What Is The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of Triangles?

A triangle with a powerful meaning and symbolism

Triangles have powerful meanings that have inspired people for ages. The symbolism behind this shape has been used in countless ways, and that won’t be changing anytime soon!

This guide will teach you the meanings behind these symbols, and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Triangle Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

At face value, triangles are seemingly simple shapes. They’re three-sided figures that even preschoolers know how to identify! Yet, these shapes continue to mystify, holding a deep meaning and symbolism that connects to the spiritual realm.

Triangles have been a part of symbolic and religious imagery throughout history, making them more than innocuous shapes. But what do they mean?

1. Manifestation

The symbolism of triangles embodies the concept of manifestation. They’re about moving forward and willing what you want into existence.

The connection to manifestation comes from the general forward-moving nature of the shape. Triangles inherently appear as arrows, signifying the flow of unseen metaphysical energy that floats around us. Spiritualists say that two sides slope to direct power in a specific direction.

On a grander scale, the power-moving nature of a triangle represents progress.

You can’t expect things to happen without putting any work into your life. If you sit around and wait or get complacent in your routine, the world will pass you by. If you want to chase your dreams or create change, you must work for it.

Triangles symbolize the act of moving forward in life and becoming the harbinger of change you seek.

2. Enlightenment & Ascension

Triangles can also represent enlightenment and ascension.

No matter what religion you practice or belief system you subscribe to, life is about letting your spirituality soar. There are countless unknowns in the universe, and you have the chance to explore as many unturned corners as you can. Spirituality is about the ongoing quest for answers and a search for enlightenment beyond our physical being.

The meaning of triangles connects to the act of ascending into a higher state of mind. It means that you’ve achieved a significant level of enlightenment, and your well of wisdom overflows. 

Of course, the quest for answers is unending. It doesn’t matter how enlightened you become; there’s always more to learn.

The triangle represents that journey and its symbolism encourages you to better understand your soul and place on this planet. Insight makes all the difference, and the shape shows you how vital those gains are.

Some even say that triangles hold spiritual information long after we’re gone. Upon death, the shape accompanies us to another realm as we transform into a higher being. The triangle takes your journey with you, ensuring that your experiences on Earth aren’t lost to the ether.

3. Balance

Take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the triangle shape. While there are many variations of the figure, one overlapping characteristic reigns true in them all. Every triangle must have three sides.

It’s that three-sided nature that’s important when it comes to the symbolism of a triangle. The three sides are all the same shape in an equilateral triangle, achieving perfect balance.

Triangles represent the three elements of your being that you must keep in equilibrium as much as possible. What are those elements? 

For most, it’s the mind, body, and soul. You must treat your mind and soul with as much care as you do your physical body. That means keeping a clear head and continuing your spiritual journey to enlightenment.

Those three aspects of your existence matter most, and striking that perfect balance can take you to another realm of wisdom. 

The concept of balancing three elements reaches across different religions and ideologies as well. We’ll get into that a bit later, but the components that yearn for harmony are birth, growth, and death. For others, it’s heaven, hell, and Earth or past, present, and future.

Whatever the case may be, you should always strive towards balance.

4. Pillars Of Greatness

If you pay close enough attention to your surroundings, you’ll realize that triangles appear everywhere. While not as organic as a circle, they’re still quite popular in human-made structures. More specifically, triangles are a mainstay in architecture.

Why is that? When you look at the figure, you’ll notice that the three sides lean on each other equally, distributing pressure and weight evenly across the shape. It’s one of the most stable shapes in existence, which explains why it’s used heavily in buildings and art.

The very same concept can apply to your life.

The meaning of a triangle represents the pillars of greatness you need to achieve anything you want. It’s about building strength from within and channeling that into everything you do.

Life’s not a cakewalk by any means, and the world doesn’t wait for you to be ready to achieve your dreams. Feelings of self-doubt and zero worth don’t do you any favors. You must believe in yourself and trust your instincts no matter what.

When things get hard, your only choice is to use your strength to push through. Otherwise, you can end up wallowing in misery for far longer than you should. Silence those voices that say “I can’t,” and create a new siren of hope that rings throughout your entire being.

