The Page Of Pentacles: Does This Card Mean Yes Or No?

Page of Pentacles tarot card in a yes or no reading

The Page of Pentacles is an interesting card to find when seeking answers to “yes or no” questions. There’s a lot of nuance and detail you need to understand if you want to interpret it correctly!

This guide will help you figure out what this tarot card means for you.

Page Of Pentacles: Yes Or No?

Looking for a positive outcome for your “yes or no” tarot reading? You’re in luck, because the Page of Pentacles is a resounding yes. This card is all about good news, particularly good news that relates to money, growth, or any form of abundance.

In tarot, the element of Earth goes by many names: Diamonds, Stones, Coins, or Pentacles. This makes Pentacles the suit of all things Earth-y, like prosperity, financial success, stability, loyalty, and all types of growth.

The suit of Pentacles also has one of the happy endings in tarot. Each suit’s numbered cards tells a story that progresses from the Aces to the Tens, following a very classic story structure: The action opens, the characters meet, the action builds to a climax, and then things wind down toward the end. The Ten of Pentacles concludes the story with comfort, wealth, and generations of support and happiness.

The court cards come after the numbered cards. The Pages are essentially Knights-in-training, who serve their Knights while learning their future roles. Pages are generally described as young, idealistic, impetuous, and enthusiastic. As servants, they function as messengers in tarot.

So here we have a Page, a messenger, of the suit of Pentacles. When this card shows up in its upright orientation, it’s all about good news!

You can see this in the kind of symbolism and imagery used to illustrate this card. While there are way too many tarot decks out there to analyze here, the classic Rider-Waite deck is a good place to start.

Here, artist Pamela Colman-Smith depicts the Page of Pentacles as a young man. He’s wearing a floppy hat and a green tunic, edged with a fringe that almost resembles leaves. In his hands, he holds a large golden pentacle. His gaze is turned up toward it.

Behind him, the landscape is lush and verdant. There are flowers growing at his feet, and some trees and mountains off in the distance. The atmosphere is serene, and so is the Page’s expression.

Really, the whole card suggests comfort and beauty. There are no signs of strife or danger on the horizon. The only figure here is the Page of Pentacles, and he seems very relaxed and happy.

When you’re doing a simple “yes or no” tarot reading, it requires condensing a lot of complex images and meanings down into a single one-word answer. The Page of Pentacles is an emblem of good news, common sense, potential, and abundance, so it represents a yes.

Does A Reversed Page Of Pentacles Mean Yes Or No?

The reversed Page of Pentacles indicates a no for “yes or no” questions in a tarot reading.

The thing to remember about the court cards is that they represent the positive aspects of their respective suits and elements. When you reverse them, all of that changes. Rather than exemplifying the good things, they represent what happens when things get taken to extremes.

The upright Page of Pentacles is a symbol of goal setting, follow through, and the desire to set solid foundations. He’s a youthful figure, not nearly as mature in his outlook as the Queen or King, but this gives him a special optimism and enthusiasm. When he’s reversed, the Page becomes a poor planner, lazy, and unmotivated. His lack of maturity is emphasized here, and he no longer exhibits the positive traits of the suit of Pentacles.

If the upright Page is about careful planning, the reversed Page is procrastination. Where the upright Page represents potential, the reversed Page wastes that potential. When the upright Page indicates forethought and consideration, the reversed Page is choice fatigue and indecisiveness.

The reversed Page of Pentacles can also represent bad news, or news that comes too late. This news is likely to relate to money, investments, inheritances, or job offers.

If you draw this card in response to a “yes or no” reading, the answer is sadly no. While the reversed Page of Pentacles isn’t really a positive tarot card to get, it’s a particularly unfortunate one if your question relates to financial matters.

Does Page Of Pentacles Mean Yes Or No For Love?

Upright, the Page of Pentacles is a yes for questions related to love.

