Red Evil Eye: Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism & Uses

Red evil eye symbol on a bracelet

The meaning of the red evil eye has fascinated people for many years, and that continues to be the case today. And because of its popularity, it’s only natural to wonder about the deeper symbolism and impact behind it!

This guide will teach you the spiritual meaning, representation, and uses for the red evil eye. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll want to incorporate it into your life as well!

What Is The Red Evil Eye?

The red evil eye is a symbol with a lot of history behind it, and a powerful meaning that has drawn in many people over the years. The symbol itself can be found throughout history in a variety of cultures and religions, with the earliest examples being found in the Classical Antiquity era between the 8th century BC and the 5th century AD. In the years since, it has grown and spread around the globe.

The Greeks were one of the first to utilize the red evil eye symbol in their culture, and it continues to be popular in Greece as well as in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and parts of Central America. More recently, the red evil eye can be found throughout North America as well.

To understand where the red evil eye comes from, one must consider its general meaning. Basically, the symbol of the evil eye is meant to offer protection against a curse of some sort. In many cultures, the curse comes from a malicious look that is cast from one person to another, whether that be done intentionally or unintentionally.

In most cases this malevolent stare is shrouded with negative emotions of envy and jealousy. It is also said to happen in cases of false flattery.

When someone is the recipient of an evil eye curse, it is believed to be able to cause them health problems and other forms of bad luck. Misfortune often follows them around until the curse is somehow removed.

This concept of “casting the evil eye” was very popular amongst the Jewish culture as well as in predominantly Islamic countries. Since you never knew when you’d be the victim of such a glance, people sought out a way to protect themselves from the curse, and this is where the concept of the evil eye amulets and talisman came into being.

The meaning of the red evil eye symbol serves to protect individuals from any number of curses that might befall them from spiritual forces or the power of the gods. Whether the curse came from an evil eye glare or from the targeting of the gods, many people want and need this protection.

The red evil eye is often used as a talisman that is worn or strategically placed to protect people from curses and negative energies that might attack them. While some people who use it today might not take the symbolism literally, those who developed it very much believed in the protection and safety it offered.

While it can come in a variety of colors, the symbol of the evil eye is most seen in red with a white middle ring and a black center circle, mimicking a wide, open, circular eye. Sometimes the red is substituted with other colors such as blue, green or black.

Examples Of It Being Used Around The World

The red evil eye is very popular in Greece, and they consider the symbol to be a great protector from evil curses from the gods. Not only do the Greeks believe it repels negative energy and curses, but it also seems to provide good luck. Greek elders would have the young ladies wear the red evil eye to bring them blessings of a wonderful love life, an opportune marriage, and good luck in fertility.

In Greece people tend to like wearing the red evil eye on them as some sort of jewelry rather than using it in the home. People groups from South America were also known to wear the red evil eye charm on their bracelets for protection.

Within the belief system of Hinduism, it is thought that the eye is the most powerful organ on the body for the flowing in and out of energy. Therefore, it makes sense that the red evil eye is important to the people of India to regulate the flow of energy.

To repel bad luck and negative spirits, they wear the red evil eye on themselves, usually in the form of a bracelet. They believe that this talisman keeps them safe from bad omens and negative energy throughout the course of their lives.

When the people of Africa wear the red evil eye, they feel it protects them from misfortune that might be in their path. Oftentimes, people will gift family members and friends with red evil eye jewelry to wear for their protection. Sometimes the talisman is even placed in the crib of infants.

The spiritual meaning and symbolism of the red evil eye is used around the world to ward off bad luck, curses, and troublesome spirits. In some regions it is incorporated into the décor of the home, which keeps everyone who enters the home safe. Others choose to wear the amulet in one way or another for their special, safe covering wherever they go.

The red evil eye has spread in popularity around the world and is now a popular charm to see on bracelets and necklaces in the United States, Europe, Asia and pretty much across the map. Most people who use the symbol on their accessories or in their home décor in the USA don’t even realize the spiritual meaning and function it possesses.

What Does The Red Evil Eye Mean?

The red evil eye stands for all things good and pure. Its meaning is a rejection of negativity and a magnet for positive energy. This symbol stands for bravery and power, giving those it adorns the inner strength to accomplish whatever is in their heart.

While the evil eye is sometimes used with other colors, there is an energy in the red that’s quite unique. The red stands for that sense of resolve in the face of adversity. When trials come your way – and they come to all of us at times in our lives – the red evil eye will help you stand in faith without wavering from the right path.

Hang your red evil eye in your home to give it an extra covering of protection. If you place the evil eye in your vehicle, you’ll bring everyone in that car safety and protection. This charm brings good luck, protection and strength wherever it goes.

How Can It Benefit You?

There are ways you can use the meaning and symbolism of the red evil eye to protect yourself against curse or bad luck. The first step is to stage the red evil eye in various places in your home, vehicle and on your body. Make sure you and your family members are always wearing that special talisman symbol.

