Hitting A Bird While Driving: What Does It Really Mean?

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Understanding what it means when you hit a bird while driving is actually quite powerful. This unfortunate event can actually signify a number of spiritual meanings, and it’s your responsibility to understand them.

This guide will go into what it means when this happens to you, and how you can use this message going forward.

What Does It Mean When You Hit A Bird While Driving?

Hitting a bird with your car is often more than a random event. It is a major occurrence that brings with it a variety of spiritual meanings and a message just for you. Whether the bird passes away into the next life or survives, there is a valuable message behind it, and it’s crucial that you take some time to consider what that message might be.

One common thread amongst all of the spiritual meanings associated with this event is that the universe is giving you a warning sign that change is coming. This could be a positive or negative change, depending on the circumstances, but there most certainly will be change. Your spirit guides are encouraging you to wake up and pay attention.

1. You’re Putting A Stretch Of Bad Luck Behind You

If you’ve been going through a time in your life where it seems bad luck has been following you around, and you hit a black colored bird with your car, this could mean the reign of bad luck is coming to an end. The death of the bird is a symbol of the death of a bad omen, since black birds, like crows and ravens, often represent bad luck.

While we never want to rejoice in the death of another living being, you can take comfort that the passing of this bird may take with it the marathon of bad luck that’s been plaguing your life for so long. Better days are ahead!

2. A Relationship Might Be Coming To An End

The death of a bird that you hit while driving may have a parallel meaning, in that a death of a relationship in your life may be in the works. Do not be surprised if, shortly after hitting the bird, you receive bad news from someone close to you regarding an actual death or the end of a relationship.

There’s no way of knowing upfront if this is going to be about a romantic relationship, a family member, a friendship, or a work colleague. But it’s most likely a relationship that is important to you and not a trivial one. Pay attention to the relationships that you care about and be watchful for signs of trouble, whether they be health issues or breaks in the foundation itself.

It is important to note that it’s not always a negative thing when a relationship comes to an end. Some relationships are toxic and need to die for the well-being of one or both of the people involved. Try not to be discouraged, for the universe may be encouraging you to move on from a relationship that is bringing you more harm than good.

3. Pursue More Spirituality

Certain birds like owls are considered to be wise creatures, and they are portrayed as such in many American movies and books. If you happen to hit one of these birds while driving, the meaning could be that your spirit guides are trying to awaken your sense of spirituality and call you to a place of enlightenment. They want you to pursue greater depths of spiritual sensitivity because you are gifted in this way, which isn’t a common gift.

Don’t ignore this message from the universe. It isn’t as common to hit a bird like an owl while driving as it is other bird species, so this message was sent just for you. There is more blessing to your spiritual life that you’re not yet taking advantage of, and it’s a shame to miss the opportunity for a richer, more vibrant life of understanding.

4. It’s Time To Snap Out Of A Rut

There are few things more discouraging in life than being stuck in a rut, where day after day the same problems arise and have to be dealt with again and again. When you hit a bird while driving and it becomes stuck on your vehicle, the spiritual meaning is that you too are stuck and need to find a way to snap out of the rut you’re in.

This rut can take many forms and usually it takes several at the same time for maximum effect. For example, you may be struggling at work, trying over and over for that promotion but never landing it. Consequently, every month could be a juggling act with the bills which leads to stress, and that causes tension and conflict in your marriage.

Ruts can be extremely emotionally draining and can zap the joy right out of life. They can ruin relationships and end marriages, if not dealt with appropriately. Ruts can keep you stuck in the same sad existence for far too long, leading you to question your very worth.

The bird you hit while driving is a reflection of the rut you’re in, and the universe is telling you it’s time to break free.

Not only are your guardians giving you the encouragement to do something about it, but they will be with you along the journey to make it happen. So do whatever it takes to break out of this rut, which may include finding a new job, ending or starting a relationship, meeting new people, going out when you normally stay in, and basically doing the opposite of the patterns you’ve been falling into.

5. Pay Attention To The Little Things

It’s easy in the hustle and bustle of this hectic world to overlook the little things in life, but the spiritual meaning of hitting a small bird while driving (regardless if it ends up dying or surviving) is that you need to start paying more attention to the fine details.

We lose out on so much when we overlook the small things in life, and this can lead to us missing the somewhat important things, and then inevitably neglecting what’s most important to us! It functions like a chain reaction.

