What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You? (Surprising)

A bird flying in the air during sunset

The spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you is surprisingly positive. In fact, it might mean that things are going to start going your way!

This guide goes over what it means when a bird poops on you, and how you can interpret this event.

What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You?

Interestingly enough, many cultures and spiritualists from around the world see it as a good sign if a bird poops on you. However, there can be quite a bit of variation depending on the circumstances.

There are also different spiritual meanings based on what’s going on in your life at the time, and which message your guardian angels are trying to send you.

1. Good Luck

A bird pooping on you may seem like terrible luck in the moment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The belief that this is a sign of good luck is shared amongst many cultures around the globe. While it seems counterintuitive that such an event would be tied to anything positive, that’s exactly what it is!

In the Catholic Church, there is a belief that birds are angels in disguise. When one finds a bird feather or when a bird poops on you, they believe an angel has visited and bestowed upon you a blessing. It may not feel like an angelic blessing when it happens to you, but you will begin to experience the fruits of good luck and soon become a believer.

Another reason why the spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you is considered lucky is because it’s such a rare occurrence. The concepts of luck and rarity often go hand in hand.

2. You Can Make It Through The Challenges

We all go through trials and challenges at times, but if you’ve been dealing with a particularly difficult challenge and a bird poops on you, it means your guardian angels think that you’re going to make it through these tribulations with flying colors. It may seem like these problems are endless, but they will come to an end sooner rather than later.

Your struggle has not been in vain or unnoticed. The universe is going to reward your hard work and determined attitude to persevere. Better days are coming!

3. The Need For Spiritual Enlightenment

If you are blessed enough to be pooped on by a bird, then it could very well mean that you’re going to be experiencing a profound spiritual enlightenment. In fact, the bird was likely delivering a message to you from your spiritual guides to let you know that you’re in dire need of an awakening. That means seeking it out should be a priority.

When the universe is trying to get your attention for your own benefit, she can be pretty insistent. Sending this bird may be the only way to get your undivided attention. If this happens to you and you know that you’ve been stagnant in your spiritual growth, spend some time connecting to your inner spirituality and ask for enlightenment.

4. Strong Relationships

The spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you could speak to your tremendous dedication to the people you love.

Many consider this a sign that the relationships in your life are strong and an encouragement to continue to strengthen them and keep them safe. People are what matter most, and this is something you clearly understand.

If this message from the spiritual realm finds you in the middle of a relationship crisis or some tension between you and a loved one, you are being encouraged to fix that problem as soon as possible. Don’t let it fester and become worse. Rebuild that relationship that was strong but is now weak.

5. It’s Time To Start A New Chapter

Have you ever gazed up into the sky and marveled at the beautiful freedom of a bird soaring overhead? We can’t help but envy the bird’s ability to fly when and wherever they choose. Birds often represent freedom, and being pooped on by a bird is a sign from the universe that you’re about to embrace your own freedom and step into something new and exciting.

The bird represents various types of freedom, including spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom. Thus, the meaning of this event could indicate there will be a change in one or all of those areas of your life. You could experience physical changes, such as weight loss or healing from an illness.

Spiritually and emotionally, you might be on the brink of major breakthroughs. Perhaps you will step out in faith into a new mission field or find freedom from some emotional baggage that’s been haunting you for many years. The bird pooping on you may have seemed gross in the moment, but it was an impartation of the bird offering you the gift of freedom.

Take some time to look at your life and consider where some changes might need to be made. This is a good time to step out and try something new.

6. Improved Financial Circumstances

It may be difficult to understand, but a common spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you is financial prosperity.

This belief originated in ancient cultures who saw feces as the end of the process of digestion. Digestion meant that a person had food to eat in the first place, which meant they were doing well enough to afford food.

Finances can be extremely stressful when the tide is not going your way. Your guardian angels are sending you a clear message, through this bird dropping, that your financial stress will be coming to an end soon. So keep up the good work and stay the course. You’ve earned these rewards!

How The Time Impacts The Meaning

Interestingly enough, the spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you can be impacted by the time of day when it occurs. Mornings tend to be a lot less likely, just because our little, winged friends might not have eaten as much yet. Noon or the early afternoon seems to be the most frequent time of day to experience this.


Being pooped on by a bird in the morning means the universe is saying positive changes for your life are in the works. These changes could concern your career and some new opportunities. You might also experience these changes in your romantic prospects.


It may feel like a major inconvenience to be pooped on by a bird in the middle of your day, but you’re actually extremely lucky. This is a sign of wealth descending to you from the heavenly realm. This meaning comes from the angle and intensity of the sunlight at noon, which is considered by many cultures to represent wealth. The finances of you and your family are likely going to flourish.


There are a couple of interpretations for the spiritual meaning behind a bird pooping on you at night, but none are positive. One possible meaning is that you or someone you love will experience some sort of illness in the near future. It is more important now than ever that you take excellent care of your health.

Another meaning of being pooped on at night is that someone may be intending you harm in one way or another. It could be via false accusations about you at work or someone spreading rumors. Just make sure to keep your side of every argument clean so that the blame never comes back to you.

While these meanings are not easy to accept, it’s important to stay calm. These events typically don’t last long, and can end up being part of a greater spiritual cleansing that is initiated by the universe.

Spiritual Meanings In Other Cultures

The spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you will vary a bit depending on culture. There’s a lot of overlap between these interpretations, but there are a few situations where the differences stand out.


In Russia, the bird doesn’t have to poop on you directly in order for you to receive good luck. If a bird poops on your car, your house, or your person, that is considered to be a sign of tremendous fortune and wealth on the way. The meaning of the whole event is thought to be very positive.


The people of Turkey believe it is fantastically good luck for bird droppings to fall on you, and that it’s a surefire sign that financial blessings are coming your way in the near future.


In Italy, where most of the population identify as Catholic, they believe that a bird pooping on you is a sign that God is favoring you and singling you out for blessings. It doesn’t get better than that!


The believers of Hinduism have a unique way of looking at it. They break the sign down into categories based on what type of bird it is that poops on you. Some birds, such as crows or magpies, are considered to bring bad luck, while other birds, like doves, bring good luck.

So it all comes down to the species of bird to determine what type of fortune may befall you.


In Islam birds are seen as Allah’s personal messengers. Therefore, it’s believed that the symbolic meaning of a bird pooping on you is actually a special blessing. It’s seen as a message from Allah that good fortunes are planned for you.


The Catholic Church believes that birds have a special place in God’s plan and that they are often messengers of beauty, similar to the angels that they possibly represent. Most Catholics believe that being pooped on by a bird is a good sign that God is going to bless you and your family, and that you should put your trust in Him.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what it means when a bird poops on you, it’s time for you to internalize these various spiritual meanings. This doesn’t happen often, so you want to be ready to interpret this event correctly the next time it does!

If this has recently happened to you and you’re still unsure about what it means for you, we’re more than happy to help. Connect with us and share your experience.

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