If you want to boost the power of the red evil eye, try wearing red clothing and jewelry for a while. You can do this in certain situations where you may have more reason for concern about receiving a curse. Not only will you be boosting the protective power of the red evil eye, but you’ll also be color-coordinating!

The red evil eye can do so much for you, including providing you protection from the curse of the evil eye, repelling negative energy and bad luck, and boosting your inner power and strength. If you want your life to go well and to attract positive energy, try to keep your red evil eye charm close by.

If you aren’t in possession of a red evil eye and you want to stay protected, it’s important to live with positive intentions in your heart. Envy is a negative emotion that can cause the evil eye curse to happen unintentionally, so check your heart and avoid letting that negativity get its grip on you.

Different Ways To Use The Red Evil Eye Symbolism

There are a variety of ways to use the red evil eye symbol in your world to optimize its positive effects. You can try one or all of these to protect you and your home!


Red evil eye bracelets are definitely the most popular way to incorporate the meaning and protection of this symbol into your life. They are easy to put on, light, and stay with you all throughout the day (which is important). These bracelets guard your spirit, mind and heart.

Also, these bracelets with the red evil eye charm can be quite cute and stylish. You can go for a plain bracelet band or something more colorful and unique. Finally safety and style go together!

You can also wear your talisman on your ankles if you’d prefer that to the wrists.


Red evil eye pendants are lovely and powerful all at the same time. Wearing one around your neck can provide ultimate protective covering from all negative energy, keeping your head clear and your focus spot on. Keeping the meaning of the red evil eye close like this can empower you to walk in faith without fear of negative consequences.


Some people are resistant or simply uncomfortable with the idea of wearing necklaces or bracelets. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with popping your red evil eye talisman into your pocket. If it’s on your person you are covered with spiritual protection and can go forth in confidence and seize the day.

The meaning of the red evil eye emits positive energies of courage and strength. If you are in a situation where you feel your strength leaving you or need to boost up your courage, reach into your pocket and hold that red evil eye in your hand. You’ll be energized and strengthened to push through the present challenge and get to the other side.

Home Placement

Your home is your sanctuary and keeping it safe from negative, dark forces should be a top priority. Hang a red evil eye talisman at the entryway of your home and, for added benefit, in a few different rooms of the house to keep negative energies away.

Hanging the red evil eye at home can also promote physical health for your family and keep illness out.

Keeping the spiritual meaning of the red evil eye nearby will protect your sanctuary. The people in your home may also find themselves experiencing good luck, prime health, and freedom from any bad omens.

Gift To Loved Ones

Some of the best gifts you can give a loved one are safety and good luck. Some like to make sure their children have their own red evil eye that they wear regularly. Also, consider gifting them to anyone you feel may be in danger of being harassed by dark spirits.

Single, young ladies are often gifted with these pendants to bring them good luck in marriage. Red evil eyes make wonderful wedding gifts to young couples, or to welcome newborn babies into the world. Hanging one from the crib or stroller of a baby will promise the child many beautiful, prosperous days ahead.

The Meaning Of A Red Evil Eye Bracelet

Wearing your talisman charm as a bracelet is not insignificant. The use of bracelets for spiritual and even political purposes goes way far back in history.

The circular shape of the bracelet indicates a never-ending loop, so the meaning of a red evil eye bracelet symbolizes an unending cycle of protection from curses and bad omens for the wearer.

The bracelet brings health, joy and prosperity. As much as it guards a person from the evil eye curse or even curses from the gods, it also fuels successful marriages, healthy pregnancies and long lives.

Being cursed with the evil eye is no laughing matter, and wearing a red evil eye bracelet can stop it in its tracks, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Which Wrist Should You Wear It On?

Wear your red evil eye bracelet on the left wrist if you identify the need for protection over your feelings, personal relationships, and more spiritual aspects of your life.

On the other hand, you should wear the bracelet on the right wrist if you’re needing some help with the more material aspects of life such as finances, issues at work and making big decisions.

Whether you wear your bracelet on the left or right wrist is not as important as keeping its meaning and protection somewhere on your body. Having this talisman on you will bring good fortune overall. Some believe wearing it down over the palm a little increases the good luck it produces.

Is The Red Evil Eye Real?

The symbolism and meaning of the red evil eye go back thousands of years and are embraced by such a surprisingly large number of cultures, religions, and tribes. It would be difficult to accept that these beliefs are entirely empty, considering that so many people attest to the spiritual protections offered by it.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the red evil eye has any kind of supernatural power, there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who believe in its effectiveness in keeping them and their homes safe from curse and misfortune. There’s something to be said for personal testimony!

Believing or not believing in the power of the red evil eye is a personal decision. At the very least, it can’t hurt to wear one and be on the safe side. Besides that, it’s an interesting symbol that has become very popular amongst young people today for its trendy look.

Closing Thoughts

The spiritual meaning of the red evil eye is all about protection. It keeps you pure and full of positivity, no matter how much negative energy surrounds you.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve had a good experience incorporating the red evil eye into your life. And if you have any questions, go ahead and ask us!

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