What Is The Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning Of Circles?

Yin and yang circle symbolism and meaning

The symbolism and meaning of circles can bring inspiration to just about anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in what they represent from a spiritual perspective or a traditional one, these shapes have something for everyone.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about symbolic circles and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Circle Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

The circle is one of the most organic and omnipresent shapes in the natural universe.

Take a look around, and you’ll likely spot multiple circles in your vicinity. From the ripples created by a gentle drizzle on a lake to the mystery of a glowing full moon, circles are everywhere. 

While most don’t give the symbolism of circles a second thought, it holds great significance. The meaning of circles dives into the foundations of humankind, the cosmic laws of nature, and the infinite possibilities of life.

Here are just a few spiritual meanings that the circle embodies.

1. Eternity

The most straightforward concept that the circle represents is that of eternity. This shape has no beginning and no end. It lacks corners and straight lines. If you were to travel in a circle, you would continue on the same cyclical path for the rest of your life.

The circle is the ultimate symbol of universal continuity. When you think deeply about the state of our existence, comparing it to a circle can seem pretty bleak. But in the end, the world moves on.

We might have a physical beginning and end, starting from birth and culminating in our deaths. You may even view time as a circle, checking the clock to get perspective on the passing of minutes and hours. However, there is no end in sight.

Even after you leave work after staring at the clock all day, time moves on. So does the planet after our deaths.

Many people say you can use this meaning to find comfort in the immortality of time and your soul. Life and death are merely a transition. Time is never-ending in the grand scheme of things, and some say spirits march on with it.

2. Evolution

Circles can also symbolize evolution and the process of transformation.

While time never ends, things can change. We grow older, obtain more mature thought processes, and develop as individuals. Many compare circles to the journey we take as we become our true selves.

It can take a lifetime to expand your might and reach a state of enlightenment that makes you happy. As long as you keep going, you’ll eventually get there. In some cultures, the circle’s meaning goes even further.

Not only does the circle represent growth and the ever-rolling circle of life, but it symbolizes the truth that your journey never really ends. You should always strive for betterment. Even after you feel like you’ve accomplished everything you can, there’s always room to grow.

Like the infinite curves of a circle, your search for wisdom is ongoing until you take your last breath.

Growth doesn’t have an end-point. However, you can become more tuned into who you are and what you’re capable of doing. That comes with realizing that life’s lessons aren’t linear.

To experience deeper truths and wisdom, you must learn the same lessons repeatedly. You might make mistakes that force you to unlearn and relearn. But with every cycle, you become more connected to who you are. 

3. Connection

Another common meaning of circles is tied to the concept of oneness.

Many people go through life with a mindset that they must think selfishly to get ahead. It’s that thought of needing to put yourself above others to find success, experience love, and obtain happiness.

As you get older and go through the pains of life, you start to understand that everyone is connected. You’re not separate from your loved ones, the universe, or even the Divine. Your very being encompasses everything you love.

Essentially, the circle represents the oneness and the unbroken bonds you share for better or worse. Understanding the connection is crucial, as it helps you make wiser choices regarding how they impact those around you. When you hurt, so does your entire world.

The meaning and symbolism of totality and oneness is represented perfectly by a circle.

4. Creative Energy

Circles exude creative energy. It’s often said that the shape unlocks creative potential and acts as the nexus to artistic conception.

Here’s why:

It all comes down to the role of circles in your very existence. On a microscopic level, circles play a part in creating life. Think of the shape of an embryo or the spherical nature of cosmic events.

These shapes are the catalyst of life and embody the very idea of creation. For this reason, they emit energy that’s waiting to unleash.

Commonly Used Circle Symbols

Throughout history, civilizations have recognized the importance of the circle.

As a result, it’s a common element in many iconic symbols. Not only are symbolic circles appealing for their design, but their meaning and tradition factors in as well.

Yin & Yang

Yin and yang is one of the most identifiable symbolic circles around. A familiar symbol in Taoism, the yin and yang represent the weaving of opposing forces.

Yin and yang circle symbolism and meaning

There’s a bit of variation between the exact meanings. However, most meanings of this circle revolve around the importance of duality and coexistence. In some cultures, the two sides express feminine and masculine energy. For others, they represent heaven and Earth.

Either way, the black and white coloration pushes the idea of opposing forces having to work together in equilibrium. It’s about blending elements to find unity, enlightenment, and perspective.