While the suit of Pentacles represents money and material things, it still has a lot to do with love. It’s the suit of comfort and loyalty, after all!

For people who already have a partner, the Page of Pentacles can represent reliability, stability, and romantic harmony. This suit may not be the most passionate or romantic, but it does indicate a period of peace and happiness. You may also receive some positive news about a home loan, job offer, or other financial matter related to your relationship.

For people who are currently single, the Page of Pentacles can indicate that you’re in a good place to start a new relationship. In fact, you may even already have your eye on someone. If so, now’s a good time to let them know!

Sometimes, the court cards represent actual people. If the Page of Pentacles appears in this context, it may describe someone who is youthful, exuberant, and responsible.

Does A Reversed Page Of Pentacles Mean Yes Or No For Love?

While the upright court cards are good omens for love, the reversed ones aren’t. If the reversed Page of Pentacles appears in response to a “yes or no” question about love, the answer is no.

In this orientation, the Page of Pentacles represents pretty much the opposite of what anyone would want in a relationship. Things are either on shaky ground right now, or now isn’t a good time to try to start anything. Either way, the picture looks rather bleak.

If you’re married or dating, the reversed Page of Pentacles may warn of irresponsibility, stagnation, boredom, and juvenility. One partner may be behaving childishly, possibly to the extent that it’s costing them the respect of their significant other. Someone in this relationship may even find themselves unwillingly having to parent their partner, and that’s no good for anyone.

Sometimes, the reversed Page of Pentacles warns about conflicts and arguments. These are probably over relatively minor things but, due to the mental and emotional immaturity represented by this card, have the potential to turn into major blowups.

If you’re single, the reversed Page is here to tell you that now isn’t the time to start a new relationship. You might be feeling impatient, but this card represents poor planning and a shaky foundation. It’s not a good time to jump into anything that you want to last. Since this card can also represent indecisiveness, it may also represent feeling ambivalent about your romantic options.

Example Questions

Out of all the “yes or no” questions that get asked, there are some that come up far more than others. This section will help you understand what the Page of Tentacles means for each one.

Will My Crush And I Finally Get Together?

When the Page of Pentacles is upright for this “yes or no” question, It’s possible! You’ll never know unless you speak up. The Page of Pentacles is a messenger, and he indicates that it’s a good time to get your message across.

On the other hand, the reversed Page of Pentacles indicates that it’s doubtful. You might at some point in the future, but it doesn’t appear to be a good time right now. You may find that you’re not really as into the idea as you think, or that your message isn’t as well-received as you hope.

Will My Partner And I Get Married Soon?

The Page of Pentacles means that this is very likely. Since the Page of Pentacles is the messenger of this suit, this card indicates that you may soon be receiving some very good news. While he doesn’t typically represent proposals (that’s the Page of Cups’ job), you may find that you’ll soon be in a better financial position to settle down and get married.

If this card is reversed, it’s not likely right now. Your relationship may be in a difficult place. It’s possible that you or your partner has been forced to take on more responsibility than is fair. Marriage won’t help make things better until the underlying issues are addressed.

Will I Find A New Romantic Partner Soon?

The upright Page of Pentacles means you just might! It looks like you’ve got your ducks in a row right now, and all the right energies are aligned for you to start a new relationship. If there’s someone in your social circle that you have feelings for, then the Page of Pentacles may be urging you to say something and let them know.

Reversed, the Page of Pentacles means the answer to this question is probably not. You might want to, and might even have the opportunity to do so, but it’s likely to be a bad idea right now. You may be in a shaky position in life right now or might just want to date someone in order to not be alone anymore. Neither of these are good situations for you or a potential partner, and may just set you up for future heartbreak.             

Closing Thoughts

The Page of Pentacles can be straightforward at times when it comes to “yes or no” tarot readings. But other times, it requires a bit more analysis.

Let us know if you’re having any trouble interpreting what this card means for you. We’re more than happy to help.

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