While they may seem unimportant at the time, nothing is further from the truth. The little things in life matter a great deal.

6. You’ve Been Visited By An Angel Or Spirit

Although it’s usually a sign that you need to make some changes if you hit a bird while driving, there are occasions when this isn’t the case at all. If the bird that you hit survives the incident, this could mean that you’ve been visited by an angel or spirit guide. Angels and birds are both considered to be important messengers, and it may be that God or a guardian is sending you a message and trying to get your attention.

The angel may have come to let you know that you can expect positive changes in your life. He or she may also have come to bring you comfort in the middle of a difficult season of life. You have been seen by God and He cares about what you’re going through.

Never downplay the importance of an angelic visit. Make sure to lean in and listen for the message that’s been sent down to you and embrace it. Be glad this was the meaning of your encounter with the bird.

7. Someone New Is Entering Your Life

If a red cardinal happens to fly in front of your car and gets hit, you’ll probably have someone entering your life very soon, and this will be someone with whom you will have a positive relationship. You can’t be sure if this is a friendship or a romantic involvement at this point, but this new person will definitely bring you joy.

The news remains positive even in the event that the lovely, red cardinal dies from the collision. Someone new is coming along, so you should remain watchful and eagerly await the arrival of this special human being.

8. Good Health

If you happen to hit a black-colored bird of any species while driving, this could mean that an illness that has troubled you for some time is about to leave your body for good. This miraculous healing could happen very quickly, which is obviously something to be very excited about.

But on the other hand, there is a possibility that the spiritual meaning of hitting this bird will have the opposite effect and herald the coming of illness. If you’ve been healthy, or if you’ve been ignoring  some symptoms of illness, now may be a good time to visit your doctor for a checkup. Better to be safe than sorry!

9. A Surprising Life Change Is Coming

Hitting a bird while driving is never a fun experience, but it’s not always bad news. This unfortunate experience can actually be a sign of good luck and positive surprises around the corner.

If you hit a cardinal, expect to receive some wonderfully exciting news from a loved one. This could be the news that a new baby is on the way, that you’re getting a promotion at work, or that you’ve won some sort of prize. Whatever the news may be, be glad and rejoice at your good fortune!

These birds are often referred to as songbirds due to their melodic chirping calls. The sound of a songbird brings joy to the hearts of all who hear it. Thus, this encounter with the songbird may seem sad, but it is a sign that unspeakable joy and happiness is on the way.

10. Happiness Hasn’t Been Coming Easily

If you’ve been struggling with a general lack of happiness or joy in your life as of late, and you hit a brightly-colored bird of any species while driving your car, this could be a sign from the universe alerting you to the problem.

Most people find colorful birds delightful, and many even have them for pets because of the joy and beauty that they bring. Hitting such a beautiful bird is a sign that your sense of joy has been failing and that it’s time to do something about it.

While this sign could come from any brightly-colored bird, it tends to be more cut and dry when it’s a yellow bird that you hit. Yellow is considered the color of happiness, which is why so many people paint the inside of their homes yellow. Therefore, the meaning of hitting a yellow bird while driving tends to highlight the lack of joy in your life.

However, if you do hit a colorful bird but it ends up living, this could indicate there will be unexpected joyfulness entering your life soon, so be ready for some good news to come your way. Make sure to always pull over and check the bird to see if it has died or if it is alive and might need some help.

You deserve to be happy. Don’t allow your happiness to be the last thing on the priority list. Go out and seek ways to bring joy back into your life and allow yourself the permission to put you first for once.

Is Hitting A Bird Bad Luck?

There is no easy answer to this question, because beliefs on it are so varied and dependent on circumstances. Some interpret this event to be a sign of good luck and others see it as bringing bad luck. Others believe it’s bad luck if the bird dies, but good luck if it survives.

Many times the spiritual meaning of this will depend upon the details and what was happening at the time. For example, did you hit the bird or did the bird fly into the vehicle? Was it flying in front of the car or coming from the side? Each of these circumstances could change the message, so it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer.

One thing we can be sure of is that no one enjoys hitting a bird while driving and potentially taking its life. If you do strike one of these important, spiritually charged creatures, please stop to see if the bird has passed away or if it is in need of some medical assistance. That’s the right thing to do whenever possible.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know what it means when you hit a bird while driving, you’ll be able to take the appropriate steps and react to this message.

If you’ve had this happen recently and need some help figuring this out, reach out to us. We’re always willing to help!

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