feeling that buildup of negative energy and think this spiritual meaning applies, spend some time in meditation, seek the help of spiritually enlightened people, and ask your guardian angels for assistance. Getting some exercise can also be incredibly helpful in ridding yourself of negative emotions.

6. You’re Being Talked About Behind Your Back

Gossip can be an awful thing, but it happens everywhere. In this case, the spiritual meaning of hiccups might be that your guardians are warning you that someone (or multiple people) are speaking about you behind your back. It’s a common message to receive because, really, it happens all the time.

Gossip is like a wildfire spreading across the hills burning everything down.

There may have been times where you’ve had the strange feeling that someone is spreading a rumor about you, but weren’t sure. Hiccups are your guardian angels’ way of warning you that there’s an issue going on, so that you have the opportunity to get ahead of it and seek some sort of resolution. It’s better to find out early so that you can address any falsehood.

To figure out who’s talking about you behind your back, try to pay attention to who you’re around and what you’re doing at the time the hiccups begin. That might give you a clue as to who is behind the gossip.

But remember, when someone talks about you behind your back, it doesn’t always mean they are saying negative things about you! They could be singing your praises or sharing good reports with others. This particular spiritual meaning of hiccups is more often negative than positive, but it’s worth being aware of.

7. A Surprising Change Is Coming

Hiccups can also mean that a surprising change is on the way. This may mean you’re going to be stretched outside of your typical comfort zone, especially if change isn’t normally your forte. You could be in for some exciting times ahead, but it’ll take a little flexibility on your part.

It’s exciting to think of something new happening in your life, so be on the lookout for any signs of change. Examples might be opportunities to attend special events, introductions to new people, and even any feelings inside you that may be shifting. Maybe you’re going to be meeting the love of your life soon, or you’re going to be relocated to a different city for work. Keep your eyes wide open and your mind open even more!

The Meaning Of Getting Hiccups Repeatedly

Getting hiccups over and over usually has a negative spiritual meaning associated with it, so you should pay close attention if this happens to you. At the very least, repeatedly getting hiccups can mean you’re ignoring your spiritual guides despite their desire to get your attention. Another possibility is that someone you love is about to fall ill, or there is some severe negative energy around you that must be dealt with immediately.

This means you must take action as soon as you can. Reach out to your loved ones to make sure they’re doing alright, and take some spiritual steps to start driving bad energy out of your life.

Hiccups Spiritual Meaning In Other Cultures

Hiccups can have differing spiritual meanings in other cultures. Let’s take a look at what this sign means around the globe to compare and contrast.


When you get the hiccups in Russia, the belief is that someone must be talking about you. This can be positive or negative, but the only way to stop the hiccups is to guess who it is that’s talking about you. This can be fun to try and figure out with a group of friends.


Not unlike the Russians, the people of India see hiccups as a sign that you are on someone’s mind and that you’re being greatly missed. If you guess who the person is, the hiccups should cease. It can also mean you’re missing someone who is also missing you. These are fond, loving feelings.


The Nigerians believe that hiccups are a sign that you are under a spiritual attack and that you must take part in some cleansing rituals to rid yourself of this negative spiritual influence.

Closing Thoughts

Hiccups have a number of interesting spiritual meanings, and now you’ll be able to tell which ones apply to your situation! Staying open-minded and listening to the messages our spirit guides send us can have a number of benefits, and this is just one example of that.

If you found this guide helpful or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Just reach out to us on social media or through our contact page!

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