The Meaning Of Triangles In Religion

Triangles are one of the most recognizable symbols in religions around the world. It’s not limited to a single school of thought or civilization. It’s a universal shape that holds many different meanings.

Here are just a few religions that use triangle iconography in some form.


In Buddhism, the triangle is a powerful symbol that represents access to higher knowledge.

One of the most important concepts in Buddhism is Buddhahood. Buddhahood is a state of awakening in the highest realm. It’s the ultimate goal of practitioners and is akin to the concept of Nirvana.

The triangle appears as the three bodies of Buddhahood. Like the harmony of mind, body, and soul we discussed earlier, the symbol of a triangle takes the form of pillars you must strive to balance. These include the Body of Essence, the Body of Enjoyment, and the Body of Transformation.

It’s only when you achieve these three bodies that you can reach Buddhahood.

The meaning of a triangle also ties in with Abhijñā, which translates to “direct knowledge.” It’s a form of enlightenment that you can access through virtuous living and meditation.

Abhijñā appears as the Eye of Providence, which looks like an all-seeing eye inside of a triangle.


Christianity holds the symbol of a triangle very dear as well. It has a couple of different meanings in this religion.

The most common is a representation of the Holy Trinity. The cross sometimes symbolizes this concept, but a triangle can be even more fitting given the context. The Holy Trinity is The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity is symbolic of one God who exists in three distinct forms. The Father is the God in the sense that he is a protector of all his children on Earth. Then, there’s the Son, Jesus. Jesus is the eternal and divine son of God.

Finally, there’s the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The final side of the Trinity conveys the omnipresent nature and ongoing protection of God.

Some Christians also use the triangle as symbolism of the mind, body, and soul. This concept interprets God as the image of all living things.

Like Buddhism, the Eye of Providence is an icon in Christianity. It appears the same. However, some depictions feature rays of light emanating from the surrounding triangle.

The Eye of Providence, or all-seeing eye, is another symbol of God’s omnipresence. It depicts God’s watchful eye as he protects his flock.


The triangle appears pretty frequently in Hinduism. The strongest triangular connection is to Yantras, which are mystical diagrams that direct energy into specific chakras.

Yantras can take many different forms, but they almost always include triangle symbolism. Usually, they combine triangles and circles into a recognizable figure that gives power to many energy centers around the body.

Some may attract wealth while others conjure up creative inspiration. Yantras can even help banish dark energy and get rid of obstacles in your life.

Sri Yantras is one of the most powerful Yantras. It has a total of nine triangles around two circles. The final shape looks like a lotus petal, and it’s said to represent the source of all creation.

A triangle is also the shape of the Anja chakra. Also known as the third-eye chakra, this energy point sits between the eyebrows on the forehead. It’s the sixth primary chakra, acting as your center of wisdom and enlightenment.

Triangle Symbolism In Numerology

Can you guess what number is connected to the meaning of a triangle? 

It’s the perfect representation of the number three. After all, it has three sides and three corners.

Three pyramid triangles

In numerology, the number three is quite profound. It’s the number of creativity and inspiration. It’s said that seeing the simple digit in the real-world summons creative energy your way.

The number may unlock potential you never knew you had, allowing you to come up with creative solutions to problems and manifest your art in unique ways.

Experienced numerologists also say that it represents forward motion. As we discussed earlier, the triangle shape symbolizes manifestation. The number three is the same way, conveying the act of leaving every situation better than you entered it.

Interestingly enough, some schools of thought say that three is the number that represents the birth of wisdom. More enlightenment is always welcome, and this digit attracts it from a much higher power. 

It follows a perfect pattern of ascending knowledge. The number one represents force, while the number two is opportunity. Three is the natural progression, symbolizing knowing.

Three and the triangles are a perfect amalgamation of two and one for both energy and meaning.

Triangle In Dreams

The symbol of a triangle can appear to you in many different ways. But because they’re so common in the real world, most people don’t give them a second thought. But when you start seeing triangles in your dreams? You can’t help but take notice.