The labyrinth is a system of winding lines contained within a circle. The lines form walls and a meandering path to the circle’s center. Every labyrinth is different, and there are many ways to translate the maze concept into real life.

A labyrinth circle with a complex meaning

The mysterious pattern symbolizes the soul’s spiritual journey. The paths represent our travels throughout life as we search for insight from within. This symbolic circle is a beautiful depiction of your voyage to find peace and oneness.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that many cultures used to display personal growth, strength, and the resilience of life.

A circular tree of life symbol

As you can guess from the name, the main element of this symbol is a tree. In some depictions, the tree is ornate, utilizing branches and realistic leaves. However, it’s often shown as a rudimentary drawing with basic circles and interconnected lines.

Whatever the case may be, the circles take the place of leaves. The sprawling branches show how we’re all interconnected. Meanwhile, the deep-seated roots show our connection to the planet and the roots we cultivate with relationships.

The meaning of a circle has a strong spiritual connection with the Tree of Life as well. It sometimes symbolizes the complexity of spirituality and the concept of creation.


Mandalas are symbolic circles used in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and many other religions. In ancient Sanskrit, “Mandala” roughly translates to “circle.” The motifs can vary wildly from one depiction to the next.

A classic Mandala circle symbol

There’s no specific way to draw a mandala. They can be as ornate or simple as you want, but they all have one shared element: They’re all circular and have a defined center point.

Commonly used in meditation, the mandala circle symbolizes the universe and individual spiritual paths. Focusing on the shape’s intricate details can help center your energy, promoting peace and feelings of unity.


Chakras play a big part in spirituality. They are swirling energy points throughout the body that govern many aspects of your spiritual and emotional health.

Circular chakra design

There are seven major chakras on the body. Each one represents a separate part of your spiritual wellness. For example, the base chakra governs your feelings of stability while your crown chakra is your connection to the Divine.

Every chakra has a unique symbol and color association. However, they’re often shown in a circular nature as swirls of energy or spinning wheels. They’re access points to the metaphysical body, allowing you to reach your highest potential here on Earth.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that dates back further than you would believe. It features a series of overlapping circles in a larger loop (aka circles within circles). When viewed from afar, the symbolic circles create an array of repeating flowers.

Minimal Flower of Life

Many civilizations utilized the Flower of Life. Spiritualists often practice meditation upon the flower to promote inner peace and healing. 

Some say it’s a portal to the Akashic Records, a compendium of existing knowledge and wisdom. Meditating with the flower is thought to help you find answers to life’s questions while allowing you to tap into a well of information that goes beyond our realm of understanding.


The Ouroboros appears in ancient Greek and Egyptian religions. It consists of a snake eating its tail in a perfect circle. The Ouroboros represents the meaning of immortality (which is a common meaning of circles as well)..

Ouroboros in a perfect circle

In the symbol, the snake is born from itself. However, it also devours its own body, putting it in a perpetual state of living and dying. It’s an enigmatic symbol that many believe represents the transition between life and death and the ongoing journey of the human soul.


Compared to other circular marks, the Enso is on the simpler side. It’s an ancient Japanese symbol that consists of an incomplete circle. One part is open, leaving the infinite loop broken.

The enso symbolic circle

Curiously, the Japanese word “Enso” translates to “circle” in English. It first appeared in sacred calligraphy works. There are a few different meanings.

The meaning of this circle is perfection, strength, and enlightenment. Some say it also displays a source of energy returning to consciousness and the death of the physical body. According to some spiritualists, it’s also a symbol of the universe and endless void.

The Meaning Of Circles In Religion

Circles are a universal shape that holds many different meanings in religions around the world.

Take, for example, the Enso. This incomplete circle is more than just a calligraphy symbol. In Zen Buddhism, the circle expresses the quest for enlightenment and the moment the mind lets the body create.

It also represents the root of all things and that the mind is the key to unbridled wisdom.

Symbolic circles are also influential in Christianity. Throughout the scripture, circles describe the shape of crowns, halos, and even the heavens above.

It’s said that the shape represents perfection and holiness. It’s the symbol of the Divine and a display of sacred unions.

What Do Circles Symbolize In Astrology?

There’s no more crucial symbol in astrology than the circle. Even with our limited understanding of cosmic events, we know everything revolves around circles.

Celestial objects produce a gravitational pull, creating circular orbits. That results in galactic beauties like spiral galaxies.

In astrology, circles represent the perpetual motions of objects beyond our scope of understanding. It’s the symbol of the sun, connecting to the foundation of life itself.