Your dreams act as gateways to your subconscious, and seeing triangles is more than just a coincidence.

Dream interpreters say that the meaning of triangles can uncover hidden mysteries in your life. There could be neglected truths hiding beneath the surface. You may even have some things you need to confront in your subconscious.

It’s only a matter of time before those truths bubble to the surface, and it’s often said that triangles are the first sign of confrontations to come.

These symbols also act as a call to find balance and harmony between two sides of yourself. The human psyche is far more complex than most realize. So many of us struggle to find peace between conflicting aspects of our existence.

For example, you might be in a situation where you can see two sides of the same coin. Or, maybe you’re struggling to make a decision that will ultimately have a negative impact either way you go. It could even be about a dichotomy in your way of thinking or your approach to life.

The conflicts you’re facing in your subconscious are bubbling to the light in your dreams. The triangles signify that you need to take action and find equilibrium within yourself.

Finally, triangles symbolize the unknown when they present themselves in your dreams. The shape’s a natural mystery and has held that same meaning since the dawn of time. From ancient Greece to the pyramids of Egypt, the form is a dream-like enigma. But in your dreams, the mystery is about the energy that’s encompassing your aura.

Change is headed your way, and a tremendous shift in your physical, emotional, and spiritual being could finally cut through the haze and provide clarity about the mysteries the triangle holds.

The Use Of Triangles In Feng Shui

Triangles might be a powerful shape in architecture, but it’s not exactly a good thing to have in your home from a feng shui standpoint. Feng shui is about manipulating the energy in your home to create peace and understanding.

The challenge with triangles is that they create far too much upward motion. Remember, the shape directs energy in the way it’s pointed. So whether you have a piece of triangular decor or even just a pyramid-like lampshade, the movement of energy isn’t ideal for creating peace.

The shape is too chaotic and could end up creating anxiety and worry where there shouldn’t be.

If you want to include the symbolism of triangles, put them somewhere where you can unwind. That could be a comfortable couch or your favorite reading spot. The goal is to counteract the upward energy and use your natural comfort to wind down.

The triangle is the shape of fire and forward motion in feng shui. While too over-stimulating for most parts of the home, you can use its movement to your advantage.

Consider putting it in an exercise room or gym space. It can excite energy levels and get you going whenever you need a boost. But whatever you do, be careful and try your best to limit triangles in your home to keep things balanced.

Three Dots In A Triangle Meaning

Three dots arranged into a triangle can have a number of different meanings.

From a cultural standpoint, the three-dot triangle is a common tattoo. It appears in Hispanic groups and masonic or alchemical orders. In both contexts, it typically represents the concept of balance.

The dots are usually equal in size, showing the importance of harmony in one’s life.

Curiously, the symbol of a triangle made of three dots also appears in mathematical contexts. It’s used for logical and mathematical proofs. In those cases, the symbol stands for “therefore” or “because.”

You might see it before a logical consequence or when reasoning to come up with a conclusion.

When the triangle is upright with two dots on the bottom, the symbol is “therefore.” Meanwhile, an inverted triangle with a single dot on the bottom is “because.”

Double Triangle Symbol Meaning

Double triangle symbols amplify the energy of the original shape. But that’s not the only difference they have from a singular one. These shapes hold distinct meanings that go deeper than just a simple form.

There are a few different interpretations, with the positioning of the shapes having significance in its messaging. 

One of the most common symbols with double triangles has both of them facing downward. You might see it as a tattoo or a piece of graffiti. In this case, the shapes symbolize feminine energy.

Downward facing triangles represent the female and all her power. These icons exude maternal energy, which then extends to Mother Earth and the source of all life.

It’s a representation of the cosmic world. If the double triangle is on a woman, it usually acts as a reminder that she is both a creator and supporter of life. Her feminine powers know no bounds, and she harnesses her maternal power as well as the power of women that came before her.

Closing Thoughts

As you can tell, triangles are powerful symbols with a variety of meanings. There’s something about this shape that can’t help but captivate our interest!

If you have any questions about the symbolism of triangles and how to interpret them, send us a message! We’re always happy to chime in and help.

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