Dive even deeper, and circles are representative of the eternal and contained nature of planets. The planets are confined to circular rotations, left to follow a never-ending path. But, they explore the cosmos and experience the infinite powers of our universe.

What Do Circles Symbolize In Numerology?

Many people might view numbers as a linear matter of fact. In other words, numbers are only a product of logical thinking, supporting scientific theories and complex equations.

However, symbolic circles fit into numerology very well. They are ongoing and infinite like the shape itself, but numbers are also cyclical by design.

There’s no greater example of that than the number 10. Numerologists connect circles to the number 10 all the time. That’s because it’s both the end and the start of something new.

Counting up to 10 represents wholeness and completion, but it also reduces back down to 1 to begin anew. Think of it in the context of decades.

Getting to 10 is completing the journey but also beginning a new one. The meaning of the circle fits in with this quite nicely!

Circles In Dreams

Circles often appear in dreams whenever you’re struggling to overcome a challenge or learn an important life lesson. Whether or not it’s a good sign depends on your situation.

Generally, circles represent the lessons you have to learn to continue evolving and growing. Those tough decisions you have to make might be painful, but you can find comfort in knowing that the challenge contributes to your path of spiritual maturity.

Trust in the process and embrace the cycle.

On the other hand, the meaning of circles in dreams can also be a call for change. If you’re feeling complacent or lost, the circle displays your lack of direction. You’re moving in a circle and not getting anywhere in life.

Please take it as a sign that you must move forward. The visions of circles are guiding you in the right direction to continue growing.

The Use Of Circles In Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the circles are thought to introduce positive and uplifting energy. It helps exchange potential negativity, keeping your home a comfortable place to be.

The connection with positivity stems from the yin and yang symbol we mentioned earlier. The yin and yang are opposing forces working in tandem to create balance. Your home needs the same type of energy.

It’s easy to bring back negativity. Circle symbolism invites uplifting auras to counteract that darkness and create a perfect space for new perspective and enlightenment.

Circle Color Symbolism

Beyond the standard meaning of evolution, oneness, and infinite possibilities, circles can symbolize different concepts based on their color. The color brings a deeper meaning and more insight, allowing you to better understand the messages you’re receiving.


Black circles embody the void and the ending of a complete cycle. You might encounter black circles when you’re going through emotional pain. In that case, the meaning of this circle encourages you to let go and prepare for a transformation.

It can come to you in both positive and negative light. Either way, it’s the start of a brand-new era.


If black circles represent the end of a cycle, white ones symbolize the start of a new cycle. It means you have new opportunities for growth and acts as a call to appreciate the beauty that comes with spiritual evolution.

Some spiritualists also establish a connection with purity and perfection. It can sometimes indicate feelings of abandonment as well. You might see white circles when you feel stuck on your journey to wisdom.


If you see a blue circle, it’s indicative of your attempts at communication. Those in a good place can take it as a sign of solid emotional exchange and robust discussions. However, those in a negative space might see it as a sign of poor communication due to talking in circles rather than getting to the point of the problem.

The color of this circle has a meaning that helps bring out inner truth and show how you deal with newfound perspective.


Green is the color of life. When you see it connected to a circle, it represents your question for knowledge and how you use it to create.

Once again, the exact meaning depends on your place in life. On the positive side, it could push you to find a new passion and spread it with the world. However, the negative alternative is that you may be close-minded and hesitant to let go of rigid beliefs.


The color of passion and power combines well with the meaning of circles. It symbolizes manifestation and your ability to bring your goals to fruition.

People with a positive state of mind might find themselves reborn with vibrant energy. It’s just the thing to overcome stagnation and find inspiration. On the negative side, red circles could indicate that you’re using too much energy on physical projects and not enough on your spiritual well-being.


Like the sun and stars, yellow circles are all about creativity and imagination. Seeing a yellow circle inspires the mind and encourages you to think beyond standard conventions. Artists can create their best work with the energy they get from these circles.

However, it can also represent fear and hesitation. Yellow circles could signify that you have many creative ideas but lack the drive to make them a reality.

Closing Thoughts

Introducing symbolic circles into your life can have a tremendously positive impact on your life. The strong spiritual meaning and symbolism behind these shapes has captivated people for ages, and they continue to inspire us to this day.

If you have any questions about the meaning of circles or what they represent, send us a message! We could chat about this topic all day long.

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